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R.R.,, 1/31/02
A Huge thank you to all at I&O Publishing you are the real hero's of life. And to Dr. Wallace & John Flint you have brought me life were only death could have occurred.

W.R.,, 1/29/02
This site is the best!!!

d.d.,, 1/29/02, Austria

P.B.,, 1/28/02
'The Book' has had an immediate effect on my thinking - like nothing else, ever.

D.M.,, 1/23/02
I think the Neo-Tech concept is delicious for a appetite starved society. I highly recommend it to people who have no concept in understanding the mystical concepts the world lives by. I honor Neo-Tech on this web-site.

T.S.,, 1/22/02
Since I've been reading your literature it has given me a real up lift in my life. Thank You

,, 1/22/02
Just an FYI, on 1/22/2001 the below was sent to the editors of Card Player Magazine: The Advanced Concepts of Poker by Dr. Frank R. Wallace is arguably the best book on poker ever written, bar none. It is ignored by your publication and the rest of the Po ker industry. The book, now freely available on the internet and published for the first time in 1968, having sold over 2 million copies, exposes poker for what it is. The new sections on cheating are especially noteworthy to thinking poker players worldw ide. Perhaps this book threatens the poker industry? I challenge you review this timely and classic in your publication.

S.B.,, 1/21/02
Therefore the neo-tech web site will be fundamental in the realization of the civilization of the universe for planet earth. THANKS FOR BRINGING NEO-TECH TO MY ATTENTION.IT HAS TRANSFORMED MY LIFE WITH ITS UNDENIABLE POWER,PURE LOVE AND INHERENT BENEVOLEN CE!.

E.M.,, 1/21/02
I ran into this site while doing a search for 'Ayn Rand' in Spanish Yahoo search engine. After reading some of the material I find your site very inter