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Angela T.,, 1/31/00
I have been stagnate for years. I am glad to have found The Book. It was given to our family by my husband. A well received gift for life. Thank you

J.N.,, 1/31/00
Quite an interesting site. I intend to visit the site often.

E.S.,, 1/30/00
I use to send televangelist's money until I found that I gained NOTHING! My investment in Neo-Tech has been returned countless times!

R.L.,, 1/30/00
I think this is the first book/site that actually tells the truth. People are afraid of the truth and I am glad that someone is trying to get the truth out. Neo-Tech has changed my thinking about many things. Thank you for spreading the truth.

W.K.,, 1/29/00
The STORY is filling me with enormous emotions that are the kind I feel happy about - I feel I'm not alone any more. And there are thinkers like me who refuse to mind create reality and who cut through the illusions to see actual reality. I hope to meet in person some of you so that I truly never feel alone again. The STORY fills my being with happiness, great tears fill my eyes.

D.S.,, 1/28/00
I thoroughly enjoyed the story about Miss Annabelle. Too many times things such as this happen. I have no use for the politicians, judges, or lawyers. I applaud you. Count me in.

G.G.,, 1/28/00
Let's say goodbye to the bicameral mind once and for all!

G.B.,, 1/28/00
I love Neo-Tech and its concepts. I am now on the MOVE to become independently WEALTHY and becoming a God-Man. Looking forward to eternity.

R.T.,, 1/28/00
Thus far my reaction is Wow! Such an interesting and different approach to crucial life issues.

D.D.,, 1/28/00
I'm beginning to understand how my values have been beaten down to the 'accepted' level. Look forward to turning this ship onto the correct course.

N.T.,, 1/27/00
My father gave me Neo-Tech when I was about 15, and it changed my life. I was on my own at 19, I had rejected religion, and today I consider myself a well-adjusted humanist with views still in line with your literature. Thanks for having the courage to face the neo-cheaters.

D.C.,, 1/26/00
Whoever finds Neo-Tech finds the path to their dreams.

L.L.,, 1/25/00
Totally changed how I run my life and business affairs.

J.B.,, 1/25/00
Rational. Explosive. I feel invigorated , thank you.

F.B.,, 1/24/00
The most thought provoking, mind searching lituriture that I have ever read. It has made me reevaluate my entire thought process.

A.L.,, 1/24/00
In my 54 plus years of reading, this has been the most profound, eye-opening literature I've ever read. A positive step for human-kind. Neo-Tech should definitely be taught in schools. I wish I had had a teacher like Miss Annabelle instead of one like Ms. Minner!!

E.P.,, 1/24/00
Neo-tech should be in schools, and on the net

J.D.,, 1/24/00
The Story is one of your most powerful creations yet. I've Never read anything like it. I couldn't stop reading it. I was moved by the characters and their thoughts. This story made me think about so many things, my childhood, my family, my future. I would give almost anything to have had a teacher like Miss Annabelle. It would have helped me understand why I resisted authority as a child. I could have avoided so much pain if I had known then what I know now. Its like learning to speak a new language, its so much easier to pick up as a child than it is as an adult. But it can be done. The same holds true for neo-think. I want to thank you for sharing this great value. I feel I owe you something for it. I think this could be the tool I need to open the door of neo-tech to my friends and loved ones.

Susan M.,, 1/24/00
Very, very impressive. The wave of the future.

J.M.,, 1/24/00
I have just been reading 'The Story' which is a very powerful revelation into life

M.C.,, 1/24/00
I feel compelled to say that I think that “The Story' is the most brilliant thing I have ever read. As a long time NT “associate' of sorts, I didn't think there was anything you guys could do that would shock me, but I was wrong. This thing will shake the guts out of anyone who thought of themselves as NT people as well as all the good hardworking people who haven't been exposed to NT before. It was incredible how you have seamlessly integrated every important NT concept and advantage as well as the experiences of Nov. 3rd into a highly enjoyable and readable narrative... One thing : Don't expect this to be the last you hear of me about this incredible work, for the more I read the more I feel like shouting out how great it is! Thanks again.

J.H.,, 1/23/00
I've been applying the wonderful Neo-Tech advantages to my life for 4 years now. Without Neo-Tech I might be dead or in jail! Because of Neo-Tech, I am able to run my own business and do all of the wonderful things I love I hope the entire world can realize the great value in Neo-Tech and embrace as I have!

K.P.,, 1/22/00
Neo-Tech is without a doubt the simplest, most complete method of freeing yourself from those who would stand in your way. Neo-Tech must absolutely remain on the web, on the shelf, and in the thoughts of every person who wants a rational existence.

D.E.,, 1/22/00
Neo-Tech work is like a rocket display that never falls to earth, but goes upward, but at the same time is always in sight, a beautiful display.

P.P.,, 1/22/00, Australia
Neo-Tech is more than just the next step from 'light bulb to fluorescent light' it is the water and fire of the 'GODS'. One read and a new life begins with the never ending factor called optimism and truth. The liquid of life can now optimistically be drunk from a glass that never ends, for it is Biological Immortality which is my 'daily water', and a glass that will never empty! Thanks to NEO-TECH and Frank Wallace.

Kari O.,, 1/21/00
I find it powerful, overwhelmingly refreshing, and wonderfully intriguing. It has already impacted my thought life, and has given me an excitement for living I haven't had.

I.F.,, 1/21/00
I am already beginning to feel my life changing.

A.L.,, 1/21/00
This is not only a great site, but very necessary site. The material is absolutely fascinating.

E.L.,, 1/21/00
As I keep visiting the Neo-Tech web site and reading, I see more and more integrated honesty snapping more pieces together. Its truly amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge to the world.

K.D.,, 1/20/00
Thank you for this very insightful new way of thinking.

D.H.,, 1/20/00
I'm quite impressed. I readily agree that the individual must be the self who decides his own destiny and is the highest authority in his own personal world.

S.B.,, 1/20/00
A very informative web site. Information and truths you don't find in everyday news sources. Please keep up the good work! With folks like you, maybe we can get our country back into the hands of the people and out of the hands of the bureaucrats.

L.G.,, 1/19/00
I've been searching for a document of this boldness and stature my entire life.

K.Z.,, 1/19/00, Australia
I have been using Neo-Tech in my life... it has changed my life dramatically...

T.W.,, 1/19/00
Neo-Tech book was an invaluable tool in bettering my life and helping me to see reality and act accordingly. It really works, it truly changed me forever for the better and I will never go back to what you call 'mysticism'.

R.V.,, 1/19/00
Life changing information, lets get going!!!!

S.M.,, 1/19/00, Australia
I think neo-tech is wonderful it really open your eyes to what has happened to us all.

F.D.,, 1/19/00, France
I think your website is wonderful, I always felt that we were in an anticivilization, but didn't really realise how to change that. Now I want to learn more, you are really great, I mean it! Thank you very much for opening my eyes, I'm reading and rereading your website, because there are so much truth in it...

J.H.,, 1/19/00
The Story is the most powerful thing I've read on this Web site—A big 'Hell Yeah!!'

B.H.,, 1/18/00
I am a 20 year old 'former Christian'. Neo-Tech definitely has more truth than any Christian beliefs.

M.C.,, 1/18/00
God damn, 'The Story' is awesome! It kicks extreme ass! It has rekindled feelings I had not felt for years. ...The pure, radiant innocence of this is incredible! I think this could be the big crossover point that gets Neo-Tech concepts to the masses. I'm getting thoughts like: ' this is for real' and 'don't worry -- happiness in the universe is inescapable'. My heart went out to miss Annabelle and those kids. I wanted to beat up those idiots on the school board. She and those children should have been protected. You have also created one of the most intensely sexually attractive characters I've ever seen in Miss Annabelle. Being in a story format, and being based on contemporary issues, I consider this to be the first 'book' in the Bible of God-Man. The original Bible was also based on contemporary issues and used parables to educate. Something else I realized from “The Story' is that our current 'civilization' is a pretext for slavery. Not obvious slavery, but a slow, piecemeal, debilitating slavery where the 'authorities' keep the forces of production just high enough to sustain the masses, neither completely killing the populace nor allowing full blown prosperity. Man, those neocheaters are incredible bastards. Thanks Wallace for such valuable writing. It gives hope to all the good people in the world.

M.P.,, 1/18/00
Keep this site and expand our knowledge further onward and outward from here.

P.H.,, 1/17/00
Neo Tech's presence on the web is such a welcome site, pun intended. We who Create value for others tend to feel at times as a single star in the Universe. Opposition lies around many turns, yet here we may come together as the ProActive force for deliverance, evolution, and enlightened thinking that we are all intended to BE. Love and Light to you all.

W.S.,, 1/17/00
Thank you Mr. Hamilton for the life rendering artwork called 'The story'. It has moved and touched my heartstrings of life.

O.B.,, 1/17/00

D.W.,, 1/17/00
Knowledge rules.

J.F.,, 1/17/00
Neo-Tech is very valuable material not found any other place on the planet. Humanity now has a chance to live more productively, thanks Frank R. Wallace.

C.P.,, 1/16/00
One cannot read this without taking a hard look at ones' own values.

R.H.,, 1/15/00
Neo-Tech is delivering me new and startling Insights. Through Neo-Tech I realize all I had to do is take control of my own life and mind. I now know I am gaining control of my life and happiness which can never be diminished by external authorities thank you.

P.N.,, 1/15/00
Neo-Tech is a work of art. It has the power to help the Individual to re-discover that forgotten drive to live as the human is meant to live: freely, passionately, and forever. Thank you.

S.P.,, 1/14/00
I think Mark is a man of true, honest vision and an accomplished writer. His expertly crafted style holds and projects the true essence of honest love. 'God-Man' inspires hope in the reader while showing our next evolution. For the first time in my life I feel that I am not alone, I am elated. It is of great encouragement and inspiration to find such a man who is helping bring our next evolution into fruition!

H.B.,, 1/14/00
This is the most enlightening book I have read so far, and I would like for everyone to read it. The only people who speak out against it, do so out of fear, fear to be themselves. I will do my part to spread this good news.

E.G.,, 1/14/00
I have found Neo-Tech to be extremely eye opening. I no Longer look at the world with blinders on, hoping something will change my life for me. I now realize I am the power! Your insights have forever changed me for the better. Thank you,

T.R.,, 1/13/00, Canada
I am currently starting a business of my own and will base all my transactions on Neo Tech advantages. Looking forward to a world run under the Neo Tech advantages.

JH,, 1/11/00
Poker: A Guaranteed Income for Life', by Frank R. Wallace. A major milestone in poker books -- and beyond. This should have been the poker book that ended poker books. At the time it came out, it was far, far deeper and more sophisticated than anything else in the field, and in some ways, despite the exponential improvement in poker literature, still is. When the Jacoby's and Rubens's were telling us to keep stakes down, quit by midnight, and don't let players get hurt, Wallace knocks down those barriers like wooden fences in a category 5 hurricane. This book is the only one I know of which provides a framework for working a maximum-win approach in home poker games, with stark amorality. The book gets its true greatness at the end, when he explains that for all the possibilities inherent in poker, it's a losing proposition. After teaching us to be "good players," he explains why the "good player is the biggest loser in poker." Why? You'll have to read.

JH,, 1/11/00
Psychuous Sex by Frank R. Wallace has to be read to be believed. First, this is not a sex book -- it's a libertarian philosophy book. A compendium of history and attitudes on how to get the most from life. Frank R. Wallace, like other great thinkers before him (Freud and even Einstein come to mind) has brilliant, unique insights. I am 41 years old and have read thousands of books, and this one is, without exaggeration, the most powerful I have ever picked up. Wallace is an almost unbelievably charismatic writer, with ideas which nobody else has seemed to touch that ring true. It's hard to read it without ending up with at least some libertarian tendencies. Two-thirds of the book is material the likes of which you have simply never seen. This book could be one of the best of the 20th century (!!!!).

D.C.,, 1/10/00
This is a way of life/thinking/living. Very powerful.

Anon.,, 1/10/00
We (the rational few) definitively need to have all the help we can get to combat our adversaries -- the forces of darkness!!! Thank you, onward to the C of U!!!!!!!!!!

D.T.,, 1/9/00, Australia
Neo-Tech provides hope for people to one day be free of restrictions and limitations and to find happiness in this world.

J.S.,, 1/9/00
I believe that Dr. Wallace is a genius, I truly do. He has opened up my mind to so many things. I would like to give my deepest thanks and love to Dr. Wallace for the knowledge he has given me. I truly am grateful.

Britnee M.,, 1/9/00
Neo-Tech is has opened my eyes.

B.W.,, 1/8/00, United Kingdom
The bulletin board is particularly useful as it allows like minded Neo-Tech people to interact.

H.V.,, 1/8/00, Canada
It offers a solution to the problems in the world including poverty, injustice, disease.

D.M.,, 1/7/00
The Neo-Tech is the way of the future. It has changed my way of thinking and doing things.

E.V.,, 1/6/00
I was surprised to learn that despite my voluntary rejection of the god concept almost ten years ago, I was still plagued with mysticism. I understand now why my ideas, although sound, didn't work because of the lack of intergrated honesty. Procrastination and other forms of laziness were the elements which continually beat me. I have accomplished many things since then, I am proud to say that it was I, not some fictitious god which turned my life around. I was a loser but have worked hard, I decided to stop being a loser and started to painstakingly eliminate my negative habits. Neo-Tech helped me focus, it helped me weed out my mysticisms.

S.H.,, 1/6/00
I find Neo-Tech is a great way of life for me. It is my way of life, mine only. No one will ever take what is mine again. THANKS ALOT NEO-TECH

D.H.,, 1/5/00
The light bulbs are turning on faster than you can imagine, and what I have suspected all along, I am finding to be reality. I am ready to stand and be counted as one of the true believers in Neo-Tech and Neo-Think.

A.R.,, 1/5/00
Neo-Tech is beginning to change my life. I now strive to be a value-producer in all that I do.

K.L.,, 1/4/00
Absolutely great.

M.C.,, 1/4/00
A fresh approach to the questions we are born with, and answers as to where we go to from here.

A.W.,, 1/3/00, United Kingdom
Hello to all. I'm 17, and from the UK. I 'borrowed' my dad's copy of God-Man and it's certainly opened my mind to a whole new way of life. Upon first glances, it seemed a little to centered around money and business for my liking, but subsequent reading shows that this is the most moral way to progress. Business is the tool that creates happiness, prosperity, values, wealth and employment. I have no doubt that, like John Lennon once said, Christianity will perish. The only way that it will 'survive' is by continuing as a prime immoral cult that stabs values produced by others.

A.L.,, 1/3/00, South Africa
I hope FRW eventually gets recognized as the most important human being to have ever lived.

S.V.,, 1/3/00
I have read the book thoroughly. I find it to be the closest book to the truth that exists.

B.S.,, 1/3/00
This book should simply be titled THE TRUTH! Awesome information.

R.M.,, 1/2/00
I am also an author, congratulations on your work. It is enormous and well put together. It needs to get it fully implemented.

Anne G.,, 1/2/00
I asked the question, 'What is Seduction?' of a live web chat room and was given #54, which I printed. Excellent, it helped me bring to the surface something that has been nagging me.

December 1999

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