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L.T.,, 2/27/02
In 55 years of life, Neo-Tech is the most valuable information I have received.

J.S.,, 2/25/02
Dir sirs, I have never written you before. I have spent the last year studying neo-tech and integrating the psychuous concepts into my thought pattern and not a day goes by that I'm am not amazed at how powerfully and wonderfully neo-tech has changed my o utlook on life. I use the word 'changed' reluctantly because I do not feel that neo-tech has altered my thinking pattern as much as it has freed my mind from the unrelenting dishonesties of this anticivilization, allowing me to return to that beautifully vivid state of mind of my early childhood that I can hardly recall now. I am so happy now at the freedom and peacefulness I now feel, more free than I've ever felt in my life. I am now empowered to carve my own destiny in life and each day I find more str ength to resist and overpower all neo-cheaters and their mystical deceptions. I cannot watch the evening news without being filled with disgust at the lies I was powerless to perceive previous to neo-tech. I am writing to say thank you. Thank you all so v ery much for helping me become truly free for the first time ever in my life.

D.C.,, 2/25/02
Neo-Tech literature has had a profound impact on my life. Neo-tech is must reading for understanding the way of mankind. You guys are a beacon of light.

C.P.,, 2/24/02
I am new to the Neo Tech concepts and am applying what I have learned to my life. I am happier and enjoy life better and better each day!

Anon,, 2/24/02
Hello. I just felt the strong need to write to you and tell you what an absolutely WONDERFUL experience I am having reading "The Story"! I must say it is some of the best reading that I have had the privilege to experience in a very long time. I am not even half way through it, but I became so excited that I HAD to write! I was sent this story from a man whom I love and respect deeply and very much, and he will never know how grateful I am that he was gracious enough to share this with me. He said that it moved him to tears several times (Thats when you KNOW it is good stuff :) I have to say that for me it is wonderful and frustrating at the same time and I am sure I am going to experience a lot more of these feelings as I continue to read on. I ju st wanted to say Thank you, in advance, for such an absolutely fascinating and awesome story! Its the Best! Sincerely, Cathy

t.e.,, 2/23/02
Neo-Tech is powerful, this is what I've searched for, neo-cheaters watch out!

Thomas,, 2/23/02
I have to say that this site has passed my hopes and expectations. At first, I thought it was all hype but I am now convinced that it should definitely stay online and educate the masses of all the injustices that is being created and exploited in the nam es of God, country, and selfish immorality. Neo-tech is the key that humanity need in times like present when there are too many evils and so few beacons of hope and light.

l.b.,, 2/19/02
neo-tech will stay on the internet, because the voice of honesty... goodness and values and business and good health and a better life is irresistible. who wouldn't want to become wealthy by being the person that they were meant to be?

J. J.,, 2/18/02
I really do appreciate the Neo-Tech info. It helped me realize my potential as a soon-to-be aviation electronics technician. Even better is the knowledge that I hold the keys to my own advancement as demonstrated in your miraculous literature. I receive r enewed excitement every time I read your website, in every sense revitalizing my incredible ambition I never would have known to carry without your help. Thank-you, ever so greatly.

D.Y., ., 2/15/02
The more people that know about Neo-Tech and apply what they learn, we may possibly witness the next evolution of mankind.

,, 2/11/02
Love your stuff!!! Love those negative comments, gee the bible belt is awful sensitive isn't it?

Ralph R. H.I.,, 2/11/02
A solid foundation of integrated honesty, creates an unlimited power transfer to the individual person. This power enables the individual to alter his/her reality to the best and highest of achievements.

B.M.,, 2/11/02, CANADA

Mike,, 2/10/02
Neo-Tech is amazing. It would be a true sin if this website were taken offline. It has helped me tremendously in my quest to dominate my life instead of letting my life dominate me. Can't say enough.

Ralph G,, 2/7/02
The 'Story' captivated me and I could not stop reading. Many of my questions about life have been answered and it has opened my mind to creativity and power

Gerald,, 2/7/02
You are very intelligent and you write better than Stephen King!

C.L.,, 2/7/02
The more people that see this information the better off our world will be.

Al,, 2/7/02
This story has opened my eyes to things I have missed out on as a child and as grownup . If I'd of had some as remarkable as Miss Annabelle I would of been a better educated man and human being , THANK YOU I now see things I've been missing in my life.

DD,, 2/7/02
Mark, that is the most touching story I have ever read and I wish with all of my heart that I could have had the privilege of that kind of informed explanation when I was growing up. Love has always been such a wonderful gift for me but I just have not h ad the experience of sharing with anyone the way I thought it should be. It is never too late to learn and I have learned so much from Neo-Tech. I have gained much power. It's me again, just finished chapter 5 and I am relishing every word. It is so beautifully executed.

Garwin E R.,, 2/7/02
I have read most of everything you have written in the last ten years, and have always been supremely happy with the values delivered, but you have struck 'pure gold' with this book, and have made it not only easy but enjoyable to warm one's attention of involvement with Neo-Think. ll done, kudos, kudos, KUDOS.

K. K.,, 2/7/02
I am the 51-year-old home-school teacher of a six-year-old girl. This is the best, most informative story for children I have ever read! It explains my thoughts, exactly, in a way much better than I could ever have done. You are a wonderful person.

Beth R,, 2/7/02
I am a long time reader and practitioner of 114 Neo-Tech Advantages. This is my second time reading 'The Story' and it has renewed a passion within me that I had thought was lost. Since the events of September 11th, I have felt a void in my life. Happ iness seemed unattainable anymore due to the chaotic reality of life. It was not until I reread Ms. Annabelle's encounter with the school board that I realized that life can only cause you pain as long as you inflict it upon yourself. Sure, there are ma niacal people with hate in their hearts in the world but there are also beautiful souls who love and continue to produce and create values even when the world looks bleak. I long to live purposefully by adding and creating values for others. I would love to become a teacher; to be able to enrich young lives and minds with logic and fully-integrated honesty. I would like to pursue this career but do not wish to enter the t raditional public school system. Should I take Montessori Training or is there another discipline you recommend? In the past, Neo-Tech Publishing has mentioned the creation of Neo-Tech Schools. Are there any in existence at this time? If so, where and do you have a contact? I would very much enjoy working in this type of value-productive environment.

HORUS,, 2/7/02
BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO. A Job, Well one.

Stephen,, 2/7/02
Wonderful novel. This is fabulous. I have been lost in the details of work and career with little actual big success-sales work can be very tough. Finding and building one's dream gets lost in the shuffle and scuffle. I just finished Chapter 2 of 'The Sto ry', it is a wonderful way to re-cap, review, and point out the forest despite the trees for me. I feel a reawakening happening. I note the polite tact and extreme good manners of the main character. Too many people forget this sort of outward behavior. It can be very effective in dealing with those of poor character-a sort of political guerrilla people-handling tool. Remarkably well written. Truly excellent. I have an M.S. and read a lot. I feel qualified to say this is a wonderfully easy to read, clea r and insightful narrative. Yes. Wonderfully insightful. Remarkable. I do not now feel a need to finish my morning coffee. My brain has already just been pleasantly awakened.

Kurt,, 2/6/02
I have read 'The Story' on Neo-Tech's web site and want to inform you that even on the first reading, it has literally changed my life! And yes, I am going to read it even more deeply the second time. 'The Story' has ignited the dream within of being able to overcome obstacles such as those experienced by Ms. Annabelle. Your work in 'The Story' invokes the desire to obtain invincibility through full honesty, striking down those who would destroy if g iven the permission. Permission being the failure to act honestly on one's own behalf. I admire your work in 'The Story' and I know it is something everyone in the world needs. Please keep 'The Story' available! Without it, those stuck in the rut of anticivilization will continue to sink, never discovering and entering the C of U.

EARL,, 2/6/02
Hello Mr. mark Hamilton, I wish I had , had a teacher like miss Annabel, when I was in the 3rd. grade .I think this article or story about miss Annabel , should be required reading in the schools .. , religious , and secular .. my own life has been a dre ary one , influenced by the 'church' and 'prudish' adults .. at 68 years , looking back over my life , I find that I never really knew what true love meant .. many of my generation , equated the physical 'act' as being 'in love' restroom 'graffiti' in th e lower grades, were often our guide to sexual pleasure .. being from a very dysfunctional home , where our parents never showed any 'open affection' before us, hugs , kisses, praise etc. was not a way to encourage us as grown men , to know 'what to do' i n ways of pleasing our wives .. I am just a 'layman' no degrees etc. but I hope with all of my being, that society will keep on 'evolving' so that there will be 'happiness in the male , female relationships ' thanks for opening my mind to other views abou t life !!!! and where mankind is headed.

Alan L,, 2/6/02
In my 54 plus years of reading, this has been the most profound, eye-opening literature I've ever read. A positive step for human-kind. Neo-Tech should definitely be taught in schools. I wish I had had a teacher like Miss Annabelle instead of one like Ms. Minner!!

Gordon B,, 2/6/02
An excellent moving, heart warming and emotional format to convey to the world populace all of the C. of U. honesty, perspectives and advantages vs. the A.C. dishonesty, perspectives and disadvantages. Gordon

Andy,, 2/6/02
The Story is Absolutely brilliant, when can we expect to see the film.

David k,, 2/6/02
I haven't enjoyed reading something so much since The Book. It is now 3:20 a.m. and it is only out of shear exhaustion that I stop. I would like to personally thank you for this story and many others. My only wish is that everyone could get their hands on this information. Please continue spreading the truth (honesty)!

Rufus W,, 2/6/02
This is the best story I have ever read. Thank You, Rufus, age73.

Leon K,, 2/6/02
I think his intent is to bring out the HUMAN in all of us. To see, feel, and act on the real in us. I believe The Story's objective is to set up an understanding for the masses, who get mired in over analyzing and lazily shrugging off the obvious reality. As so bluntly put 'to be or not to be' :0) Overall the work instills a hard driving determination towards a better, happier place for all.

CJ,, 2/6/02
The Story is the most stunning novel I have ever read, Mark Hamilton deserves the 'Booker Prize' for creating a modern masterpiece. Literature has the power to change society for good or bad... The Story has the power to dig deep into individuals psyches and help us progress upward into a better and happier world. The one emotion that I think I took away from The Story above all others is love... a love for mans mind and what it can rise to, when freed from the constraints of an anticivilization.

Carey Y,, 2/6/02
Your Story is the most incredible, powerful thing I've ever read. It truly puts into real perspective the Neo-Tech principles, disciplines, etc. I'm sharing it with my 12-year old and am seeing with a visual and mental clarity how I need to be HIS Miss An nabelle...and to my other two children as they begin their education beyond infancy. Words of thanks are hardly enough for what you have brought out for mankind. I simply cannot articulate the explosion of hope in so many areas of my life going on inside of me now. I have a whole new outlook on life and I know where I belong. But I do hav e one question: How do I help change the world to bring Neo-Tech to everyone? Heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

David C,, 2/6/02
I've only completed two chapters of your story so far, but it's already touched something deep inside me. I know this because a swell of emotions come up and makes me cry. I remember reading somewhere that crying because of happiness comes from years of r epressed emotions...well, I'm not sure if that's true or not, but it has touched me so far. I absolutely love hearing about people that care. Annabelle really truly cares about her students, and that makes me happy. There are several homeless people who live around me here in Boston and I feel like going out and giving them food right now...a li ttle inconvenience for me, but a BIG deal for them. That feels good too. I see where you are going...I run my own Internet business and am constantly thinking of new ways to create value for people...more ways to make money. I already have a 'staff' of people around the world that I pay for advertising services. My business gr ew 10 fold last year. I grossed almost a quarter million last year! And I'm still in my twenties! I really wish there were people like Annabelle out there. I don't know any. The only person who comes close, the only person who really encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit, was my mother. God bless her. All my teachers in high school and college sucked. I got a 'D' in every business class I took because I wasn't afraid to challenge what the tenured professor was saying. Anyway...I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Just thought I'd send a quick comment. You're awesome.

D.H.,, 2/6/02
I can feel the positive effects already. Neo-Tech is the proper way to the future.

JGM,, 2/5/02
I just had to send you another compliment on this publication. This story is awesome. This is really something new, different, and exciting. It really gets down to practical application of the NT philosophy. I have noticed from my participation on lists with other NTers that many of the newbies are constantly asking for examples of practical application. Well, I believe that you have really done that with this story. I have been speed reading with a vengeance for the past three evenings and I am totally into this story! You have presented so many of your concepts in a way that should be receptive to a vast majority of people out there. That is absolutely essential in order to spread the word to the majority of people. I definitely think that you are on the right track here. This is great work in progress. I would also like to repeat my request from last night. Please publish this gem. I want to own a bound volume of this publication. I can not wait to sit down with my son and read this with him. It is Neo-Tech in a very digestible nutshell! Now, back to my reading!!

Stephen B.,, 2/5/02
Unbelievable. I am exhausted and elated at the same time. It's as though I've glimpsed a parallel world, like sitting on a stationary train and seeing a beautiful girl on a train parallel to mine, but on a different track. She smiles fleetingly, her tra in begins to pull away from mine, and she is off to a destination unknown to me. Her image will continue to haunt me. I wonder whether I have the emotional strength to return to my job this afternoon. My job is TO WATCH PEOPLE DIE. Some slowly, others more quickly. Sometimes I can retard the process, often I can ease their pain, but the final outcome is always the sam e. Mr. Hamilton, you have brought upon yourself a weighty mantle of responsibility to take humanity out of a long Dark Age. The world must sense its' need to evolve in the strongest possible emotional terms. I will pass 'The Story' along, but more is needed . The task ahead of you and your colleagues is Herculean. But you MUST succeed. You do not have a choice. There are hundreds of us poised to help you in any way possible, but only you and Dr. Wallace can determine what, when and how that should be.

a.s.g. ,, 2/5/02
Very interesting stuff. It empowers the mind

Avajo G,, 2/3/02
I've only read 3 chapters and already your story has moved me more than any other story I've read. Its a good read and I learn some things as well. You've always been my favorite Neo-Tech author. Dr. Wallace is ok but I don't always understand his stuff. Eric Savage is ok too, but it doesn't really move me emotionally like your writings. I don't always mean in a good way. Sometimes you piss me off and sometimes you sadden me and at times I resent you for making me see through the pretty illusions woven by 'them'. Sometimes I wish I didn't know anything and lived in a state of blissful ignorance. But I love you. you have probably saved my life. I still have a long way to go on my path to rational thinking but I know that when I finally make the jump I wont even miss the old ways. That's all I have to say for now my friend.

C.H.,, 2/3/02, United Kingdom
Have just read the Neo-Tech world summit article... Snookering Libertarians, Objectivists, and Muslims. After reading this wonderful speech from the summit I found myself pacing up and down my room unable to calm down as my heart started racing and a sur ge of uncontrollable happiness welled up inside me like I have never experienced in my life. I found myself clenching my fists and tightening my body as the joy I felt became almost overwhelming, to the point that it became almost 'painful' as if it were too much joy for one person to contain. Even now, a half-hour after reading the article I feel that every cell of my body is tingling. The way I feel is almost impossible to put into words. To put it simply, I feel alive. I am a long time Neo-Tech owner b ut nothing has given me such a feeling of joy as this article. I guess it is the first time that I have fully grasped that the civilization of the universe really is not only possible, but is starting to become a reality now, today, this minute.

,, 2/3/02
The most wonderful story I have ever read. Inspirational, almost overwhelming. This story of what Neo-Tech will do for the human race must reach everyone. I can feel the genuine love that you have for each member of this human race. I know a mind could n ot produce such a beautiful and powerful story of what we can be, of where we can go, of where we are going, of what we will become. No words can explain my appreciation, only my actions. Every time I read Neo-Tech literature, which is almost daily now, I become armed with it's power, I thirst for more, I become more. The value of my life and all human life increases, to the point that nothing else is more important than preserving and improving all human life. What a simple concept, yet impossible task i n this upside down anticivilization. Until now. Thank you Frank Wallace and Mark Hamilton for starting the Neo-Tech revolution that says no to death and yes to life. What a simple but wonderful concept. Citizens of the C of U are out here, and I return th e love and passion for life that you so consistently give.

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