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B.R,, 7/30/97
The truth is finally revealed. Neo-Tech and Zonpower will wipe from existence all who wish to destroy honesty.

D.B,, 7/30/97
If honesty and effort are wrong, we live in a strange world. Expand!!

E.S,, 7/30/97
I've been up for hours at night absorbing the information on your web site....It's amazing!!!!! I cried and laughed in excitement of what I've read.

K.L,, 7/29/97
This is the most incredible document I've ever read.

B.R.,, 7/26/97
I think Neo-Tech is the future of mankind.

M.V.,, 7/25/97
I believe Neo-Tech to be the world's most important discovery and am grateful that there are hard producing individuals willing to spread the word and get rid of the disease called mysticism.

M.B.,, 7/25/97, Brazil
It is a new awareness.

P.M.,, 7/25/97, Australia
Neo-Tech offers many windows of opprtunities in creativity and originality, it has worked for me and it should work for anyone else. I am sick of negativity in people and dead-psyche minds. It is time these people were healed by Neo-Tech. Finally let's continue to unplug the sludge of mysticism that has soaked peoples minds for many years.

R.B.,, 7/24/97
I read truth in these web pages, truth that many people hide, ignore, escape, and simple avoid.

D.B.,, 7/23/97
Neo-Tech confers unimaginable power to the individual. Everyday I become more powerful using this information. Mystics are now so easy to identify and outcompete it's hardly believable.

R.R.,, 7/23/97
Raised with some strict values and loads of guilt. I have started on my journey out of the darkness .

R.C.,, 7/22/97, U.S.A.
Neo-Tech should be on the sides of milk cartons across the globe as the lost child of mankind's survival-wise ancestors! It should be added to the keys of all atlas and map makers by their own conscience, to guide those who support their efforts by purchasing their product(s).

T.W.,, 7/22/97
I have been a fan of quantum physics for a long time. The limited time I have been exposed to Neo-Tech it has given me a new paradigm to non-linear dynamics and mass to energy relationship. Only linear thinking would fear this expansion of thought.

L.B.,, 7/22/97, Australia
Although I have read only a small fraction of the information contained in this site, I feel a niggling sense of relief from the debilitating fear and confusion which has prevented me from achieving anywhere near my true potential. As a mother of a very young child I have been driving myself to insanity wondering how I am going to help my child achieve his potential, have love, health, happiness and prosperity. Thank you for providing me with another option, especially one which makes absolutely, rational, logical sense.

D.L.,, 7/20/97, Canada
Great Stuff! As a former alcoholic and drug addict, I have used and continue to use many of the concepts you so eloquently advocate, in order to solidify the foundation of my recovery. I know that by diligently applying the concepts herein, I will be able to rapidly accelerate the process of achieving my goals of financial freedom and total empowerment.

M.A.,, 7/20/97
I've got to have this stuff...looks like the solutions to my problems....and civilization's

J.W.,, 7/18/97
Your information is amazing. I'm a high school debater, this information is excellent.

M.F.,, 7/17/97, Canada
What you're publishing is very powerful. Disseminate your info discreetly via the Internet, but don't make yourselves become visible public targets for politicians. Cyberspace is blowing away all forms of government interference with the world, and I feel that it is only logical that you use it as a tool and an ally to promote your interests, and those of mankind as a whole.

T.K.,, 7/17/97
Should I be reading this in the closet? Its what I have believed all along, but were afraid to say. I had to read it over and over again. Neo-Tech will consume you because it is the truth that we already know.

P.F.,, 7/17/97, Australia
Neo-Tech enables one to see the disintegrating activity of those mystics around him. Through that, one is able to protect himself consciously from the value destroyers which exist only to hinder the lives of the value producer.

D.C.,, 7/15/97
You guys are the best. Terrific work. The Web Site is Phenomenal. Talk about being on the cutting edge! The Neo-Tech matrix is unstoppable.

M.W.,, 7/15/97, England
Please forward more information on how to raise children and young adults in this soon to be changed world. I want to thank Dr. Wallace because without his knowledge, I would be suffering trapped in a world without a way out. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

R.K.,, 7/14/97
This site helps people understand the inner workings of one self and helps them move onto correcting the problem.

A.P.,, 7/14/97, Western Samoa
It will help to solve some of my problems.

M.T.,, 7/14/97
Expanding this web site would greatly help society. Thanks for exposing me to Neo-Tech, its knowledge is better than schools.

B.N.,, 7/13/97, England
Neo-Tech is an eye opener for me. It seems that I have been waiting for it all my life. It is so fundamental. It's basis is so logical and reasonable.

C.C.,, 7/13/97, China
It's simply one of the greatest web sites.

E.E.,, 7/11/97
I completely agree with you on the dishonesty and mystical thinking crap. I also like your readings on biological immortality because I think its completely possible. The only thing holding us back is the religions (mysticism) saying 'Its not right. We must die to go to heavens pearly gates'. Screw heavens pearly gates. I want to be immortal and completely free of mysticism to gain ultimate power and happiness the right way not the neocheat way. Thank you NEO-TECH. You better stay on the web. Your info really helps.

S.K.,, 7/10/97
I am almost 21, thanks to Neo-Tech and the support of my father for Neo-Tech, everything about life is becoming crystal clear. Keep up the good work...

J.B.,, 7/10/97, England
I have found this most useful reading.

J.Y.,, 7/9/97, Malaysia
I find that this homepage is very interesting, very powerful and convincing.

D.D.,, 7/8/97
Neo-Tech is the only chance we have.......

D.H.,, 7/8/97
By all means keep it on the web. For when the truth or the light is shining, people dont want to see it, they love to put it out. So by all means stay on the net.

R.E.,, 7/8/97, Rep. of Panama
After reading Neo-Tech, I am not afraid anymore. I am free of mysticism. I rely on myself and do not seek nor follow external authorities of any sort.

M.K.,, 7/7/97
The Neo-Tech web site provides a fast and easy way for me to share the information with others. I have turned on many people to the web site who have found the information to be extremely helpful in their lives. As time goes on, they will have the opportunity to learn more and more via the web site. They, in turn, have shared the information with others, as they suddenly wake-up to the fact that they are surrounded by mysticism and people who's lives are to a greater or lesser degree based on dishonesty, denial, and lack of self-responsibility.

P.B.,, 7/6/97, Australia
I find it both enjoyable and interesting. I think that this site should be left open and tell all the neocheaters to make one more decision to get out in the real world, where the real power is!!

G.C.,, 7/6/97
Most fascinating site I have ever read.

K.H.,, 7/5/97, New Zealand
Thanks for changing my life, its priceless.

R.P.,, 7/4/97
Zonpower controls all existence! Those humanoids who don't realize this will go on to live unhappy, pitiful, unfullfilling lives. Wake up society! Your in deep spell of mysticism which is currently making life hellish on Earth. Producing genuine values and love for people is what life is all about. We are not here to serve some mystical higher power. Neo-Tech is doing a great service and not only should stay on the web but expand their sites. Zonpower will win out and we can all live in a happy world!

J.P.,, 7/3/97, England
I found your site very influencing, aiding me in all my decisions and allowing me to detect the menace of the neocheaters.

N.C.,, 7/2/97, England, UK
Insightful and wonderful, a truly unique web site unlike any other. Everyone should visit this site.

K.J., 7/2/97
Reading the negative comments is an amazing reinforcement of NT ideas. The irrational arguments are blazing examples of the mystical fog that people live in. Thanks again for your benevolent information.

D.P.,, 7/1/97
I now believe I have made what could be considered the
discovery of a life time -- Neo-Tech.

M.G.,, 7/1/97
Neo-Tech certainly is the way to go into the 21st. century. Innovative and reliable.

A.M.,, 7/1/97
The truth *and* honesty on your site are refreshing.

M.B.,, 7/1/97, United Kingdom
It has changed my life. Keep up the excellent work!

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