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B.K.,, 2/28/97, Canada
Skeptical at first but after I started reading some of the articles, I said to myself how can you argue with something that just makes sense.

D.W.,, 2/28/97
The world needs this web site. The Neo-Tech site now stands in a distinct class all its own. I would like to congratulate all contributors of Neo-Tech information and those who share its views on being the true benefactors to all humankind. My devotion and commitment to being a competent value producer is adamant and firmly rooted in my own self-preservation. For the sake of all that is or ever has depicted love, integrated honesty, and goodness, continue to make available your findings and publishing. Thank you.

R.E.,, 2/28/97, Australia
Neo-Tech Discovery has changed my life. Neo-Tech has improved my memory power immensely, given me a diet which is logical as to why I was overweight (I'm now many kilos less), lowered my cholesterol and triglyceride levels and blood pressure and made me much fitter aerobically. These are the side effects. The main effects are that Neo-Tech has given me a whole new purpose in life that has led to a new business, a great increase in happiness and a future of certain success. Thanks to everyone at Neo-Tech, Frank Wallace and Mark Hamilton in particular, and please keep the best site in cyberspace going.

R.A.,, 2/27/97
It is good to have a resource such as yours being presented to the world. I am forwarding your site to several of my friends. There are pockets of people just waiting to bring forth a new set of physics that is not based on decay, but on continued renewal of matter. What is explained in Zon Power is a reality today. I am glad a voice is standing out. It is imperative you stay on the net!

G.B.,, 2/27/97
Your web site is fabulous and filled with life saving concepts. I have read the articles `SILENCE the Ultimate Protector of Individual Rights' and `Businessmen versus Neocheaters' by Carl Watner. Please keep up the good work. Honesty and Justice will prevail.

G.A.,, 2/26/97
I am really interested by your comments on living like a millionaire by the year 2001.

R.M.,, 2/26/97
I think Neo-Tech offers the right mentality of honesty and integrity for one to prosper and be happy.

S.H.,, 2/26/97
Very eye opening. I have always realized there was a great injustice going on around me. However, I only realized it subconsciously. I have now been able to pin point some of the neocheaters and their methods. I will soon be on my way to unlimited prosperity and happiness. Neo-Tech will rule in the 21st Century and beyond.

F.F.,, 2/25/97, Netherlands
I have already the NEO TECH in SPANISH. This is the BEST BOOK that I ever read.

A.M.,, 2/25/97, Israel
Hi everyone! Your site is one of the coolest I've ever seen. It should remain on the web FOREVER!

J.R.,, 2/25/97
Your new ideas are brilliant.

B.S.,, 2/25/97
I wish more people knew about this.

T.N.,, 2/25/97, Malaysia
I read with much interest all your articles. I will be back to visit Neo-Tech again, as Neo-Tech is very unique and relevant to my daily life. Thank you.

B.H.,, 2/25/97, Japan
It is good to see it on the net, it helps to keep me focused.

O.R.,, 2/25/97, Australia
It is necessary to develop a train of apolitical philosophy by which the political system(s) of the world can be rendered open to rational, positive process. As an owner/user of the Zon principles, I am currently investigating methods by which these principles can be brought to fruition in the (Australian) political climate.

M.H.,, 2/25/97, Germany
It's great to know better times will come.

K.C.,, 2/24/97
Neo-Tech must not only remain ON the Web, but Neo-Tech must eventually BE the Web!

R.B.,, 2/24/97, Australia
Yes, this site is the best. I first came across NT in August '93 and have since not looked back. It has changed my life forever. Long live NT. We really need more of NT.

K.M.,, 2/24/97
Fascinating reading. Nothing more thought provoking has made it to the web yet.

J.N.,, 2/24/97, Costa Rica
Neo-Tech has completely changed my life and thinking process.

S.B.,, 2/24/97, Germany
I think Neo-Tech is dangerous but great.

I.F.,, 2/24/97, United Arab Emirates
I have found it very interesting.

E.I.,, 2/24/97, Singapore
This site is very good. This is a well organized page, keep it up.

J.B.,, 2/24/97
I think your ideas are great and more people should be informed of what Neo-Tech is about. I would like to put a link on my homepage.

A.B.,, 2/24/97
I am eager to study this so I can achieve integrated honesty.

F.H.,, 2/24/97
Neo-Tech/Zon helps people feel their true magnificent value in the universe. Through this, people can realize their power to fulfill their deepest desires in life -- wealth, personal power, control and romantic love.

S.B.,, 2/23/97
It's been about 12 weeks since I last spent time at the NT web site. Rave reviews for the following: Justin Parkes `Ten Mega Tips' Tracey Alexander's `Developing a Neo-Tech Consciousness' Drew Ellis's `Thus Spake Zon' `Zon, Ruler of Universe' With special mention of John (Flint's) `The Bible Decoded' I never read past the first three pages of the bible. After reading JF's decoding I integrated the joy of the other past and future readers of the article. I'm very happy for them. Please pass along my thanks and appreciation to the authors mentioned above. And know that I appreciate everyone's efforts on this, the grandest of all journeys.

L.B.,, 2/22/97
This site lets the world know that sooner or later Neo-Tech people will rule the world!

E.C.,, 2/22/97
I think that this is a very educational site for anyone that wants to learn how to avoid being cheated.

A.D.,, 2/22/97
This has the potential of being mind boggling.

R.C.,, 2/22/97
This is the most thought-provoking information I have ever encountered.

F.C.,, 2/22/97
I find it to be very powerful and meaningful. ...It really puts into perspective the downfalls in all our lives.

T.K.,, 2/22/97, Egypt
A very cool site.

J.D.,, 2/22/97
I have been carefully studying the information on this web site for the last few days, and I'm amazed at the implications this kind of knowledge holds for everyone. Neo-Tech confirms many long-held suspicions that I've been told were `evil' and `bad' by religious neocheaters. Your web site is wonderful.

D.A.,, 2/21/97, Canada
This is the most dynamic site on the web because It GIVES you the life changing information right on the Web. I have learned so much in a short period of time! The concepts are invaluable to all people that desire wealth, happiness and success in their lives!

P.C.,, 2/21/97, Scotland
I have not read much, but I am already intrigued. I shall read on!

J.J.,, 2/21/97
It is the most thought provoking piece of literature I have seen in a long time.

G.V.,, 2/21/97, Netherlands
I make printouts, just because I like to carry them with me while traveling.

E.C.,, 2/21/97
This is an eye-opening as well as a mind-opening and educational web site.

R.J.,, 2/21/97
Your site speaks of many aspects of Life.

R.M.,, 2/21/97, Sweden
This is superb source of information.

M.B.,, 2/20/97
Just want to thank you folks for initiating the most divine mission available in this day and age. Also, now that a few of us `out there' know the concepts, Neo-Tech will always be on the web -- in one form or another -- until irrationality is completely diffused. Here's to your endeavors!

B.R.,, 2/20/97, South Africa
This is a super site delivering a cornucopia of values to enrich me mentally, sexually, financially. I have just completed the all powerful, `nuclear power-like' Mystic Busting Bible, I literally feel and sense how I am moving into a new dimension!! Today I made more money then most make in a week! As I walked back to my office I sensed a powerful force which I know with certainty will propel me into limitless wealth and power. I am like a hungry lion! I am hungry for more Neo-Tech!!! Please make the other `To Appear' articles available soon! I'm looking forward to Maria's next article, hit me with your powerful integrations baby!!!

J.L.,, 2/20/97
Someone has to keep telling the truth until the world wakes up to what is and has been going on for so long. Thank you for this site.

H.A.,, 2/20/97
I believe the Neo-Tech concepts work and I believe strongly that this is what has to be done to change this world and get the parasites out of power.

G.K.,, 2/20/97
Let Zon rule cyberspace!

J.S.,, 2/20/97
I appreciate what you are doing for mankind.

F.C.,, 2/19/97
Excellent piece of information. The information and ideas expressed in this technology are completely riveting. I completely understand and firmly
believe in these ways!

J.L.,, 2/19/97
I am a student and have found that reading Neo-Tech/Zonpower books have been beneficial. I still have not completely destroyed all my inner mysticism, but cannot wait until I do. I also realized how alone I am in my age group. This does not matter to me, only that I do not understand why others have not been inspired as I have.

C.D.,, 2/19/97
This is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. Such powerful information should be available to everyone.

C.C.,, 2/19/97, France
Good site, it must stay on the web.

L.A.,, 2/19/97
You are the most important people in the universe.

J.K.,, 2/18/97
Neo-Tech has published the most useful books in history.

P.B.,, 2/18/97
Any organization or belief system that can upset as many bureaucrats as yours apparently has, must have a great deal of truth in it.

R.M.,, 2/18/97
Thank-you for your very important site.

J.O.,, 2/18/97
Wow!! You've put into words the natural chain of events!

T.M.,, 2/18/97
A wonderful piece of work. Keep up the great writing.

J.G.,, 2/18/97
I received great values and insights.

E.S.,, 2/17/97, Germany
It was great reading the information about Neo-Tech.

D.S.,, 2/17/97
Neo-Tech presents a great service and has a great deal of information useful to all. There should be no censorship on the web whatsoever. If anyone desires to remove this site from the web...send them my way. I'll convince them otherwise.

C.R.,, 2/17/97
I think that it is great that you are putting Ayn Rand and the Objectivist movement into perspective. It needs it. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

A.G.,, 2/16/97
Fantastic site! The information is a must for any high achiever.

A.T.,, 2/16/97
I stumbled across your `Global Wealth Power' and simply couldn't stop reading it while online.

C.R.,, 2/16/97, South Africa
Brilliant Publications. Keep Up The Outstanding Work.

G.B.,, 2/15/97, Croatia
This is definitely the most valuable site on the Web. Neo-Tech is clear and concise, Neo-Tech is more then a masterpiece. Neo-Tech is the future, and those who won't be able to deal with reality will fade away. Just keep up the good work.

A.D.,, 2/15/97, Canada
Keep expanding for the survival of all honest, hard working, intelligent people with the desire to keep living, growing, producing and progressing in every way.

D.S.,, 2/15/97
I have become very personally involved with the philosophy of Objectivism. I think that Neo-Tech Objectivism will take me even farther. I think this is the philosophy for the 21st century and beyond.

R.D.,, 2/15/97, Canada
Incredible site, with a rational basis. Quite an antidote to the mystic disempowering drivel on the Net.

K.J.,, 2/14/97
The ultimate in real information that answers many of my lifelong questions. Anxiously awaiting the Civilization of the Universe and am working on eliminating my own mysticism (I had it big time!) thank you forever.

M.H.,, 2/14/97
This is the one of the most valuable web-sites on the Net. I hope that the master-crooks, Clinton & Gore, are successful in putting the Net in everybody's hand. It will be their undoing because honesty and objective rational thought will be unleashed to the demise of liberalism and socialism.

A.P.,, 2/14/97, United Kingdom
Wonderful site! It is amazing what can be learned here.

M.J.,, 2/14/97
The Neo-Tech/Zonpower Discovery helped open my eyes as to who the REAL cheaters and criminals in the world are. I also am aware of many more `control mechanisms' politicians have ingrained in our minds and can reject their government as big brother, father and mother.

A.L.,, 2/14/97, Australia
THE most valuable web site on the Net. Neo-Tech literature is an enormously powerful weapon for the individual to rise out of the stagnation trap and trailblaze new values for mankind. This site is needed to reach that critical mass of value producers so we can ostracize the neocheaters off the face of the Earth and enter the Civilization of the Universe. Don't stop expanding. I would like to see an online NT community (Civilization of the Universe?) where value producers can interact.

V.T.,, 2/14/97, Kuwait
I like your ideas and am very much interested.

N.K.,, 2/14/97
I thought Ayn Rand was the only one that ever understood this and her works were suppressed by the Altruistic Regime. It is very rewarding to see that someone has taken the next step. Keep up the effort. Keep up the example.

J.M.,, 2/14/97
This site is a must. Should NT leave the web? That would be a dark day in cyberspace! These concepts have propelled me into a new world of happiness and competence.

V.M.,, 2/14/97
Wallace's books are not just as a system of living but a system to prosper and grow by! Neo-Tech must stay on the web. We are losing to many freedoms, Neo-Tech must win.

P.K.,, 2/13/97
Greatest eye opener, mind expanding knowledge I ever received. Only wish I had it sooner.

G.G., spimageworks, 2/13/97

E.M.,, 2/13/97
Reality is not easy for me but I am now grasping it by the horns.

T.W.,, 2/13/97
READ, IMPLEMENT, AND SPREAD we are almost there. Even though the fall of communism and the Berlin wall seemed to happen overnight, those events will seem glacier-like compared to the hyper-speed pace we are about to enter into with the final worldwide acceptance of the Neo-Tech philosophy. THANK YOU MR. FRANK WALLACE!

G.G.,, 2/12/97
It is a true source of enlightenment and education. I would like to pursue studying this discovery for a more thorough understanding of the possibilities and power available with this knowledge. I have enjoyed researching and learning about suppressed information.

V.V.,, 2/11/97
I am a Neo-Tech owner and the thoughts behind this system are very useful. Anyone looking to make changes in their life, this is a great way to start.

K.W.,, 2/11/97
Keep this site going and growing! I return to it often and have given out the url to countless people in high recommendation for what you are saying.

R.R.,, 2/11/97
I completely love this site! I've been a Neo-Tech reader and user for about 5 years, and I find that I'm learning so much more on the site. Keep it up!!

R.L.,, 2/11/97
Your concepts about individuals make a lot of sense to me. Rational selfishness is the best tool to pursue happiness. The creation of surplus values seems to be the moral way to help one another.

S.B.,, 2/11/97
I must commend your courage and convictions for publishing what many might consider heretical and/or anti-establishment opinions. And for that, whether we agree or disagree, we as Americans and free-thinking people everywhere must applaud your efforts. Keep up the good work, and thanks.

G.B.,, 2/10/97, Canada
Great site...keep up the good fight.

D.D.,, 2/10/97
I absolutely believe the honest values at your web site will be the key to ousting destructive, freeloading, parasites on a local, national, and global level. Keep up the `Ultimate Battle' between honesty and effort vs. dishonesty and laziness.

R.W.,, 2/10/97
This site makes it easier for more and more people to learn about this incredibly valuable technology.

N.Q.,, 2/10/97
Best site on the net. I have read a lot of it and hope to read it all. I spend more time on this site than any other site on the net.

S.H.,, 2/10/97
I have found your page to be thought-provoking and needed. As well, it provides a critical pause to status quo thinking.

A.C.,, 2/10/97, Mexico
I appreciate all the effort that you are doing to expose neocheating and mysticism, especially from the government. This site is very important to the advance and development of Neo-Tech all around the world. I live in Mexico, that is an unhappy country infected by the cheating and mysticism of the government and religious leaders. This web site is very important for the initial exposure of Neo-Tech to Mexicans. This site can help improve the unhappy way of life for the people in this country. I think that sooner or later, Neo-Tech will win here in Mexico and all around the world.

T.D.,, 2/10/97
I do believe this work is extremely beneficial to all those who are fortunate enough to encounter it.

K.T.,, 2/10/97, South Africa
I find the Zonpower web site invaluable as it keeps me informed of current values from Neo-Tech Publishing.

J.W.,, 2/10/97
Your web site is absolutely necessary, many people need to see this. To sum it up, CATALYST.

C.G.,, 2/10/97
I think you will change humanity. I have been telling all the people
I know with access to the NET about your site.

T.N.,, 2/10/97
I immensely enjoy all of the information that you have on the Internet. I am very supportive of your efforts and demonstration of courage to expose the true realities in our world.

K.H.,, 2/9/97
This web site is, by far, the most profoundly valuable I've ever encountered. As a Libertarian and Objectivist, I find the content to be wonderfully thought provoking and intellectually stimulating. Thank you so much!

V.J.,, 2/9/97
This is the most valuable web page going.

G.B.,, 2/9/97, Canada
Looking forward to the Civilization of the Universe. Imagine a world without dishonest government.

M.M.,, 2/9/97, Canada
Your site promotes `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' The Neo-Tech literature literally saved me from suicide at age 48. Through Neo-Tech I am learning how to EARN self-esteem, protect myself from dishonesty, define my own mission, produce and market my own products and services, do my own accounting in non-traditional ways that guarantee success. The happiness I long ago dreamed was possible is dawning again in me. I see how I can make a difference, starting by applying the right information (Neo-Tech) to transform myself and this world into the glorious Civilization that I know is possible for all.

K.P.,, 2/9/97
Great site... this is a great help...hope you are going to stay around and implement all that is proposed...keep strong.

M.O.,, 2/9/97
I really enjoy your web-site. I have accessed it several times. I appreciate the fact that you present both positive and negative views on Neo-Tech. That proves honesty is at work here.

N.G.,, 2/9/97, Sweden
This site is the most valuable on the web. I want it to expand forever! This is the best and only way to let the humans around the world see how the world functions. This is the only site who tells you this in an honest way.

A.R.,, 2/8/97
Neo-Tech has penetrated the knowledge boundaries of human existence. Subjects that benefit the human race. For the benefit of the whole world, this web site should remain intact for us humans to continue our knowledge growth and understanding of ourselves, and to stop once and for all the human suffering.

G.W.,, 2/8/97
I want this web site, I need this web site.

G.W.,, 2/8/97, England
I am a Neo-Tech owner since 1987 and have benefited incalculably since absorbing it and taking it on board in 1991. Thank you for Neo-Tech. I cannot over emphasize the benefits to my life from having come across it. Every moment I am living is now also enhanced by the Zone favorable diet thanks to your reference to Barry Sears' book.

G.G.,, 2/7/97
Excellent web site, one of the most valuable and powerful that I have found. It just may save mankind. I would like to see more intellectual ammunition like this. Thanks, keep up the great work.

L.M.,, 2/7/97
Neo-Tech is unstoppable. It is strange, but as a homosexual, I am experiencing desires for the opposite sex. I never thought this desire could be possible. Wow!!! I feel great, moving towards or expressing my biological nature makes me feel profoundly happy. AH! how good she looks, I can't wait to experience pleasures together. The more objectively productive I become, I experience these growing desires to the same degree.

L.R.,, 2/7/97
`Dismissing Professional Value Destroyers' sounds like what I need. I have drawn much comfort since reading Mark Hamilton's latest book. I am still in the process of integrating and applying to my life all the new concepts your company has contributed to the people who long to be free of oppression.

R.R.,, 2/7/97
I love the web site, I just need to spend more time caught in it so I can fully consume it. I have much to learn, and I plan to use this site for my education.

J.P.,, 2/7/97
This site is a conch shell of rationality washed up on a beach of dishonesty. Good luck in keeping the beauty flow.

B.H.,, 2/7/97
This IS the MOST VALUABLE site period. Neo-Tech is based on the Objectivist philosophy where you have to examine everything from all angles, all sides. You have to integrate all known facts with objective reasoning to benefit ALL. EVERYONE, including the people who want to ban this site, are being deprived of real happiness. After discovering Neo-Tech, I have made INCREDIBLE realizations about my life, our lives, and where everything's going.

D.D.,, 2/7/97
This is very important information that everyone needs. It will help
to speed up the revolution.

M.I.,, 2/7/97, United Kingdom
If this site was banned or ceased to exist the future would indeed be bleak.

E.S.,, 2/7/97
I am grateful this information is made available period, but at no cost to the viewer, that's nothing short of amazing!

D.P.,, 2/7/97
Very informative -- mind blowing if I may say so.

K.E.,, 2/7/97
I find Zonpower tenets most intriguing food for thought. I just ran across it tonight. I think it's great for thinking people.

D.R.,, 2/6/97, Canada
Neo-Tech has changed my life and to this day is continuing to do so. The great power this gives an individual is exhilarating and contagious.

J.M.,, 2/6/97
Neo-Tech has been the primary source of new knowledge for me as I'm sure it is has been for most that have ever read and understood a Neo-Tech book. My mysticism, is what lead me to Neo-Tech, and anyone who is mystical will eventually turn to Neo-Tech. Why? Because mysticism is a `drug' and in time, you'll need more of it to make you `FEEL' better about your life, money, health, love, and self-esteem problems. When one starts to have questions about their `Higher Authorities', power to make their dreams or desires come true, one starts to look for a more potent mystical doctrine. I went from being a practicing catholic to Kahuna, to hypnosis and others, to finally arrive at Neo-Tech. This is real, it's not automatic, it works from your efforts to achieve what you desire and not, what some `God' says is good for you, or `God' has his reason for things being this way. Neo-Tech has been a very positive addition to my life, and will forever continue be a part of my life. Neo-Tech should always stay in Cyberspace, because as Neo-Tech expands, conscience life does also.

L.H.,, 2/6/97
I believe this web site to be one of the most valuable and informative I have ever explored. It contains vast amounts of knowledge on virtually every aspect of my life and I continually refer back to it for more and more insight. The information presented has given my mind the `pegs' to hang on to when I deal with those around me, who are submerged in mystical dogma. Being a college student, majoring in business no less, I am more susceptible to what my peers `teach' me. It is vital that I continue to be exposed to this literature and especially to this web site.

T.R.,, 2/6/97
I check this web site every day for updates, and make sure that I read one chapter each day. It has become an integral part of my daily life (fits right into one of my mini days). This site should be part of the Internet until the Internet is obsolete.

M.T.,, 2/6/97
This site is very inspirational. I use it in my personal development.

ANON,, 2/6/97
One thing I love about this web site is that it is not an evangelistic web site asking people to follow. Rather, it focuses on everyone's self-effort. Thanks for doing an excellent job. I sincerely hope that you will achieve the goal of eradicating mysticism. What a beautiful world that would be! Excellent work!

G.G.,, 2/6/97
I love this site! Finally some real knowledge instead of that boring mainstream stuff! Great men are they who know that thoughts rule the World!

T.B.,, 2/5/97
This site is very informative in helping to share knowledge that is vital to the future of mankind. I hope that you continue to use this site to enlighten many unaware human beings of the parasitical elite. Keep up the good work.

A.J.,, 2/5/97
This site is providing a valuable community service by allowing people to consider alternatives to the system that is being thrust down our throats by megalomaniac governments of this world. Stay on the net and don't bow to the pressures that must be being exerted upon you.

L.D.,, 2/5/97
Neo-Tech is the only hope we have.

B.L.,, 2/5/97
Almost everyday I come online to this web site and just browse for new information and to brush up on favorite works like Zonpower in Cyberspace. I really feel that this is a place I can commune in. I feel among friends here. It is a new and powerful experience for me to feel empowered over my life. I feel that there should be a lot of credit placed in the hands of the many authors that contribute to this superior site.

M.B.,, 2/5/97
I have found that the information in this site provides a totally new outlook to things, and has even helped me develop personally in my work and home environments. PLEASE don't take this site off the web.

J.D.,, 2/5/97
Keep on telling the truth!!! We are looking for it!!

S.B.,, 2/5/97
This is an extremely valuable site. I fervently hope that it remains on the Web ...the world desperately needs this information.

W.M.,, 2/5/97
Please keep this site on the web. I have become quite accustomed to reading Neo-Tech during lunch at work. It re-energizes me and is very beneficial in this setting as I can immediately apply the concepts I have just read to actual situations at work.

P.G.,, 2/5/97
Take this off the web! BAH! the government just wants us to obey big brother and be slaves of one big brother! I can easily see their reasoning for trying to be rid of this. Obviously people are protesting this because they don't want good people to get a hold of it and turn the tables in their favor.

A.M.,, 2/5/97, Canada
This is the site of sites and should never be removed from the web.

C.B.,, 2/5/97, England
You have the most valuable site on the net. Only a sick mind would want it banned.

J.D.,, 2/5/97
This is very exciting information!!! Everyone should have a chance to read this.

J.L.,, 2/5/97
If Clinton/Dole/Billy Grahmn types wish to remain in power, they must IMMEDIATELY squash this radical, `we don't need you' message. What would they do without followers? What would followers do without leaders? Web sites like Neo-Tech must be nipped in the bud if the status quo is to survive. Stop this horror, NOW, before people use its power! If individuals are allowed to use Neo-Tech, then why would we need god or government? Neo-Tech will upset everything. Stop it NOW!

R.K.,, 2/5/97
Your efforts are reaching individuals all over the world. The momentum is building. The writing on this site is needed to help turn this world right side up and it's starting to work. Keep going!

B.C.,, 2/5/97
This is an excellent web site. As a student of Objectivism, this program of yours seems like the next logical step in the advancement of knowledge -- the implementation of Ayn Rand's ground-breaking work.

R.G.,, 2/5/97
The best site on the entire information highway. Let there be honesty.

E.R.,, 2/5/97
It would be tragic for every decent individual using the Internet to lose this site. The information is a treasure trove of powerful, turnkey information. Where else can a lowly person find information to fix most of his/her problems? This site continues to inspire. The information is too powerful to be stopped by any individual or group of individuals.

M.W.,, 2/5/97
This web site should continue to expand until all mysticism has been uprooted and rejected. When the anti-civilization collapses and we all are Zon, then this site will no longer be needed. Until that time, this site must continue to grow.

R.A.,, 2/4/97
This site stirs people to thought and to contemplate their existence and likely futures? Hmmmmm. Sounds like a good use for Internet.

S.B,, 2/4/97

D.V.,, 2/4/97
I have been a reader of your materials since 1987...happiness is growing as my business grows! Thanks for your genius.

J.A.,, 2/4/97
I've been a supporter of Neo-Tech for about 10 years now, It is one of the most important pieces of work ever created by man, for man. Neo-Tech has proven itself to me many times. It has given me great leverage in life. I went from a pizza delivery driver to a successful General Manager for a national Motel chain. Neo-Tech must remain on the web. And it must continue to expand without limit for the sake of humanity.

B.B.,, 2/4/97
Thanks to you, all of my questions have been cleared, and I have reclaimed clarity of thought and conviction of the soul, commodities that I once had but lost. Again, sincerely, thank you for clearing the mist in my mind, and allowing me to see what must be done so clearly.

G.M.,, 2/4/97
This is a great site! I was introduced to Neo-Tech about eight years ago and it was truly a transformational experience. My life has not been the same since I was introduced to Neo-Tech. At first the information is very hard to take. In fact, the information is startling. But, once the initial shock wore off I realized I was reading the most important information I had ever come in contact with. The effects of Neo-Tech will never leave me. Thanks for this important work.

G.D.,, 2/4/97
I think you have a great web site. If it were banned it would be a great loss to mankind.

M.W.,, 2/4/97
This web site is a MUST! It would be a crime AGAINST humanity to
REMOVE it. I NEED this web site. DO NOT REMOVE IT!

R.K.,, 2/4/97
Of course this site should least until the dishonesty disease/epidemic is cured worldwide.

M.Z.,, 2/4/97, Bolivia
Cutting edge !! at last !!

B.R.,, 2/4/97, South Africa

M.L.,, 2/4/97
It is without a doubt the most important web-site there is. Neo-Tech is 100% positive, constructive and pro-life. Neo-Tech creates REAL people, far removed from all the con-artists, manipulators, losers and general low-lifes who are merely parasites in human form [metaphorically AND literally]. Reading Neo-Tech is like putting on a pair of special sunglasses; one finally `WAKES UP' to what is really going on; the neocheaters and all their dirty tricks are `EXPOSED'.

M.L.,, 2/4/97
I am completely and totally at a loss for words. I have been reading and absorbing info like a sponge.

R.K.,, 2/4/97
This is beyond my wildest dreams. An absolute wealth of information. I truly wish I never had to sleep so I could spend many more hours on your Web Site.

L.J.,, 2/4/97
I can't spend more than a day without verifying what's new on this site. Thanks a lot for all the effort.

E.B.,, 2/4/97
Keep up the good work! Cyberspace is the only place that is possible to expand and move toward the Civilization of the Universe.

M.D.,, 2/3/97
This whole Neo-Tech information like the money/power/and love information has got me thinking about the future. Thanks for the insight of the Cyberspace Revolution.

K.K.,, 2/3/97
It drastically changed the way I think about things. Keep up the brave work.

T.H.,, 2/3/97
I am amazed at all the free and honest information. I have always felt that lies have been masking the truth in the name of greed. It is obvious that there will no longer be a need for greed.

M.H.,, 2/3/97
I do my best to calm down and be patient for the end of big government and the return of rational thought especially when augmented with Neo-Tech Objectivism.

L.P.,, 2/2/97
To me, this web page is a beacon of light for all those who hope to see the birth of a society (or of a new world) in which the populous represents a body of individual men who live their lives by the use of their independent minds. Your literature outlines the principles which are the foundation of rational conduct in life.

Y.S.,, 2/2/97, Malaysia
This web site is great. Great for me to learn valuable knowledge.

D.H.,, 2/1/97
I do believe in the principles you have mentioned. I have always thought through discipline and effort people may advance mentally, economically, and emotionally.

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