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Sean F. R-4348, Australia

Three-quarters way through Neo-Tech II and I had the answer. I was reading revelation after revelation, not from God, but from a man called Wallace. This was too contentious, too profound, too neat, to be a hoax. I was thrilled to be reading this at age 26 rather than 66.

As a trained chemist, I have always been suspicious of the God concept, and NT. not only swept away any lingering sympathy for religion, but also integrated theology with the evils of politicians, mystics and other assorted parasites.

On the whole, I found NT to be a fascinating and elegantly written, arranged and presented piece of work, which is certainly the most valid philosophy for life I have come across.

I would like to thank Dr. Wallace and everybody at I & O, for making Neo-Tech available to me. I have already realized the benefits of possessing NT knowledge, for example by simply dismissing doorstep Jehovah-Witnesses with reasoned argument, but probably more significantly by my increased confidence and optimism, which has helped me in planning my own business venture.

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