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H.B.,, 8/31/97
You have uplifted dark into LIGHT!!

M.J.,, 8/31/97
The thoughts and rationality exhibited on these pages needs to be available to those who hold everyone or everything responsible but themselves. It allows for an personal review and reawakening.

M.T.,, 8/31/97
Finally!!! It is refreshing to find a group of people who believe in Rationality, Individual Rights, and Capitalism!!!

M.K.,, 8/30/97
I have found what I have been looking for. I knew there was more to life than this anticivilization showed me: Neothink and Profound Honesty. Cyberspace is where I want to be.

M.M.,, 8/29/97,
This is prophetic information. Enlightening as well as captivating, resonating in truth.

B.E.,, 8/29/97
I checked out this so called MIRACLE (Neo-Tech) a friend tells me about! I have been reading this site now for about 1 month and have somehow been able to actually be a magnet to women. I will never stop reading this site. It's to valuable!!

L.D.,, 8/28/97
You are ushering in the new age. You have driven in a major nail in the coffin of this passing world.

A.G.,, 8/28/97
Absolutely, you should remain on the web! It may be the only hope left.

C.B.,, 8/28/97,
There are those among your readers who can discern the sublime within your 'honesty'.

J.P.,, 8/28/97
I am pleased to find an organization dedicated to rationality and honesty.

L.K.,, 8/28/97
This is the true purpose of the Internet or world wide web, to finally provide a means by which tyranny can be broken. This is what the world has been waiting for.

M.C.,, 8/28/97
I think the web site is fantastic. I feel like I've entered another dimension.

N.S.,, 8/27/97
Neo-Tech has changed my life. I am a better person through it.

J.O.,, 8/27/97
After having read Zonpower manuscript 4 yrs ago my life went from drifter to capturing my own essence with the help of iron grip control. my fears have become exhilarated grasps of life. I manage many employees through D.T.C. and Neo-Tech.

S.P.,, 8/27/97
In the year in which I have been surfing the web, I have never, and I mean never come across anything like this before. I must say that I am blown away by the presentation and huge content of this site.

A.M.,, 8/27/97
Incredible. I can see in one reading that finally, someone understands the insanity and is ready to rise above it. I have searched and studied for years and all the time the answer was before me. We are all Zon!

J.H.,, 8/26/97
Vivid thinkers are the beacons of any advance. Congratulations!

C.G.,, 8/26/97
I think Neo-Tech has incredible, untapped potential! The sky is no longer the limit!

Anon,, 8/26/97
Yes, please stay on the web for the sake of all that is right and human, keep fighting.

J.B.,, 8/26/97
It puts reason in an era without reason.

B.W.,, 8/25/97, Ireland
I think it's fantastic that someone has provided everything that someone needs to know.

B.T.,, 8/25/97
EXISTENCE EXISTS... What a profound statement! When one lets that fact sink in, then out the window goes the God Concept and the Creation Concept which have been buzzing around in people's heads for centuries. Please don't ever leave the Internet. I would like to see more comments from readers and viewers of Neo-Tech with stories of their experiences.

H.B.,, 8/25/97, United Kingdom
The information which NT brings is essential for everyone and I am very grateful to everyone involved. NT has showed me the freedom, that we are entitled to it. I realize the advantages Neo-Tech offers. Nowadays, I get so frustrated when I see so many people with their minds so full of mysticism, such a disease. But I learn to just stand back with the knowledge of the NT secret myself.

A. MacRae,, 8/24/97, Scotland
After reading acres of flowery flim-flam on the NET, I'd just like to make the following comments and say that this Zon business is a real threat and will probably 'get the chop'. The reason is, it is robust, it is honest, it looks as though someone has been fishing in the right spot.

S.C.,, 8/24/97
Thank you, Dr. Wallace for changing my life.

J.W.,, 8/23/97, Indonesia
Neo-Tech is incredible!

T.M.,, 8/22/97
Neo-Tech has been the best thing to come into my life.

LSD,, 8/22/97
This site needs to stay available, Definately!! No wonder there is so much poverty.

J.R.,, 8/22/97
The information that I have found on this Web-site thus far is tremendous! I have found, even though I have just begun integrating a few of its concepts, the information provides profound insight on how to move forward in all aspects of my life. This material should be published freely for all who have the insight to integrate it into their lives.

B.R.,, 8/21/97
Neo-Tech is very valuable information that has added much to my happiness and well-being.

K.R.,, 8/21/97
I think your page is very informative and is an asset to the world of knowledge. People need to understand things so that they will not be afraid of them. Keep up the good work.

M.V.,, 8/21/97
Neo-Tech is a wonderful thing, now that I've dropped the need for mysticism, I've quit drinking for good and have started to make a life for myself.

J.C.,, 8/21/97
Neo-Tech is great paradigm shifting literature. Its vision of the real world is one of the most thought provoking I have read.

F.W.,, 8/20/97, Australia
Very interesting site. Valid points about society and the destructive way we are walking.

T.F.,, 8/20/97
This is the greatest site on the web. It will change and sustain every aspect of cyberspace and the world!

S.F.,, 8/20/97, Australia
A fascinating site, bringing together in one place a wealth of facts and opinions that should be disseminated as widely as possible.

P.F.,, 8/19/97
This is an exciting new way of thinking that could unlock anyone's potential.

J.H.,, 8/18/97
Fascinating. Herein lies the key information to vast resources of knowledge and power.

T.N.,, 8/18/97, Australia
How else will the world be changed? Everyone else has failed.

T.N.,, 8/17/97, England
I have to say that the information contained in your books has benefited me immensely, and the knowlege I have gleaned from them has purged me of, what were in retrospect, seriously harmful mystical tendencies.

D.F.,, 8/17/97
I believe Neo-Tech is something new, refreshing, and truthful in the fullest extent. I can certainly understand why Neocheaters are doing everything in their power to ban this literature--it means the end to life as they now know it.

W.H.,, 8/16/97
Neo-Tech is a valuable life strategy for mankind. With the creation of cyberspace, it would be a crime to eliminate the greatest creation for man's future, NEOTECH.

D.D.,, 8/16/97
Please keep this site because it really keeps the common man in the light, so to speak, of the propaganda of the so called 'media'. Please keep this page open at all cost!

H.R.,, 8/16/97
Having recently received the Neo-Tech manual and starting my study of its contents, I recoginize the powerful concepts that will change how mankind functions. Each day, as I go through the readings I get more and more excited. The information is presented in such an easy to follow format. Many thanks to Dr. Wallace.

J.M.,, 8/16/97, Zimbabwe
Very very exciting . You have got to stay on the Internet.

T.P.,, 8/15/97
Neo-Tech should stay on the web to further the lives of everyone and society as a whole. People need to be informed.

R.J.,, 8/14/97
Neo-Tech is everything you said it would be. I am very very very happy now. I am in love with Neo-Tech, cannot get enough. I am forever Grateful.

F.D.,, 8/14/97
Interesting stuff. You might also title your material 'Objectivism, a users guide'

W.K.,, 8/13/97, Africa
Please, I and my people would like to see a Swahili publication in order for the masses of people who don't speak other foreign languages to become knowledgeable of this valuable information. After all, the more net value producers in this world means less net value destroyers there would be.

E.P.,, 8/13/97, Australia
Thank you for the Neo-Tech site. As I have recently started a new business, I am very interested in the business
concepts shown on your site.

B.O.,, 8/12/97
The sections about the big money, job, and power thinking were fantastic.

H.D.,, 8/12/97
This is one of the best sites on the web. Don't you dare leave! This man is the hero of our time. If we could only spread this mind un-set through the air like un-pollution! I am ready to help! If I can do anything to remove the fly out of the ointment of humanity, let me know.

I.P.,, 8/12/97, Indonesia
Neo-Tech doesn't have anything to do with religion and that sounds good because it's universal and can be useful to anyone. But what I can be sure of is that Neo-Tech is a refreshing approach that's needed by anyone to live his or her life to the fullest and hopefully to help people to help others and make this world a better place for every being. We cannot afford to be uninformed about this very worthy knowledge.

C.J.,, 8/11/97
I cannot believe that all of this information has escaped the general(ly anesthesized) Public for all these 2000 years. I know I am not the only person who has felt deep inside my heart of hearts that 'something' is wrong somewhere. And never before had this been more evident than in this country in this era of ever-increasing government intrusion into even an individual's ability to feed themselves. I would like to extend my personal thanks to the publishers, and also to Frank Wallace for bringing it all together for all to read. How did Dr. Wallac come to write such a phenomenal volume as the Neo-Tech manuscript? Please don't take this information off the may be the only access some have to it.

M.B.,, 8/10/97, United Kingdom
I have been familiar with this knowledge of NT for over a year now. I agree that it is the most valuable information I could have ever come by. Please do carry on making NT available to lots of people. Only this can save us.

B.M.,, 8/10/97, Ireland
I am interested in a great deal of your material. It seems both radical and practical -- a quality difficult to find.

G.G.,, 8/10/97
YES! Neo-Tech will remain on the web. Neo-Tech can't be stopped, even if it were banned from the web. The Neo-Tech web site IS the most valuable web site in Cyberspace, and Dr. Frank Wallace is a genius.

ANON,, 8/9/97, Mexico
Keep going! You are doing great! Can you do it faster?

P.M.,, 8/8/97, Australia
I think it is essential that N-T stays on the web. It is time to unplug the ugly waters of mysticism and free mankind from the sludge that we were in.

H.H.,, 8/8/97, New Zealand
The knowledge is unbelievably correct and has certainly created a clear rational mind for me. It will take time for people to clear their minds from irrationality to rational thought. But they will be the much richer for it. I am putting the word of Neo-Tech out for people to have a look at this information. All you guys are legends and I'm indebted for your tireless efforts in producing this valuable site and literature. Keep up the good work. Your Profound Honesty book received ten days ago is fantastic, and I am now into my second reading.

B.H.,, 8/8/97
Neo-Tech is definitely real! Neo-Tech makes you think and realize that we do live in a world full of liars, cheaters, hypocrites, thieves, and ignorance! Neo-Tech tells the logical and precise advantages to successfully taking control of your life without the headaches and heartbreaks of the neo-cheaters! We can all learn something better to improve one's future! Keep Neo-Tech alive and we will all live happier!

E.S,, 8/7/97, Canada
Neo-Tech must stay on the web! Finally people will open their eyes to the corruption of politicians, lawyers and other dishonest humans.

K.C.,, 8/6/97
Neo-Tech's philosophy succeeds brilliantly in applying Objectivist principles to daily life and work in the 'Get Rich By 2001' section. Its focus on wide-scale integration and task structuring to concentrate on money-making purpose is brilliant.

L.H.,, 8/6/97, South Africa
The only company in the world to save the individual from perishing under Neocheating governments!

M.W.,, 8/6/97,
This is a very neat web site and should be seen and judged by all.

C.R,, 8/4/97, South Africa
This site is an inspiration to all. Thank Zon that something as wonderful as Neo-Tech has been allowed to prosper.

D.H,, 8/3/97
Suddenly everything is very clear.

R.K,, 8/3/97
Why shouldn't your site stay on the Web? Any site that offers individuals an opportunity to take control of their lives should
be promoted not oppressed!

A.S.,, 8/2/97
Neo-Tech should definitely stay on the web. I am a completely different and extremely more productive person for it. This (new) knowledge I've gained is priceless.

J.W,, 8/2/97
You guys rock! Helped me a lot. Stay online!

M.J,, 8/2/97
Thank you for expanding on Ayn Rand's ideas--especially the romantic-love idea. I am in a serious, monogamous relationship. We both want to love each other in a non-altruistic way. Some of your essays have been great tools.

K.C.,, 8/2/97
The Neo-Tech site is thought-provoking, especially the sections on physics and the bicameral mind. As an Objectivist, the discussions of rational egoist ethics and laissez-faire capitalism were familiar ground, but I can see how they would shock the average collectivist or religionist.

S.K,, 8/2/97, India
I found Neo-Tech most progressive, scientific and educative.

M.O,, 8/1/97
I cried when I read it. I will never feel guilty again. I have regained the innocence that was taken from me when, at age 5, I entered the local 'concentration campus for mind destruction.' Thank you Neo-Tech for healing my mind. I am very grateful.

A.M,, 8/1/97, Malaysia
Bravo!!! What a surprise.

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