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Wallace K. W. R-6410

I have read numerous books on growth over many years. None have inspired me to the heights that Neo-Tech I-V have done. I had mixed emotions until my second reading and then something took place -- like a new awakening -- I can honestly say, it has given me hope. Not only for myself, but for my fellow-man!

It seemed a little strange at first, that I would be taking a 180 degree about face in my thinking. But as time passes, I can now say that I totally agree with Dr. Frank R. Wallace, John Flint and all of the writing and thinking that takes place at the I & O Publishing Company.

Like all good things, we always wonder what took so long in it coming about. As it unfolds, I wondered why I didn't think along these lines years ago. It all seems so basic, and yet, so earth shaking.

To summarize, I wish to thank all of those who took part and are taking part in this great cause. I believe we will see a worldwide change within several years. I definitely want to be part of it.

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