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A.B.,, 12/31/97
I feel grateful for having found this information and to apply it in my life. I only wish I could have came across it sooner. I hope that you will continue to keep your web site up, more people need to seriously sit down and read your material and to expand their thinking.

R.S.,, 12/31/97

R.W.,, 12/31/97
You have to read Neo-Tech in order to see it in the news. I see Neo-Tech in the news around the world today more than ever before. I am proud to be a Neo-Tech owner.

D.S.,, 12/31/97
Time spent at this site is definitely value-added-time. Thank You.

L.L.,, 12/30/97, West Indies
I Find the Neo-Tech literature to be very eye opening, with Neo-Tech one feels totally in control of everything.

S.B.,, 12/29/97
I am still working at tearing out the roots of my mysticism. This site helps.

G.M.,, 12/28/97, Canada
Neo-Tech is the way of the future. No other way is possible or acceptable. We must get the word out that Neo-Tech is the answer we've all been looking for.

G.M.,, 12/26/97, Canada
I think Neo-Tech is a visionary's masterpiece. Everyone who reads, understands and believes in the writings contained in this book is sure to realize that there is more to life than what we are settling for today. We can't be held down, we can't be pushed back and we can't be controlled by the short-sighted, narrow-minded leaders that are in control of the world today. If people would just open their eyes to Neo-Tech.

R.W.,, 12/25/97
I am happier now than any time in my adult life. I find more people being honest today than ever before. The God concept and politicians have to go and be forgotten. WE OWE YOU MORE THAN THAN ALL THE GOVERMENTS IN THE WORLD ARE WORTH. HOW CAN I HELP?

H.H.,, 12/24/97, New Zealand
All the best for 1998 to all NT value producers. 1998 is the year we receive the QS from Dr. Wallace and other great works from his revolutionary colloquies. It seems the parasitical elite are hell bent on destroying economies around the world as fast as they can before their hoax is finally put to an end by the honest hard working value producers of the world. I remember telling individuals as early as May/June 1997 that Dr. Wallace had predicted what is now happening. At the time individuals without the NT knowledge I had, could not see it and it is only now becoming obvious that Neo-Tech Publishing will be the greatest company of the 21st century. Bigger and faster growing than Microsoft and Bill Gates. In 2598 when I am living in my own galaxy and commuting to Planet Earth for business purposes, I will think back to this time in the nuclear decision threshold and think of one individual, and he is Dr Frank Wallace. Someday I hope to have the privilege of meeting with this great value producer, it will be an incredibly humbling moment.

Heather S.,, 12/23/97
Neo-Tech sounds as though it may become the mainstay for my life. thank you.

J.M.,, 12/23/97
Your approach genuinely impresses me. You guys do a fantastic job. Thank you for taking the time to teach people how to help themselves. It is this type of conscious effort that is necessary for humanity to change our nihilistic course.

S.M.,, 12/23/97, South Africa
I like the site. Keep up the work, and let us take this info. to the world!

J.D.,, 12/22/97
I think a site like Neo-Tech gives people the opportunity to expand their vision. To see what can be and what is. I feel this information will enlighten my future. A future to improve the world for mankind. A future to give anyone who can dream, a source to improve their lives and the lives and futures of their loved ones.

C.K.,, 12/22/97
I like the way Neo-Tech shows me what is really happening in the world and in everyday living. After reading Neo-Tech, I can usually tell if a person I am talking to is being honest or not. I feel I am much more in touch with reality than I was before I read Neo-Tech.

W.B.,, 12/21/97, Canada
Neo-Tech is a very powerful thought process. Using it brought me two raises at work within the last year, and I never even asked for them!

H.S.,, 12/20/97, United Kingdom
Your web site and its information is simply awesome. It was mind-blowing. A zillion thanks for the brilliant effort you have put in over the years.

J.M.,, 12/18/97, South Africa
Neo-Tech provokes the mind and generates new thoughts.

M.L.,, 12/18/97, Australia
With Neo-Tech I have changed so much for the better. My thinking is clearer, my opinion stronger, and I try to help Neo-Tech bring in a new and better world. We are all in it for the betterment of our lives and this world. I am very grateful for the enormous gift that Frank Wallace has given me.

S.H.,, 12/18/97
I have gained so much from Neo-Tech I cannot thank you enough.

A.M.,, 12/17/97
My father taught me how to be an honest person. That is why I feel that Neo-Tech should stay on the web--it promotes honesty. I like Neo-Tech because it makes me happy!

M.H.,, 12/17/97
I consider this site to be one of the most valuable in existence. The information provides answers to many questions which arise as we try to cope with the difficulties encountered while struggling with life. Whether the problems are occupation, financial, emotional, or love relationships, I find the answers in your articles. You indeed provide a service to humanity.

M.W.,, 12/17/97
Neo-Tech has been my anchor these last 2 years. It pulled me out of a long downward spiral of religious guilt and depression that nearly killed me. I think NT publishing is accomplishing the greatest feat for mankind for all the future generations of the entire human race. Frank Wallace and his family will be recognized for thousands of generations as heroes and mighty warriors that saved the Planet Earth from its self-destruction.

S.L.,, 12/17/97
It's absolutely imperative for mankind's evolution that this site stays on the web and the Neo-Tech literature be circulated worldwide. All I can say is this literature has opened my mind and I can't wait to leave all these government authorities and false guilt inspiring religions behind and start my empire of wealth, power, and romantic love. As Frank R. Wallace wrote 'Truly great days are coming.'

J.M.,, 12/16/97
Dear Mr. Wallace, I am 27 years old, and I have read literally 1000's and 1000's of pages of self-help material. I've taken years of college classes in both business and psychology. I've attended numerous seminars. Yet, while all of them where interesting, not one class, not one speech ever gave me the answers I was looking for. What I did know was that at 27 years of age, I was extremely depressed because I was not financially where I wanted to be in life, I was in an emotionally draining relationship and I was just completely unhappy. Unfortunately, I pretended to be happy, but inside I was dying everyday. The guy that I was in this roller coaster relationship with was reading Neo-Tech and he told me I should read it. So, I started to, because that was what my life was made of. Constantly doing things that other people wanted me to do. I could never say NO to anyone. Anyway, I started reading it, but I had to stop. I was completely petrified of just reading the definitions and the first 25 pages of the Neo-Tech Advantages. After that, I wasn't able to focus on what I was reading, and it took me about an hour to read 4 pages. I told myself that the way it was written, made it too confusing. It wasn't written like all the other books that I was used to reading. If there was an excuse I could give myself, I took it. I continued to read, even though I didn't allow myself to get anything out of it, because what I was reading would completely turn my life upside down, if I let myself believe it. That was something that I wasn't sure if mentally, I was strong enough to admit that to myself let alone anybody else. So, I continued to read for this guy because it was what HE wanted and I thought it would make HIM like me more. Then, one night I was sitting on the couch completely feeling sorry for myself and being told so, I just emotionally hit rock bottom. Physically feeling ill, because I just could not stand my life, I didn't know what else to do. I was so lost, alone, and completely miserable, so I picked up Neo-Tech and started reading it for ME. Starting from the beginning and reading clear through to page 50, I realized things about myself that at certain points it felt like someone was squeezing my heart so hard that I couldn't breathe. I forged ahead though, as hard as it was, I had finally found the book to give me the answers that I had been looking for my whole life. After spending my whole life being a dishonest, pathetic little whimp, a total mystic through and through, I finally realized that being that way was the cause of all my unhappiness. I use to blame my past, my family, my friends, my relationship for all the unhappiness in my life. They were the reason I wasn't as successful as I wanted to be. Neo-Tech though, has made me stand up and be responsible for myself, my actions and my feelings. Neo-Tech has made me realize how much of my life I have sacrificed for other people. I made those sacrifices to justify all of the dishonesty in my life. By sacrificing myself, it gave me a false sense of being a good person. A BIG FAT LIE !!! It hurt so much to have to admit to myself, that I was nothing but a mystical liar. So, complete honesty has been a struggle for me on a daily basis. But I never new how good it felt to be honest. I have come a long ways since that night, I know I still have a ways to go. Now, Neo-Tech excites me beyond my wildest dreams. I always knew that I would be successful, but because I was spending all of my productive time in the past feeling sorry for myself, I was missing all of my opportunities. Fortunately, thanks to Neo-Tech, that is no longer happening. I have taken my mystic filled, non-productive life and turned it around. Again, I'm not even remotely close to where I will be, but
now, because of Neo-Tech, I have not doubts that I will get there.

M.S.,, 12/15/97
I have read The Neo-Tech discovery and there is more honesty contained in that book than any religion would ever want people to know. It is hard to believe there are people out there who actually want to feed off the productive activities of others and want to control them by force to benefit their parasitical ways. I will commit myself to honestly producing more than I consume and rendering neocheaters powerless. We have the power! Not religion or government parasites!

D.W.,, 12/15/97
Neo-Tech informs those who wish to have a better quality of life.

C.K.,, 12/15/97
I believe Neo-Tech truly shows a positive way of viewing life on earth. The information gives a person a clear understanding of how the world really works.

M.H.,, 12/15/97
I think this website provides a valuable service. Keep up the excellent work.

S.F.,, 12/14/97
Neo-Tech helped me to begin to really live.

R.D.,, 12/13/97
This web-site has blown my mind! It is the best one I have ever read.

J.J.,, 12/13/97
Magnificent work! The strength of Neo-Tech is impressive! I know that Neo-Tech will grow and penetrate this anti-civilization and bring eternal wealth and happiness to all mankind!

T.G.,, 12/13/97
There is some very valuable Information on this web site.

W.P.,, 12/13/97
I just wished I had found this incredible information earlier. I will be spreading this ideas whenever I can.

C.P.,, 12/11/97
To be brief, Neo-Tech pulls no punches. It appeals to the open mind. Weather one agrees with it or not, it stimulates one to consider.

W.D.,, 12/9/97
The main crux of Neo-Tech is integrating into you life absolute honesty and integrity. In so doing one aligns his/her very inner core or being with the consciousness that powers everything that exists!

K.G.,, 12/8/97
So far it has been a great experience reading the contents of such a great and interesting work of literature. I have learned a different perspective about life. I will continue reading to improve my life.

R.A.,, 12/7/97
The profound effects of Neo-Tech are indeed visible in the general society and will be long into the future. As a 'cyber-citizen' I feel this is one of the best sites on the web and integral to the advance of our universal civilization. So many people need to wake up to what has been done to them and it is exciting to me that these ideas are now so succinctly put forth through these pages. Onward...!

P.B.,, 12/5/97
People are waking up to Neo-Tech!

A.A.,, 12/5/97
The subject matter is absolutely profound.

D.L.,, 12/5/97
I just finished reading the Neo-Tech discovery manuscript. The book left me with the feeling that I was already heading in the right direction. I can't wait to expel mysticism entirely from my life and take over my own destiny.

R.N.,, 12/5/97
I love the Neo-Tech concepts! Can we open an Neo-Tech education center?

M.R.,, 12/3/97
Any attempt to remove Neo-Tech from the web would be purely a criminal act. Honesty speaks for itself. I was just reading about the Honesty Oath being Law of the Land. Excellent success! It is good to see NT working in the courts. The IRS is indeed crumbling -- keep up the great work.

B.C.,, 12/3/97
I am compelled to write to Neo-Tech to let you know what has happened in my life. I see the hoax and events of our Anticivilization in the newspapers and on television. I hear the negative and stupid words and actions people use to mess up their life. Without Neo-Tech this is possible. I'm going to read Zonpower and take a serious approach to learn this information and change my life once and for all!

M.L.,, 12/1/97
Neo-Tech works wonders. NT has shown me how to apply my mind to destroy any mystic in my way and how to make lots of money.

W.S.,, 12/1/97
Neo-Tech changed my life. I went from fat to thin, sad to happy, from a value destroyer to a value producer. I once asked Neo-Tech how do we know who are the parasitical elite, I thought about it and realized how: Once someone tastes the sweet water of life, they either enjoy it or vomit. Then they will come face to face with the final decision: get busy living or get busy dying.

November 1997

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