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C.B., HUGHES.COM, 1/30/03, united kingdom
To all the religious believers of God The Almighty who don't understand the concepts of Neo-Tech, you are playing right into God-Mans' hands. You are afraid to confront neo-knowledge with constructive criticism. On the other hand we who are not afraid of this new knowledge are willing to learn from the old way of thinking and make our own judgments using the evidence which is reality. The Laws of Nature will be the final analysis, and is your nemesis.

CO,, 1/30/03
Thank you Neo-Tech for remaining on the web and providing me with the valuable life crucial knowledge that I need to improve myself and my life. Thank you so very much for providing this wonderfully insightful information source that I may access whenever I need to. I am so very grateful for your incredible teachings. Frank Wallace, thank you so very much. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude to say the very least. You are so helpful to humanity, and deserve so many wonderful things for providing so many va lues. You teach us to only believe what is actual fact. You don't tell us what to do, you simply show honest proven facts about life that we may use to benefit from. Facts that give us the power to know reality. Facts that give us the power to gain happin ess in life by creating it in our own lives as well as other peoples lives. Thanks to you, more people will benefit themselves and our world now in more positive and productive ways. Thanks to you, we are more primed to move out of these dark ages and int o a society where people enjoy life, liberation, and prosperity unlike anything any imagined god or satan has ever given or even offered for that matter. There is no greater bliss than finding yourself and defining what you want to be by personal choice r ather than by someone else's force. Your identity. Your life. There is no greater happiness than just striving towards being a better human being that benefits themselves and other people. Shame on the government most of all, for destroying values in soci ety. For hindering the progress of the human race. Shame on them and religious leaders for doing very little and getting paid so very much for it. Shame on them for constantly attempting to make us all feel like we are at their mercy. Most of the REAL evi l that I have seen in this world comes from government and religion. For hindering the thinking process of a race of beings that have the potential to accomplish the ultimate value of being alive. A sad reality it is that a few greedy people want to live off the rest of the innocent ones. A sad reality indeed.

Anon,, 1/30/03
Neo-Tech is a great tool for anyone seeking to do great things with his or her life. Thanks to rational thinking, I have avoided the path often taken by most who have allowed themselves to let someone do the thinking for them. This web site inspires me to continue on the same path. Thank you.

H.J.,, 1/29/03
At the time I originally received a Neo-tech mailer(3-4 yrs ago), I was looking for answers and finally felt I had found them. However, I was surrounded by mysticism plagued individuals and often got discouraged or regressed back to old unproductive habit s. None-the-less, I never forgot what I learned, and I always improved myself in some way shape or form after reading neo-tech material. Recently I realized I have become stagnant and was no longer moving forward as quickly as I had wanted. So I looked u p Neo-tech on the web and found 'The Story'. I think 'The Story' was a great idea and definitely made Neo-tech and Integrated thinking more easily understandable. I have already sent two teacher friends of mine this story with the intentions of raising aw areness. Thank You so much. Jones

m.h.,, 1/29/03
As a well intended and somewhat successful neo-cheater, it took several years after receiving the manuscript for me to accept the information as worth processing. Even so, the tiny seeds of reality began to sprout seemingly on their own. After I had read the manuscript I decided that it was too obscure and difficult for me to deal with, so I just threw it away. The absence of the manuscript made little difference, the matrix was set and the process of puzzle building continues to this day. I found my new copy of the manuscript here in hyperspace, I refer to it often and am grateful that the most valuable information and education that the world has ever seen is here for all to experience.

I.R.,, 1/29/03
I keep re-reading the concepts and every time I glean ever newer integrations.

R.S.,, 1/28/03
I am starting to see the 'white-collar hoax' around me and ready to use the Neo-Tech Weapon to get rid of the mysticism in my life. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Robert

j.b.,, 1/26/03
The information contained in Neo-Tech is life changing.

C.M.,, 1/18/03

B.P.,, 1/18/03
This is the most life enhancing material I've ever read. Neo-Tech rescued me from a life of HELL. I will be forever grateful. This website offers such valuable information, I feel it would be suicide not to expand. Keep up the good work. Spread the word s o that we can win the war against stupidity.

J.P.,, 1/17/03
It offers the only real solutions to individual reality and life as it should be.

D.T.,, 1/17/03, UK
Neo-Tech is everywhere

H.H.,, 1/17/03
I have just completed God-Man (Our Final Evolution),and Neo-Tech Discovery. It has a life changing effect and opened my eyes to what has held me down for years.(mysticism).Look forward to many more readings.

J.L.,, 1/17/03, America
I think everyone should know about Neo-Tech. The world would be a better place if everyone practiced fully-integrated honesty.

Chris,, 1/16/03, Canada
I've been dangerously close for a while now to falling into a mystically-based self-contained world of hallucinations and delusions. Thank you for opening my eyes, clearing my head, and letting me face the reality in front of me that I always knew was the re.

,, 1/16/03
Life finally makes sense

F.R.,, 1/15/03, EUA
Lets the people know the real truth. Do not give up. With the Neo-Tech Discovery I am start to see the true.

W.W.,, 1/14/03
Neo-Tech gives all of us who are looking for answers about life and religion a study point. Neo-tech not being a religion but a way of life clears up a lot of misconceptions people have about their place in the universe. Those of us who have been bombarde d with religion our entire lives now have a healthy alternative to gaining enlightenment about the body and soul with out all the fire and brimstone. Thank you Neo-tech for opening my eyes a little further.

J.C.,, 1/13/03
After 5-6 years reading and paying lip-service to Neo-Tech/Neothink, I FINALLY started my mini-day program. All I can say is that I've accomplished more in 7 hours than I usually get done in 1-2 weeks. It really does take great DTC and beating down the in ner-wimp, but once you get going it's like that high you get after a good workout! Bravo and thanks so much for the fabulous information....Neo-tech in action: Priceless!

e.g.,, 1/13/03
I think we should burn all the existing bibles and replace them with Neo-Tech.

J.K.,, 1/12/03
I have purchased the Neo-Tech Discovery and it has challenged me to consider the level of mysticism I have existed under for my entire life.

T.S.,, 1/12/03
'Lethal Stealth of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa' is right on target. It's great there's people who can cut through the garbage of Neo-cheaters held in almost universal high regard.

,, 1/11/03
I cannot believe the negative comments from those poor people who lack understanding of Neo-Tech, they are the ones who need it most. Once the Replacement Program sets in, they'll have no choice except to live on the Civilization Of The Universe or commit suicide. The world will truly be a better place to live. You negative people must understand that we are the ones who will help change the world for the better, for you, your children and grand children. We all will be at our happiest, we'll all be rich, with superior minds (geniuses) near perfect health lovers of our dreams and so-on. So come people wake up! the world is up-side-down, and some time during this century it will rotate back on it's axis. HAPPY DAYS ARE COMMING!!!

S.B.,, 1/11/03, The United States of America
'The Story', has finally done it, I'm dumping my ego for Neo-Tech (Something felt wrong anyway.). Thank you. I'll never forget what you've done for me, let alone for the human race.

Peter,, 1/7/03, Australia
Once one has read neo-tech literature one finds quicker shortcuts to the thought process in most subjects in life thus having a competitive advantage over those that have delta thinking. Only neo-tech can give you the tools of awakening.

c.r., WLDC.COM, 1/6/03
I find your site one of the most useful on the net.

D.M.,, 1/5/03
I think that neo-tech literature is the most outstanding information out there on the market today. It's brilliant and I want my children to learn this way of thinking.

D.M.,, 1/4/03
Truly life-lifting info! Neo-tech has become my personal bible.

R.W.,, 1/4/03
The Neo-Tech philosophy is great. There are many people that I've directed to the website who would not have known of it otherwise.

S.B.,, 1/4/03
'The Story' is now my favorite next to Ayn Rand's 'Anthem' and Anne McCaffrey's Novels about 'Pern', and has opened my eyes to the wonderful world that has always been in front of me. I wish Miss Annabelle were there to hold my hand, instead I was taught to use illusions to fill the gaps in my understandings. ...I remember when I was about 5-7 years old, I had run across a paradox were my existence centered around a black hole called consciousness. I was scared stiff. I had put an honest puzzle picture together that I knew nobody in my family had. I can now start my puzzles where I left off, even though the wasted years of my life have given me a limp in my path and thinking, I know that I will work it out as I reroute my life.

R.N.,, 1/3/03
Neo-Tech information opened my eyes about the deception religion and government do to human beings. People need this knowledge. Thanks for this knowledge. I have removed a lot of mysticism in myself and I am a better person because of this. Happiness fore ver.

S.W.,, 1/2/03

P.O.,, 1/2/03, Australia
Zonpower is exponential reading.

d.j.,, 1/1/03, Ghana
The best eye opener literature for our generation

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