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J.L.,, 2/28/03
Don't you dare take this web page down.

John,, 2/28/03, UK
Neo-Tech is great stuff.

T.L.,, 2/27/03, Canada
I am completely blown away by how easily you have debunked the religious myths that I have had to live with all my life. I was raised as a Roman Catholic and I have known that something was wrong with religion since I was 13 years old when I stopped going to Mass and did not suffer any adverse consequences that all my religious leaders said I would. Thank you for making thing so clear.

j. l. h,, 2/25/03
I think that the Neo-tech discovery should be in every public library and school for everybody.

P.G.,, 2/25/03
As I read the information, I visualize what is happening all over the world at this time. Everything now makes sense.

T.C.,, 2/25/03
Neo-tech has opened my eyes, that is for certain. It must stay on the web for everyone to be to find, it is a masterpiece.

r.s.,, 2/24/03
I am 36 and have never read this amount of info or been so engrossed in my entire life! Its fantastic!

Diana,, 2/24/03
I found your site to be helpful about topics in romantic-love.

J.V.,, 2/23/03
When I first read Neo-Tech I couldn't believe the changes in the way I looked at EVERYTHING around me. I became far more prosperous in a very short period of time.

J.T.,, 2/23/03
Neo-tech allows us to look beyond what is on the surface into what is.

J.M.,, 2/21/03
This book has been the single most helpful book I have read. The business chapters have been a tremendous source of guidance and has sparked many of my own ideas for my network marketing business, and also my job. Thank you to all that have put this great wealth of knowledge out there for everyone!

Shane,, 2/20/03
Neo-Tech blows me away. All you have to do is stop and pay attention, with an open-mind and see what is going on in this world. This is great work that has been done. A service to all human-beings.

D.C.,, 2/19/03
The Neo-Tech information is valuable. The way we live has change dramatically. I have become more conscientious about how we live. It helps me to look into the mind of others and realize how we can help and how we can destroy each other. It gives me hope when all else has failed. I will keep on learning, reading and applying the concepts.

D.G.,, 2/19/03
The puzzle pieces are snapping together.

r.f.,, 2/19/03
Very enlightening, I feel more enlivened and renewed after the first reading.

B.H.,, 2/16/03
I actually Consider Neo Tech a medical breakthrough. Probably the greatest since the smallpox vaccine. I look forward to seeing a Nobel prize come from this. CONGRADULATIONS

K.P.,, 2/15/03, United State
The illusions of the anticivilization are becoming very clear and I am only about a third of the way though (THE BOOK). I am so glad that I purchased the books.

M.M.,, 2/13/03, ENGLAND

D.M.,, 2/11/03
Neo-Tech is a masterpiece

MOD,, 2/10/03, Singapore
This site should be on the net as people should know the reality of how things go in this world

e.r.,, 2/10/03, Victoria , Australia
This is an absolutely fantastic book. Hope that all people read this, the sooner they do, the sooner we will all be very happy, healthy, loving and rich and live in complete harmony with each other

J.N.,, 2/10/03
I purchased the Neo-Tech manuscript in 1992 and I still find myself referring to it. It is the best commonsense material about life and the real world, and the best philosophy to deal with it out there.

J.O.,, 2/8/03, puerto rico or united states territory
I am about ready to start my business and I couldn't have gone this far without the use of neo-tech cosmic business control. But my biggest thanks goes for the writing of the most beautiful piece of literature I have ever read in my life-the neo-tech disc overy. I am now a proud neo-tech atheist, and I am ready for eternal life through scientific breakthroughs. God the son ZON=GOD,ZON=MAN

s.r.,, 2/6/03
This is awesome information about love, money, power, success and life in general. I have never even thought about any of that stuff from that angle. Your books provide a very unique and revealing perspective on all the important aspects of our existence, and they provide us with an opportunity to make most of it

,, 2/6/03
Any philosophy that gets so called Christians saying that they would like to see you and your loved ones dead, beaten, raped etc., has got to be on the right path! I guess they are not so loving if they do not agree with you. Keep it up.

I.M.,, 2/5/03, France
This site is a philosophical Swiss army knife and I consider it essential for people like myself who are struggling value producers/creators.

D.M.,, 2/4/03
It's been an eye-opening experience. THANKS!

C.A.,, 2/3/03
It has changed my life for the better. And it has helped me build a successful life.

R.K., HUGHES.COM, 2/1/03
Hi Emma, Don't ever get rid of your website. Cyberspace is where it's at. Information is at your finger tips. I have tons of Neo-Tech books/tapes at home. I've had a lot of fun with Neo-Tech over the last 20 years. I've really 'rocked some foundations'! T he 'negatives' people write about Neo-Tech and some of those people really scare me. I live in the same country they do, what the heck are they thinking!

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