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Wayne S. C-4999

I must somehow express some of the most profound changes I have experienced since first encountering Neo-Tech seven months ago. Though there is so much to impart, words seem hardly adequate to the task. I find myself thinking in terms of gratitude most heartfelt for what Dr. Wallace and I & O have given me through Neo-Tech.

Of all the benefits I have gained from Neo-Tech, the one that comes most immediately to mind is FREEDOM.

Thank you for showing me the way to freedom from sugar, caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol. Thank you for giving me the strength to achieve freedom from the cocaine, marijuana, L.S.D. and other drugs I have used constantly to hide behind for over thirteen years.

Thank you for freeing me from the vices of religion and politics. Thank you for helping me to repair the effects of damage inflicted upon me as a child mentally, physically and emotionally. Thank you for granting me freedom and immunity from the purveyors of gratuitous guilt, who are dismayed at my growing self-confidence, self-assuredness and independence, and would have me return to my worrying, dependent, subservient former self.

Thank you for freedom from erroneous definition of words like altruism, selfishness, and pride.

Thank you for the twenty-five pounds of muscle I have gained, so far, as a result of a diet and exercise program I had the freedom and guts to implement once my thinking had been corrected by NEO-TECH.

Thank you for the freedom of being self employed, which NEO-TECH gave me the nerve to do. There are no more limitations on my financial future.

Thank you for the freedom of the truly psychuous romantic love relationship I am enjoying with my wife, who married me four weeks before I encountered NEO-TECH and is quite pleased that I'm not the same man she married. The happiness and security of our marriage, which is a profound source of energy for me, wouldn't have stood a chance without NEO-TECH and would have been as doomed as my first marriage.

Thank you for what has probably had the most profound effect of all on me, freedom from the prospect of an inevitably early death. The R.I.B.I. is a source of hope and inspiration, not only for myself, but for the world. It's very existence is a reason to live a healthy, happy, prosperous life for all free people.

To all the mystics and neocheaters out there, (of whom I am now free, thanks to NEO-TECH) stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

To those who would be free from the chains of others or chains forged themselves, NEO-TECH IS THE HAMMER TO BREAK THOSE CHAINS.

If there is ever anything I can do, anywhere, anytime at all for NEO-TECH, I & O, R.I.B.I., or Dr. Wallace personally, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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