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M.B.,, 12/30/01
The subject matter is quite interesting and refreshing as it cuts through dogma, mysticism, and superstition. I was entrapped in the text for hours. I will return to the site for more study.

D.W.,, 12/30/01, United Kingdom
Have just finished reading The Book, the mystic blinkers have been removed from me eyes and mind. I only wish that the angry, insane and unhappy people on the negative comments section could join us on our productive journey on this earth. For them this i s hell!

R.Y.,, 12/30/01
Neo-Tech has made a radical positive change in my life. I went from devout Catholic to converted atheist because of the knowledge that I learned from Neo-Tech. Thanks to Neo-Tech my thinking is clear and I'm not easily fooled anymore. Please keep up the g ood work.

L.a.,, 12/26/01
The Story of Miss Annabelle had me glued to every word and made me cry.

J.L.,, 12/23/01
All knowledge is good...and this is some of the best we can get to help us all grow in our development as humans.

Tom R.,, 12/20/01
I've recently received my first of two Neo-Tech books and I can't put them down! They are very informative and make perfect sense. Everything in my life, which is already good, is getting even better and more productive. Thank you very much for this infor mation.

M.A.,, 12/20/01
Wonderful and liberating work for the open and inquisitive mind. I would love to carry the Good News to the entrapped and ignorant masses to set them free.

M.J.,, 12/20/01
It is necessary to have a web site like this one to change the mentalities over the world and show to the people what is wrong in the universal system of government and tax rules.

dub,, 12/19/01
NeoTech is fascinating, my perception of almost everything has been altered.

G.B.,, 12/17/01
Methods endorsed by Neo-Tech are too dangerous for use by the inexperienced.

C.F.,, 12/16/01
I would like more people to use Neo-Tech. Acting in the ways of Neo-Tech. The true Neo-Tech people will succeed

G.H.,, 12/15/01
Neo-tech is absolutely essential information that completely changed my life and outlook. Thank you !

M.F.,, 12/13/01, United Kingdom
I have witness the mystics and neocheaters fail and fluster around me every time they try to drain me of my earned property and values. I use Neo-Tech to expose their faltering mentalities designed to drain dry us the value producers of our hard earned va lues. Those of us who produce more than we consume and benefit society. Yes Neo-tech is the most powerful knowledge known to man that empowers the individual to exposes those who's livelihoods are acquired by living of the efforts of others. Read It, Lear n It and Use It and benefit from the results. Neo-Tech empowers the individual is an understatement by far. For anyone who integrates the knowledge of Neo-Tech and applies its powerful wide scope accounting tools will bear witness to it validity. If one i s feeling down and is in need of a pick-me-up simply click on the negative comments. I find the negative comments as funny as the film Dumb and Dumber. Those who post negative comments while attacking Neo-Tech display to the world their impotent mystical and/or neocheating mentalities, that also exposes their twin essence, dishonesty and laziness. The negative comments promote and represent impotents and death. While positive comments represent an optimism for a life Free of initiatory-force, threats-of-f orce, fraud and coercion and the promotion of prosperity, happiness, romantic love, and business type wealth thus upholding the supreme value in the universe the happiness and well-being of the rational conscious individual. Fortunately there can be no tu ning back Neo-Tech is here to stay and is available to all HONEST hard working, mind expanding, life loving individuals. Neo-Tech gets my seal of approval to remain on the web for ETERNITY.

C.M.,, 12/13/01
I love what you men and women are doing keep up the good fight! Live long and prosper

uriel,, 12/12/01, Germany
First I have to say that I'm German! Fortunately I've studied English language for some years. Really nice and helpful site!

N.R.,, 12/11/01, Canada
thank you Dr. Wallace for the most integrated and complete set of principles for life ever published.

M.D.,, 12/10/01
I think your book is out of this world, very inspiring.

J.H.,, 12/10/01, Australia
Neo-Tech is one of the few bright sparks of logic in an irrational cyberspace.

I.C.,, 12/10/01, Gibraltar
Frank Wallace books changed my life and now I am a fulfilled person.

p.j.,, 12/10/01
Nothing has ever inspired me like this writing.

P.S., TELEPORT.COM, 12/10/01
Should Neo-Tech be on the internet ? Maybe we should ask if the sun should shine tomorrow.

e.p.,, 12/8/01
Neo tech provides everyone with the tools for infinite riches and happiness.

p.w.,, 12/7/01
Neo-Tech is the best, period. Without it all will fail. By using Neo-Tech each day one controls their destiny

J.C.,, 12/6/01
Neo-tech is the best thing to happen to this ailing world. I will welcome the changes with open arms.

A.M.,, 12/5/01, United Kingdom
This knowledge should not be hidden from anybody. I always new there was 'something' missing on my life but I could never quite find it. Neo-Tech has opened the gates, I feel more at peace than ever before (I just cant get enough).

J.P.,, 12/5/01, CANADA

P.C.,, 12/5/01, Portugal
I like the things you say. They have helped me see reality in a whole new light. As a matter of fact, what I have read so far has been helping me resolve a current problem I am having.

R.I.,, 12/4/01
First,I would like to express my gratitude to all who helped make the NEO-TECH INFINITE JUSTICE SUMMIT 2001 happen. This was my first summit and hopefully not the last. I enjoyed the opportunity to be among the first public visitors to the neo-tech museum .

S. Grimm,, 12/4/01
Since the time I have had The Book I have drastically improved my life. I have a much nicer place to live, in a much better neighborhood. I have the car I have wanted since high school, and I have now the beautiful daughter I can't imagine living without .

Roach,, 12/3/01
It's an absolute, Neo-Tech will be on the Internet indefinitely, gong into the future. Neo tech is pregnant and will keep bearing new fruit and growth, for years to come, in spite of the other world! Neo-tech will just get bigger and bigger. I love it! Ch eers! R

james,, 12/3/01
what you are doing is almost overwhelmingly beautiful.

l.h.thom,, 12/1/01
As a young child I asked where did god come from? The answer was he was and always will be. I could not swallow this. After 44 years and a near failed marriage, a dead end job and with no real idea of why we are here and the eternal question who are we? I was losing all faith in myself. After reading Neo-Tech-Godman the picture is getting clearer all the time. Thank-you

M. L. Schmidt,, 12/1/01
It is the most realistic information that I have read in my life.

B.J.,, 12/1/01
Thank you NEO-TECH -- I will forever hold my heart to the beat of 'NEO-TECH!' We will smash the NEO-CHEATERS out of existence and once-and-for-all end the 2000-year-old white collar hoax.

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