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Anon.,, 2/28/98
Great great site....nothing could be improved upon.

E.K.,, 2/28/98
Keep up the good work, there is nothing like the truth to make people take note of their surroundings, and reevaluate their situation. Anything to make the ears prick up.

P.J.,, 2/28/98, Canada
I love the Neo-Tech concepts and will devote my life to mastering them and utilizing them to the fullest.

C.B.,, 2/27/98
Because of Neo-tech, my life is changing so fast. Most importantly, I've found the most perfect love. All I had was the Zonpower manuscript. Today I found the Neo-Tech home page. I can imagine what Neo-Tech can do for me now! I'm going to mark it and use it every day.

R.Y.,, 2/27/98, Singapore
Trust me, after imbibing a little of the anti-mysticism drug, people want to find out more.

S.P.,, 2/26/98
Loving Neo-Tech, and I am seeing more and more truth (honest truth) in its pages every day.

C.K.,, 2/26/98
Neo-Tech explains a lot of things that go on in this world that most people do not even realize is happening. I know I didn't until I read Neo-Tech.

D.S.,, 2/26/98
Keep up the good fight and I will tell everyone I know of this wonderful site.

B.D.,, 2/26/98
Really like the web.

C.P.,, 2/24/98, South Africa
Neo-Tech gave me a fresh burst of energy to pursue my life long dream.

R.D.,, 2/24/98
Neo-Tech can offer valuable information to people in search of fulfilling lives.

J.B.,, 2/24/98
I am very appreciative of you for opening my mind in a lot of areas.

J.D.,, 2/23/98
very useful info good luck in expansion

D.E.,, 2/23/98
It's refreshing to read a rational point of view in this sea of mysticism.

A.K.,, 2/23/98
Neo-Tech is a valuable resource.

T.B.,, 2/22/98

J.C.,, 2/22/98
We desperately need the help of Neo-Tech to learn and further develop what has begun here. Universal knowledge for all is a must , if we are to live happy lives. Ignorance pollutes and brings misery, slowly but surely! Neo-Tech is universal knowledge that works! I know it will prevail!

Marilyn P.,, 2/22/98
I would be very interested in the latest research/planning of Neo-Tech schools, and all work being done concerning the education of our children. I am finally learning what I longed all my life to learn for myself, and also when rearing my children. These readings are the most valuable I have ever encountered. Thank you for making them available.

C.E.,, 2/22/98
I already knew about the parasites and how they were controlling the world, but I have been at a loss as to how to go about getting rid of them. I have been watching them drain the life out of value producers who don't even know what is happening to them. It has been a very frustrating experience for me because I have always known that IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. Thank you Dr. Wallace for this brilliant piece of work. I look forward to my continuing education in this matter.

C.R.,, 2/22/98, Germany
Visited your site first 96 or 97. Thought this is all a joke, but thinking about it the last year more and more, my mind gets clearer about all and I have the feeling to put more and more things together in my mind like a big puzzle. I believe I understand what is going on in the world much better now, and some things are definitely wrong, but now I feel the power and have the information to change things. Please stay on the WWW!

Jenny W.,, 2/22/98
I definitely want this site to remain on the web. It offers invaluable information that may not be available through the marketed Neo-Tech written literatures (for example, Rosa Maria's articles). Please do expand this site. This site has gone a long way since I visited it last year--more info, more articles, more art, and thus more power, than what I saw last year.

D.K.,, 2/21/98
Neo-Tech verified what I was afraid to question. I thank you for that.

F.F.,, 2/21/98
I appreciate the scientific efforts of FRW and all his associate for years of hard work through FIH and NTP business for their evolutionary work to rid this planet of its mysticism and symbiotic neocheaters. in my opinion and perspective success of NTP's Goal is inevitable for the anticivilization is indeed nothing but that missing ZERO in philosophy. Thank you .

Janet K.,, 2/21/98, Italy
I am extremely fascinated. I look forward to learning more to improve my life and those who are close to me.

Miranda T.,, 2/21/98
I am anxious to learn more about Dr. Frank Wallace discovery. It is indeed powerful and ingenious.

Ann H.,, 2/21/98
You have opened a whole new world of understanding for me, I hope that I can continue to grow in the neo light that you have lit,,, I have always tried my best to be honest, and compassionate,,, but grew extremely dismayed at the lack of concern others had with the way the world has turned,,, corrupt leadership with no morals,,, I hope many more people read your web site and realize that we are the only ones who can change things,,,,

J.H.,, 2/20/98
Neo-Tech Publishing, not Microsoft is the GREATEST company in the history of the world....BAR NONE!!!!

J.S.,, 2/20/98
I think you've got the right idea - Honesty, personal integrity, and rationality go a long way toward making a better world.

K.S.,, 2/20/98
Neo-Tech just makes good sense.

D.C.,, 2/19/98
This site is very important, if not for this site many people that would never be reached can be. I have believed for years that Churches are just a way to make a living without working. I believe they harm children into believing that something or someone is going to care for them. No such creature exists. They also harm adults by leading them to believe that they are 'chosen ones'. Anyone, who thus believes, then believes they are better than 'the unchosen ones'. Thus, the many, many wars that have been caused by these 'chosen ones'. 'Chosen ones' also hate anyone who is not like them.

Michelle W.,, 2/19/98
Its a cool site.

J.C.,, 2/19/98
This page kicks ass!!!! I want to be a member!!!

Susan E.,, 2/18/98, Canada
I admire this Neo-Tech quite a lot. YOU MUST CONTINUE THIS WEB SITE. It has taken me 6 months to find a view that is rational, thoughtful, and fair.

Sheila M.,, 2/18/98
God's pajamas!! Neo-Tech is more fun than a barrel a Jell-O!

J.K.,, 2/17/98
Refreshing to find someone saying realistically that products for the common good are both profitable to the producer and profitable to society.

N. E.,, 2/17/98
Thought provoking, freedom of speech, interesting.

T.M.,, 2/17/98
Has made me more aware of my surroundings and how they are taking advantage of me. Amazing how people can go through life and live without this knowledge.

D.I.,, 2/17/98
'Outcompete' really pushed me over the edge into business for myself. I'm looking forward to advancing fully integrated honesty over the web via my record company web page soon to come. I have gone from being an unhappy mystical life, to a goal oriented happy life. To all those bash Neo-Tech: you are protecting your investment in your own unhappiness...and are most likely rushing to judgment out of fear...the words fully integrated honesty are to embraced, not feared. Long live capitalism.

D.W.,, 2/17/98
Neo-Tech helps me in many ways. MY EYES ARE OPEN.

J.W.,, 2/16/98
Yes, stay on the web and expand. I am a Neo-Tech owner and am now reading outcompete god and government. I am writing to say once again you stay one step ahead of me with your article by Tracey Alexander, on exposing religious doctrines as a hoax. As I come to the realization that so many people are making important decisions in their life without a firm basis in reality. They get so confused because it takes years of trying to figure out contradictory messages in the bible, and the only people they have to turn to are religious teachers, but what if something comes up and a religious teacher is not around to answer your question? Instant crisis. I find your newest articles very valuable, keep up the great work, and keep the train rolling. Thanks for giving me a firm basis to make decisions in my life, and the ability to take back control of my life.

D.C.,, 2/16/98
I really liked the positive comment where someone said that you should read Neo-Tech and then Cosmic Business Control. And that if you don't apply the concepts, you will feel miserable. If you do apply them, however, you will be RICHLY rewarded in all facets of YOUR LIFE. It's just nice to see an obvious integration put into words on a screen. It makes it that much more 'real'. Another thing, that comment from the honest neo-cheater. I really understand how he is coming from such a desperate place and that he is really just scared or plain weak. I have met people from large foreign countries to small island, as of late. It is all thanks to FW and his associates. It is so easy to make money once you actually try and 'get rolling'. Experience, good or bad, gives you new knowledge and inf. to act on and become even more happy and productive. In fact, one of my friends in Asia noticed a simple thing like how I react to things like the Iraq situation. I directed him toward this site and he thanked me for it. I kind of got off subject here, but I just wanted to say that it always feels great to get positive reactions from individuals in regards to personal matters or work. Even if you know you are appreciated through your growing sales, fan base, whatever it may be, it is always such a happiness high to hear praises from individual friends and strangers alike. I don't know why I am writing this letter, especially since it is a little unorganized, but I wanted to just let you guys know that I hope you win and that I, though indirectly, will do everything I can all the time to help me, you, and everyone prosper into infinity.

P.L.,, 2/16/98, United Kingdom
Thank you for the Web site, it is an extremely valuable tool. I am caught in what you call the 'White-Collar Hoax', unable to spend the time I need to fully digest and incorporate your material into my life. Visiting the Web site frustrates me, because it shows how much I still need to learn and don't have the time for; but it gives me a 'buzz', a feeling of excitement to know that there really is intelligent and brutally honest life on this planet. Being able to visit the site now and then gives me a little extra energy to read just a bit more than I otherwise would. In other words, your Web site acts as moral support.

S.C.,, 2/16/98, Malaysia
This site offers what no other site can give. It adds value to the human spirit, something we all seemed to have lost somehow. It provides some sense of ambition, aliveness, and hope. I am very much interested and want to fully tap the powers of Neo-Tech.

J.S.,, 2/16/98
I know for sure that your literature has been beneficial to me. I realize that the competitiveness is what counts. Also, I can really see how one needs this type of information in order to even get by.

P.F.,, 2/15/98
Great material, so much to learn, can't seem to get enough.

D.S.,, 2/15/98
I believe that the Internet can represent a metaphysical link between people that has yet to be accomplished face to face en masse because of individual issues of security and anonymity. This site reflects that because a real link can be made with others in a non-confrontational medium, important information can be openly and intimately spread without fear. I believe that, beyond technology, this site is the epitome of why the Internet is a part of the world today.

Anon.,, 2/15/98
My wife and I are very interested in the concepts of your teaching and are anxious to learn more.

J.M.,, 2/14/98
I am deeply concerned/interested in all neocheaters impending exile. I have studied most forms of religion, I guess in search of the truth, and have found one thing to be true: [to me] they were all ineffective. I am ready.

J.D.,, 2/14/98
Neo-Tech is our future and the sooner everybody discovers it the better. I can only hope for the Neo-Tech society comes as soon as possible.

S.F.,, 2/14/98, United Kingdom
I have found the Neo-Tech information invaluable.

L.T.,, 2/14/98, Singapore
Hey, Your web site is great.

R.G.,, 2/14/98, United Kingdom
I loved the article Proof That Religious & Mystical Doctrines Are Hoaxes. I have experienced the same thing, years of intense meditation only to 'wake up' to the fact that there is no God and that I am my only authority.

W.E.,, 2/14/98

G.R.,, 2/13/98
I think Neo-Tech should be offered to all who seek an understanding of life, self, and others. Keep up the good work. We can all learn.

B.B.,, 2/13/98
After reading 'The Neo-Tech Discovery' (Zonpower), it was as if I had been blind since birth, to have my sight given to me at age 22. I now look forward to a joyous life of pleasure and enjoyment, using Neo-Tech principles to produce ever-increasing values to bring me ever-increasing income. I look forward to the day when Atlas will at last shrug his shoulders and the parasites will be left to produce or be left behind. I indeed think Neo-Tech should keep this web site. It needs to be available to the greatest amount of people possible, and the Net is that way.

M.L.,, 2/13/98
I am not overstating the case when I say that Neo-Tech is the most important literature being produced today. I am making great progress in purging my life of my personal mysticisms. All thanks to the courage and perseverance of Dr. Wallace and the heroic Neo-Tech writers and publishers. It is vital to the future of humanity that this site remain on the Web. I think we are all very fortunate to be living in this age, when the cruel hoax of the last 2300 years is being exposed to the light of day. Mysticism Collapse! Down with the IRS! Up with heroic Value Producers!

J.H.,, 2/13/98, Australia
Wallace is a genius.

R.A.,, 2/13/98
Please send updates on the beautiful world of Neo-Tech.

C.H.,, 2/11/98
I first read NT about 6 years ago. It is not even comprehensible to me how my life would have been without the lessons I learned through NT, who knows what kind of irrational crap I could have gotten into! To anyone who reads this comment: 1. buy the NT Discovery and read it front to back until you get it. 2. Get NT 2 (Cosmic Business control) and read that until you get it. 3. Actually apply the information and techniques, because if you do not you will be completely miserable. On the other hand, if you do, you will be rewarded beyond anything you will have expected.

Barbara C.,, 2/10/98
I'm telling everyone I can about Neo-Tech, even those really hung up on the god thing. We have been successful in this country in spite of the government not because of it.

S.R.,, 2/10/98, Scotland
It is brilliant.

G.H.,, 2/10/98
Very dramatic writing and powerful thoughts.

J.S.,, 2/9/98
This is one of the most important discoveries, it will help human beings become better.

C.B.,, 2/9/98
Neo-Tech explains how to be honest to ourselves and how to not follow false leaders.

M.D.,, 2/9/98, England
Absolutely impressed by the forthright no nonsense theories that are printed within.

K.W.,, 2/9/98
I'm currently reading the Neo-Tech/Zonpower Manuscript, I wish I had started two years ago when I bought it. It is a book that makes so much sense it is sometimes scary. So many people fear the truth because it may require them to think, which is too much work for them. The world will change, and we (Neo-Tech users) will change it.

C.C.,, 2/8/98
I love Neo-Tech ideas.

G.G.,, 2/8/98
I think Neo-Tech will definitely help change the world for the better and you should definitely continue. I think publishing all the negative comments about Neo-Tech is a great idea I read them for a good laugh. Many of my own idea's become much clearer as I read.

D.D.,, 2/8/98
I feel the Neo-Tech site is the most informing, reveling and open material I've ever read. It opens up the absolute truth to what's really going on behind closed doors. It shows just how much the people are not in control of anything, mainly their own lives. And how the government is lying to us all to keep themselves in money and freedom. The best example I can give is Diplomatic immunity. That means these special few have the right to break the law and live above everyone else=D5s, and take advantage of the system. I feel it is a terrible thing for this to be in place. We are all supposed to be created equal. Also the fact that the system works only because these officials have guns, and a license to kill innocent people just because that person did not obey the official.

R.J.,, 2/7/98
I think its about time someone brought the truth out in plain understandable form. Knowledge is power and the ones who have the knowledge have the power. This information is available for everyone to share the power, how its meant to be. The information is structured to benefit everyone who wants to live life, and who values reality. I would love to know more and I'll visit this site quite often.

D.E.,, 2/7/98
Neo-Tech is just wonderful! I am ecstatic -- I feel I have found the 'truth', that I have been searching for all of my life.

C.M.,, 2/6/98
It finally pinpoints the causes of this mess, which, up until now I had merely been looking at the symptoms.

Anon.,, 2/6/98
I have just read all the negative comments about Neo-Tech. There must be something in Neo-Tech if the only people that despise it are mindless, hopeless religion based weaklings !!!!!

N.D.,, 2/6/98
Your story is well told and enlightening to those out there who wonder how benevolence can survive in the face of adversity.

Anon.,, 2/5/98
Neo-Tech will clear all cloudy thoughts.

D.M.,, 2/5/98
I have improved myself greatly and am continuing to grow.

M.L.,, 2/5/98

W.B.,, 2/4/98
The information is so mind expanding that it is almost unbelievable. Since becoming a owner of Neo-Tech literature life has not been the same. Life
is truly worth living. Prosperity, health and wealth is here to stay.

J.B.,, 2/4/98, South Africa
Most enlightening literature and many benefits for me.

Sherri I.,, 2/4/98
I think it is fascinating information and extremely beneficial. It allows you to think for yourself and think in a very positive manner.

Dawn K.,, 2/4/98, South Africa
From the little information I received from a friend, I know that I need this information in order to change my life and make it meaningful. The benefits she has derived from Neo-Tech are unbelievable. I have always been the type of person who wants more out of my life, and I have tried almost every self help, motivation, positive thinking books on the market and none seem to work. I need Neo-Tech so that I can start living!!

A.S.,, 2/4/98
It seems as though people do not want Neo-think online, but I would not value the opinion of someone who is against honesty. I am glad that you are online.

P.N.,, 2/4/98, Slovenia
I think Neo-Tech should remain on the web, because this is the most efficient and cheapest way of spreading the wisdom of Neo-Tech across the world. I didn't expect to find so much Neo-Tech material on the Net when I first tried to search, but I was pleasantly surprised. I feel great about the idea of expanding my knowledge through pages on the Internet. Keep up the good work.

G.V.,, 2/3/98, MEXICO
Keep up the good work.

M.S.,, 2/3/98, England
What better opportunity to break government controlled propaganda and spread the Neo-Tech message than through the WWW? Neo-Tech needs to be on the web. The Internet is the greatest tool for free speech and open debate. As these things continue to happen all over the world across the Internet, governments watch out! Why do you think so many Western governments are trying to restrict and control access to the web?

G.G.,, 2/2/98
Someday I would like to meet the 3 geniuses at Neo-Tech; I have been a regular customer, and have been very delighted with their work. keep it going.

R.H.,, 2/1/98
The Neo-Tech discovery represents the only realistic blue-print for personal success and world-wide prosperity that I have ever encountered.

K.W.,, 2/1/98
I love the way you report both sides. I can say, that as of today I am with you 110%.

S.K.,, 2/1/98, Netherlands
You're giving value to a lot of people.

As a seasoned veteran of the Neo-Tech philosophy, I have gone through all the stages - starting with euphoria, excitement, a personal psychological strength & self confidence. Only recently have I realized the virtue of 'action speak louder than ideas & concepts'. Now the novelty of mere conceptual knowledge seems naive and immature against the actual experience of embracing reality -- running my own business - integrating value exchange and aesthetic-reflection through relationships and the arts -- and above all -- experiencing first hand how the anticivilization is naturally crumbling in front of my very eyes -- both at a micro and macro level. Many thanks to Dr. Wallace (and I particularly admire Mark Hamilton's easy-to-understand writings.

January 1998

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