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R.T.,, 4/30/97
I find it very fascinating and refreshing. It has made me look at my own life in a different perspective. I believe the Neo-Tech system is relevant and will be a great power in the future.

S.W.,, 4/30/97, Australia
I find the entire concept of ZON fascinating and want to know more, more, more.

C.T.,, 4/30/97
I think there is truth to be found here.

K.M.,, 4/30/97
What I have heard of this site is absolutely astounding. Let's put it to good use by all and all will flourish.

W.M.,, 4/29/97
The best site I've ever read, stop neocheaters forever.

B.T.,, 4/29/97
Mark Hamilton's "2001: The New Code" blew me away!

D.R.,, 4/29/97
This is POWERFUL stuff. I can't ever remember reading anything that made so much sense. Thank you for putting this out. I will ensure that those who are close to me, and that I care about, read this.

M.P.,, 4/28/97, Canada
The Neo-Tech philosophy speaks of a universal truth that seems to benefit all. It brings optimism into the hearts of those that listen. It makes obvious that which bewildered the naive for so long. Neo-Tech is an answer to the cry for help from those that are caught in the web of societal confusion. Thank you Neo-Tech for sharing your wisdom with all. Freedom awaits us all.

J.S.,, 4/28/97
Congratulations on your discoveries -- I am excited about learning more about your concepts and look forward to becoming an efficient value-producer as opposed to a pawn in the destructive collective consciousness which permeates our individual psyches.

D.W.,, 4/28/97
I have the utmost gratitude for the efforts of Neo-Tech to rid our world of the plaguing anticivilization.

A.M.,, 4/28/97, England
Your web site is dynamite! No wonder its got the authorities spooked! I am intrigued by it's potential to revolutionize society.

J.G.,, 4/27/97
Neo-Tech is the future.

J.M.,, 4/27/97
This web site is fascinating. I hope it stays up so more people can come in out of the darkness.

P.H.,, 4/27/97, United Kingdom
Thank you for waking me up and causing me to think. How can anyone handle their problems when they don't even know what they are?

D.P.,, 4/26/97
Neo-Tech should be a common study for all mankind.

K.M.,, 4/26/97
I believe that Neo-Tech should stay on the web as it provides people with information on how to better their lives.

E.H.,, 4/25/97

Z.Z.,, 4/25/97
I have found the answer. Thank you. Let us together uphold profound honesty and vanish mysticism now and forever.

D.S.,, 4/24/97
This world needs Neo-Tech thinking if it is to prosper. Please keep promoting freedom oriented solutions to world problems and keep the web going.

M.M.,, 4/24/97
The information on the site has helped integrate my thinking. I had a flash , saw the new color mode, and now can manipulate the essence to brighten and control everything that moves.

A.P.,, 4/24/97, Philippines
I find many interesting details of earning money and becoming rich.

C.V.,, 4/24/97

S.B.,, 4/23/97
I believe that Neo-Tech is a totally new idea that will revolutionize known thought in the world. It is a necessity to every man wanting to hold dearly a happy life free of worry and full of pleasure. Without stress, the world becomes much clearer and Neo-Tech has the ability to do that.

J.P.,, 4/23/97

J.M.,, 4/23/97
I think what you are doing is admirable, let's put the power back where it belongs.

H.A.,, 4/23/97
Your site is very informative and helpful. I greatly appreciate the information.

L.E.,, 4/23/97
I thoroughly enjoy your web site. The combination of topics is unprecedented on the web. Thank you for the information.

A.P.,, 4/23/97, Canada
The most interesting Web site I've read.

K.S.,, 4/23/97
I am amazed at how the success that I've had over the years is related to the concepts outlined in the site. Concepts like Objectivism, honesty, and integrity are powerful weapons against mystics and lazy people.

J.T.,, 4/23/97
The most mind-blowing information I've ever read.

R.B.,, 4/22/97
Very enlightening. Quite possibly the most innovative school of thought in history.

G.B.,, 4/22/97
Neo-Tech is pure human logic. It should be required reading for understanding humanity.

A.P.,, 4/22/97
I was amazed at how true the information is. Please keep up this wonderful self-help site. It's extremely interesting reading.

A.S.,, 4/22/97
I believe Neo-Tech is very educational and will do a lot of good for generations to come.

G.P.,, 4/22/97
What you are doing is phenomenal and would be beneficial to many people. I hope that you open the eyes of many so that we may help create the Neo-Tech world.

J.R.,, 4/22/97, Australia
This material literally changed my life in many ways by including making me feel good about myself and throwing off unearned guilt.

R.L.,, 4/22/97
This site is amazing and needs to remain available to anyone who feels the confines of social and religious correctness. I will point this site out to those I care most about. KEEP THIS SITE OPEN!!!!!

D.S., sezampro.yu, 4/22/97, Yugoslavia
Your site is absolutely essential.

A.K.,, 4/22/97
A most amazing and intriguing site...The subject is one everyone talks about. The information is needed, there is definitely a need for more sites like this.

T.L.,, 4/21/97
I think you are doing a good thing by trying to help people realize their own power and identity as who we really are (you call it Zon).

B.M.,, 4/21/97
I have found your site extremely enlightening. I have the feeling this material is really going to help me see.

J.B.,, 4/21/97
I feel like I have started a new learning process for the future.

A.B.,, 4/21/97, United Kingdom
Who could disagree with the need for this kind of information being made available to everyone? More power to you, keep up the good work.

S.N.,, 4/21/97
Great Web site... I especially find the topic search capabilities very useful.

C.H.,, 4/21/97
I am impressed with the information given here. The Web site's layout is superb.

J.U.,, 4/21/97
Your site should remain on the web so we can learn to live without external guidance....

R.H.,, 4/20/97
I am 67 & feel comfortable for the first time that I can throw off mysticism thanks to all you good, brave souls at Neo-Tech. Where was Neo-Tech years ago? How many lives could have been saved. From my youth, I knew something was wrong, but could not find out till I read Neo-Tech.

S.C.,, 4/20/97, Canada
Your site helped me understand a lot about what the hell is going on around me. THANK YOU NEO-TECH.

M.B.,, 4/19/97
What an abundance of truly helpful information!

W.W.,, 4/19/97
This web-site offers enormous value to anyone examining it. If this web-site were removed, an enormous exponential value would be lost to everyone. The information contained here is so vitally important to the progressive survival and enhancement of conscious life, possibly the most positive life-changing, life-giving value on the Net. 'Let there be Neo-Tech!!!'

R.T.,, 4/19/97, Australia
This site is very informative and provides much helpful information.

A.N.,, 4/18/97
It should be a prerequisite for anyone who wants there dreams to TRULY become reality.

A.K.,, 4/18/97, South Africa
Sounds absolutely fantastic. I suppose I'll be sitting here the whole weekend going through this site.

D.T.,, 4/18/97
Thanks for the web site, its an oasis, and I am once again encouraged to get on with goals rather than dragging my feet ...buzzing out, following unknown paths.

B.T.,, 4/17/97
For the past few years {I'm now 79} I have been attempting to fire up, and instill in my brain neurons this fantastic knowledge of the Neo-Tech concepts. Please never ever let this Web Page be removed until there is at least a hundred million or so on the Page visitor counter. Then by that time, it will be firmly implanted in everyone's mind. Good-bye neocheaters and all

K.S.,, 4/17/97
This is the first time I've seen anything that attempted to `expand' upon Objectivism.

M.B.,, 4/17/97
This is my first exposure, I find the content interesting. It seems to encompass the complete width and breath of life.

I.W.,, 4/17/97, Russia
Your site is great! I enjoy it! Neo-Tech is the answer to all my questions. It's really an aid for my job and life. Thank you so much.

V.A.,, 4/17/97
Your site is trying to do something good for others.

I.M.,, 4/17/97, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech must be available to as many people as possible. It gives us a new way of seeing the world and our relationship to it. I find what you have to say exciting and I want to understand it more. The real issue is about encouraging more people to take control of their own lives.

W.B.,, 4/17/97
Please do not remove this site from the web under any circumstances. By removing this site you will deny millions access to Neo-Tech who want to free themselves forever from the chains of mysticism.

D.F.,, 4/17/97
As long as individuals such as the brilliant writers who document reality are allowed to publish their information free of force, threat of force, and censorship, the prosperity revolution will proceed peacefully; almost without notice... THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD DEPENDS ON NEO-TECH (HONESTY) GROWING ON THE WEB... GO NT!

V.G.,, 4/16/97
NT is the seed of the 21st Century and of all time for the Civilization of the Universe as it springs up here on earth. It is the essence of life for all of us.

G.F.,, 4/16/97
I think this WEB site is helpful and informative. I have already noticed clearer thinking. I haven't quite mastered the technique of integrated thinking but I think it is key and want to be able to use it daily. I've noticed how much mysticism is and has been involved in my life and I'm did I ever get by?

M.D.,, 4/15/97
Neo-Tech is invaluable, there is nothing like it on this planet. Neo-Tech and the Zonpower have changed my life, and should be allowed to change other's lives as well.

A.T.,, 4/15/97
I think this is great stuff. I have never seen anything like it on the web or anywhere else.

T.O.,, 4/15/97, Canada
I will be looking on your Internet site for guidance and support to a better me. I am about to embark on this great journey called life I think it would be a tragedy for a site such as yours to disappear.

D.M.,, 4/15/97
To the day I die (which will be never!) I will be asking myself why I fell for the mysticism.

W.H.,, 4/15/97
Keep on pushing toward victory NEO-TECH!!!! The world is about to be corrected by ZON!

M.A.,, 4/15/97, Australia

L.L., co.sw, 4/15/97, Switzerland

M.D.,, 4/14/97
The Neo-Tech home page gets a big thumbs up.

S.A.,, 4/14/97
The world needs Neo-Tech.

K.J.,, 4/14/97
Your site is very mind-stimulating.

T.B.,, 4/14/97
Every body should read Neo-Tech. It is great.

A.B.,, 4/14/97, Australia
What are these fools afraid of? Zonpower taught me to think in a way I never thought before.

A.A., co.nw, 4/14/97, Norway
I most certainly want this site to expand on the web.

T.R.,, 4/13/97, Canada
Neo-Tech is the most important thing in the history of our existence -- it must be available to everyone.

S.Y.,, 4/13/97
As a Neo-Tech owner for over 10 years now I can say that NT, Mark, Eric, and Frank have been the guiding light in a world full of Mysticism.

J.M.,, 4/13/97
Keep up the good job, because if you don't we are doomed.

M.B.,, 4/13/97
This is by far the greatest site ever and Dr. Wallace definitely deserves the Nobel.

D.B.,, 4/12/97
Neo-Tech is on the cusp of a revolution. I now know something is tragically wrong in the universe.

L.L.,, 4/12/97
Neo-Tech has helped me gain valuable advantages over the mindless mystics and dangerous parasites that exist in government, religion and business. I keep coming back for more. Philosophically centered in an off-centered world!

G.M.,, 4/12/97
This site rocks. So much information, so little time. I love the Zon manuscript, it is intriguing. Also, the Global business section contains information I could use in starting up a global wealth empire. What a site! It has already
helped me, and can help many others.

ANON,, 4/12/97, Malaysia
Neo-Tech is the answer to all the questions that I have been looking for. It is definitely going to change my life.

T.T.,, 4/12/97, Malaysia
I found your site both informative and interesting.

P.S.,, 4/11/97, United Kingdom
Most definitely Neo-Tech can only be good for humanity.

K.G.,, 4/11/97
I would like to put into practice the GOLDEN-HELMET and help restore America back to the strong, moral and just nation it once was.

ANON,, 4/8/97
I am proud to say that Neo-Tech works.

R.M.,, 4/8/97
Ever since I stumbled upon this site, I've noticed life bending itself to fit my will.

T.H.,, 4/8/97
I was amazed at what I read -- I followed a link to read the IRS Abuse cases, and ended up spending most of the day browsing through your info. By all means stay online! And I'll be passing around your Web address...

S.C.,, 4/8/97
The fact that the information you present here is so close to the truth, makes it extremely dangerous. You are offering people an explanation for their life and the world. You give people the truth. By giving people a better glimpse of the truth than they have ever had before, something so radically different from any of the mysticism or religions available, it is dangerous to their own mysticisms. Break the Bubble of Mysticism.

M.M.,, 4/8/97
Every American needs to be informed of this web site.

N.J.,, 4/8/97, South Africa
We have been taught to believe that a relationship is all about compromise, but that is only if you want to be happy for the moment and sad for the rest of the time. I think your DTC technique makes a lot of sense.

K.R.,, 4/8/97
The ideas expressed are eye opening and should be made available to the world in mass doses. The world we live in today is that of lies. We the people deserve the truth about all Neo-Tech has to offer. The books should be in every library in the world.

P.C.,, 4/7/97
We need Neo-Tech. It is too easy to become stale and vulnerable in our society of users and abusers. Thanks!

J.P.,, 4/6/97
The information you are providing the world is of the utmost importance!

G.W.,, 4/6/97
This New World site must stay on the `net' to help `those who will inherit the earth' through the Civilization of The Universe, while ostracizing the pip-squeaks and parasitical elites from the earth.

J.H.,, 4/6/97
I must say that I really enjoy this Randian capitalist spritzer with a twist of sarcasm and light sprinkle of earthy-crunchy clean living.

R.F.,, 4/6/97, Thailand
This site is too cool for school.

B.S.,, 4/5/97

Y.D.,, 4/5/97, Malaysia
I have found a lot of inspiration in NT.

M.A.,, 4/5/97
I want to learn more about taking responsibility and improving all areas of my life.

R.I.,, 4/5/97
I think this is one of the best sites I have seen one the web.

A.A.,, 4/5/97
Neo-Tech will rule the world with it's legion of business leaders. NO FEAR.

T.R., trose, 4/4/97
Wow!! What an eye opener!! Thanks a million.

L.W.,, 4/4/97
The growth of a person's potential is greatly increased when one's knowledge is expanded with Neo-Tech.

T.N.,, 4/4/97
I like the Plato-Aristotle comparisons. Very interesting. This is my first visit, I'll be back.

C.M.,, 4/3/97, Papua New Guinea
I've never read anything like it! Its' almost unbelievable, the differences of the Neo-Tech era is overwhelming...

H.R.,, 4/3/97, Canada
I believe that ZONPOWER is the key to health, wealth, and happiness. Also, the fact that this web page has opened my mind as well as many others is great. This web page really does have all the answers. I looked into the matrix and almost fell over at the LIMITLESS amounts of information on everything.

J.M.,, 4/3/97
Neo-Tech has now become another aspect of my up all night computer studies and as you report there is a profound liberation upon reading this text.

M.Y.,, 4/3/97
With Neo-Tech I have the freedom that no one can take from me. I am safe for the first time in my life.

J.G.,, 4/3/97, United Kingdom
I think what you have to say on this site is... well.....immense.

L.M.,, 4/3/97, Brueni
I found this web site an eye opener. I have surely learned a great deal.

C.B.,, 4/3/97
I am a devout Objectivist. This is all VERY impressive.

ANON,, 4/2/97
I find Neo-Tech very useful in seeing through the ways of mystics and parasitical elites. It gives much added depth to life.

R.W.,, 4/2/97
I am thoroughly thrilled with Neo-Tech. Neo-Tech continually improves my abilities to achieve happiness and prosperity in life. Go NT!

D.M.,, 4/1/97
Neo-Tech provides a much needed approach to life. Instead of people thinking that someone or some government will care for them, Neo-Tech teaches about being self sufficient.

N.J.,, 4/1/97
This site has opened my mind to the truth about life.

D.C.,, 4/1/97, Canada
It is rare to see anything this informative, here on the Web, or any place else.

D.E.,, 4/1/97, England
Neo-Tech is needed by all....

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