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J.E.,, 8/30/02
Thank You Forever, I Hope I Can Meet You Some Day, Mark & Dr, Wallace Are Geniuses.

p.w., , 8/30/02
neo-tech is the fuel that keeps me going each day. in this day of corrupt value destroying government and mystic employers neo-tech keep me focused. neo-tech forever !

B, NAVY.MIL, 8/30/02
Brilliant. We need to break free of the mysticism that is holding the world back.

A.G.,, 8/29/02
It is w/out a doubt, the most thought provoking material I have ever encountered.

G.B.,, 8/28/02
I think it will help others see just who all the parasites out there are. Others will refuse to see them for what they are because they don't know how to think for themselves. Those that can think will see this site for what it really is - a guide to help one claim his/her life back from the parasites of our society.

M.C.,, 8/26/02
In reference to your article End of Chaos: I am speechless. It feels so good!

J.H.,, 8/22/02
I find NEC-tech a very helpful and resourceful it has enhanced my life and gave me much hope. It also gave me a greater understanding about how the world works and how I fit in. NEC-TECH is what it takes to grow and find ones true happiness.

Frank, , 8/22/02, Puerto Rico
This site allows someone to empower themselves and break free from the manipulation and (needless) control imposed by those in our society that can only feel powerful and accomplished by trampling all over most of us 'innocents' in society. I will no long er allow anyone else to control and victimize me or those that I love just to make themselves feel important at my expense. I reject the idea that my happiness is dependent on anyone other than myself. Think about it.

T.M.,, 8/22/02
We need NEO-TECH more than ever to drive the neo-cheaters out and replace them with value creators. Go get them NEO-TECH.

M.T.,, 8/22/02
Dear Sirs, Neo-Tech is the most powerful information in the universe, I have been reading Neo-Tech on and off for about 5 years. It has completely changed my life. The many concepts I have learned in Neo-Tech have given me an enormous advantage over the m ystified population. I have excelled in every aspect of my life. I AM FREE ! I AM HAPPY ! I AM GOD-MAN ! I AM GRATEFUL ! THANK YOU MR.FRANK AND MR.MARK AND NEO-TECH TEAM. YOU HAVE TRULY CHANGED THE WORLD. Please stay on the web, the world NEEDS Neo-Tech.

M.H.,, 8/21/02
Neo-Tech is our only hope for any kind of honest future,

M.G.,, 8/20/02, United Kingdom
Congratulation on Pax Neo-Tech. To me its a concise summary of the entire Zon/Neo-Tech concepts at work.

Seth,, 8/20/02
I think this is a brilliant site, a true treasure amongst the trash.

E.W.,, 8/20/02

A.C.,, 8/20/02
The writers/contributors show incredible intellect and insight that should be made available to all who are interested in knowing without reservations that there is a dark veil of dishonesty over global activity and you are providing a very special servic e to all. Insight/Awareness/Revelation. Thank you

P.V.,, 8/19/02, Russia
Great and very valuable information! Neo-Tech is on the right way in promoting realistic approach for cognition of the universe and transformation of our world into supercivilization.

r.b.,, 8/18/02
I loved the story. I want to learn all about neo-tech.

D.B.,, 8/17/02, Australia
Yes, yes, yes! The only light at the end of the tunnel that isn't an oncoming train. Keep this site up and make it bigger. David Bridgman

L.M.,, 8/17/02
I feel Neo-Tech is honest information. I have so much learning ahead of me, please keep it online.

b.m.,, 8/16/02, Scotland, UK.
Carry on this good work to bring the truth to the people

G.N.,, 8/15/02
It is refreshing to hear the truth.

E.n.,, 8/15/02, Zambia
This is a great site and needs expansion.

E.J.,, 8/14/02, eNGLAND
Keep up the good work. Neo-Tech Founder and Zon-Power/God-man are the greatest Books ever written.

B.S., , 8/13/02
Frank Wallace, You are an absolute winner. The Neo-Tech Discovery has revolutionized my thinking. I will never be cheated again!

R.P.,, 8/13/02
I just wish I would have found your site sooner.

p.s., , 8/13/02
I have started reading today and I'm feeling empowered already. Thank you Neo-Tech, not only for helping me to win a well thought out debate, but for giving me that feeling of utter happiness that has been missing from my life.

J. H.,, 8/10/02, Mexico
Thanks for teaching how to think. I work as a tour guide and I recommend your website.

G.Y.,, 8/10/02
I really enjoyed the article entitled 'Proof that Religious and Mystical Doctrines are Hoaxes'

C.N.,, 8/10/02
Compelled by the first page to read more...very resonate to my beliefs, but with a clarity I have had trouble finding before.

WonderingGypsy1,, 8/9/02
The worlds most valuable information is contained in part on the web. Without the Neo-Tech discoveries, the god-man capabilities, ( that exist in us all), will for the most part, just fall to the side, never being discovered by the masses that need the ex posure the most.

E.G.S.,, 8/9/02
I Have been a neo-tech customers since 1980, I have gone from being a disgruntled old man to a highly productive writer also have concurred the alcohol addition

r.w.,, 8/9/02
Very eye opening material I will keep reading and forget about the stupid people that are so blind.

B.C.,, 8/9/02
I find your work very self-empowering and beautiful, and reading the negative comments page is quite a humorous experience.

N K M,, 8/8/02, Canada
It's the missing puzzle piece I've been looking for toward a developing a more comprehensive view of my place within the universe. I`ll definitely pass this information onto family and friends. The time has come for the truth.

k.w.,, 8/8/02
I love neo-tech.

M.F.,, 8/8/02
I have found what I have been looking for a very long time.

L.S.,, 8/7/02
I can't stop reading this BOOK.

M.F.,, 8/7/02, Ausralia
I have always questioned my life and purpose, now looking for answers has finally paid off. Its only now that my journey begins. This web-site is vital to humanity reaching its maximum potential, free of mysticism. Bring on the 'NEO-TECH REVOLUTION' and b ring on 'BIOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY'.

R. O.,, 8/6/02
I first read the Zonpower Neo tech book about two years ago. Its contents and facts about being productive opened my eyes to a whole new world. I recommend everyone should read it, even if it is just to see things from a different point of view. But Zonpo wer made me see things rationally, and truthfully.

D.B.,, 8/6/02
I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have found here .And I fully intend on returning to your web site numerous times in the future. I am already noticing changes in my life .

T.M.,, 8/3/02
I use to feel guilty about not being religious, I don't anymore. Thank you NEO-TECH.

J.P.,, 8/2/02, Franklin
Such great wisdom.

L.C.,, 8/2/02
Currently I am locked in a struggle for control of my business with my partner who is also an attorney. His operating theory is if it can be broke or re-written it shall be. Honor is not in this mans' vocabulary. With 'The Book' I have been able to hold h im off and anticipate his next move with unbelievable accuracy. I am currently 40 years old with no college at all. I am convinced beyond any reasonable persons comprehensions, you, MY FRIENDS, are dead on with Neo-Tech!!! Should you keep the web site? Wi th your dying breath, keep your fingers clutching the corner of this blanket that soon the whole world will know as Freedom!!!

M.C.,, 8/1/02
I think this is great site with very important and positive issues. Very motivating, I've learned plenty from each topic.

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