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Ed,, 4/30/00
“The Story' is worth reading, Mark Hamilton proves to be a good storyteller. He makes good use of the ideas of neo-tech in his story. Only wish I had the book instead of having to read it off my computer screen.

M.H.,, 4/30/00
I have found much truth in the words printed in this site, and I hope it stays up forever. Without it, I believe the world will slip into a de-evolution.

ed,, 4/30/00
My favorite part of “The Story', I think it's when Hammerschmidt, or whatever his name was, decides to take on Melville during his insane attempt to rape Annabelle. The crazy buffoon makes like a bull and charges with his head down to try to take out Melville, but only succeeds in killing himself. Poetic Justice.

Mr. C.P.,, 4/30/00
This is one of the Greatest Books I have ever read its hard to put it down.

Kelly,, 4/29/00
I found this information to be very interesting. It makes you think at a different level than the everyday mindless thought that we find ourselves trapped in.

J.M.,, 4/28/00
It is about time the people of this country woke up. Thanks to Neo-Tech they can! Thanks, Dr. Wallace and Mark Hamilton.

TERRY & A.M.,, 4/28/00
Just finished reading your novel. I'm a little addle-brained as I just finished and it's 2:00 in the morning. I purchased and started reading your manuscript some time ago, then lost it on the way back from a construction job in Lexington Va. I was captivated by the concepts in it, confused and scared. Even though the “matrix' hasn't snapped for me yet on many levels I see the truth of what you are saying. This was really clarified by reading the novel, bringing forth a clearer mental picture of what you are trying to get across. I hope to be among you one day, the top of my field, enjoying life, wealthy with romantic love. My greatest dream is to one day organize, fund research to help end the horror of disease, a motivation greatly brought on by seeing my mother suffering from a dead pancreas. Thanks, you have really lifted my spirits and given me hope during this really dark time.

g.a.,, 4/27/00, queens
Neo-Tech is science, and science moves civilization upward.

f.e.,, 4/27/00
I'm a little over half way through THE BOOK and its a life saver! To say the least! I have already found my Friday night essence. this book would be wonderful for anyone interested in life and finding out about life.

R.B.,, 4/27/00
I have read with great interest the abuses by the IRS and I am very upset that our own government can cause such great harm to its own people. I have a parent that is enduring great abuse by the IRS at this time for an enormous tax bill which I believe is not owed as they claim.

F.C.,, 4/26/00
To all the ones that talk negative about your book. I think they should spend more time working on how they could build better values for the world and let go of all that hatred they have inside them. By expressing negative feelings, all they're probably going to do is live a miserable life without enjoying true happiness. I know it is hard to let go of things you once thought were real. Well, I would like to thank you guys for helping me find my self and to realize that I'm the only one that's in control of my life.

M.E.,, 4/26/00
I came across your Zonpower information quite a long time ago. I have been drowning in mysticism since that time. Internal mysticism was the brick that sealed the 'shelter box' within my mind. I did not want to attempt and then fail living a life of hardworking happiness. Outside mystics easily manipulated me after my internal default of mysticism took over. Finally now, as I write, I am breaking out of that “box' and learning to move on to increased productivity and fully integrated honesty (that will be nice). I know it won't happen over night. Having read your book once fully, and halfway through the second time, I am enjoying “real' life more, and understanding the baloney of the mystics in the world around me. The real question for each and every individual who understands and accepts Neo-Tech is: Am I going to act upon the knowledge I have, or just sit on it until I die? I should have asked myself that question years ago.

R.R.,, 4/26/00
Neo-Tech has changed my life for the better. My eyes have been opened to the world of mysticism, neo-cheaters and non-sequiters. One only has to look at what's happening to great companies such as Microsoft and the persecution of value producers like Bill Gates to see how these Black Hat Neo-Cheaters want to destroy or steal other peoples hard work.

M.E.,, 4/26/00
It is very comforting to know how many people have at least been exposed to this type of information.

C.,, 4/26/00
I often find myself thinking, how would so and so of the initial group of 12 handle this or that particular situation I am experiencing at work, at home with the kids or with my spouse. I guess the biggest challenge is to transpose “The Story' into our daily lives...

L.R.,, 4/25/00
I love the site, every time I come to view it, new and amazing things pop out at me.

M.B.,, 4/25/00
I notice Neo-Tech when I think. When I think, I can identify when I am lying to myself and then proceed to quickly replace it with honesty. Neo-Tech has truly allowed for me to weed out the incorrect philosophies that exist.

W.M.,, 4/25/00
Please continue this most important work of assisting society in its upward evolution. The time has come for our sociological evolution to catch up with our current technological evolutionary trend. Religion and politicians attempt to keep us in the dark, but the facade is steadily crumbling. Keep up the good work, and pure efforts! W.M. Porter

M.H.,, 4/25/00
Neo Tech has changed my perspective on the world. I always felt something was wrong with our society, I just couldn't put my finger on it (Anticivilization). I laugh now whenever I watch the news (Neocheaters). I really feel the Neo Tech Philosophy is the only one that can change the world . I hope The Golden Helmet becomes a reality soon. Thank You

H.C.,, 4/25/00
This site offers an alternative viewpoint and strategy to achieve success and happiness. This information is important in the fulfillment of a human being and achieving a quality life.

h clark,, 4/25/00
It is a valuable source of wisdom and means of life.

T.H.,, 4/25/00
Hi Mark....I just read the story as a first time on-line visitor....This was the best description of woman/man romantic love I've ever heard and I was impressed with your characters and the thought that went into this work......thanks!......I'm looking forward to 'Hearing' more from you......Terry

Tracy N.,, 4/24/00
I would love to get involved in some activities perhaps a neo-tech church.

Ann G.,, 4/24/00
I have found all the information to be very encouraging.

G.B.,, 4/24/00
I have really enjoyed your site and feel that the info I received has really helped me.

beth r.,, 4/24/00
I am astonished at your masterpiece, 'THE BOOK.' I had been meaning to read it for some time and finally got around to that time today...I have been held captive at my computer for the past 7 hours! I want to thank you for your insight and elegant articulated culmination of ideas expressed in Neo-Tech/Zonpower within your story. What a beauty. This truly is the American Beauty. Thank you for restoring my vision...I know what my FRIDAY NIGHT ESSENCE is and I will not be taken from that path until my goal is reached. From one value-producer to another, thank you again. 'When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you...' Beth, Future Recording Engineer/Producer/Studio Manager

C.S.,, 4/23/00
You web gives access to people who otherwise would have no means of knowing.

paul,, 4/23/00
new thoughts and ways shake the old belief structures. those who have pinned their existence to these old structures fear anything that would cause them to be awakened. There is a fundamental difference in controlling your own destiny and allowing others to control your destiny through their belief structure.

A.E.,, 4/23/00, U.K
Neo-tech is going to change millions of peoples lives when This web site starts getting multi-million hits per day. Neo Tech is the future.

,, 4/23/00
I have just constructed a Web site GT CHECK IT OUT

J.B.,, 4/22/00
This is the most powerful, reality-based information available today concerning how to create success, health, wealth and happiness. Please keep publishing. Your material has helped me create success beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you.

B.G.,, 4/21/00
Mark, Wow, I'm just starting chapter four of The Story. I've definitely gained a ton of value already from the 3 previous chapters. Great job.

M.N.,, 4/21/00, USofA
Great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! My eyes are stinging from the HIDDEN TRUTH!

M.H.,, 4/21/00
Getting rid of this site would be the worst idea I could think of. It has given me much to think about and much excitement. This web site is definitely a valuable asset.

L.D.,, 4/21/00
I think this site is going to change my life. I printed out 'Neo-Tech III' and read the first few pages and I suddenly realized what is wrong in my own life, and how I will and can change it. I can honestly say that it has changed my outlook and I look forward to buying Neo-Tech Literature. Best content on the internet! -LD

K.K.,, 4/21/00, England
There is so much truth in Neo-Tech, it's unbelievable.

f.e.,, 4/21/00
I bought THE BOOK and I just finished reading the story. wow! is about all I can say for now. I'm a much changed person. which I would never have believed could happened just by reading anything. Thanks for letting me express myself.

L.R.,, 4/20/00
I bought the Neo-Tech Manual when I was 14yrs old, 4mths later I lost it. The tools in the manual blew me away. At that time I wasn't completely ready to comprehend what I purchased. But what I read then I now see as having opened many doors. Thanks to this web site, I have once again found the tools that will make me a producer. Looking forward to a new life

J.B.,, 4/20/00
I am impressed by the content of the site and have begun Reading 'The Story' finding it inspirational.

c.b.,, 4/20/00, franklin
Yes, yes, YES.

G.C.,, 4/20/00
I have just read the Negative responses. Hey, we call it the Age of Science and Reason. I believe, Savonarola would be able to find a lot of supporters among those narrow minded, cowardly 'righteous' people, who made those comments. Nobody forces them to accept the Neo-Tech approach without consent. That is actually against the very concept of Neo-Tech. So, why all those hateful words, cursing, and anathema? They have a very simple explanation -- fear. Those, who write such comments, do not really believe in their God. They doubt inside their weak souls, that God is almighty and really cares of his 'lambs'. They also do not really believe, that their 'Holy Book', whatever it is, is more persuasive than the Neo-Tech works. Thus: fear, hatred, xenophobia. However, so many people were burned at stake by the 'righteous', because they believed and professed, that the Earth is round, and that did not help to make it flat. This page should be translated to more languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Urdu, Tamili, Russian, Arabic, Swahili -- billions of readers need to find a different view of the world around and inside them.

K.K.,, 4/19/00
This site is a great find!

L.B.,, 4/19/00
The Neo-Tech web site is very use full , expansion would appreciated.

L.m.,, 4/19/00
I found your article on religious hoaxes to be very correct and informative. At last , someone stands up and speaks the truth! Thank you ....Lisa

g.a.,, 4/19/00, queens
Neo-Tech is the fountain of knowledge, lucky are the persons who find this information but, blessed are those who practice its teachings.

Marie-S.G.,, 4/18/00, Australia
I most passionately look forward to mankind's exposure and alienation of all parasites (they are not all elite) who spread the social disease of 'non sequiturs' and 'no self- responsibility'.

C.W.,, 4/18/00
This site is the most valuable resource in the world today. I am in the middle of “The Story' right now, and I am thinking, this is what I have been searching for. I have explored almost everything else and there are always things that don't make logical sense.

f.e.,, 4/18/00
I certainly want to see this valuable information stay on the web. I'm reading “The Story' and about miss Anabelle's children. I'm fascinated! It seems I've been searching for this all my life. I want to be involved in any way I can.

J.T.,, 4/17/00
A brilliant piece of writing

F.H.,, 4/17/00
I find the 'Book' to be very challenging, educational, insightful and the best reality check that you can fine. Keep up the good work and let the truth come forth.

F.L.,, 4/17/00, Malaysia
Your materials are just what everyone needs to have personal, mental, spiritual and financial freedom to reach his or her full potential and to enjoy life on earth to the full. I am overjoyed to have read your materials to have enlightened myself on real quality of life & the abundance & prosperity that lie in store for us. Thank you very much.

J C.F.,, 4/17/00
I am glad someone is trying to get the truth out to the world.

P.L.,, 4/16/00, U.S
What I like about THE STORY was the peoples heart and love they had. I can't wait until we see this. I would love to see more stories like this from Mark.

L.W.,, 4/16/00, Germany
Neo-Tech is very useful and informative. It gives the kind of information the normal press does not give.

P.N.,, 4/15/00
Neo-Tech must remain on the web to help cure irrationality and the dishonesty disease. This site has been a tremendous help in my battle against self mysticism

D.W.,, 4/14/00, England
I'm reading The Story and am so engrossed I've just realized it's 3.40 am! Fantastic stuff and so logical.

M.R.,, 4/14/00
This web site is an excellent resource to consult everyday to make the transition from being a follower to being an intellectual leader. I try to integrate something that I learn from this web site everyday.

Ramon,, 4/14/00
Mr. Hamilton, I sense that following in the footsteps of your father, you will be able to do great things. I think The Story teaches the essence of happiness in a neat way. Congratulations!

F.E.,, 4/13/00
One of the finest books I have read.

W.M.,, 4/13/00
Extremely informative and powerful. Blows your mind away. Helped me to organize my mind.

C.G.,, 4/13/00
Very interesting ideas. There are many people today who are into Neo-Think. Certainly Bill Gates is.

J.,, 4/13/00
Just like to say that Mark Hamilton and Dr. Wallace are geniuses. This site should always remain up and expand. I'm now reading through The Book and am up to The Story which I'm loving. I never want to finish reading this book although eventually I will. This book is the key to becoming not only your potential but is also the key to all knowledge. This book continues to amaze me and the pieces of the puzzle are snapping together like clock work. Mark is one of the best authors I have ever read from and knows how to make his points clear. Thanks again Mark and Dr. Wallace for showing me the way.

J. K.,, 4/12/00
Hi Mark I have been reading through the Godman/Neo-Tech book which I find truly fascinating and what I call the missing link to Life and its true meaning. I'm reading The Story now and it's truly amazing how these children were changed the way they were. The even more amazing part is that the town this happened in was where I was born. Actually I lived in Cheektowaga for about 3 years when I was first born and then we moved. I really wish I would have had a teacher just like Miss. Annabelle cause I'd probably have solved all my problems by now. Just reading your published work makes me more amazed by the minute. You truly are an amazing author and I'm looking forward to reading the entire book. Thanks again for changing my life I can already tell things are getting better every day it's totally amazing. Excellent work guy, Later, Jason, a loyal future Godman for LIFE.

D.Z.,, 4/12/00
What can I say, Dr. Wallace's insights have changed my life. In one reading my life, religion, and out look on life changed. I see things for what they are now.

Drew,, 4/12/00
I am only 18 and I feel very fortunate to have this insight at this age. I have a who life of producing values and finding love and wealth ahead of me. Thank you.

Juan C,, 4/11/00
I have a better sense of life since reading your books.

r.s.,, 4/11/00
Very interesting and very truthful.

S.M.,, 4/11/00, England
This site is a must!!! It is another method of spreading the truth or should I say spreading fully integrated honesty. . .

B.H.,, 4/11/00, Australia
You have some extremely valuable information you are giving out on the web.

R.B.,, 4/10/00
I feel the more I read, the more I feel that we are on the verge of a new world and I am glad to be apart of this new discorvery.

M.M.,, 4/10/00, New Zealand
I am keen to buy more material, so you'll make money and be able to continue your work.

B.L.,, 4/10/00
These teachings take away all 'excuses' for failure. I for one applaud the fore thinking and visionary works of the contributors to these concepts. ON TO A NEW WORLD.

S.W.,, 4/10/00, UK
I'm young into this. I very much value what I have learned so far.

C.S.,, 4/9/00
Your web site looks better every time I visit it.

T.G.,, 4/7/00
It's fantastic. So many answers to so many problems of life. Good work!

P.L.,, 4/7/00
THE STORY its really making sense. It was written on my level so that I have better understanding of all Neo-Tech literature. Mark you've done an outstanding job. Keep up the GREAT WORK YOUR DOING.

H.C.,, 4/7/00
When I first encountered Neo-Tech in 1988 I was shocked. I was deeply into the mystical world. But I didn't throw it away, I kept re-reading the material. First one concept started to make sense, then another. After several reading, the entire concept clicked into place in my mind. I found myself using it on a day to day basis. It was more valuable than all the education I had received. To me, nothing has been more valuable. Whatever it takes, make Neo Tech available to the masses around the world. It will benefit all of mankind.

S.C.,, 4/6/00, Bulgaria
I read the story and enjoyed it. Neo-Tech rings , it is valuable.

A.P.,, 4/6/00
I can't thank you enough. My life gets better every day! Your site is the only fully honest place on the web. The Book is simply the greatest book ever written, justifying the title.

G.M.,, 4/5/00
I find the Neo-Tech web site very interesting. I'm in the process of reading THE STORY, and I feel everyone who reads it can benefit from it.

M. M.,, 4/5/00
I love Neo-Tech!!

G. R.,, 4/5/00, South Africa
Extremely exciting stuff!

T.V.,, 4/5/00
Thank you, its put my life in perspective. Before “The Book', I thought I was going crazy jumping from job to job trying to find my self. Now, I'm about to start a business on the web. I can see clearly the things that I would have never seen before. Once again, thank you

D.W.,, 4/4/00
I enjoy the spiritually uplifting qualities of 'The Story'. Also the hard practical information found in your other literature is interesting. I'm slowly waking up. Keep up the hard work and thanks.

T.S.,, 4/4/00
Honestly, I'm already starting to benefit from what I've read!

J.E.,, 4/4/00
Very enlightening.

Mr. F.M.,, 4/3/00
It is mind expanding information

M.K.,, 4/3/00, South Africa
I like the various topics. They are full of the truth and is helping me with a lot of decisions I need to take to better my life.

D.U.,, 4/3/00, Canada
Absolutely the most valuable and beneficial information a conscious individual can attain. Parents, don't send your kids to college... send them into a life of value producing happiness, success, and romantic love by making the best family investment available on earth today--Neo-tech literature. Read the Discovery, the The Book, then The Story, and then just keep reading. The concepts and their integrations will bring out the best in you--guaranteed. At first they may be hard to accept (believe me I know). Some Neo-Tech concepts were torture on my previously held irrational mystical beliefs. But, upon some hard logical thinking (the beginnings of integrated thinking), I resolved them all and have now integrated them into the Neo-tech matrix. I feel more powerful and more able to control my own destiny everyday. I am truly happy knowing that I am improving myself everyday of my life. Thank you Dr. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, Tracey Alexander, and all the other Neo-tech writers for producing/creating the greatest values on earth. Biological Immortality Now!!!

M.A.,, 4/3/00
Fascinating stuff.

R.R.,, 4/3/00
I thank the almighty powers of the universe for you. We absolutely MUST EVOLVE beyond and above the narrow minded and close minded people of the world who prefer to live in the dark ages. Modern humankind MUST think for him/her self or become extinct.

J.J.,, 4/3/00
Dear Mr. Hamilton, I am fairly new to neo-tech (I purchased 'The Book' in Nov. '99). I want to become more and more involved with Neo-Tech and what it represents (total honesty, and not doing things at the expense of others). I visit the Neo-Tech web site regularly now and have been reading 'The Story'. I am currently on Chapter 12 and can't seem to get enough of Neo-Tech's writings. During Chapter 11, Jake and Jessie talk about Jonathan Ward (the Neo-Tech Presidential candidate). My question is do we (Neo-Techers) have such a candidate? Is it possible that You are that person? If not, who is? I'd like to give my support in any way possible! Thank you for enlightening me and helping me turn my life around for the better! I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart! I eagerly await your response! Sincerely yours, John J

N.L.,, 4/2/00
I've been reading THE BOOK for the past week and I find it very familiar to the message given in Ayn Rand's book 'ATLAS SHRUGGED'. That prospective is very profound, and I can't wait to complete THE BOOK.

B.P.,, 4/2/00
'The Story' is a brilliant way of introducing Neo-Tech to new readers. It has made the Neo-Tech material much more clear to me.

T.w.,, 4/2/00
I love the 'The Story'. I could not put the book down..

Blair M. S.I.,, 4/2/00
Pretty cool.

caf,, 4/2/00
As I was reading a book on Dr. Laura it occurred to me that she almost was a real life Ms. Annabelle. She was socially not integrated, when she was teaching she lived for her students, she even taped her sessions with a client, feeling that the client would get more out of it by listening to the tapes. She explored science and was a loner. On and on. The book is by Vickie Banes. Dr. Laura it appears is Neo-Tech. What do you think?

T.C.,, 4/1/00, United Stated of America
Neo-Tech offers a challenge to learn new ideas and to be able to meet and compete in the brave new world. Keep up the good work

BP,, 4/1/00
The Story is Brilliant!! I have been reading your books for ten years but THE STORY makes it all clear. Have you considered publishing the story as a separate book for sale to the general public?

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