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Tony M, 9351-4

About a month ago, I received the Zonpower product, therefore I'd like to give you my feedback.

After receiving that product, my initial reaction was a deep disappointment. Although I technically understood what was written in the Zonpower booklet, I had expected something more earth-shattering in regard to your announcement in the advertising brochure.

Now, a month later I am beginning to see the bigger picture and the subtle connections. The whole issue of mysticism and how it effects our life became more clear to me.

The only factor which can prohibit a success is stale thinking and mysticism. For instance, the notion of singularity still prevents all scientists to get out of that dead-end-street. Or the mystical belief in talents can prevent someone to venture into a career or sport because he thinks that one needs a talent in order to be successful. These forms of mysticism can be vanquished easily because all that is needed is to identify the mystical error. Furthermore, there is generally not much emotionality involved. It is simply a false belief.

Now, back to Zonpower. I sense that the power of this product lies in separating the reader from the Plato world -- that means cutting away its emotional influence.

The Plato world then gradually loses its power, especially its emotional power. Then the reader can confront his personal mysticism with less resistance and less pain.

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