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D.C.,, 1/31/98
The Neo-Tech web pages are the best in cyberspace and should stay on the web. Your web site reaches untold people.

S.F.,, 1/31/98
The Neo-Tech Literature is most intellectually stimulating. I like the ideas about benevolence toward individual rights. Long live Neo-Tech!!!!!!!

D.M.,, 1/31/98
Neo-Tech is the way to go, finely the truth is out, keep up the good work, thanks to Dr. Wallace and the Internet.

R.W.,, 1/30/98
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it I could not put it together. Thank you Mr. Wallace and all the NEO-TECH GROUP FOR THE REAL LIFE AND THE TEACHING OF FULL HONESTY.

R.V.,, 1/30/98

H.H.,, 1/30/98
Greetings and salutations NEO THINKERS. I have just returned from the movie 'Titanic'. And you could almost swear the script was written by Mark Hamilton. The script was an uncanny resemblance to a story written by Mark Hamilton in his 1989 Zonpower. When we reach around 80 to 85 we look back on our lives as if it was yesterday. How 50 years of our lives is but a dot in the ocean of time. The 'Titanic script writers must have utilized Mark's summary from his book, by having Rose as an 85 year old thinking back to her time as a young lady and reminiscing on her time on that tragic voyage. See the movie and read the article in Mark Hamilton's Pincer 2. you will see the similarity. Neo-Tech is on the big screen already.

S.B.,, 1/30/98
I have been excited about Neo-Tech since I first came back to it in 1984. That was after I had bounced away from it on first contact because of the mystical bubble I had been living in ( The Neo-Tech package volumes 1-5 were sooo evil, on first perusal, I was afraid to try to burn them). Here I am fourteen years later, still trying to eliminate the personal mysticism that I have been insidiously fettered with, knowing this is the year I am going to escape the a.c. for the C of U. Once I decided to read Neo-Tech I had no problems understanding what I read. But it can take a long time to put into practice if your personal mysticism won't let you comprehend it.

Lynda L.,, 1/29/98
I need more information. I am soaking this up like a sponge.

A.H.,, 1/28/98
You have some revolutionary ideas. This site might just save the world. I'm also trying to get the word out to everyone. I keep telling them that they got to see this.

D.K.,, 1/28/98
It's interesting and entertaining.

R.L.,, 1/27/98
Thank you very much for the opportunity to give you some feed-back. Last August, I had a $1000/wk cocaine habit and hadn't seen my child in month's. I called my Ex-wife in deep despair, she 'turned me on' to Neo-Tech. Now I live a guilt free existence free of drugs and focused on value production. I've been able to get my life back together and I am leading a happier life. I just wish I had discovered this earlier. Once again thank you.

Anon.,, 1/27/98
I hope you can help a lot of people and I believe you have already done so. I believe you will have continuous success.

W.E.,, 1/26/98
Keep the information coming. Plato & co. have done too much damage already.

A.F.,, 1/26/98
Neo-Tech is a real eye opener.

L.D.,, 1/26/98
The Neo-Tech web site is great!

G.S.,, 1/26/98, England
This site is AMAZING! I've never found so much useful and beneficial information on just one site. Keep up the good work!

D.P.,, 1/25/98
I love life and I'm ready for the neo-tech world, I love the knowledge and life changing material . THANK YOU.

S.F.,, 1/25/98
Neo-Tech and the 114 concepts that Frank R. Wallace has developed has changed my life. I am more in control of my life since reading the materials. I thank personally Frank for changing my life. You are one of the greatest value-producer of information I will probably ever read.

M.A.,, 1/24/98
Very Profound. Much more useful than the glut of self help books currently in bookstores.

J.C.,, 1/23/98
Since discovering your material, my life has been slowly improving day-by-day. Struggling with personal mysticism has been rough but, each wall that goes down opens new opportunities. Plus it's really easy to see right through the tons of useless information being peddled and dismiss it without a second thought.

S.B.,, 1/23/98
I am 52 years old have always strived to lead a honest productive life, I've been ripped off and cheated many many times. I have been amazed by the site, since then I find myself getting right in the face of neocheaters and exposing them for there dastardly deeds I love it and want to know more, keep going neo-tech and thank you.

I.S.,, 1/22/98
Great reading, my eyes have been opened.

Anon.,, 1/22/98
Great Stuff.

B.R.,, 1/22/98
I have read much of your site -- I am living in the light once again. Thank you.

C.L.,, 1/22/98
This site is the embodiment of freedom of speech, thought, and consciousness with respect to the individual.

S.W.,, 1/21/98
Only an idiot would want to take this site off the Web. Had I been in possession of this information 15 to 20 yrs ago I'm sure my success in life would be much more advanced. I originally purchased the Neo-Tech manual in 1990. I was in a destructive marriage and going nowhere fast. Initially I studied the concepts and the related information and began to benefit. Then as time went by my life slowly started eroding as I had stopped using the material. This last year I started using the computer and found this site. I started reading again and low and behold, I understood more of the advantages, more of the theory, I really believe that I grasp the concept much more concretely. Suddenly, in a flash I understood what a Neo-cheater (a.k.a. lying, rationalizing, manipulating, piece of manure) was. I had done it myself, I had it done to me, I saw it happen to others. Wow, what a revelation! In the back of my mind I always new that it was wrong(Neo-cheating), but couldn't control it. Frank was (and is) precisely correct when he states that Neo-cheaters can't really be 'caught in the act', however you are aware of them 'doing it'. Since starting over on the Neo-Tech material I have been offered a position in an executive placement firm as the Operational Manager. The owner of the company hired me not because of education, schooling or knowledge but because I was very HONEST, demonstrated INTEGRITY and wanted to PRODUCE THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE VALUES FOR OTHERS! I was immediately offered a salary (plus bonuses) that was more than double the amount I had ever made! My hat's off to you. Eric Savage's advantages on business are excellent. A tremendous amount of useful information. I would like to see more business info. Thanks Dr. Wallace for putting the 'how to' information out there for everyone.

T.B.,, 1/21/98
Neo-Tech has certainly changed my life and my thinking. Integrated honesty is the only way to live. For the first time one truly grasps the feeling of living and what life is truly like and how truly more wonderful it will surely be when the planet earth is The Civilization of the Universe. Zon Forever and long live humanity.

J.W.,, 1/21/98
This information is too important to be stifled.

B.R.,, 1/21/98
I find you site to be very interesting and I look forward to the site becoming larger. Every day I come to this site and read a little bit more about your discovery.

C.C.,, 1/21/98
Neo-Tech is Awesome. Neo-Tech has the answers. It gives you the power to use your own mind, to go to yourself for answers. Neo-Tech will stay on the web. Don't worry about that. The more Neo-Tech spreads, and people see the light, the world will automatically change. It's happening now, and will continue to happen. Then, maybe all these neocheating close minded people, will start to realize just how bad they really are, while we're miles ahead of them in creating our own lives.

J.B.,, 1/20/98
This web site is, and will continue to be, the conduit through which all honest people may come to experience an existence proper for human beings. The most CRUCIAL aspect of which is 'THE COMPLETE, TOTAL, ABSOLUTE FORBIDDENCE OF THE 'INITIATION OF FORCE OR FRAUD AGAINST ANY INDIVIDUAL, OR HIS PROPERTY, BY ANYONE, FOR ANY REASON, FOREVER! AMEN.' Let Honesty and the Law of Justice take center stage in uniting Man. Thanks to all at Neo-Tech.

Michelle L.,, 1/20/98
I really enjoyed reading your was fun....most sites are boring and have no interesting facts.

N.E.,, 1/20/98
We must all work on our ultimate highest goal before it's too late. Before the neo-cheaters and the mislead destroy what advancement human civilization has achieved. To those still in question or cannot grasp the full concept, try reading Ayn Rand's books. I had to read some of her literature to understand Neo-Tech's wider concepts. To Dr.Wallace and Neo-Tech Pub.staff; Let me just say your work and efforts are much appreciated. You are the benefactors of Mankind. United we will make this knowledge available to the mislead and knock the authoritative neo-cheaters off their lazy and dishonest platforms with a simple
sense of rationality.

M.G.,, 1/20/98
Discovered you web site four days ago and have not been able to think about too much more since. To use one of your descriptions from the 'Global Power' site; I'm like the student who just went away to college and has been introduced to all new idea's. It's great to get really excited again at 48 years old. It's never too late! Thanks.

R.W.,, 1/20/98
I must tell you. I grew up in tobacco country. I planted the seeds in plantbeds, the plants in the field, fertilized it, cultivated it, wormed it, picked it, tied it, cured it, took it to the auction house, dipped it, chewed it, smoked it in pipes, cigarettes, cigars and quit it in 1973 along with quitting alcohol cold turkey, in less than 10 days I was carried to the Hospital from the withdrawal symptoms, I could hardly talk. I was in and out of the hospital for several years. I continued eating sugar on everything. I eat pies, cakes, candy, coca cola, soft drinks, sweetened coffee, ice tea etc, I was on and off crutches until August 1994 I Quit all sugar, caffeine, second hand smoke, I drink only tap water after boiling it and straining it through a coffee filter. I drink about 100 oz's a day. I retired my crutches and have not used them since 1994. I am in my seventies and can run, climb steps and I have more strength now than I have had in my adult life. I am happier now than ever. I give all my good health credit to NEO-TECH. I AM A NEO-TECH OWNER. I NOW HAVE BETTER HEALTH AND ABOVE ALL, I NOW HAVE NEO-TECH AND ALL THE REAL LOVE A MAN NEEDS. THANKS TO THE NEO-TECH GROUP FOR THIS WONDERFUL WEB SITE. KEEP UP THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE WORLD.

J.E.,, 1/19/98
I'm all ready scared and wondering where to hide. But of course I can't hide from the IRS. What I need is courage, bullet proof clothing, and a lot more knowledge. Please continue supplying the knowledge.

L.B.,, 1/19/98
Reason is the building block of an honest mind, censorship is the tool of a weak mind. Stay on the web.

B.H.,, 1/18/98, Canada
I have been reading NEO-TECH literature for a number of years and feel the information is invaluable. I admire the courage and dedication of all the staff at Neo-Tech and look forward to moving into the next century with confidence and clarity. Keep up the great work!

M.H.,, 1/18/98
This site should remain on the web, this site probably is scary to all those neocheaters out there in the world because this site will expose their false promises, their destructive ways and mainly their ignorance as to the real world out there. It is my believe that this site should be expanded and if anyone (government, religious people or group) tries to block it, it should be fought because it is our right to know the truth !!!!!!!! so to all those mystics and neocheaters ,,,,,WATCH OUT !!!!you are about to be uncovered !!!!!!

S.B.,, 1/18/98
The web-site and the literature are wonderful -- keep up the good work. I embrace Neo-Tech and find it to be the way to the future. I daily fight with the lawyer-like dishonesties of the government/anticivilization here in Ohio. I am waging an ongoing battle, and I am winning -- through knowledge and confidence I gained from Neo-Tech, combined with my own ability to think and separate right from wrong. Every move the government quislings make, they step further into the trap of the Neo-Tech matrix.

P.D.,, 1/17/98
This site must remain open to insure that the new generation of voters understands the concept of Fully Integrated Honesty. Neo-Tech IS the Future.

R.C.,, 1/17/98, Australia
I think Neo-Tech is an absolute breakthrough. For the last ten years I have been searching for the answers to popularity and wealth and for something that will give me the inner strength and confidence to believe in myself and to move forward in this world with grace and happiness.

P.J.,, 1/16/98
I think this is valuable information, for the benefit of all humankind. THANK YOU NEO-TECH FOR A GREAT MANUSCRIPT.

M.G.,, 1/15/98, Australia
My most illuminating discovery to date has been my preoccupation with Mysticism. I am eliminating such habits as I concentrate on an objective outlook on life.

H.W.,, 1/15/98
Please keep up the good work. Our battle for an intelligent society of individuals is a distinct and wonderful possibility.

B.Z.,, 1/15/98
I'm only a 21 year old Psych student but see the future as described by Neo-Tech.

C.P.,, 1/15/98, Canada
The material is very intriguing.

S.R.,, 1/15/98
I find Neo-Tech very eye opening.

S.D.,, 1/15/98
I think Neo-Tech is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

R.D.,, 1/14/98
I am extremely interested in these topics and have been for years. This will be a regular stop for me from now on. I am indeed on a serious quest for knowledge and always have been.

H.T.,, 1/14/98
Hi, I have briefly read the Neo-Tech Manuscript, the information presented here is interesting. I have found some of your information useful, and I'm sure if I begin to apply it, it will work for me.

J.S.,, 1/14/98
I've only begun reading the manuscript online, but I find myself fascinated! It touches on a number of concepts that I've begun to think in the past year, and many, many more that have never occurred to me. I can't believe that ANY country who touts 'Freedom of the Press' considers banning a publication that touts individual improvement! On second thought, I guess I can believe it! In fact, how frightening this concept must be to those who fancy themselves in control of us! Rest assured that I intend to continue reading and learning, and that NO GOVERNMENT, ORGANIZATION, INDIVIDUAL, OR ENTITY will EVER take that right away.

Elizabeth P.,, 1/14/98

R.J.,, 1/13/98
I have spent the last six months reading/rereading the Neo-Tech/Zonpower site. At first it was very frightening to me since I have been very religious for a number of years. Now, I truly believe in Dr. Wallace and I have done away with all religious beliefs. This site has answered a lot of questions for me, questions that have troubled me for years. Thank you Dr. Wallace!!

S.G.,, 1/13/98, United Kingdom
I found the site really interesting indeed

D.C.,, 1/13/98
I think that such valuable information has to be translated in as many languages as possible.

L.K.,, 1/12/98
I love this site. I can't wait to see all people unite and get to the next conscious level. To see all the bullshit around and then have to exist in this quagmire is suicide in it self.

J.W.,, 1/12/98
I originally purchased Zonpower back in March. At first I was a little disappointed because I was totally engulfed in mysticism. After rereading it, I started to fully integrate Dr. Wallace's innovative genius into my own consciousness. I can't even begin to explain what a relief it is to finally be truly free of the shackles of the 'GOD concept'.

B.S.,, 1/12/98
Neo-Tech has a lot of valuable info & has helped me a great deal.

M.C.,, 1/12/98
This is great material I would like to see more!

T.R.,, 1/11/98
Very informative, could not stop reading!

D.T.,, 1/11/98, Canada
The site must remain on the web. The people of this planet have been cheated and lied to all throughout history. It is time that the real story is told! It is time for honesty!

T.F.,, 1/11/98
I just wanted you and everyone who may read this to know that the cyberspace presence you have created is absolutely amazing. To sit here, peering into cyberspace, reading this material, creates an added 'awe' -- even more than the regular 'AWE' that accompanies the integration of Neo Tech material in normal reading. I can't express enough the joy I feel everyday KNOWING this is REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. It's a feeling I haven't felt since childhood.

C.V.,, 1/10/98
I would Love to see Neo-Tech eliminate all of the government Regulatory agencies and Bureaucracies. I petitioned Congress several times to abolish the IRS, Eliminate the DEA, FDA, OSHA, and especially the EPA, found by most scientists of credibility to Be a Hoax Yes there is absolutely No problem with the environment at all. The Environmentalists are nothing more than Political in Nature. They create problems that don't exist. Al Gore is one of the deceptionists that dupe most people into thinking there is a problem but those doomsayers must be exposed immediately and stopped.

G.B.,, 1/10/98, Canada
Please continue the good work. The truth must and will prevail. I continue to refer all of my friends and contacts to your web-site.

B.M.,, 1/9/98
Amazing information....

C.V.,, 1/9/98
NT should definitely remain on the web. It is certainly the most valuable site .Anyone that doesn't think it should stay on the web, is either a value destroyer or hasn't seriously taken a look at this life changing, valuable knowledge. It's completely
changed my life, and I've never been happier.

R.J.,, 1/9/98
I really enjoy Neo-Tech. It has opened my eyes to things I never took the time to think about.

M.G.,, 1/9/98, Australia
Neo-Tech is the most powerful system of honesty I have ever seen. Its great to see there are people in the world who think with pure honesty.

E.D.,, 1/9/98
I believe that many out here, really want to fully embrace and integrate in the Neo-Tech honesty.

G.A.,, 1/8/98
I'm very happy to come across your site. Thanks a lot, it is the most valuable information I have read of in my life. I admire individuals that have the determination to face the undercover criminals of this planet.

K.G.,, 1/8/98, Canada
I am impressed by the thought that has gone into your books. In the book by Mark Hamilton 'Get rich by 2001' I have found the ideas to be very practical and helpful.

J.C.,, 1/8/98
The war is between the anticivilization and the civilization of the universe. The anticivilization can not hide and Neo-Tech cannot be stopped....

G.F.,, 1/7/98, Italy
WWOOOOOOOWWW!! You have done such a unique work to open the door to the returning of the ' EARTH GOLDEN ERA'.

H.A.,, 1/7/98
The concepts of Neo-Tech are what is needed today. It will in my opinion restore America back to a honest productive country.

J.P.,, 1/7/98
I just finished reading Neo-Tech and it's already changed the way I think.

A.B.,, 1/7/98, Israel
Politicians will vanish!

J.C.,, 1/7/98
The Neo-Tech web site is a valuable tool for use by anyone who has searched, or is searching, for reality based thinking. The concepts that are put forth here are truly revolutionary. The web site opened my eyes to another side of life that, until then, had somehow eluded me. I have, for a long time, been aware that corruption flourished in the high places of Government, Religion and the Media, but I felt that it would take an act of God to dislodge them from their high places. I am now just beginning to understand the power that a fully integrated honest man or woman can possess. And as we continue to integrate reality into our own lives we will force the Neocheaters of this world back into the darkness that they secretly crave.

G.M.,, 1/7/98
The concepts mentioned in these pages are quite interesting. Keep the good work. Creative people who can see beyond the 'reality' constructed by the minds of those in power are always needed. I look forward to learn more.

R.M.,, 1/6/98
I've read two Neo-Tech books: a. Zonpower/Neo-Tech Discovery b. Cosmic Business Control And I've experienced a subtle change in attitude- -toward being rational rather than emotional -- concerning politics and Christianity. I like the idea of eliminating dishonesty from within myself and replacing it with honesty. Taking my life off of automatic pilot and putting it on a course of rational decision making is a major shift in awareness for me. Neo-Tech literature confronts conventional wisdom which causes one to rethink the information that runs ones life. The forced rethink is good. EMPOWER THE INDIVIDUAL!

A.N.,, 1/5/98
Stay on the Web. This stuff is too good to disappear.

D.B.,, 1/5/98
Neo-Tech is an expression of sound philosophical ideas. With Neo-Tech, Neocheaters are getting the exposure they deserve; if there was no Neo-Tech (Integrated Honesty) to stem the tide, they, the Neocheaters, would destroy all who create values for others (and themselves). You can't survive with Neocheating cancers living off those of us who do produce. Eventually the world would totally succumb to these parasites. But now, with the honest revelations from Neo-Tech, they have no where to hide. Besides, they don't have to like what they see in the Neo-Tech mirror- Neo-Tech forces no one. Why don't they just go get a real job and go to work!

J.S.,, 1/5/98, United Kingdom
Marvelously sane information - a practical and well thought out blueprint for this messed up civilization to achieve it's true potential.

M.C.,, 1/4/98
I am impressed.

P.T.,, 1/4/98
Great site! Keep up your good work!

R.M.,, 1/4/98
Neo-tech is fully integrated, it is honest, it delivers values, and it will eventually deliver the ultimate value; therefore by remaining on the web we will be privy to the unfolding of this. If we continue to expose irrationality, and all its dishonesties. we will be able to obtain Biological Immortality more quickly. Without neo-tech on the web this process may take too much longer, and if it takes too long , dr. Wallace may not get his B.I. and we will lose him forever. I also may miss my B.I. what tragedies are these? Without a doubt the universe will be a much lonelier place without us. I don't like to beg, but please, please, leave
neo-tech on the web.

W.N.,, 1/4/98
Overall I am Captivated by the all the reading material and find it hard to stop reading.

R.R.,, 1/3/98

F.S.,, 1/3/98
For those that understand the secrets held within these pages are destined for unending success. There is a way that things are... the answer is here. There is a way the future WILL be... the answer is here. Nothing will stop this information from growing until all humans on this planet know and understand. For those who understand now have a head start to the most wonderful time of existence. May it be here soon!

R.L.,, 1/2/98
Your site is fantastic.

D.S.,, 1/2/98, Australia
I think neo-tech is such an advancement in human existence that the overwhelming possibilities that it presents to us are incredible...You cannot outlaw such truths....Neo-Tech is now the 'norm'... its just like existence exists.

P.W.,, 1/2/98
Well. I am very impressed. I just happened on this site by the purest chance; I don't even remember how I got to it.

D.D.,, 1/2/98
Your philosophy has had a great positive influence on my life over the years. More people need to hear what you have to say so stay on the Internet.

C.V.,, 1/2/98
I was initially unable/willing to comprehend this technology after being introduced to it by my Father nearly 3 years ago. The writing seemed to be full of cynicism and negative thinking, I was unwilling to open my mind to the truth, I was more than happy to continue living in 'Oz' filled with a myriad of misconceptions of life and liberty. What society will continue to label cynical and evil, I have come to recognize as the 'Truth', I have much more to learn and I believe that Neo-Tech can provide me with the knowledge essential to living a truly Happy life.

P.W.,, 1/2/98, New Zealand
Great to find another excellent site devoted to the power and freedom of the individual, and one that at first glance builds on from the philosophy of the greatest philosopher of all, Ayn Rand, while attacking the Objectivist cultists. Keep up the good work.

T.T.,, 1/2/98
This site is the greatest site ever to be created the information is exact and precise.

M.D.,, 1/1/98
I am now currently reading the Neo-Tech Discovery book by Frank R. Wallace. It is certainly one of the most fascinating, potent, and important books that I've read so far and one of the best ever written. Neo-Tech definitely needs to keep this web site because it is so fundamentally important. I hope you continue to develop more and even better sites in the future.

J.C.,, 1/1/98
I own the book and I use to think that I was a fairly honest person. But when I read the book I found that not only was I lying to other people but also lying to myself. I am so glad that I found this book it has made such a large impact on my life. Can't wait to learn MORE.

December 1997

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