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J.R.,, 2/28/99
Neo -Tech forever and ever, in print and on the Net.

W.R.,, 2/28/99
I believe in Neo-Tech, Frank R Wallace, and Mark Hamilton. I would love to get rid of all Neo-Cheaters and live forever in a free enterprising world. I will be starting my own business soon.

G.B.,, 2/28/99, Australia
This is really great stuff. I am looking forward to the future with hope.

D.K.,, 2/27/99, Canada
I have never come across something so immensely truthful as the Neo-Tech web site. This site has opened my eyes to a whole new world and dimension I never thought was possible.

A.C.,, 2/27/99
Neo-Tech should and will stay forever. Every thought I have is geared toward collapsing the hoax of mysticism. I have been practicing for three years building honesty within my self and focusing on eliminating all neocheaters w/non violence thanks again.

S.A.,, 2/26/99
Please continue to spread this message! I have captured many advantages and rewards by applying the concepts and techniques of Neo-Tech.

E.F.,, 2/25/99, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech is here to stay, independent of anyone's desires, wishes, whims or feelings. Unlike mysticism, neocheating and irrational income tax whose time are limited. The Neo-Tech web site will inevitably remain as an example of Neo-Tech's permanent status within all our lives to benefit everyone. Check out the negative comments about Neo-Tech for a perfect example of the impotent, flimsy, external authority dependent, dishonest, destructive nature of the mystic, neocheating mind. Then revert back to the down to earth soothing nature of the positive comments about NEO-TECH. ....NEED I SAY MORE!!!

Joni C.,, 2/24/99
Fascinating! Neo-Tech's ideas on mysticism, phony politics, and dishonesty in general, were all quite mind stimulating.

J.H.,, 2/24/99

J.M.,, 2/24/99
Absolutely fascinating.

S.L.,, 2/24/99
Frank Wallace certainly has courage to reveal the secrets of professional cheaters and disguised culprits.

A.S.,, 2/23/99
This is vary valuable Information it really opened up my way of thinking to how life can be. Thank you!

J.M.,, 2/22/99, United Kingdom
Your work has been an inspiration for me.

J.K.,, 2/22/99
Truly astounding.

M.C.,, 2/21/99
NT has helped me identify mysticism. It has helped me focus on creating values for others. It has helped me profit in my new business. It has helped me save valuable time when dealing with difficult people.

B.S.,, 2/21/99
Many positives for me have come out of the literature and more with every read.

J.M.,, 2/21/99
Since reading God-Man, and the rest of Neo-Tech, my life has taken a serious turn toward infinity. I see very large-scale, grand plans for mankind, where I only saw humdrum, day-to-day boring life before. Every day is filled with excitement, and I long to read an article, watch a TV news program, or surf an online article, about just how technically advanced we are becoming. Just think what the world could be like -- right now -- if Plato had Neo-Think! I'm sure that our entire galaxy would have been mapped out, shuttles would be running back and forth to Alpha Centauri and other 'local' systems, and plans would be in the hopper for 'near-galactic' explorations. Science, medicine, technology, biology, you name it. All levels of conscious thought a thousand times more advanced than modern computer technology! Coming from a Roman Catholic, and, Orthodox Jewish upbringing, Neo-Tech is a breath of fresh, fulfilling air, both for my lungs, and my mind!

A.L.,, 2/19/99, Australia
Since discovering Neo-Tech my life has made a dramatic U-turn towards happiness and prosperity. Destructive influences by mystical friends and family have dissolved away, for how can you soar like an eagle when your surrounded by turkeys!

C.S.,, 2/19/99
Received God-Man three days ago, don't want to sleep, talk, watch TV, I've found my missing link. Finally at age 60, life at last. These past couple of days have been so glorious. Having been a student of religions, my despondency is now removed. I now understand the formula.

P.P.,, 2/19/99
I love you people and I'm thirsty for more of your news and encouragement.

D.M.,, 2/19/99
yes, yes, the power gained is slow but growing.

D.S.,, 2/19/99, Switzerland
This is the best I have ever read. Thanks for all the solutions.

D.T.,, 2/17/99
Neo-Tech has delivered valuable information for seizing powerful opportunities. I know that without dishonesty neo-cheater have no where to run and hide from honest values. I have been using Zonpower from cyberspace since august 1998, since then my life has been like the plot of a good soap opera. Now, I want to take control of my destiny and create my own business. I know that integrated thinking will provide the advantage that I need to succeed. I will use all of the neo-tech advantages to secure the ultimate wealth generating sector of my life. More power to Neo-Tech.

D.H.,, 2/16/99
I think you at Neo-Tech are providing valuable information and doing the world-at-large the service of giving it reason to stop and THINK, to ACT rather than reacting.

Kathy C.,, 2/16/99
I find this very interesting. The concepts are reality based, easy to understand but hard to master. Anything that promotes free-will and self-understanding is pure gold on the web. Keep up the good work.

R.C.,, 2/15/99
Thanks for Neo-Tech and for dedicating you time to profitable means!

C.V.,, 2/15/99
Due to Neo-Tech I now feel so much more calm and knowledgeable. I have never felt comfortable with politicians & religious leaders. I therefore never attended church or even registered to vote. However, I would vote for Frank R. Wallace and I would also urge others to do the same!!

D.B.,, 2/15/99
I feel the information is original, direct, and very liberating. It teaches you to take your life into your own hands, and not rely on luck and superstition to get the things that you desire out of life. More importantly, you learn to problem solve in order to produce values, and integrate reality, which simply requires you to think critically.

G.W.,, 2/15/99
I can surely understand why Neo-tech could upset people. If those people applied only 70% of the advantages in the book, the world would become a better place. Remember if the truth is on your side, it will only be a matter of time until everybody knows.

J.U.,, 2/14/99
Even as a child I felt that I was responsible for my own actions but was stopped because I was forced to consider what other external forces dictated. Once I discovered your Neo-Tech power it began to fall into place. A man of the UNIVERSE.

C.B.,, 2/13/99
I know that change only comes from with-in. Defensiveness and insecurities are indeed the blocker of knowledge. Each of our lives are our own, we can make our lives be what ever we want, but you must work for it. I hope this page stays on the internet for all to read.

D.G.,, 2/13/99
I thank you with every ounce of life I have.

T.F.,, 2/12/99
Thank you for opening my eyes. We have a lot of work to do.

C.Y.,, 2/12/99
My friend shared the Website and one of the books with me. What I couldn't know was that I was about to embark on the most incredible discovery of my life! It was as though the lights went on and I saw the world for the first time!! My anger turned to profound awareness and I quite suddenly realized what a wonderful, valuable thing my friend was sharing with me. In my mystical, neo-cheating way of thinking I erroneously believed that he wanted our relationship to end, but in honest reality, he wanted us both to grow in an enlightened and valuable new way. Everyone in their right mind should be re-learning how to live in honesty, prosperity and happiness through Neo-Tech.

D.D.,, 2/11/99
The NT/Zon web site is great! The challenge is utilizing the information on the site in your every day life. There are too many unconscious people walking the streets of the world. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!

L.L.,, 2/8/99, South Africa
I think Neo-Tech should expand. At this very moment, Neo-Tech is the only product that proves the human brain has no limitations. Using Neo-Tech, no one can stand in your way, you can be rich and have everything you dream about. You can make more than twice or ten times the money you are making now.

T.J.,, 2/7/99

P.H.,, 2/7/99
Everyone at Neo-Tech, especially Dr. Wallace, should take a bow! This discovery is truly the most important event in the history of our short-lived existence. However, it is easy to see why so many fear such knowledge. Why would anyone attack honest-value happiness? Is it because honesty calls a fat man fat; and a smoker, coffee-drinker, and a drug-abuser self destructive? My highest recommendation to anyone...get Neo-Tech!

P.G.,, 2/6/99
Neo-Tech must stay on line to help heal the crap infested mysticism junkies misguided ways! Sooner or later they will all realize that this is the TRUTH!

E.B.,, 2/6/99
The more individuals who become introduced to the enlightening N-T messages, the sooner solutions may be activated. Therefore, THANK YOU ALL for all you are doing. And keep up the good work!

E.S.,, 2/5/99
I'd like to use my comments here to give my sincere thanks and appreciation to all those mystics an neocheaters who have posted in the negative comments or who have read the Neo-Tech Web Site and silently 'flipped-it-off' without leaving comments. Without seeing that mechanism at work in you, I probably would have never understood my own mysticism. The most profitable comments I read were the 3 letters from an honest neo-cheater. Can I employ you as one of my caged-comedians in my zoo? Your funny dude :) That job will be my thanks to you, for giving me the full integrated understanding I needed. That being said, I'd like to thank the REAL individuals who are giving me the tools to dig out my mysticism and allow me to profit. Thank you whoever posts the negative comments, for realizing their value to me and others.

Ashley K.,, 2/4/99
Before the birth of our daughter last March, my boyfriend bought the Neo-Tech Discovery and for the next three months he was spending all of his free time reading, reading reading!! He could not put the manuscript down! I wasn't sure what the big deal was until I started reading myself. I was upset that he was not pouring over birthing books with me. This manuscript has done exactly what it said it would do for him. He is now making more money than before and able to WIN in every situation. There is so much I want to express most importantly: thank you. I am so grateful THANK YOU!!!! We look forward to attending a conference or convention in the near future. This information will save my daughters life!! And prepare us for the next century. Thank you again till infinity!

N.M.,, 2/4/99, West Malaysia
Keep up with the good work. Knowledge is Power!

Anon.,, 2/3/99, New Zealand
Neo-Tech is the definitive answer -- no one can make a difference like these guys.

D.L.,, 2/3/99
This site holds more values than I had dreamed possible.

G.W.,, 2/3/99
I would like to see the web site continue to grow so that we can spread the truth. This is the best information I have ever seen that truly explains life and its formulation.

K.H.,, 2/2/99
To remove this site would be a loss to honest individuals who search for a better understanding of ourselves in the pursuit of our place in this world.

G.L.,, 2/2/99
Neo-Tech it is probably the most important web site on the net.

J.A.,, 2/1/99
I love my Neo-Tech book, it has answered all my questions.

January 1999

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