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M.H.,, 12/30/99
Your web site is the most valuable in existence.

S.C.,, 12/30/99
Neo-Tech needs to infiltrate all areas of society; as millions are now ready to accept the truth about bicameral thinking. The book defined a lot of reasons for a great emotional discord that I have experienced without the knowledge of it causes. This work and these teachings are capable of bringing mankind into the next level of development and success.

J.K.,, 12/30/99
Frank Wallace is a genius. He shows people and society how to survive and how to stop the mysticism and neocheaters from destroying our lives. He teaches us how to go on with our lives and be happy and loved.

R.W.,, 12/29/99
Thank you for your ever enduring efforts. I am making my own way now to a new beginning and new conscious 'self'.

S.R.,, 12/28/99
I am 17 years old and I often wonder of my future. Thanks to Neo-Tech I now look towards the future with great anticipation. I will lead my life with honesty, integrity, and as free of mysticism as I can. I thank you for waking me up to the 'real' world while I am fairly young. I will do my best to lead others into Neo-Tech because I truly believe it is the way to a better life and future for everyone.

R.M.,, 12/27/99, Australia
It is important to continually publish Neo-Tech information for civilization to progress and for laziness to disappear

Anita F.,, 12/27/99
Neo-Tech has changed the way I think and the way I live. There has never been a more honest look at life and reality as we live it. We are responsible for our selves and our actions.

A.V.,, 12/27/99
Liberation. Thank you.

Cheryl S.,, 12/26/99
When man learns to reach these goals as you describe, man will reach a much higher form of life upon this earth.

R.H.,, 12/25/99, Jamaica
I think this discovery offers a new prospective to life.

G.L.,, 12/25/99
This is the future. Liberation!!!!!!!!

F.B.,, 12/21/99
A great web site with many eye opening ideas that will last forever.

M.P.,, 12/19/99
I am overwhelmed with happiness, finally a realistic view of life. This web site is reaching millions of people, fantastic.

D.N.,, 12/19/99, Australia
The knowledge and the information that I have received from you has been priceless. My life is certainly better for it.

G.R.,, 12/18/99
An incredible wealth of real world knowledge that works if applied. Definitely not a place for the immature or weak. Thank you.

J.Y.,, 12/17/99, England
Expand this site until the blinkers are removed from the eye of all those trapped in the mud of ignorance. I feel sad that so many people are so trapped in irrational constructs and just plain foolish, infantile thinking.

C.W.,, 12/17/99, Australia
Neo-Tech Is great! Lost for words!

E.F.,, 12/17/99
Neo-Tech is true.

J.F.,, 12/16/99, Germany
Great, fantastic information!

Anon.,, 12/15/99
I did a search for 'bad attitude in the workplace', I found Mr. Hamilton's Chapter 1, very helpful.

D.T.,, 12/15/99, Canada
This is truly profound and mind-enhancing text. It has freed me from the mysticism of religious dogma. Thanks to Neo-Tech, my life has taken a 180 degree turn, I am now ready to take on the world.

A.A.,, 12/13/99, Ghana West Africa
You guys are really helping me to rediscover myself. I will appreciate it very much if you send me guides to teaching my kids so that they will also not go astray as I did. You guys are just too great. We love you!!!

T.M.,, 12/13/99

R.S.,, 12/13/99
Neo-Tech must remain on the web, there are many people who are searching for the truth and do not know where to turn. The internet is the perfect tool to spread the truth.

T.H.,, 12/13/99
Once people start to realize the mysticism, and impurities being feed to them by neo-cheaters, they will eventually turn the way of NEO-TECH/GOD-MAN.

P.S.,, 12/13/99
I think that the neo-tech web site is possibly the most Interesting if not the most valuable on the Internet.

J.L.,, 12/12/99
Neo-Tech is the greatest weapon against irrational thought, the chess pieces simply fall in place. I am totally amazed at the depth of mysticism. The madness in mysticism is INCREDIBLE!!? Read the material and you will succeed in whatever you desire in life. SIMPLE!

L.B.,, 12/8/99
I have never read anything so true. Many things that were said, I must have been stupid not to already know.

S.S.,, 12/7/99, United Kingdom
Beautiful ,the only reality guided way to happiness

J.B.,, 12/7/99
Anything constantly seeking the truth can only do good for everyone involved.

P.G.,, 12/7/99, Australia
I have tried numerous mystique idea's, paid money to charlatans, been ripped off by so called clairvoyants and alike…this is worth it's weight in gold.

J.P.,, 12/6/99
The pages are rich in valuable info.

T.T.,, 12/6/99
NEO_TECH is the most EXPLOSIVE information to ever BIG BANG the Human Mind. It CONTAINS expensive psychological SIGNATURES within it's LITERATURE that deliver 'the goods' in relation to LIFE itself! ONE read and MYSTICISM slowly washes away into the NOTHINGNESS from whence it ORIGINATED. NOTHING can now ever STOP N-T. IT is a WINDOW that projects only positive LIGHT onto a screen that has INFINITE scope for the better of Man/Womankind which DELIVERS POSITIVITY and REALISTIC REALITY for an infinite amount of TIME.

D.C.,, 12/5/99
I can sense the power.

D.E.,, 12/5/99
Clearly delineates those who produce and those who suck blood.

J.R.,, 12/5/99, Australia
Neo-Tech really was the answer to all the searching I had been doing for years. The civilization of the universe is my destination.

J.J.,, 12/4/99
I want to vote for Neo-Tech, it can save the world from war, death, and boredom.

D.M.,, 12/2/99
With out Neo-Tech the world will destroy itself. It is the most valuable information I've found. We are suppose to have freedom of speech. Neo-Tech is our key to freedom.

L.B.,, 12/2/99
Continue to expand and define thinking errors and tactics

J.G.,, 12/1/99
Neo Tech should continue to be the telescope of life, helping people to see beyond the common.

B.E.,, 12/1/99
NEO-TECH must stay if humanity want's to live. I mean really live. Neo-Tech's info is POWERFULL.

Kate G.,, 12/1/99
This site it is wonderful and uplifting.

P.B.,, 12/1/99
I am pleased that there are people in this world that wish to make this a better place for mankind. I am interested in the neo-tech party. I am tired of the status quo. The government that is in power is not for the people. They are all there for their own financial and political gain. I would like to help the new party to come to be.

November 1999

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