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William O. R-8005

Neo-Tech is the ultimate mind expanding intellectual writing of the twentieth century. At first it shocks the reader, especially those entrenched with mysticism. Those who seek the truth overcome and begin the mind healing process. It is true that the mind is a powerful self-healer as Dr. Wallace claims.

I have had the Neo-Tech manuscripts now for just over a year. My life has been profoundly affected in a most positive and healthy way. My thinking processes have become quite clear and many emotional mysteries of my past have become solved due to many hours of introspecting. Religion (Catholicism) is no longer a part of my life or thinking nor are any other forms of mysticism.

As a result of my new found acute awareness of Neo-Tech and the mind's power of consciousness, I have made some profound observances in myself as well as many others. I sense and am aware that there are many stratified layers of consciousness or conscious functioning between bicameral animalism and stark awareness of absolute reality. I suspect that for some humans (maybe all) there are limitations to how high one's thinking may experience along the stratification. I am also beginning to see, for myself at least, that I am capable of experiencing many of these "levels" of consciousness in the same day and even from moment to moment. The world functions within split levels of consciousness.

My awareness of reality and my ability to think clearly and take guiltless steps in directing my life have soared beyond my wildest expectations. If anyone thinks for one moment that human personalities and character cannot change, they surely haven't yet experienced a Neo-Tech person. A day does not go by without my thoughts turning to Neo-Tech. Each day I heal more and grow stronger. My thoughts, observations, experiences, and conscious awareness are now reaching beyond the bounds of the Neo-Tech Discovery.

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