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A.P.,, 8/29/99, Northern Ireland
I know how valuble Neo Tech is and what a difference it made to my life.

D.W.,, 8/29/99
Awesome, objective info. on life and business.

G.W.,, 8/28/99, Ireland
Good information -- maybe the best I've seen.

F.F.,, 8/27/99
I am astounded by the incredible amount of information available here. The future of humanity depends on this.

Lori S.,, 8/26/99
I own and operate my own business for the past 20 years. Throughout the time working my business I have written letters to Senators complaining of ongoing laws that reach into my pocket as a business owner. And more and more of my money is being spent on programs that keep people lazy. Over the years I have almost given up. After finding this site, I now realize I am not alone in my thinking. I was right all along. This site has given me back my drive to continue to fight the government who puts way to much weight on my life while making it easy for lazy people to become more dependant on government.

C.W.,, 8/26/99, Australia
The Neo-Tech literature astounds me! I am very grateful to the authors. Thanks a million!

T.B.,, 8/25/99
Since I discovered Neo-Tech about 3 months ago, I now realize how the world works today and how it should be. I never knew how blind the world was before. I've read many books and nothing compares to The Neo-Tech Discovery. I really feel that there is hope for mankind if we only wake up out of the dream world that the government and other neocheaters have pulled over our eyes.

Ruth T.,, 8/25/99
Just amazing!! People need to understand why they're not getting ahead in life.

J.G.,, 8/25/99
The world needs Neo-Tech more than ever.

D.C.,, 8/24/99, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech has opened my eyes to the real truth around me.

M.R.,, 8/24/99
Absolutely one of the best sites I have EVER seen!!!!! Keep up the good work

J.L.,, 8/24/99
I believe this is the most informative and useful site on the web.

C.M.,, 8/23/99
This information is changing my life, finally a workable plan for mankind and for life.

W.B.,, 8/22/99
Neo Tech is a sound bases for a not to distant time in mans history.

M.Z.,, 8/22/99
Its funny how the world has been blinded by neo-cheating for so long. After integrating Neo-Tech into ones life, you have the power to do anything of value that you want. Life really has meaning!

W.M.,, 8/21/99
Excellent guidelines for achieving desired goals.

W.P.,, 8/19/99
Revolutionary concepts. The internet changes the ballgame. I have been self employed my whole life and am fed up dealing with all the X#%?!XX@&F while trying to be honest, kind and responsible. Carry on cause, it's payback time!

J.K.,, 8/18/99

Dorothy D.,, 8/18/99
There is so much beauty in your writings. My life has been changed, I believe more in myself and it makes me very happy that I learned to care less what anyone else thinks of me. It is what I think of me that counts.

B.S.,, 8/17/99
Before I read the Neo-Tech discoveries I drank way too much alcohol and sugar. Since reading for the first time I have not had one single drink. For over one year without one drink. How amazing that is to me. My diet has changed and so have my actions towards others in business and life.

M.H.,, 8/16/99
Don't miss your awaiting benefits from the Neo-Tech discoveries. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do know that this is very very real and works whether you accept it or not. Just bare in mind, this amazing discovery has been around since the beginning of time, come and partake of the goods.

A.B.,, 8/16/99
Your info has brought me great levels of success. Thank you a million times over.

L.L.,, 8/16/99
The truth about Mankind is most en-lightening. Let us proceed forward with the real Civilization.

Marsha L.,, 8/14/99
Over two years ago, I was a truly unhappy person. Every aspect of my life was controlled by mysticism. I managed to break free and was trying to find the person that I once was. Approximately 8 months ago, my life changed. I met my husband and he introduced me to Neo-Tech. I sat down one Sunday afternoon and started reading NT Discovery. I was curious as he had mentioned it a couple of times but I had not really commented much on it. It was unbelievable. I kept reading and after each page the fog started lifting from my brain. I attribute my success now in my personal and professional life to finding out about NT and integrating it into my life. My success professionally by using the NT concepts can be summed up as follows: 1) After moving from the Midwest to the East coast, I found employment with a clinic and immediately my salary difference was almost $8,000 per year. 2) Within 30 days of my initial hire, I received a raise which increased my salary by another $2,000 per year. 3) After 90 days, I am now in one of the top 4 positions within the clinic and received an additional raise of $12,000 per year. To sum this up in 120 days I basically doubled my salary! Not only have I had great success in my professional life but my personal life is at a level of happiness that was never known to me. NT is truly the cure!

D.F.,, 8/12/99
If it weren't for Neo-Tech, Individuals would still not have an integrated understanding that the evils of the world stem simply from dishonesty and laziness.

S.N.,, 8/11/99, Australia
I think NEO-TECH is the best thing ever to happen to this planet.

S.S.,, 8/11/99, United Kingdom
More, more, beautiful, wonderful.

C.S.,, 8/10/99
Neo-Tech stands out as a beacon of hope to those seeking true life, power, and prosperity. It is certainly mentally challenging information.

J.F.,, 8/10/99
The C of U is hard to find, and I'm not quite there yet myself. But I'm moving forward like a bullet train. Neo-Tech is going to be in my life no matter what happens now. For the first time in my young life, I'm feeling like things are going to be positive on all fronts.....because I now control those fronts....I control my thoughts, words, and actions. I plan on making a timeline of my experiences and growth with Neo-Tech. I always try to live up to the standard set by the original NT Discovery and in all the works you put out......I know everyone can count on you. By the way, I once wrote to Dr. Wallace(I can't remember if I had the nerve to mail it though) about how he was almost like a father to me because of what the NT Discovery did for was the best learning tool I had available to me at the age of 16. I remember the feel and smell of the air the day I came home from school to find that manuscript had arrived in the mailbox. I felt like a small child opening a present. I also said that I felt like hugging him the way a small child might hug a teddy bear....for protection, comfort, and love. I still feel the same way...maybe even more so since I'm really applying the NT concepts now and gaining great advantages from them. I may not know Dr. Wallace or anyone at NT personally but I have some measure of love for all of you for the work you do and the works you produce. Thank you from this child of the universe.

S.R.,, 8/10/99, South Africa
It's organizations like yours that help people to realize their full potential and live the ultimate reality. We all need to have the veil of false beliefs lifted so that we can experience life as it was really meant to be: spontaneous, unlimited joy, peace and prosperity. When you look around at the world and the mess that has been created , we definitely need the information you are providing. Every time I read Neo-Tech, a feeling of total power surges through me. We all need to know that there is more to life than working, eating ,watching TV and living like a vegetable. Thanks.

J.M.,, 8/10/99
I saw a common door-to-door salesman producing unheard of sums of money. I myself am in sales so I asked him if he had studied any books to help perfect his technique. He rattled off a few titles and also offhandedly mentioned Neo-Tech. He didn't put much emphasis on it but it piqued my curiosity. Having read the excerpt on Neo-Cheating I must say that I am quite interested in the information you display.

L.M.,, 8/10/99, Australia
I find the info on your site quite interesting and new. The ideas and concepts are just mind blowing.

G.W.,, 8/10/99
I look forward to future writings and the sharing of information for the good of mankind. I also look forward to the exposure of the myriad charlatans in our society. It is late now and i do have to produce values tomorrow for the benefit of my fellow human beings so I must retire for the. THANKS...for all you do!

D.K.,, 8/10/99
This information has no limits to its values. I can still feel something very powerful pulling me upwards. I am putting together my own privately run business and feel extremely optimistic for the first time in a very long time. Without the information contained in Neo-Tech I would probably still be living in silent torture wondering what ever happened to the ambition and drive I once had. Thank You is all I can say. The day the world wakes up and dismisses Politicians and Religion in favor of the Civilization of the Universe will truly be the greatest day in the history of mankind.

C.D.,, 8/9/99
Your materials have positively and dramatically altered my very being. This has corrected the damage our educational system attempted to corrupt me with, I can now think, truly think. A marvelous reality awakens.

E.G.,, 8/9/99
Neo-Tech is the greatest accomplishment man-kind has to offer himself. I am a 2-year “Reality Integrator'. I am no longer a helpless, stressed out, worrisome, emotional, self-induced delusion, 'reality creating' human being. Dr. Wallace, you need to work FASTER, to get Neo-Tech true POWER into the minds of all the delusional, reality creating public. I'm trying my best to introduce this fantastic, powerful way of thinking to everyone I know. My girlfriend and I get along a lot better now, and have superb, amazing, ecstatic romantic love-making sessions on a regular basis. Work is something I now look forward to—no, not “work', it is VALUE-PRODUCTION that I look forward to. Neo-Tech shows you how, by integrating reality, to literally PREDICT the coming future. Like 2+2=4, the reality integrating, objective individual “sees' into his, or anyone else's future merely by realizing, and integrating FACTS. Dr. Wallace, and Mr. Hamilton, I'm pretty sure we can all agree The Neo-Tech Discovery is the common day 'Bible', 'Koran', 'Buddhism Bible', and so forth. I almost shed a tear reading the negative commentaries about Neo-Tech. How come there are some many humans who don't realize Neo-Tech power, and refuse to harness it, and live Happy, Romantic-Love, Value-Producing lives? THANK YOU FOR THE ENLIGHTENMENT.

J.F.,, 8/8/99
Read every word twice. One of the most interesting and provocative pieces of literature I've read.

B.L.,, 8/8/99
I think Neo-Tech is knowledge everyone should know about. Neo-Tech can help in every area of your life.

R.R.,, 8/8/99
Neo-Tech has helped me see that there is no replacement for Hard work, not now, not in the future. Since Neo-Tech I have doubled my income in 6 months and am well on my way to producing greater values for everyone. Now that I can filter out the nonsense of neo-cheaters I can go about obtaining my goals with honesty. Thank you.

G.T.,, 8/8/99

T.B.,, 8/5/99
A refreshing difference, learning the truth about reality is such a treat, if one is willing to use and expand their mind. Life is about living and not about death. Thanks to Neo-Tech we have contact with the C-OF-U. May we continue to forever learn and use Integrated honesty in our lives. A real eye opener!

N.E.,, 8/4/99
As a 2yr.applier of NT knowledge, I can honestly say that the world is in for a BIG AWAKENING! I could write a book about my progress, advancement, and extraordinary experiences thanks to Neo-Tech. We are only beginning to discover our potential 'AS CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEINGS'. I have spent the past 2yrs observing people either being Neo-cheated or mysticizing themselves into complete nothingness, misery, sickness, sadness, contradiction, stupidity, ignorance, slavery, and early graves. That is the only thing I can't stand. It's horrifying. The sooner these poor, lost souls find this NT information, the better.

J.B.,, 8/4/99
I have benefited enormously from Neo-Tech and Zonpower.

A.R.,, 8/4/99, Canada
Should be required reading in our schools.

C.R.,, 8/3/99
Neo-Tech helps one to unlock honesty, thus the advantages of integrated thinking. This is a tremendous and clear way to enjoy and celebrate life to it fullest. This goes beyond Objectivism without a doubt.

S.T.,, 8/3/99, Iceland
Your site will carry on as a pin-prick to force people to think for themselves, about themselves, and hopefully help themselves.

P.S.,, 8/3/99
I think the knowledge contained on this web-site is great, although I sometimes feel unworthy of it, having lived a life of so much mysticism. I have trouble seeing myself as anything but a destructive mystic. So, I force myself to read, crying almost the entire time, but making gains all the way. I now know that I have a difficult road ahead of me -- I am not happy for that, but this road brings new growth each day. For that I am happy. In closing, I'd like to say this web-site is terrific, great, excellent, amazing, I can't get enough.

N.K.,, 8/1/99
Thanks Neo-Tech for opening our eyes. The lie is exposed and those that still believe it will suffer a life of poverty and loss here on earth only to discover that there is nothing after life. Heaven is a myth created by those that would subjugate the masses and accumulate material wealth. It's time for the masses to reclaim that which has been stolen by 2,000 years of lies. Pride (not a sin) restored, Lust (healthy, happy) restored, Power is given back to the meek and the humble that they may make this world and this existence better for themselves and everyone else. Thank you Mr. Wallace for revealing this to us.

July 1999

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