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T.D.,, 2/26/01
This is one of the best sites that I have seen. It would be a shame to lose such valuable information all because of certain people who can't handle the thought of someone being or becoming more powerful than them...

L.M.,, 2/25/01, Mexico
It's the most valuable information I've ever received.

L.M.,, 2/25/01, Mexico
It's the best thing that could ever exist.

K.N.,, 2/25/01
I believe the information on this site to be the absolute answer for today's anti-civilization problem.

T.R.,, 02/24/01, Canada
It is truly amazing. NT has delivered as promised, as reality delivers when we act in harmony with it.

M.K.,, 2/22/01
What is there to say? Neo-Tech freely provides maximum positive input and stimulation on this site; the products they market are unquestionably of high value. In 1987 I bought the Neo-Tech Discovery. It was astonishing to read. I kept buying as new Neo-Tech products became available. I have a college background in math and sciences; this is unnecessary for a person to recognize the common-sense yet hard-science validity of Dr. Wallace's perspectives. I will continue to be a Neo-Tech customer. Thank you.

B.B.,, 2/22/01
The information in this book has, so far, completely blown my mind. I consider it to be THE most valuable purchase I have ever made. I am currently studying computer programming, and working on Ideas for three different businesses.

M. Avgoloupi,, 2/22/01
Neo Tech is an essential part of learning. Taking it off the net is like taking the alphabet out of education.

john,, 2/21/01
Despite all the criticisms, I for one support your efforts. Let the weak minded sheep continue with their myths the rest of us shall prosper

L.S.,, 2/21/01, Guatemala
I read many of the negative comments, and from the ones I read there is none to convince me that it is evil. Besides it is typical for religious people to be frightened. And they always want banned the things they disagree with.

F.R.,, 2/20/01
Yes, this is the most powerful, non-political information Medium in man's history! Expand the site and provide links, forums and information.

M.D.,, 2/20/01
After having read a few of the negative comments about Neo-Tech it is plain to see how right and powerful Neo-Tech truly is. Those negative voices are clearly fanatics who would rather live a quiet life of desperation than enjoy all the benefits that life and Neo-Tech have to offer.

a.r.,, 2/19/01
'The human organism must experience emotions in order to Psychologically live. If a person continually diminishes self-awareness or represses emotions, that person will steadily lessen his or her capacity to feel emotions. To compensate for that deadening of feelings (thus a deadening of life), that person must take increasingly stronger measures to feel something until the only feeling left to feel is pain.' That excerpt is from this website and is quite simply the most profoundly true statement I have ever read. That is exactly what happened to me, that nearly killed me, before Neo-Tech saved me. I rationalized destructive actions through non-real and delusional mysticisms. I wish every one would read this website front to back, I feel like a kid on christmas morning every time I come here!

V.H.,, 2/19/01, Canada
I am a proud owner of several Neo-Tech Books. My life is changed by the Neo-Tech knowledge I ingested from these works.

B.B.,, 2/19/01, australia
Neo-Tech has opened my mind up and now I can see people and different situations for what they really are.

R.L.,, 2/18/01

r.c.,, 2/18/01
Neo-Tech is the antidote to the prevailing sickness that hinders society, from achieving the pinnacle essence of existence.

j.c., ., 2/15/01
Neo-Tech is the answer for world happiness, love , prosperity, and the antcivilization.

Ray C. d.I.,, 2/15/01
I find that N-T is very useful in running one's own business and climbing out of the quagmire of working for someone else.

A.S.,, 2/14/01, GERMANY
Definitely I want Neo-Tech to remain on the web; for it's the only consistent myth-smashing force on the planet today.

C.H.,, 2/13/01, England
Neo-Tech and the Long Wave are the greatest discoveries in our long history... it would be a sin against our God-man creators to take Neo-Tech of the net. Frank Wallace, Eric Savage, Mark Hamilton and all value producers I salute you!

William,, 2/13/01, Universe
Take this communication as my 'howdy fellow traveler'. I just can't tell you how many bulls eye's you threw mentally that I saw within just a few minutes of inspecting your site. Truly astonishing marksmanship that I was compelled to tip my hat to. Good mental work. I again congratulate you for the excellence of your thought and wish you a good life.

M.G.,, 2/13/01
Neo-Tech is great.

W.B.,, 2/13/01
Have been searching for over 30 years for this type of confirmation to my intuitive self. Thank you for your efforts and may we all grow.

K.T.,, 2/13/01, West Malaysia
Excellent literature!!!! I have read Neo-Tech and I have used it and today it makes me a better person. For the last 3 years after having my first Neo-Tech literature, never before I seen the Cosmic powers that works for me but also for everyone who have neo-tech knowledge. Neo-Tech teaches me to be self aware of those people who neo-cheats everyday and every moment. I can actually see those neo-cheating scheme practiced by neo-cheaters. Thanks a million Neo-Tech.

B.C.,, 2/12/01
The Neo Tech message is an important one.

G.S.,, 2/11/01

J.L.,, 2/11/01
YES! Having found Neo-Tech from a Reason magazine ad/interview back in 1981, I have ordered much valuable information for myself and as gifts for those I love. I have NEVER been disappointed or felt 'ripped-off.' It's a building PROCESS (not an EVENT of reading a book) to understand and benefit from, by implementation, the integrations of honesty into all.

E.H.,, 2/11/01
This is one of the best books I have had the opportunity to read in my lifetime.

Cynthia,, 2/10/01
I am a changed person after reading the neo-tech books...thank you all for my, as well as everyone else's, brighter outlook.

Vasemaca.Loki,, 2/10/01, Australia
I was completely bowled over by the factual data i read in chapters 6-21 of the Neo-Tech Discovery on your web site. My eyes have opened up so much to how we as a populace have been ripped off by the so called parasitical elites of governments and bureaucracies.

S.M.,, 2/10/01, Kenya
Hi, this is great stuff. I love science and technology but most of all, you guys are doing a wonderful thing for mankind, for life, wow!

B.A.,, 2/9/01, Canada
I have been reading Neo-Tech Discovery for almost 1 year. Now on my second reading. My life has changed a lot for the better.

Robert D Schneider,, 2/9/01
I have never read anything so breathtaking in my 36 years of life .You might say That I Have been Reborn. So please stay on line or it Might Be the Death of Us All...!!!!!!! Give those Neocheater hell. You have the rats running into the walls now lets burn the building and get rid of them all.

James Stauffer,, 2/9/01
As a long time owner of neo-tech's values and belief structure it holds true .... there is no other system out there that holds true... period the work they have done is fundementaly proven to work period.

:William-David :Jones-Cook.,, 2/8/01, C
I have never in all n my 61 years of life on this planet been so moved by what little I managed to read as I printed off what seemed to be the equivalent of a small forest. It will take me some time to digest the total printed. Being an old hippie, I have only this to say:- WOW!!

R.M.,, 2/8/01
The most powerful discovery in history.

L.S.,, 2/7/01
I believe the best way to rid society of anti-civilization is for neo-tech to promote the idea of self government. The present system was fine in horse and buggy days, but is no longer needed. It just doesn't make sense to have a handful of people making laws for several hundred million people.

D. H.,, 2/7/01
Neo-tech is an enlightenment of the mind body and soul. All you nay sayers are just closed minded, weak individuals who really need to examine your own lives!

J.I.,, 2/6/01, Malaysia
I find the whole literature inspiring.

S.F.,, 2/6/01, Australia
Might I ask what motivation or individual(s) could want the Neo-tech site closed ? Obviously only those blinded by the likes of insidious religion or whatever alternate mystical belief dominate their lives and prevents them from thinking for themselves. I always knew deep down that many so called leaders (political, religious, educational..) are leaders only in name and use their position for the lazy acquisition of power over others so as to live without contributing any meaningful values. And, having read most of the book I now clearly understand how the ultimate and tragic hoax of 'external authorities' (god & the like) has stifled the development of human consciousness. Surely, the Neo Tech site and related materials are integral in negotiating the nuclear threshold and allowing humanity to develop the mentality and technology to successfully make the transition into the next level of consciousness, for without this transition our species has a limited life span.

N.L.,, 2/6/01
Neo-tech is the one of the most valuable discoveries ever made.

A.A.,, 2/6/01
I read Mark Hamilton's 'The Story.' It's beautifully written. I was smiling one moment and choking on my tears the next - all through the novel. And it elucidated libertarian ideas beautifully. The concept of Zon and God-Man actually makes sense - a very logical conclusion about the direction a true free-market economy would take. Of course we'll all be immortal if the medical field is allowed to innovate unfettered by the government. It hurts me to realize that the government is killing my grandparents as I type this. :( So. Keep this site going.

Nick,, 2/5/01
Bottom line -- All each of us needs to do is make it happen for ourselves (Fully Integrated Honesty), and the C of U will simply 'occur overnight' !!

Nick,, 2/5/01
I am emotionally integrated with the struggle identified, accepted, started, and maintained by John Flint and Frank Wallace. And on that glorious day when we are together on the beaches of the world celebrating the end of the asshole-civilization (I mean anticivilization) I want to personally shake the hand, hug, and kiss the man who simply DAY-AFTER-DAY DID WHAT IT TOOK TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

D.V.,, 2/5/01
I am new to this site and will continue to be a active reader of all this grand knowledge. I am so grateful to FRW and his work. I am honored to be a Neo-Techer.

F.C.,, 2/4/01, England
It is truly mind-blowing.

ben,, 2/2/01
I am very new to this, however my earnings have doubled in 3 months directly due to neo-tech

R.N.,, 2/1/01
It's really deep stuff and I can't get enough of it.

H.B.,, 2/1/01
Everybody need your site. The information is of the utmost importance.

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