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E.L.,, 8/31/98
Neo-Tech has changed my way of thinking. Dr. Wallace has done a great job!

G.M.,, 8/30/98, Republic of San Marino
Very good indeed.

D.Y.,, 8/30/98
Good reading a real change from anything I read before.

S.W.,, 8/30/98
Neo-Tech has changed my life. I am can't remember a time when I've been sad since I've changed. My life is great and I can feel it getting better every day. I've always thought differently from the rest of society. I never really did believe in God even before I read this. But I used to feel guilty for thinking something like that. This web site is what I've been searching for my whole life.

L.L.,, 8/28/98
Yes it should remain since NT provides the thinking man/woman fresh views of the world, waking people up and reminding them that they are the true masters of their destiny, never to be usurped again.

R.S.,, 8/28/98
I've always suspected many of the things you've exposed with Neo-Tech. It's good to have those suspicions reinforced. You've helped me see why I was always feeling unhappy and oppressed. A great weight has been lifted from me. I've always been an honest person. Now I see how my honesty helps me see the 'real' realities.

P.F.,, 8/28/98

H.V.,, 8/28/98
Excellent info. Expand if you can.

F.N.,, 8/28/98
If people are willing to step out of the comfort zone that they are in right now, their entire lives can change right in front of their eyes. Love, money, or power, anyone can have all of these things life has to offer and Neo-Tech is the light that will show people the way out of darkness. Keep up the good work and good luck!!!!!!!!! p.s. thanks for opening my eyes.

G.E.,, 8/27/98
Very informative site. I must say your information is right on the money 99%.

D.N.,, 8/27/98
I am a new neo-tech owner, but already after reading the book once I am amazed by it's information. Anything supporting neo-tech is of value not only to me but to billions of potential neo-tech owners

F.M.,, 8/27/98
I am a long-time Neo-Tech owner (1987, roughly, still in possession of my original manuscript) and have used NT to positively influence my life for over a decade. I had the inestimable advantage of being introduced to NT at a young age (15) and therefore never wasted my early adulthood as so many of my classmates did. I now own two successful businesses in the Atlanta area and hope to always reap the benefits that Dr. Wallace's work, as well as its introduction to Aristotle, Rand, and Hugo, gave me. Please keep me informed of further developments in RIBI and of Zon.

E.H.,, 8/26/98
Neo Tech IS the TRUTH. I am now prepared for Y2K and the C.U. Every human being needs Neo Tech NOW! This Web Site is the most important Web Site available. Thank you Neo Tech and Frank R. Wallace for sharing your ideas and your DTC in achieving your Neo Tech and C.U. objectives! Thanks for destroying the Neocheaters of this world and opening up the true C.U. (Civilization of the Universe)! Using the Neo Tech ideas, I have beaten many Neocheaters and created wealth through business dynamics found in the Neo Tech literature.

M.C.,, 8/26/98
I believe Neo-Tech will change my life for the better.

Janice W.,, 8/25/98, Australia
I like your Site and can understand why the neocheater people want it shut down. You are providing very valuable information and it is there for anyone to find if they want to find it.

R.P.,, 8/25/98
I am entranced by your approach to metaphysics. I need this to continue on a positive tract.

T.L.,, 8/24/98
Neo-Tech, Live Long and Prosper.

S.M.,, 8/24/98
This is the most marvelous web-site, I have ever visited.

R.C.,, 8/24/98
The site offers an incredible volume of self-improving information I have ever seen anywhere on the NET. Highly Educational.

C.K.,, 8/23/98
Neo-Tech is great.

M.I.,, 8/23/98, United Kingdom
Hurry up getting your info out as the world seems to get madder by the minute.

N.C.,, 8/23/98, Australia
Thank You for allowing the alarm clock to keep ringing. Lets hope the world wakes up in time.

O.H.,, 8/19/98
It has really opened my mind.

S.S.,, 8/19/98, Trinidad
This is great stuff and it is very clear and easy to understand. It makes a lot of sense and gives hope to mankind.

R.O.,, 8/19/98, United Kingdom
The sooner the world becomes a 'neo-tech' world the better. It is almost beyond belief that what has happened in the past was perpetrated upon the human race by fellow 'humans'. I wish you all the best and hope that soon you are able to eradicate those evil people from the world.

E.E.,, 8/18/98
Neo-Tech is the only 'true' root to total happiness and truth, and so in the words of the great philosopher Aristotle 'all things fall toward perfection'. We must fall and fall we will, toward Neo-tech.

B.L.,, 8/17/98

B.E.,, 8/16/98
The best investment I have ever made. Powerful, life enhancing information

F.J.,, 8/16/98
This is amazing. I have e-mailed your site to all of my children. I am totally pleased with what your doing so. I wish I had this around years ago when I began my journey for the truth.

Cindy R.,, 8/16/98
This site is incredible. I look forward to exploring it to the depths. Thank you so much!

H.G.,, 8/16/98
Stay the Course!

H.V.,, 8/16/98, India
Once exposed to Neo - Tech ,the thinking never remains the same !!

C.C.,, 8/16/98
I cannot tell you the benefits I've received from Neo-tech. I owe my life to Frank Wallace, and all the staff at Neo-tech Publishing Company.

H.G.,, 8/14/98, Sweden
Well worth reading

T.G.,, 8/14/98
I think you do a great job of opening up our minds and help us think in new, revealing ways.

C.A.,, 8/14/98, Netherlands
You are doing the best job I ever heard of. Keep on doing the good thing.

Doreen E.,, 8/13/98
Your site provides a great advantage. 'Honesty' is a rare commodity. Please stay on the Web. and....Thank you for being here.

D.H.,, 8/13/98
Neo tech has been a big influence in my life.

R.H.,, 8/13/98, Netherlands
Good site, like the books !

F.F.,, 8/12/98
I have benefited tremendously from the Neo-Tech literature.

V.H.,, 8/12/98, Aruba
This site is THE WAY to get NEO-TECH POWER to the masses. a) It bypasses Big Government censorship. b) MILLIONS of people can gain the power FAST.

A.F.,, 8/12/98, Canada
Impressed !!!!! Potent stuff.

R.M.,, 8/11/98, Canada
Excellent poker strategies - has improved my game 10 fold.

D.B.,, 8/11/98, Australia
Wow!!! ...and congratulations! ...I am in awe!

G.S.,, 8/11/98
I've begun and have eliminated many of the mystical barriers around me. And I am very excited about what I've learned and what I have yet to learn.

G.O.,, 8/9/98
Since I have been searching for the absolute truth all my life, I have tried almost every thing, read hundreds of books on every conceivable subject in relation to life, have belong to different kinds of religions and other kinds of mystical organizations like 'The Rocicrusians', they where my last. Needless to say they all where mystical and take one in a merry go round of illusions. I have wasted most of my life connected with all that trash not to mention all the money and happiness that I missed. When I moved to Florida I discovered Neo-Tech, I must admit it took me over a year to totally get out of my mind 'The God Concept' after all I have being brainwashed all my life about it. Now that I am free of all that garbage, I am able to function with a free mind; not a bicameral mind. Neo-Tech has opened a new world for me. I am looking forward to The Civilization of the Universe. The bottom line is without Neo-Tech there will be no hope for survival. I look forward to seeing Neo-Tech forever in cyberspace. Ever since I was a child I knew that there was something wrong with the way the world was going but because of 'The God Concept' and the 'Political Machinery', I, as the rest of the world, where totally blind of the cover up.

K.V.,, 8/9/98
I am astounded by the breadth of the Neo Tech vision. We have for far too long been enslaved by a controlling autocracy that trains us to limit our dreams and thoughts. For the fortunate few that have still the courage to think and dream freely, your site is a gift.

R.K.,, 8/6/98, Malaysia
The Site is Excellent.

D.H.,, 8/5/98
Neo Tech has been a big influence in my philosophy for the past year or so. I've learned more about guilt and honesty. I look forward to better days and relationships. I never realized how much the neocheaters were taking from me and I intend to limit these parasites every chance I get. Thank you for putting me in touch with my honesty.

J.D.,, 8/5/98
I have found the information in Neo-Tech/Zonpower to be amazing and fascinating.

G.K.,, 8/5/98
I read some of the negative comments before the positive. I understand these people's fear of something that contradicts what they have spent their entire lives trying to make work. I would have reacted the same way only 6 years ago. I haven't been able to read everything yet because if I pause too long I get cut-off line. So I have saved it into a word document so that I can read it all later with my husband. Everything I have ever been excited about has been dashed down by someone I loved. I am very excited because finally I have found ideas that seem to give me something to actually work with. Thanks

M.P.,, 8/5/98
I love Neo-Tech. I have tried to live my life according to the Neo-Tech philosophy. My income and net worth both have dramatically increased since then. I am teaching my son to be a producer and not a parasite. Thank-you.

J.M.,, 8/5/98
I am a locksmith in business for myself and reading your articles in your web-site has spark my interest in Global business.

D.E.,, 8/5/98, Australia
Your information blows me away. I can't get enough of it. Please stay on the web.

E.M.,, 8/4/98
I think Neo-Tech is great. I just can't put in word's how NT transformed my life, I see things in a whole different perspective now.

Anon.,, 8/4/98
Very enlightening. Hope more people check it out.

June B.,, 8/4/98, United Kingdom
I feel like I've just found what I've been searching for my Whole life. Neo-Tech is my 'missing link' .. Keep it on the web for all to find

R.H.,, 8/4/98
I am very much interested in Neo-Tech. I have read Ayn Rands philosophy for years and always felt like I could never integrate it into my life. Neo-Tech seems to enable this. That's very exciting.

G.M.,, 8/3/98
I find this new information fascinating and incredibly appealing. I have long searched for truths of knowledge. You and your knowledge have given me new purpose. I thank you.

S.S.,, 8/3/98
It is interesting and stunning.

S.M.,, 8/2/98
Such optimism and confidence are refreshing finds for a young person such as me in this day and age.

L.K.,, 8/2/98
We need to spread Neo-Tech through out the world and reduce government, taxation, lawyers, judges and politicians to bare minimum. In fact, running for office should be the last thing anybody would want to do. It should be a shunned occupation. A degrading occupation, It should be viewed as holding human civilization down by the throat into the water trying to drown it. Running for president should not be a respectable occupation. Free human kind and it's wonderful spirit through: minimal government, free enterprise, free market, self control, self responsibility, high ethics and morals toward one another.

S.S.,, 8/1/98
At first reading of Neo-tech, this opened my eyes and changed my point of view. Thanks

July 1998

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