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Yorick P. G. CTE-5009

I hope the following will prove useful to other Neo-Techers, as levers and gearing toward a deeper understanding of Neo-Tech.

I am a laborer and was shocked at the amount of mysticism that I was stuffed up with. A very good way I found of finding and dissolving my laziness was through physical work; because we get a physical feedback (pain) when we push our conscious effort to the borders of our "can-be-bothered" mind-area, our own mysticism and laziness is easy to find. To dissolve it we press into this "no-go" area. At the end of this exercise we can see how well we really did by our "reality-gauge" e.g. No. of bricks moved per time.

I have started to use pain as a measure for actions. "Pain" is healthy, we all have growing pains, pains when we stretch. Nobody can lift a load without the accompanying proportional price/balance in pain-effort. I have found the more selfish I am, the healthier I feel; "niceness" leads to a draining of energy and a dissolution of the self.

Since Neo-Tech I have become a better employee, by realizing that I am part of the business and therefore `subject' to its principles: profitability, efficiency, responsibility, etc. The boss is no longer the flesh-devouring, blood-sucking, baby-eating pain the she was, but a highly rational, concentrated worker, whose prime objective is the business. (but it still doesn't stop us throwing her in the pond occasionally.)

I have also given up fiction and fantasy, in the form of TV, cinema, rock music, etc. The concentration and attitude necessary to indulge in these is opposed to the one that we need to achieve things in the real world.

Everyday I pull the factors of concentration, self consciousness, reason, persistence and education, to cut through the laziness, mysticism, comfort, apathy cycle. Everyday I expand my "can-be-bothered" mind area. I still suffer from mysticism (sometimes in the form of physical symptoms -- dizziness, faints, lethargy, insecurity). Once Neo-Tech has momentum it is impossible to stop; its inertia is made by the inspired conscious efforts we do put in, when not swamped by our mysticism.

Finally, I would like to say to the still unconfident: Jump! Learn to be selfish, learn to take pain, jump now, not later NOW! Even if you haven't pulled the full integration, you have to jump or die, for the Neo-Tech age is upon us; it is our own decision to reap the profits, or dissolve into oblivion.

Remember this: When man has reached the stars and achieved things beyond your wildest dreams, the Neo-Techers of today will be there.

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