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Positive Reactions to Neo-Tech

Identifying and expressing values never just spring from one's imagination. Instead, such expressions, by nature, come from integrated thoughts linked to facts. Conversely, attacks on values are evasions or distortions of reality that anyone can manufacture in limitless variations by ignoring the link between context and facts. Such arbitrariness lets one's imagination create any "reality" convenient for ad hominem attacks. ...Attacks from one's imagination are based on nothing, thus, are nothing and mean nothing.

Rational evaluations with positive commentaries are what count. For such evaluations and commentaries come from integrated experiences limited by facts and context. By contrast, non sequitur, out-of-context attacks come from an infinite variety of random scenarios evolving from mystical fears, malicious envy, or baseless assertions limited only by one's imagination.

The following quotes were from owners of the early, incomplete, less-developed Neo-Tech manuscripts. Examining those early quotes provides valuable perspectives of the versatile, limitless base from which is built the much more complete and widely integrated cosmic-mind Neo-Tech of today. ...Today, cosmic-mind Neo-Tech is curing the disease of mysticism worldwide. And without the disease of mysticism to manipulate their victims, all professional value destroyers will disappear from planet Earth forever.

Even more powerful quotes from owners of this definitive, widely integrated edition of Neo-Tech will appear later in a separate book. But the long-term value of Neo-Tech to each individual far exceeds the value that anyone could express in any quote. ...That long-term value to every Neo-Tech reader literally means growing prosperity and abiding happiness forever.

Quotes from the early, incomplete versions of Neo-Tech


"The most valuable work I have ever read, and the best investment I have ever made." L.W., CA.

"I never would have believed, until I read Neo-Tech that so much could be going on of which I was unaware." D.M., CA.

"At the core of Neo-Tech is the clear delineation between winners and losers. And it saddens me to observe how many people lose when it is all so unnecessary." M.V., WI.

"The purchase price of Neo-Tech has been returned to me literally thousands of times." H.T., TX.

"This work is chock full of valuable information that will enable anyone to win." M.K., NY.

"My business has almost doubled in this short time. It's amazing!" TX.

"As a man in his sixties, I have found your work priceless. It opens a new world for me." P.S., CA.

"Mind-blowing concepts. ...Thank you." B.J., CA.

"You will win the price of this information immediately." V.B.

"Made clear why people can be controlled. Realize how I've been cheated and deceived in all areas of my life. An awakening, a new life. Wallace has created the information to shape my future." B.K., KY.

"Neo-Tech set me free to become the productive, guilt-free individual who was always within me." C.L., VA.

"Pure, distilled logic...Powerful." J.M., TX.

"Totally stunned." R.S., CA.

"For over 50 years of search, only Neo-Tech has given clear, definitive answers." R.S., IL.

"Neo-Tech is absolutely essential for awakening us from the mesmeric manipulating power of the Neocheaters." I.C., OR.

"Neo-Tech will be my personal guidance throughout my life." D.Z., NY.

"Mental Mace: Used with outstanding success in doing business." F.G., CA.

"Gained so much in such a short period of time." G.K., IL.

"Most concise, informative information ever read." W.A., CA.

"Most accurate, objective and poignant work." S.S., CA.

"With Neo-Tech, people can finally develop to the fullest." F.N., TN.

"Profound benefits to individuals." E.O., CO.

"Reversed my beliefs. Will greatly affect my future actions. Foolish not to have read the concepts earlier." G.F., VA.

"Business and interpersonal concepts are very valuable." S.H., CA.

"Until Neo-Tech, I was never truly happy or free from life's diminishing forces." T.M., IL.

"Should remake the world for the best." J.S.C., NV.

"Masterful job of unmasking the Neocheater's control over the masses." F.S., TN.

"Tremendous turnabout and progress thanks to Neo-Tech." J.S., CA.

"Frees man and puts the ancient ministers to rest." N.P., CANADA.

"Most valuable lesson ever learned." K.P., TX.

"Dr. Wallace is an absolute winner." J.F., OH.

"More precise and objective than the very best authors." T.S., AZ.

"Outstanding! Exactly clear, self-benefiting." H.H., MD.

"Read it every moment available. Benefits me to no end!" P.P., IL.

"After Neo-Tech, I'll never be the same. You bet I'm enthusiastic." CA.

"Neo-Tech taught me the most valuable lessons I've every learned. I am literally in awe of Dr. Wallace for what he has done." P.C., TX.


"Giving Neo-Tech to my son instead of sending him to college." CA.

"Will have an impact on my life like nothing else." T.M., CT.

"Applications are excitingly unlimited." S.G., VA.

"Like discovering the Lost Dutchman's Mine." H.R., PA.

"Totally electrified. Excited beyond description about using Neo-Tech in business." H.M., CO.

"Ends years of looking. Complete source of information." T.K., TX.

"Fireworks! Have learned and gotten results." J.O., NC.

"A great achievement for human beings." J.C., TX.

"Cannot stop reading. Limitless value. Enjoy my prosperity." A.B., WA.

"Read each and every line. An extended celebration." J.K., WA.

"The greatest discovery of this century." R.S., CA.

"Dawn of life has arrived. Will read again and again." B.H., WA.

"Use everyday. Gives me persuasive power as an attorney." A.S. Esq., WA.

"Very valuable in business." O.H., FL.

"Most used volumes in my library." T.F., OK.

"Has a beauty all its own. A work of art." M.T., OH.

"A euphoric experience in freedom." A.G., CA.

"Sad not available 100 years ago. Will make a beautiful world." D.R., TN.

"Melts the grip of others. Made 360 degree turn. Can change the world." B.M., AL.

"Honesty and forthrightness unable to surface before Neo-Tech." D.B., MN.

"Blatantly logical. Regained my youthful enthusiasm." W., CANADA.

"A suit of armor. Nothing can top what's offered by Neo-Tech." L.R., AK.

"A great discovery. Going somewhere in a true and accurate way." P.V., IL.

"Searching for Neo-Tech all my life. Will never be a victim again." G.E., MI.

"My best investment to date. The rewards are limitless." C.P., HI.

"Dumbfounded. Must start over again in life." J.C., CA.

"Loved it! Glorified everything in a scientific manner." S.R., CA.

"Brilliantly conceived and presented." P.R., OH.

"Magnitude of excitement hard to describe. Days can't arrive fast enough." T.R., QUEBEC.

"Surely the way to the future. Overwhelming." J.W., LA.

"Jumped at the Neo-Tech atmosphere." T.S., TX.

"Unbelievably detailed and well written. Only true source of valid life-improving information." P.W., NY.

"Fantastic! My whole life is changing." D.C., PA

"Opened doors to all." L.D., WA.

"The most electrifying, awesome collection of information." R.H., NY.

"Dr. Wallace is right. Millions down the tube; we're home free." D.N., CO.

"A light in a dark tunnel. Friends read and can't put down." J. B., WA.

"Expressed with clarity, simplicity -- beautiful. Want just for myself, but should be taught in high schools and colleges." D.B., OR.

"Shortcut to living." E.K., FL.

"Galvanized me into a sense of professional direction." S.D., AL.

"Enjoy Neo-Tech beyond description." D.M., CA.

"Neo-Tech gives great pleasure." D.M., CA.

"A landmark in demystifying human nature." P.E., TX.

"Incredible source of valuable information." P.W., NY.

"You have integrated and eclipsed all teachings." W.H., LA.

"The most valuable work ever." G.S., AZ.

"Neo-Tech has given me back my inborn strength." L.M., CA.

"With Neo-Tech, my life ahead is very bright." W.M., NM.

"Most important material ever read in my life. Freedom beyond anything I could have imagined." M.B., CO.

"The greatest mind-opening information ever." B.D., TX.

"Releases nearly all sources of guilt. Happy days!" G.R., PA.

"An awe-inspiring work." S.W., NY.

"Like a shining light in the darkness. Read 12 hours a day for several days. Dazed by the advantages." J.V., AL.

"A welcome awakening. Resetting goals. Enjoying every minute of it." F.W., NJ.

"Thanks so much for helping me to a great deal of success. Also, an incredible defense against neocheaters." J.G., TX.

"Neo-Tech truly set me free. The only way to live." D.P., CA.

"Overwhelmed by the power of Neo-Tech." D.R., MN.

"Glad you let me in early on Neo-Tech. Already got a raise and a promotion and not even applied most of the concepts." H.N., FL.

"Really straightened me out." S.B., MD.

"Worth $4000 immediately with little time and effort." R.P., CA.

"By far the best information ever." J.H., GA.

"Will never feel guilt again." M.P., CA.

"Necessary for success and total independence." J.K., WI.

"Pure power." T.M., OK.

"Profit in more ways than thought possible." C.M., TX.

"A wealthy atmosphere. Business and personal life improve monthly." S.M., CA.

"Stunned into enthusiasm and excitement." L.L., MD.

"A door leading to a new world. Changing my life." J.G., ICELAND.

"Incites invincibility in self." Dr. R.B., FL.

"Overpowering. Completely free of guilt in profiting." L.O., NH.

"Neo-Tech much more valuable to my children than any asset I can will them." T.F., OK.

"Never enjoyed life more. Bridged my marriage." M.U., OK.

"Electrifying, truly exciting. Will apply to my business." B.G., FL.

"A much better person for having Neo-Tech." D.E., AZ.

"What a beautiful work." D.D., CA.

"Neo-Tech is the route to everything." T.V., MO.

"Truths in Neo-Tech are nondebatable." A.M., AZ.

"Have to keep my mouth from flapping about the advantages I've gained. Life no longer a burden. Have everything I need." R.V., CANADA.

"Provided my base to move forward...unequalled by anything else." L.P., Esq., ENGLAND.

"First reading shocking, Second reading exhilarating." L.S., FL.

"Impact greater than could imagine. Buying second set for my two children." L.O., NH.

"Neo-Tech is larger than all the wealth -- leaves me weak-kneed." D.G., TX.

"Thrilling, exciting, extremely factual." J.S., FL.


"Ideal for improving personal growth. Amazed how all facets of life have improved." J.C., PA.

"Could never understand what is happening without Neo-Tech. The only alternative to the Dark Ages." R.W., WI.

"Best information ever. Previously suppressed by Neocheaters fearing the demise of their power." B.W., PA.

"No one has ever hit the nail straighter, harder or faster. Gives the very best that life offers. Neo-Tech will remain through all eternity." C.D., OR.

"The most outstanding source of valid, life-improving information." H.G., IN.

"By far the best information I will ever buy. A must for personal power." D.B., PA.

"A blockbuster. Replaces confusion with clarity, doubt with incisive insight. Restores direction to all." A.D., IL.

"Wish I had this information 40 years ago." M.H., MA.

"Holds the secrets of a happy, guilt-free, prosperous life. Will quickly change the world." R.E., PA.

"Brings destiny to everyone's doorstep." E.R., OR.

"Neo-Tech of great financial and personal value incredible work." E.L., MS.

"Very excited. Solid and wonderful. May Neo-Tech people soon control the planet." C.M., MI.

"Neo-Tech -- a true and helpful friend." L.C., AL.

"Eminently practical, realistic techniques. Compelled to admire the no-limit applications to daily life." A.E., FL.

"Through Neo-Tech, life's rewards are finally given." T.D., OR.

"Turns darkness into light that seems only to become brighter." J.O., TX.

"Allows one to act without fear. Nothing else compares. Commend the courage of those publishing Neo-Tech." B.M., FL.

"Am a new person. Everything going my way without hardly trying. Neo-Tech is unsurpassed in any field." R.W., CA.

"Best information I've ever read, especially in dealing with others." G.M., CA.

"My thinking, attitude, love life really improved." R.H., MA.

"My wife thinks Neo-Tech is great too." F.D., IL.

"Neo-Tech is remaking my life. An enriching experience." F.S., CA.

"Able to function better than ever before." M.K., NV.

"Gives great insights." J.A., VT.

"Turned my whole life around." O.M., VA.

"Rivets my attention for long periods." J.W., ND.

"With gratitude, I'm now guiltlessly free from limitations." C.F., MA.

"I love you Dr. Wallace!" G.S., CA.

"First dismissed as evil. Now thoroughly enjoy Neo-Tech, quit the ministry, and deeply regret past attitude." Rev. T.J., AR.

"So easy to follow. So believable. Will serve me for many, many years. Becoming a real Neo-Tech addict." Ms. P.L., CA.

"Neo-Tech changed my life for the better when change was badly needed." D.R., PA.

"Beautifully written, Exhilarating. The most comprehensive fascinating work ever confronted." W.K., Canada.

"Created an A+ money factor in my business and the stock market." U.C., UT.

"A complete masterpiece. No loose ends." I.D.


"Neo-Tech brings everything together. The foggy curtain has evaporated." C.L., KY.

"First extremely shocked. Then realized its potency. Neo-Tech is the most valuable work ever developed." F.S., LA.

"Neo-Tech strengthens -- very useful in romantic love." S.S., TX.

"Reaching my personal goals with Neo-Tech at my side." Mrs. L.C., KS.

"Never a more logically consistent powerhouse of ideas. Has the power to change history." R.J., AL.

"No longer on the defensive." M.M., CT.

"A complete, marvelous catalyst." O.O'G., CA.

"Absolutely nothing to feel guilty about." W.B., MA.

"Neo-Tech creates advantage my way -- the honest way -- to deal on a prosperous level." K.B., AL.

"Neo-Tech gave me a much fuller and richer life." Dr. H.G., IN.

"Neo-Tech is practical, wonderful -- removes neocheaters who have diminished my life." Ms. E.S., OR.

"Freed of guilt and inferiority feelings. Neo-Tech prevents manipulation by others." D.D., NY.

"Now a happy person with no bad days or guilt." R.S., TX.

"Neo-Tech brings power and unbeatable advantages." L.C., AL.

"Gave us our freedom." N.N., MA.

"With Neo-Tech am able to negotiate very favorable business deals." J.R., TX.

"Extremely impressed. Cleans out the cobwebs." H.S., INDONESIA.

"Really feel like somebody. Neo-Tech put me on the home stretch and in great shape." D.T., GA.

"Very rewarding and enriching. No longer need to be influenced by others." J.M., NY.

"Lifts big, big falsehoods that hold down most people." Mrs. D.A., TN.

"Revolutionary, mind boggling. Extracting values directly for my well-being." G.B., NEWFOUNDLAND.

"Searched all my life for this information. Owe a great debt to you." A.G., CA.

"First seems mad. Then makes sense." J.B., MS.

"Made clear my weakness. Infinitely pleased with Neo-Tech." A.S., NJ.

"In one swift stroke, Neo-Tech unshackles the mind. Freeing humanity at last of traditional misinformation. Dr. Wallace is probably the most sane man on the planet." B.D., CA.

"Overcome by Neo-Tech advantages in facing up to Neocheaters." P.H., MA.

"Essential, remarkable view." Dr. N.H., PA.

"Released from society's boundaries." A.C., NV.

"Very powerful stuff." O.R., CA.

"Most intelligent thinking I know." R.S., CA.

"Blind since childhood. 77-year-old, productive businessman into this new field of knowledge. Want to publicize Dr. Wallace's discovery." E.V., BRAZIL.


"Wish I had Neo-Tech years ago. Great increase in productivity and self-esteem. Guilt all gone now, life much easier and enjoyable." H.S., NJ.

"A revelation. Never was so free and powerful." D.W., IN.

"Received fair value for time and money." K.T., PUERTO RICO.

"Absolutely fantastic. Neo-Tech ought to be taught as a college course." H.W., OR.

"At first skeptical. Now realize the invaluable work. Truly revolutionary. Gives increased confidence and clarity." D.G., FL.

"To survive, we must adopt the Supreme Constitution." G.P., OH.

"Refreshing and true." J.T., GA.

"Neo-Tech: The key to unlocking the bonds of external authority. My entire life spectrum has improved exponentially." M.H., NY.

"Eye-opening facts that I was not aware of, especially on mysticism." F.P., OH.

"Logical, well presented and documented." J.P., VT.

"Neo-Tech slays the dragon and wins. Brought admiration from others. Found my happiness." D.C., CA.

"Past filled with destructive mysticism, but Neo-Tech gave right direction. Old books frozen on shelves." H.B., ENGLAND.

"Becoming aware of self and surroundings. Control my emotions." J.J., NV.

"Already read 4 times. Delved into deep logical, rational thought." J.S., PA.

"This work done in the spirit of rational thinkers who don't believe in Super ghosts." P.G., OR.

"Fascinated with the concepts. Can spot the neocheaters, avoid them, or profit from them." E.G., OH.

"Neo-Tech enabled me to be an achiever where I previously failed." M.U., OK.

"Great, interesting, and genuinely exciting. Most valuable subject in 61 years. Inspires to a new life." H.M., AZ.

"Every time I read it again, it becomes more profound and thought provoking." F.R., NY.

"Neo-Tech brings it all across where Rand, Branden and others failed." S.S., AUSTRALIA.

"Greatest reading ever. Put me on the right path." L.L., GA.

"Dr. Wallace's extensive research is well written in a concise, logical manner with conclusions drawn from man's nature. Mentally stimulating." K.H., FL.

"Neo-Tech the 2nd monumental work in past 50 years." C.J., WA.


"Truly awesome. See the world through different eyes. Please don't ever get discouraged." H.F., FL.

"Excellent analysis of how the producers are robbed by the non-producers. So profound, wise, and simple." Y.D., AL.

"Expect Neo-Tech to contribute to the opening of the solar system exploration. Jarring concepts." M.P., MD.

"I know I want to live forever. Neo-Tech is my way of thinking." E.D., PA.

"The idea that reason is an absolute brought an end to my life-long depression. Experienced amazing financial success on a sound consistent basis." C.W., CA.

"Neo-Tech eliminates that which has been bogging down advancement." J.C., NJ.

"Thank you Dr. Wallace for opening my eyes to reality. I can only hope more of the population are introduced to this philosophy." K.P., PA.

"Put into eloquent words, illuminating. From the maze of neocheating into the light of Neo-Tech" R.S., CANADA.

"Contains much valuable information. The advanced concepts especially helpful." R.S., NJ.

"Everyday acquire more accelerated, integrated information. Makes me aware of self and surroundings." A.B., CO.

"These books have future value. Helps me in my life and work." M.W., NY.

"It is the distinction between informed and non-informed." J.C., IA.

"Have already reversed the aging process at 72." L.W., WY.

"Most enlightening reading since the Fountainhead." R.S., WA.

"Helped to clarify thoughts and ideas." P.B., KY.

"Tried to smash the barriers of neocheaters, was in debt, family forsake me, finally see the light." W.S., MA.

"The masses never thirst after knowledge. Who ever supplies the illusion is their master. So they will remain the victims." J.G., MA.

"Neo-Tech fits the bill." G.L., IL.

"A mind-clearing experience." B.C., IL.

"Made me rethink all my relationships and wonder about who the real producers are. Felt a wee bit like Eric Flame. Neo-Tech will affect this planet." J.E., PA.

"Fascinated by the subject of Neo-Tech." R.D., OH.

"Enables daily comprehension beyond conceivable limits." D.R., MN.

"What an eye opener!" J.W., MI.

"My self-esteem has soared. Have eliminated many external authorities. Will enhance my biological immortality." J.J., MO.

"Stopped smoking, left a depressing job. Enjoy evenings with my family." D.B., CA.

"Reawakened my intellectual interest." T.P., NY.

"Until now my life felt like an aimless bottle in the oceans slowly sinking to the bottom." R.H., CA.

"Neo-Tech III or consciousness and the bicameral mind is a work of genius and rings very true." J.G., CO.

"Pro-life ideas improved all aspects of my daily living. Psychuous pleasures improved my relationships." R.R., WA.

"Helped improve my whole outlook on life and personal relationships." R.A., LA.

"Very essential to everyone to gain control over one's life." J.K., TX.

"Changed my life!" G.C., MN.

"Outstanding -- a real breakthrough." D.N., CA.

"After reading, I had better understanding of libertarianism. Now I draw away from altruists and mystics." P.S.

"No longer need to wallow in a sea of guilt." R.L., AZ.

"The work is fantastic. New, exciting -- use every day to make $$!" C.E., TX.

"Developed new expanding insights." H.F., NY.

"I feel as if I've lived 45 years in darkness and suddenly see the light." P.G., MD.

"Aided me in my `decision' to recover." R.M., CA.

"In the race of rational human progress and the embedded age of old corruptions -- Neo-Tech is a beacon of light." J.H., IN.

"Enlightened why people feel guilt about profit." W.S., NE.

"Before Neo-Tech I walked around in a trance, but always questioning everything, every institution. It is easy to recognize and control the neocheater, so easily, so naturally. Now make logical, competent decisions. Changed my life for the better. Can't understand how I survived so long without Neo-Tech." R.P., CA.

"Buzzes in my head and won't quit." H.T., CA.

"Thoughtful, Provoking, Stimulating, Interesting, Informative, Valuable, Insightful." F.S., TX.

"A turnabout from the general concepts of life style. Achieved fulfillment." D.A., CT.

"Has put all things in proper place." F.K., FL.

"The techniques have changed my life." W.C., OK.

"Neocheaters make and break rules at will, use extreme pressure. Know Neo-Tech is the best work I ever read." D.V., CA.

"Great stuff. Even after 3rd reading, new inspirations and insight. Able to look at life with a discerning eye, great happiness, and opportunities abound." J.N., WI.

"Outstanding. Reality is what it is. Live a life of honesty based on reality. Happy themes are playing in my mind." R.H., CA.

"Found a priceless work. Opened a new world." Z.H., CA.

"Goes against everything I ever thought and caused me chaos. Put my life in a new phase." J.F., CA.

"Excellent! Forthright!" B.S., OK.

"An important education." H.C., NM.

"Brought it all together and gave moral reason for believing that productivity is the key." E.T., GA.

"Nothing I read in my 67 years approaches in depth, quality and force of Neo-Tech. The fraudulent God concept enslaved mankind. Free of the influences of theologians and no longer hold politicians in high esteem. Will Neo-Tech save humanity in time?" J.P., MD.

"Great Revelations!" F.C., IL.

"Excellent material, very informative, well researched." R.S., CT.

"Have found it most beneficial in personal relationships. Gotten out of destructive ones, and avoided others, am free and without guilt." J.F., Canada.

"Set me on the road to Freedom." F.D., FL.

"Opened my eyes and mind to the real world." D.M., SC.

"Enlightening, often comforting and frightening, growing pains are healthy. Loved the invaluable book summaries, saved me hours. Admire the integrity of the writer. Everything is crystal clear." L.R., CA.

"My observation of politicians, religion, and industry have been greatly enhanced to the point where I deal effectively with leeches of our society." J.R., IL.

"Incredible research on a subject that long interested me. I understand life a little better now." D.P., CT.

"Keep up the good work! The information package is of great value. Made a 180 degree turn in my thinking and am very happy for it." R.R., AZ.

"Very good and helpful." W.E., OH;

"Your book has straightened me to a better life. Stay away from users. Getting ahead financially and am excited as I never have been. I know where I'm going." L.G., CA.

"Eye-opening. Manuscript answers many unanswered questions of my conscience. No small deed when you have been influenced by Christianity all the years." W.P., PA.

"Dr. Wallace's brilliant work has rid me from irrational notions of mysticism." M.C., NY.

"Comprehensive! I knew it would be valuable because I read Wallace's poker book." W.W., NC.

"Gave me precise direction. The vista is now without horizon. I am astounded." T.T., IL.

"Confirmed my doubts about religion and politics." J.A., NY.

"Each reading brings more. Very, very valuable." D.V., OH.

"99% right stuff!" D.R., OH.

"I found an expression of something I always felt secretly and hesitantly practiced. Dr. Wallace's writings have given me conviction, confidence, and concrete optimism." A.K., CA.

"Neocheaters are all around us. Neo-Tech can help ferret out and deal with these individuals and groups." H.M., KY.

"Organized religion has always been the knife in the back of mankind." D.R., NY.

"I was immature. Helped me to understand my wife leaving me." E.R., CA.

"Very helpful once I dug into it." G.R., WA.

"I used to stay up all night in disappointment and depression; I still stay up all night but now in anticipation!" R.P., PA.

"Enlightening! Realized people are easily influenced. Showed me how to know who my real friends are." M.S., NY.

"The Neo-Tech concepts are fantastic! Changed me dramatically. Great possibilities for my future." L.P., TX.

"Effectively forecasts freedom, prosperity, and happiness for humanity. Practice every day. Brought me self-esteem, productive values, and relieved pressures of force." A.N., TX.

"Able to see and understand things that bothered me for many years." E.S., FL.

"Enjoyed the eye opening literature." W.B., TN.

"Enhanced my personal life immeasurably. Private life and business continue to flourish." S.M., CA.

"Ex-news reporter now. Answered the 5-W's, how, who, what, when, why. Total and awesome breakthrough. Made it impossible to ever forget reality. No longer waste my resources. Started my own business. Viva la Frank Wallace and Capitalism." J.A., TX.

"Believe in the dawning of the Neo-Tech age and Dr. Wallace's work." E.N., MI.

"Now I know why the rats always won the race I was in. My disappointments are eased knowing someone out there had the same thoughts." D.I., CA.

"My most prized possession. I am on the road to myself." R.W., MA.

"Mind boggling -- has helped me release mysticism. Was a Baptist minister for 20 years, freed me from guilt. I dearly love Neo-Tech. Read it on a regular basis." R.D., NJ.

"After 70 years of programming, Neo-Tech shook my boot straps. Amazing how the masses have been duped for so long." C.S., WA.

"Examined the concepts for 1 year. My values have changed. As a manager, I cannot ignore objective reality." A.H., MI.

"The realization that I am my own master, wholly, completely, was a new experience. As a business broker, I constantly read potential buyers and sellers. My sales increased with the teachings." D.W., IN.

"Initial defensive reactions attached to religion, but now find myself in agreement with the powerful concepts. They are true." C.N., CA.

"The most valuable information ever published. Will help preserve the real value of wealth and profitable money making strategy during financially difficult times. Without Neo-Tech, the odds are stacked against you. Once you know, you can play the game safely and confidently. Have stopped playing Russian roulette with my well-being." I.J., IN.

"Understand what politicians and leaders really are and say. Greater satisfactions than ever felt before." G.D., NJ.

"Disenchanted with the contradictions of `Authorities' and the many `How To' systems. Daily liberating." E.N., IL.

"At 40, I thought my life was destined to insignificance, but that condition has changed. It is moving in a new and challenging direction." M.G., IA.

"At the risk of over-simplification: No contradiction or compromise occurs in Neo-Tech. Just reality. Only now beginning to see the value of this great work." G.M., TX.

"Thought provoking and realistic!" K.P., VA.

"My life has never been the same since I became a Neo-Tech man 2 years ago. Possess power and confidence. Best of all I am still growing, always will!" R.H., NY.

"Absolutely correct. Took time and effort to comprehend. Because of their rationality, the concepts are surprisingly easy to use. A truly excellent piece of work." M.B., OH.

"My first value was to stop smoking. Tried many ways, including hypnosis, but never got past the first day." L.B., CT.

"Found reading the recommended books and the Neo-Tech book service really made a difference. It's great stuff." D.P., WI.

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"Consider Neo-Tech one of the most profound, effective books ever read. Utterly uncompromising reasoning. After four months, became an integral part of my life." Y.K., CA.

"Has more effect on my way of thinking than any other book." C.B., NEW ZEALAND.

"Exceedingly useful and relevant to my daily life." I.P., NEW ZEALAND.

"Read at least 3 times and now feel like a newly discharged cadet." R.T., NJ.

"By far the most advanced information ever compiled into such few pages. Feel for the first time in my life that I am doing my own thinking. Truly, Neo-Tech has topped all my previous expectations." R.S., IN.

"Very encouraging, revealed everything." K.B., NEW GUINEA.

"Became more aware, and many changes occurred in my life. Now ordering the Neo-Tech library because it is the only information available that is honest, straight forward, objective, and will bring lasting benefits." J.B., CA.

"Felt cheated all my life and did not know why. Neo-Tech provided the key. Now have unshakable peace of mind. Feel I am in control of my life, at last!" R.O., CA.

"Made the ultimate move in self-improvement. Regard this information as essential for physical and mental well-being." I.J., IN.

"Accept no outside `authority.' My feelings are pulled together in a logical fashion. Enlightening! The first attempt by modern man to call a spade a spade." L.G., CA.

"Has made it so easy to recognize the unsavory characters that walk and stalk our world." R.M., RI.

"The concepts contained the most liberating knowledge ever read in my 78 years." L.K., OH.

"Of any book, any theory, any information and any idea I ever read or heard in my life, this had the greatest impact of all." E.B., FL.

"Am amazed at what I learned from your manuscript. My desire to control my life is priority." R.W., CO.

"The money invested has already been recovered tenfold." L.S., AUSTRALIA.

"Neo-Tech has changed my view of what is right and true. Thank you for opening my eyes. Our futures have no limits." S. & M.F., MO.

"We love Neo-Tech. Through our change in belief systems we now experience success and a feeling of liberation." S.G., CT.

"Thank you for the clear and enlightening concepts. I feel free. I enjoy reality. I enjoy LIFE!!" L.K., MI.

"Neo-Tech kind of frightened me, it seemed so powerful. I need this kind of help to gain control of my life." R.A., CA.

"Every good and excellent thing stands moment by moment on the razors edge of danger and must be fought for. That expressed my attitude on Neo-Tech." L.L., CA.

"My investments will quadruple in five years. My decision was based on some of the Neo-Tech data along with other information." T.P., FL.

"Happiness has increased 10-fold." C.H., ENGLAND.

"Wish this was taught in school so everyone could know what is really going on." P.J., CA.

"After reading Neo-Tech, I'm on my way to a much more rewarding life." L.R., CO.

"The most mind-opening book I have ever read. I'm so excited about this new/true way of thinking. I've grown so much." M.F., MO.

"Been transplanted from an unrealistic hostile environment to a healthy one where I can grow and blossom indefinitely." L.M., CA.

"As one reads the Neo-Tech Discovery page by page, one can feel the imprisoning chains imposed by the `authorities' breaking link by link. It's a great feeling!" J.Y., TN.

"Made me aware of how the neocheaters prey on the productive people in this world." J.S., MN.

"My dreams are no longer dreams. A new awareness of the people and institutions that drained my hopes and happiness, and how we are all infiltrated." B.R., AUSTRALIA.

"Brilliant and remarkable. The search for Biological Immortality has to be the only rational course to follow." F.T., ENGLAND.

"At last the barriers are down. Seemed to be exactly what was missing from my life." J.D., ENGLAND.

"The prospect of removing power from non-producers instills a sense of purpose that I lost years ago." J.C., CA.

"Was relieved of guilt feelings from understanding why I am not responsible for all the world's shortcomings, but only for myself." J.T., FL.

"It is one of the greatest pieces of literature I ever read. Invaluable information." R.Mc., IA.

"Turned me around, the freedom and power I feel is great. The thought of living forever brings fantastic opportunities to the individual." M.J., OH.

"`You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free', the church said it but Neo-Tech did it. Free of guilt about money and success. I am now the man I always wanted to be!" B.S., NY.

"The first two books taught me not to be cheated by anybody anymore, and every item I reread, I learn something new." M.V., CA.

"Shocked and stunned for 24 hours. Reread and totally understood. No one will ever hustle me again." W.R., KY.

"Was at crossroads in my life. Reading the concepts helped me decide to keep learning and growing." D.K., TX.

"The way may now be clear for achieving accomplishments beyond our dreams." P.H., KS.

"I'm able to filter out and reject the negatives and see what is real for prosperity and great happiness." S.W., IL.

"The validity of your interpretations manifest daily in my experiences." R.D., CA.

"Purchased these volumes for my wife, but ended up using myself. Full of hope and confidence that your work will spread. Am very proud of my `rags to riches' success that I achieved through Neo-Tech. Best wishes." B.L., AUSTRALIA.


"I found Neo-Tech exceedingly useful and relevant to daily life." I.P., NEW ZEALAND.

"Congratulations are well in order for Dr. Frank R. Wallace and his magnificent mind." R.I., NJ.

"Neo-Tech I-V is by far the most advanced and important information ever compiled." R.S., IN.

"I am beginning to realize that Neo-Tech is completely revealing everything, and I mean the whole truth." K.O., NEW GUINEA.

"Neo-Tech has provided the key to free me from being cheated. I feel more in control of my life. I am free at last. Thank you Dr. Wallace." R.O., CA.

"I regard this information as absolutely essential to both physical and mental well-being." I.J., IN.

"Neo-Tech opened up a new world to me, the real world! Neo-Tech has made it so easy to recognize the unsavory characters that walk and stalk our world." R.M., RI.

"Neo-Tech contains the most liberating knowledge for the human mind I have read anywhere in my 78 years." L.K., OH.

"Since reading Neo-Tech, I have started two companies and they are doing well." J.W., AUSTRALIA.

"Of any book, any theory, any information and any idea I ever read or heard about, Neo-Tech had the greatest impact." E.B., FL.

"I'm amazed at what I have learned from your manuscript. The most important project on the planet." R.C., CO.

"It has really made me aware of the way neocheaters operate. I can feel the power I have derived from the information." J.S., MN.

"I cannot describe to you the enormous value that your book has been in my life. The most important experience is the realization of the unlimited power in me." B.C., AUSTRALIA.

"Neo-Tech is a brilliant and remarkable exposition. B.I. has to be the only rational course." F.T., ENGLAND


"Can now begin to see things in their true light. Gets the adrenaline going -- seems to be exactly what's been missing." J.D., UK.

"I read through Neo-Tech without practicing the techniques. However, I did want to be able to spot the cheaters, and I achieved this ability far beyond my expectations." J.C., CA.

"Neo-Tech is one of the greatest pieces of literature that I have read. The information is invaluable." R.M., IA.

"Neo-Tech turned me around. The freedom and power I feel now is fantastic." M.J., OH.

"Neo-Tech did it. 58 years of guilt about sex and money gone. Started business in basement and built it into a million corp. -- now for the first time really proud and guiltless of my success." W.S., NY.

"Neo-Tech is helping me get acquainted with someone I've ignored for a long, long time -- myself! When I received Neo-Tech, I was 31, overweight, smoked, and had a lazy, stagnant mind. My mind has come alive again and has begun to show me the power I have in myself." J.H., CO.

"I have read Neo-Tech I-V cover-to-cover six times. I now see that for the first time in history a crystal-clear, straight-arrow path to infinite happiness, prosperity, and success has been defined in Neo-Tech." B.C., OH.

"Dr. Wallace: The validity of your interpretations manifests itself daily in my experiences." R.D., CA.

"Words truly fail me. I am full of hope and confidence that your writings and research will spread." J.L., AUSTRALIA.

"The only reason I decided to order is that a friend, who is a billionaire and claims to have had a hand in developing Neo-Tech, recommended it to me." L.K., IN.

"Neo-Tech works. It makes one stand on his feet, and on his feet alone. It makes one think on his own, and only on his own. Brings clarity so that he can distinguish between mere believing and authentic knowing." Y.K., CA.

"It has had more effect on my way of thinking than any other single book I have read." C.B., NEW ZEALAND.

"Neo-Tech has helped make me a man with new ideas for advancing myself to financial and psychological well-being." R.O., CA.

"I have found the contents to be of enormous value to my life." F.C.

"I am a hard-working college student learning and I recognize the profound importance of Neo-Tech in my life." T.J., MO.

"A work far into the future brought into present day standards. The dawning of a future boundless with creative ideas and freedom." P.K., CANADA.

"At 51, I met my new woman a month after receiving Neo-Tech. After six months we have a most fabulous life. We both love each other, sex, business and capitalism. Thanks to Neo-Tech we are really happy." R.G., SWEDEN.

"The knowledge of Neo-Tech has probably contributed more to my happiness and security than any other thing in my life." T.P., FL.

"Neo-Tech needs to be taught in all schools and universities. It's a real eye-opener." M.M., AZ.

"What can I say? Neo-Tech was astounding to me. Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth." J.P., CA.

"Into my third reading. Results are starting to be realized. When I have completely absorbed all of the concepts I shall pass it on to my son. Thank you." S.R., IL.

"With a deep sense of gratitude, I write a few words of appreciation for your excellent research. Every item and concept written should have value to me now as well as in the future." B.B., NC.

"This book will certainly have an impact on the literate world greater than any other book. Worth many times its purchase price. Thank you for awakening my mind." R.B., NEW ZEALAND.

"Excellent reading and most logical material. Wish I had known this information prior to my military career! Neo-Tech helps by providing proof and facts." D.S., MO.

"I have completed the Neo-Tech manuscript. It is the most complete book, covering all concepts of life. With your permission I'd like to refer others to this wonderful work." J.C., CO.

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