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ANON,, 1/31/99
Frank Wallace should run for president, go for it man.

W.V.,, 1/31/99
It is about time that intellect got its shot in the arm. Society has become structured for personal destruction. I have witnessed the stagnation of thought and evolution through the practice of irrational morality. It is time to come to grips that humanity must wake up or perish. Neo-Tech is not about religion it is about reality!

M.M.,, 1/30/99
I would also like to start a campaign in the Atlanta area for your presidency. I daily recommend your-web site to as many people on-line and off as possible(Usually at least 5 or six people a day, many times more). Thank you for the wonderful, fulfilling life I have now discovered.

T.B.,, 1/30/99, Canada
Keep the honesty and liberty flowing for our children and future generations to come.

E.S.,, 1/29/99
If you want to distinguish 'reality' from 'mysticism', all you have to do is tune in to a religious channel on TV (example channel 40) and pay close attention to how many times they ask you for money. Second, find out what they will give you for your money (lip service only). Third, get a hold of the Neo-Tech Discovery and read it once or more times. You should come away with a clear distinction between 'mysticism' and 'reality'. Through Neo-Tech, I discovered how they talk people out of their money. ..... through their deepest emotions (hopes, dreams, fears, poverty, etc.). Get the it! it again and again!'s money in the bank

D.P.,, 1/29/99
Neo Tech is an island of sanity in an ocean of insanity for me.

J.M.,, 1/25/99
Too bad I, and all of mankind for that matter, didn't find this rich source of information sooner, like 100 years ago.

P.Z.,, 1/25/99
I was amazed at just how much of a usurper and non-productive person I was! Thanks Neo-Tech! I have used my talents to work on a book about wellness through honesty.

Carla C.,, 1/24/99
I just read some of the negative comments, and I'd say to all of them they should be in my shoes!! I've been raped twice because I got into situations where I was so desperate for money, and freedom ,that I went to the wrong persons for help, and they demanded sex in return, and when I turned them down, they went ahead and took what they wanted and left me devastated. Let them spend a couple days in my shoes and feel the raw terror that comes when you have others controlling your life in the name of religion, or whatever, as happened to me, and see what that does to them. Then see if they wouldn't run to get this Neo-Tech information like a beacon in the dark. Let them know what it is like to be ripped off continuously, to have qualifications and be unable to use them and can't get a job and people who offer help either want sex or the deed and title to your life!!! Let them live like this for eighteen years, and see if they barely hang on to their sanity, if they are able to at all, and then see if they are given Neo-Tech if they don't improve immediately!

M.B.,, 1/23/99
This really makes sense! I have tried to live my life in accordance with the Constitution of the Universe without knowing it existed until now.

Amy-Jane B.,, 1/23/99, Canada
I am angry that religion has such a blood sucking grip on us people. Thanks to Zon I am much more aware of their sneaky ways. Following the recommended diet, I now look and feel healthy. Next stop: make money for myself, then find a man to marry and share my life with. Thanks so much.

C.T.,, 1/22/99
This is a unique web site, an intense view of the human individual. A nice addition for any true seeker. Please use your many abilities to further push back the dark unknown and let the known be seen with better clarity.

G.M.,, 1/22/99
Fantastic web site.

M.M.,, 1/21/99
Neo-Tech is the most wonderful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. Thank you Frank Wallace. Job well done!!!

C.K.,, 1/20/99
I was wondering if Neo-Tech was a male thing? Fortunately your web site has put things in a clearer perspective and since women can benefit from this site as well, I will place bookmark here and use it. Thank you.

G.M.,, 1/20/99
Please keep on the path that you now tread. Your work is very important to myself and all the people I care about. The most positive changes in my life have been influenced by Neo-Tech.

R.W.,, 1/19/99
This information is like being a Encyclopedia of SUPER SUCCESS. It makes a MAN or a WOMAN out of everybody that reads and uses this information. Thank you so much for every piece of knowledge you gave me. My experience has been good, I'm now looking for greatness at 67yrs of age, I am founding a new company that will make other people wealthy too!!!

D.B.,, 1/19/99, United Kingdom
The negative comments are a fascinating insight into the(largely) American public opinion. One wonders at the incredible intolerance of many in the land of the free!

S.P.,, 1/19/99, United Kingdom
Brilliant!!!! Outstanding!!!! writings. Congratulations to all the team, especially to Frank, Mark and Eric.

Sonia A.,, 1/19/99
A God-Man had to wake up first in order to help his brothers who are asleep. Neo-Tech is the most revealing work of what a God-Man is able to be and do. Thank you very much, for letting us know!!!

D.K.,, 1/19/99, United Kingdom
The concepts have changed my expectations of life and my opinion of the 'higher authorities'.

A.B.,, 1/17/99
I have started my second reading of Zonpower and I can't believe the things I missed the first time.

P.A.,, 1/17/99, Australia
At last the “cage of madness' has dissolved in my mind. I can now truly see the honest light and the neocheating parasitical sharks that roam our planet. This Neo-Tech philosophy contains powerful psychological medicine that can wash away the mental pain caused by a disease called mysticism. I give mysticism less than 4 years till it becomes extinct. Thank you Frank Wallace!!

C.S.,, 1/17/99
This is the most enlightening work ever written. The people need to wake up Now!!

R.N.,, 1/17/99, Portugal
Thank you for the hope that this book offers mankind and me in my search for the real meaning of life

R.A.,, 1/17/99, Canada
Neo-Tech should remain available on the Internet for all who are ready to make a quantum leap to a non-mystically empowered self. I view Neo-Tech as being one of the most positive, revolutionary human discoveries in the 20th century.

M.G.,, 1/17/99
Thanks so much, life really does begin at 40. I love you guys. The Protocols blew me away. Now, I quit rationalizing and apply Neo-Tech objectively in my life for riches and romance.

M.M.,, 1/16/99
I first began reading Neo-Tech because I was curious about how to become rich and powerful. Little did I know how life changing the material was. Neo-Tech is a breath of fresh air. Neo-Tech is the most intelligent, thought out material I have ever read, and I can only hope that more of it will be put on the web.

M.S.,, 1/16/99
Neo-Tech...Mind detoxifying!

R.E.,, 1/16/99
I admire your courage and persistence.

L.H.,, 1/15/99
It is refreshing to review your life expanding information. I have been searching for many years for the answers to a better life with total happiness. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about our world. Please continue distributing this important life plan.

M.G.,, 1/14/99
Greetings, I am excited about neo-tech because it expresses a philosophy that makes sense. It seems to be an honest approach to fulfillment in the Process of Life. There is no doubt that we are viewing the beginning of a New Way of Life; a much better one! The abolishment of Inflation and the ability for the common man to afford to take care of himself and his family; to enjoy life, and to live longer and longer.

T.C.,, 1/13/99
If you have rattled the cages of so many religious conservatives, as indicated in your feedback page, you must be on to something absolutely spectacular. Therefore, I have decided to pursue your path.

Anon.,, 1/13/99

L.K.,, 1/13/99
I love Neo-Tech and God Man, truly the most uplifting and sooth saying work I've ever read. I try to work on the principles in my life daily. Thank you very very very very much!!!!!

G.O.,, 1/13/99, United Kingdom
Great work! Keep it up. I look forward to knowing more in this sphere of knowledge. I look positively forward to a wonderfully progressive new world in the very near future. How enthralling to know there is life after life. How life-refreshing! Thanks to all at New-Tech.

W.M.,, 1/12/99
After reading Conversations With God, I find the ideas of Neo-Tech even more refreshing and enlightening. I see a lot of similarities in these two works. Both Jesus and Walsh gives us the glorious FREEDOM of being God-Man. Neo-Tech takes a giant leap forward into realization and practicality. Thank you for this GREAT WORK!

Dawn T.,, 1/11/99
It is very insightful, educational and uplifting. It allows people to see that we are not powerless in this world. It allows for a educated perspective on important issues .

L.H.,, 1/11/99, United Kingdom
Amazing, thought provoking. Down with big government. Better days are coming. Viva Biological Immortality.

Jessica S.,, 1/11/99
Neo-tech is one of the greatest things that I have ever read. It has drastically changed my life; and it has definitely been for the better.

L.M.,, 1/11/99
I have grown so much since I received my copy of the Manuscript. I am finally free of the tremendous burden of guilt that has controlled my life, as I was raised as a devout Jehovah's Witness. I finally feel free to think for myself, I can't tell you how much you have done for me!! Thank-you for giving me a new outlook, a second chance.

S.I.,, 1/10/99, Brazil
I think that Neo-Tech must remain available on the Web. It allows poor people receive this important information and to help people become wealthy.

B.E.,, 1/9/99
Best set of information on the planet for mankind.

J.S.,, 1/9/99
Dear Neo-Tech, thank you for the most powerful thinking tools that I ever laid my eyes on in my entire life! I have benefited tremendously from the Neo-Tech discovery.

A.K.,, 1/9/99, South Africa
Neo-Tech lifts the fog to reveal what is real and what is not. Neo-Tech should be taught in the classrooms to children from an early age. What a magnificent world we would then be living in!

G.O.,, 1/8/99
The bottom line is that this site is the essence of life and must remain on-line as long as the Internet exist, people must be informed of the New Neo-Tech world and mysticism must be exposed. All bureaucracies must be eliminated. We all need to reach The Civilization of the Universe.

Z.M.,, 1/7/99, Guadeloupe
I can see with a real horror the negative comments of the mystics about neo tech. it's amazing to realize that such people still exist in 1999.Neo tech is very sympathetic philosophy that describe the world.

Joan M.,, 1/7/99
What I have read thus far overwhelms me. I have thought many of these ideas but was always ridiculed by others and held back by my own fears.

T.B.,, 1/6/99
Neo-tech is powerful and it is growing at a tremendous rate as we approach the year 2000. I share the concepts of Neo-tech at every opportunity. Integrated honesty is the only way to live a rational life. What a eye-opener.

B.E.,, 1/5/99
This is the best information mankind has ever put together. My life will never be the same, never.

B.J.,, 1/5/99
Thank you for Neo-Tech/God-Man, within these pages lies the knowledge needed to completely and deeply change my life. It's hard for me to put the book down; my eyes are starting to see the reality. Thanks for the book and your works! I will now to work productively. I'm on the path of becoming myself!

P.K.,, 1/4/99
I have just about completed reading the book, 'God-Man'. I find it very interesting and like what I am reading. I think this web site is a great idea. The information on it is good and the future plans for information on jobs, etc. sounds good to me. I think any info you can post to help us become God-Man would be great.

Dawn B.,, 1/4/99
I have found a rare kind of directness on this web site. I love it!!

C.M.,, 1/4/99, United Kingdom
Neo-Tech is the greatest thing on the planet. Go Neo-Tech!

M.N.,, 1/4/99
I recently received God-Man and have not been able to put the book down. The information goes right for the jugular. At times, in life I have asked myself a lot of the questions, answered in the information. I now visualize, how the whole system as we know it, could disappear and be taken over by Neo-thinkers.

T.M.,, 1/4/99, Lebanon
Dear Sir, Neo-Tech is the best thing that happened in my life. It gave me a new focus and a new dimension where very little people actually go.

R.R.,, 1/3/99
The Discovery is great and many people will be saved from the agony of mysticism.

A.H.,, 1/3/99
It is now clear to see how mysticism has negatively held me back all these years and I can confidently say that I am on the road to happiness, finally, as I continue to grow with Neo-Tech information. It makes so much sense, I just can't wait to put it all together and really live life to the fullest!!!

S.E.,, 1/2/99, Australia
This is a priceless service.

Cindy F.,, 1/2/99
Please expand! You are the life-line of all mankind! Neo-Tech is the beacon of freedom for the human mind, by which it is finally unfettered from the bondage of insane disease!

R.D.,, 1/1/99, Canada
On October 9,1990, at age 22 I crawled out of my bedroom window, into my packed small car and drove with tears flowing down my face to my first home 35 miles away, near my good job. Even though I lost hundreds of fake friends, family, girlfriend; My 'escape from Alcatraz' was one of the best decisions I ever made. Of course my buying the Neo-Tech Discovery on Dec.,1989 was THE best decision. By integrating Neo-Tech, intense FEELINGS/EMOTIONS of wellbeing, euphoria, romantic love, happiness, and deep sexual desire rise up in my life daily now! I never smoke, drink, consume caffeine, alcohol, and SUGAR! Lazy people where I work go out of their way to avoid me! I outflank and outproduce them all, even my boss! Neo-Tech actions are like an invisible, invincible power. Neo-Tech is for you! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your problems have found their solution.

N.H.,, 1/1/99
Yes, please remain on the WEB... now more than ever. The Anticivilization is coming to an end... the Y2k problem they created is nigh. It is hard to believe the denial of the coming crisis extant worldwide. Thank you for the insights provided in the literature. I have every publication you have put out since Neo-Tech I. I am a Ph. D. in clinical psychology who read Julian Jaynes in 1978. Virtually none of my colleagues have read it nor do they understand why it should be read. Thank you for your courage and insight. Happy New Year!

R.D.,, 1/1/99, Canada
It is sad to watch former friends at work disintegrating slowly towards death. I'm learning so much by editing out layers of personal mysticism in myself.

U.N.,, 1/1/99
Your information is very important to those who seek self acquired success. NOBODY else out there ever tells his fellow man or woman the TRUTH. I find your books extremely valuable. Anyone wishing to drop the load of bricks (guilt) and get on with their lives would find the answers in N.T. Neo-Tech is extremely and powerfully exhilarating! I've dropped that guilt and am now ready for action. Moochers, stay out of my way!!!!!

B.T.,, 1/1/99, United Kingdom
After reading God-Man our final Evolution along with The Neo-Tech Discovery the veil of deceit that surrounds us all is lifted by exposing Neo-cheaters for what they are. The sooner religion and neocheating government are removed from this world the sooner man can realize his true potential in the Universe. Thank you for opening my eyes to reality! Please expand this site as big as possible!

December 1998

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