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J.B.,, 4/30/02, sultanate of Oman
This site should remain to educate people not to be snared by 'false prophets', men and women posing as servants of god.

J.B.,, 4/30/02, Australia
I was un-employed and poor, i had a lot of problems. i wanted a way out so I read the 1st book godman. A few weeks after I read it I had an amazing idea to start my own business. I could not believe I had not thought of this idea before!!! It really is tr ue what you say about neo tech and neo think. I believe Neo-Tech really does work! The knowledge I gained from the Neo-Tech books is with me, and I believe that I can make it a very successful and profitable business! What I read in the Neo-Tech books was the most sensible thing I had ever read it all made sense to me, much more than any mystical or religions ideas. You Neo-Tech people are really geniuses!!!!

r.g.,, 4/29/02
I would like to see the world become a free society, but with the way things are going in the world I don't see this happening soon. If more people are exposed to the information on this web site they will see how things can become.

J.G.,, 4/29/02
I think this is truly amazing and a breakthrough. What is most powerful about it is that it is based on facts, evidence and truth---not some guru proclaiming some experience that only he can have. I believe this information is very liberating to the indiv idual and will do more to save society in the long run than our current political/religious ideologies.

F.H.,, 4/29/02
Why should something so helpful (Neo-Tech) be taken away from those who want to impact positive change within the world today?

s.l.,, 4/28/02
I have read your books and I love their great help in today's world thank you.

R.S.,, 4/28/02
The book is intensely liberating in thought and mind. It sobers one to the point that the purveyors of 'Mysticism' no longer control you through guilt or fear. Napoleon once said that he liked religion because '...It is great stuff to control the common p eople.' I now am 85 percent (Probably more like 95 percent) guilt free, I live for the day because tomorrow may not happen, in fact the next hour may never come either. I have a new outlook on money and the fact that money isn't evil. I am happy with my p resent self and am not caught in the web of news media intrigues. I am free of the guilt of the politicians and religions too. I feel very good about what I have become. I wish everyone could achieve this feeling of freedom. My thanks to the writer.

S.M.,, 4/28/02, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech is essential to all those who want to live in a guiltless world, fee from idiots who use god, as a weapon to hurt people.

J.T.,, 4/27/02
Neo-Tech gives the little man an avenue to wealth, power and love. I'm very happy to have this in my world

G.G.,, 4/26/02, U.S.
A most valuable site. I have been a Neo-Tech owner for years, and it has changed/is changing my life. A profound thank you to Dr. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, and all of the Neo-Tech authors.

B.M.,, 4/26/02
I have been reading DR.WALLACE books for years, I own most all of his writings, I am not a fancy writer like Mark or Dr Frank, it has made a different person out of me, from his first book. I have read and learned from these great men. This should never b e taken of the web. I am a ZON and proud of it. Reading GOD'S man made me a different man, you see I'm 71 years old and I have very sharp mind, before I started reading these books, I could not read, now I can scan a page so fast it makes my wife mad beca use she can't understand me. Marks books are great, please don't stop your good work Ok? I have not been able to capture the wealth part yet, but I'm working on it.

F.A.,, 4/26/02
I have been an honest and productive individual for the past ten years. Neo-Tech has been the fuel that drives me. I will always be a Neo-Tech individual, honest, integrated and powerful.

B.N.,, 4/24/02, New Zealand
While reading the negative comments online about neo-Tech I could sense the hatred, pure anger, and murderous intent of some of those opposed to Neo-Tech. I can't wait for their 'Anti-Civilization' world to collapse into the smoldering dung heap that is! They're Mystical stupidities block the light of Fully Integrated Honest Knowledge that shines from the 'Beautiful World of the Civilization of the Universe.' Foisted Guilt, Fear and the Threat of Punishment are the weapons these Mystics use to corral and pen their followers. I am crossing the Neo-Tech Bridge where as an individual I am accepted for my humanity and not because of my creed, color, culture, class, status. or so called standing in life. The neo-Tech World is a place where all people will live Happy Self Fulfilling Lives as we were meant to live from the beginning of Human Consciousness. Thank you Frank R. Wallace for discovering Neo-Tech! I am Free to live my life Guilt Free and with ever expanding Happiness, and increasing prosperity.

L.V.,, 4/24/02, South Africa
Thank you for the most interesting info on the history of love it has helped me hugely with our documentary.

R.B.,, 4/23/02, Mauritius
Many, many thanks again and again. I would not be alive today without you. No doubt, neo-tech holds clout over this entire planet. The on-going presidential election in France are signs of underlying birth of the civilization of universe in that region to o.

A.K.,, 4/22/02, Australia
As a little boy, stumbling across the top of my fathers chest of drawers, I found the great big black book and curious opened it. Inside I found this poem called 'The Golden' and continued to read, although back then my growing mind was so stumped it didn 't like reading but sure enough this piece of material riveted me. I've always held that poem to my heart and it was years later I began on the most difficult journey ever -- that of truly becoming free of all internal and external authoritative sources t hat had been draining me. I found this poem and it was then I truly understood the meaning of what I was to become -- that of a fully fledged producer of values. I'm not saying this road is easy -- in fact its not, its damn tough to tell you the truth . B ut for one thing, once you start you must never, never give up or lose hope even when the chips are down.

Claude W. V.O.,, 4/20/02
If the rest of the world knew the truth that is in these writings there would be no wars or terrorist activities. All of mankind would flourish to its maximum capabilities and the space program would be eons down the road. For the truth stands more powerf ul than anything that neo-cheaters can muster in their cheating thoughts to develop more power over as many as they can. The truth leaves them powerless! I've had the book, God-Man, for over three years and still read it to absorb the knowledge and put it into use everyday.

M.S.,, 4/18/02
Fantastic information! Going to apply these principles to my new business.

A.V.,, 4/17/02, South Africa
I am never able to sit and read something on the internet for a long period of time, but as soon as I started reading chapter 18 on this site I couldn't stop. This is a really a great website.

R.H.,, 4/16/02
Neo-Tech is an honest search for TRUTH and this web site should remain active to provide a locus for those truth-seekers who use this remarkable medium of the internet in their quest.

R.L.,, 4/15/02
There is a lot of valuable information to help people do better in their lives and understand the nature of humans so they won't be in frustration with their relationships, but rather be successful with them. It can be a source of quick reference when you wish to review a specific topic.

M.L. Dean,, 4/14/02
Thus far, The Book has impressed and contributed to what has already been known. The Story is very accurate as to what should be and can be. Your method of application in the area of day to day structure (mini day schedule and its principle are fantastica lly correct. Your mission assignment has impressed me and aligned us together. Your humble and ardent supporter.

M.L. Dean,, 4/14/02
The Story is very accurate as to what should be and can be. Your method of application in the area of day to day structure (mini day schedule and its principle are fantastically correct. Your mission assignment has impressed me and aligned us together. Yo ur humble and ardent supporter.

S.D.,, 4/13/02
I think it is of vital importance that neo-tech remain on the web because in cyberspace, neo-tech's powerful enemies are rendered impotent. In the years to come, cyberspace will truly evolve into an extension of man's mind. If neo-tech stands at the foref ront of this expansion, the rewards for humanity will be incalculable.

G.A.,, 4/12/02, United Kingdom
Graphing the hit counter would show the anticipated exponential growth which will precipitate the End/Beginning.

S.D.,, 4/11/02, ENGLAND
At 23, I hadn't read a fictional book in over 7 years. I recently read 'The Story', and I don't think I'll ever read another story again. Why? Because I don't think I'll ever find anything so powerful, so emotionally moving, so earth shatteringly life cha nging ever again. Nothing else could come close. I'm introducing everyone I know to Neo-Tech, to spread the message. We must all find better ways to spread the message before the Neo-Tech machine is stopped by the envious, threatened authorities whose mes sages are very convincing to the 'non-(Neo-Tech)educated'. I foresee a global revolution. I already see signs of Neo-Tech and Neothink in the 'non-educated' and believe that a natural changeover is imminent. Thank you for awakening me to this new world.

Thomas E . T.J.,, 4/9/02
Neo-tech changed my life 10 years ago . No, it saved my life 10 years ago. Thank you for bringing me out of the darkness. My life , health ,finances and future look great . Dr. Wallace should receive the Nobel Peace Prize .Thank you

R.P.,, 4/9/02
Very informative web site and the book was great! This is such a fresh look at our existence, a welcome look. I would like to get involved in the political part of the Neo-Tech movement?

A.T.,, 4/7/02, England
Neo-Tech must remain on the web. Without access to it's reference we can easily forget the conscious effort required to continue integrating honesty thus returning to sad, mystical lives.

E.R.,, 4/6/02
Now with your help I'm finally learning how to regain my sanity. For so long I've living my life as if I were blind and letting things happen to me. I kept remembering that I was more successful as a child than an adult. I believe that as an adult people get scared over what people are thinking of them and sometimes even using them. I hope Neo-Tech manifests to a point where anyone can realize their potential.

B.A.,, 4/5/02, Canada
I have been studying neo-tech for quite some time now. Neo-Tech has opened my eyes to a whole new world full of endless opportunities. I can honestly say that I don't ever get bored anymore. I now run my own business. I love having no BOSS! I have never f elt so free in my whole entire life. Although I am only 26 years evolved. I do not want to get older I only want to get wiser. Thanks to the neo-tech crew who made this all possible for me. Especially Dr. Frank Wallace and Mark Hamilton Thank-you for shar ing your wisdom and knowledge to me (an average person).

S.o.,, 4/5/02, America
I think that this site should remain on the web to stimulate thinking among those who still think.

R.B.,, 4/4/02, Mauritius
Even here in this small island those life-crushing taxes are dreadful. We should not waste time for the job ahead. I, too will go beyond my physical limits to help Neo-Tech win.

Michael,, 4/3/02
We love Neo-Tech, it has truly changed our lives. We are free now. Please stay on the Web, you are changing the world. Thank You!!

b.j.,, 4/3/02
I absolutely love neo-tech! It is right it is just and it has me growing again as we all must. The thought of growing infinitely into eternity puts me into state of elation, the reality of that thought would be as great as creation.

b.m.,, 4/2/02
I feel that the info provided can really leave one to question, 'what the hell am I doing wasting my life when I could be doing what i was meant to do in life?' So much time wasted, just reading the info has inspired me beyond belief.

L.H.,, 4/1/02
The information on this web site and in the literature is very helpful in battling my depression. Recovering with ideas grounded in truth is proving to be invaluable.

H.C.,, 4/1/02, U.S.A
I love your site.

T.T.,, 4/1/02
I am at that point where I can truly see the truth of it, but also able to feel how this threatens the old hierarchy of thought.

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