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D.H.,, 7/31/98
I am very impressed with Neo-Tech, it has changed my life and the way I see the world. The truths told are long overdue. Keep up the good work! And keep spreading the word!

I.M.,, 7/30/98, Australia
Neo-Tech is the ONLY real-life philosophy.

P.A.,, 7/30/98, Mexico
It is the best literature I have ever read, changed my life forever.

L.L.,, 7/30/98
Powerful stuff.

T.C.,, 7/29/98
I feel Neo-Tech is the most beneficial information I have ever had the pleasure of reading and has re-focused my entire life. Thank you very much.

C.L.,, 7/29/98
good stuff... I'm just opening a new office with a new company and I found many sound principles that I will integrate tonight!

Courtney M.,, 7/29/98
Definitely a valuable resource. I read God-man yesterday, and have excitedly prepared to start the two month diet tomorrow. The section on business really revolutionized my mind. As an entrepreneur, I can't wait to structure my mini-days and get much more accomplished in a week than I ever did in a month. This is very mind expansive material. Keep it up!

Bethany B.,, 7/29/98
I can't believe the valuable information I have learned and I'm not even a quarter of the way through.

M.F.,, 7/29/98, United Kingdom
Freely available Neo-Tech documents on-line are clearly beneficial to several million individuals.

M.W.,, 7/29/98
I think this is a way that people can find out what they are capable of achieving. This site gives us that opportunity.

M.G.,, 7/28/98, New Zealand
This is an excellent and extensive resource that I believe is valuable to individuals around the world. What better way to introduce people to these values?

J.B.,, 7/28/98
I do believe that we all live in anticivilization of some sort. I've known for years that something is awfully wrong with our society.

J.Y.,, 7/28/98
Neo-Tech courageously tells the truths of human world.

G.N.,, 7/28/98, Canada
Keep up the good work, nobody else is doing it...thanks

N.T.,, 7/27/98
Neo-Tech has opened so many doors for me, I have gotten rid of my addictions to nicotine, caffeine, marijuana, alcohol, and sugar. I feel as if I can live forever.

A.M.,, 7/27/98, Canada
The more people we can get this knowledge to, the better.

M.O.,, 7/27/98, Canada
Very interesting concept.

C.T.,, 7/27/98, Germany
I think you are one of the honest and brave men, a good educated intellectual with merciful heart to the human beings who are hoped, needed and wanted by the people of this human society. I hope you can succeed in your work!

A.L.,, 7/27/98
An infinite array of values for the mortals on this planet.

R.P.,, 7/27/98, Canada
Very fascinating . lot of truth and eye-opening values.

J.M.,, 7/26/98
You are the only one who knows what honesty means and lives by it.

D.Y.,, 7/26/98
Your works are great. These articles and philosophy should remain on the web so more innocent people can be saved from mystic influences. Neo-Tech will be the only life references for our children.

T.T.,, 7/25/98, Germany
Neo-Tech has told truth to human beings.

Barbara W.,, 7/25/98
At first I thought it was a crime to think of the word rich. Now, I know I will be able to say 'I'm wealthy'. I can't wait for it to come. Keep Neo-Tech on the internet because this world needs to become a wealthy society.

C.W.,, 7/24/98
It is almost frightening to know that what I have wrestled with for years has been reveled . I wish that I could have found this powerful knowledge earlier in my life.

J.G.,, 7/24/98
Beautiful. A magnificent work.

S.F.,, 7/23/98
What in the world are you talking about here? Where are your methods for achieving what you say you will? All I see is obvious commentary on the way things are and the way they could be. Ok, so how do I achieve those things?

M.T.,, 7/22/98
Great site! Neo-Tech has helped me to encompass my entire existence.

S.N.,, 7/22/98
The body of your work will help to evolve and empower the individual, which will ultimately benefit humanity.

T.M.,, 7/22/98
Very interesting concepts.

R.E.,, 7/22/98, Australia
The information has me mesmerized.

Mary Lou M.,, 7/22/98
I find the information phenomenally inspiring and worth following through on.

Helga A.,, 7/21/98
It is undoubtedly the most educational material that I have been exposed to.

O.C.,, 7/21/98
I think this is wonderful, a powerful tool.

Yasmin E.,, 7/21/98, United Arab Emirates
I choose Neo-Tech to be on the web site. It is a must and a necessity to fight the value destroyers and protect the innocent value producers. Only the Neo-Tech web site helped me survive / live better. Thanks.

Edna W.,, 7/20/98
Very interesting web site.....certainly more informative and far better than any web site which seem to hang on forever and serve no useful purpose. I would recommend your site to anyone. I hope you're around for a looooong time to come.

P.H.,, 7/20/98
I have been a Neo Tech owner for ten years. I can not imagine being the person I was ten years ago, today. Life is great and getting better. You're more valuable to me every day. Keep up the great work.

S.S.,, 7/20/98
A recent breakup of a relationship just really screwed me up. If I had kept up on my N/T reading, I doubt that the breakup would have occurred.

Gayle G.,, 7/20/98
Respecting life is natural. One cannot respect life and destroy values. The destruction of value-destroyers, however, is entirely justified, and this site is crucial to it. These concepts will surely leave their mark in history. Keep up the good work.

D.J.,, 7/20/98
I like your views very much.

K.L.,, 7/20/98, Canada
Very life enhancing, and I immensely enjoy reading the Materials that provide me with the necessary tools to protect myself from outside forces. Thank you.

J.M.,, 7/20/98
Keep up the good work and real soon we can all live our lives like we were meant to, without the government ruling our lives and telling what is best for all of us.

Klara H.,, 7/18/98
Dear God...thanks, but no thanks! I'll look for something, that makes more sense, like Neo-tech.

J.L.,, 7/18/98

C.I.,, 7/16/98
WOW! I like what I read. Great site. Fantastic and good motives. Thank you and thank you again.

J.L.,, 7/16/98
Fine publication.

S.B.,, 7/16/98
Very intriguing.

P.A.,, 7/16/98
Great information.

J.D.,, 7/16/98
PLEASE remain on the web-I need access to this information.

T.C.,, 7/15/98
I think this is some of the most valuable information I have ever had the privilege to read. This site should remain on the web so it can reach the masses and hopefully expose the lie we have all been conditioned since birth to believe.

B.L.,, 7/15/98
The revelation of Neocheating has opened my eyes to things that I seem to have instinctively known since childhood. I'm looking forward to reading more about Neo-Tech and Neothink and applying these ideas to my life. Lets make this world a better, more intelligent place to live.

J.M.,, 7/15/98
Great.......I want to know more.

J.B.,, 7/15/98
Great stuff! Keep up the good work.

T.P.,, 7/15/98
In practical terms I find your arguments valid and rational in comparing the users of the world to the producers of value.

J.M.,, 7/14/98
Neo-Tech presents much truth.

L.L.,, 7/14/98
Neo-Tech is reality slapping you in the face! A new way to take control of your life by rejecting society's influences.

A.B.,, 7/14/98
I want to thank you for showing me a new path in life.

D.K.,, 7/14/98
Unbelievable idea that I do understand. THANK YOU.

M.M.,, 7/14/98
This site is excellent because it gives people more views to help one find who they really are.

T.G.,, 7/14/98
I find your site very informative.

D.H.,, 7/14/98
Very thought provoking site.

T.S.,, 7/14/98
Many years ago I purchased the original Neo-Tech manuals. I read about 1/3 of them then burned them because I was offended by the constant battering of God. Since I agreed with everything else in the manuals I decided to consider the possibility that I was wrong. Over the course of several years I developed alternate explanations for everything that I 'assumed' to be true about God. Now I see how Christians leading lives a dangerous envelope of limitations and dangers that will ultimately kill them. It took me a very long time to see this.

M.S.,, 7/13/98
Neo-Tech opens your mind into a NEW WORLD.

Anon.,, 7/13/98
A LOT of useful information! I hope to learn the secrets of Neo-Tech!

T.R.,, 7/13/98
The hard cheese of truth is found within the slices of Neo-Tech bread.

D.R.,, 7/12/98
This site has a mission and it MUST remain!

C.C.,, 7/12/98
Yes! Yes! Yes!

E.P.,, 7/12/98
NEO-TECH has benefited me and others I work and live with. Identifying and exposing cheaters, unearned guilt mongers, and those who work to steal my earned credibility, self-respect and values is a constant battle. Keep up the good work

S.L.,, 7/11/98
I have read a lot of books and been to a lot of web sites, nothing is more of a valuable piece of literature than the Neo-Tech manuals and web sites. NEO-TECH I LOVE YOU!

K.H.,, 7/11/98, New Zealand
Neo-Tech has the ability to make the global community aware of neocheating and the freedom and personal power they can have in their own life.

D.W.,, 7/11/98
I have an atheist/agnostic web site in which I provide a link to This is the best way for me to introduce people to rational thinking. I chat in atheist chat rooms. Many mystics come in to challenge my resolve. I direct someone to my site almost daily. I'm not making any money from it, but I feel the value of exposing people to the Neo-Tech concepts will have positive long term consequences. I am a part of the discussion group too. The internet is the best way for me to introduce people to Neo-Tech.

F.T.,, 7/10/98

Anon.,, 7/10/98
Articles as these MUST remain in the public domain to elevate the consciousness of it's people, please keep our right to freedom of speech alive, or WE all will be burned at the stake of sacrifice, to uphold deceit. Thank You

J.C.,, 7/9/98
I believe only through the ability to utilize free speech in avenues such as the Abuse reports and web sites such as this will the truth be told. It will not be hidden behind a veil of mock disbelief by politicians or federal agency employees. The truth will be told. It will not and cannot be denied. Too many have been abused for too long. If we are to stop the insanity, we must take control of our lives and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. Only by reading the articles from those abused, scrolling through the numerous, seemingly never-endingIRS abuse stories can one realize the magnitude of the problem. We must come together before its too late.

Lisa M., USIT.NET, 7/9/98
Since my first reading of the Discovery manual, I have experienced many good changes in my personal life/relationships. I see how the white-collar hoax is and has been holding so many people into stagnation.

T.S.,, 7/9/98
Many years ago I purchased the original Neo-Tech manuals. I read about 1/3 of them then burned them because I was offended by the constant battering of God. Since I agreed with everything else in the manuals I decided to consider the possibility that I was wrong. Over the course of several years I developed alternate explanations for everything that I 'assumed' to be true about God. Now I see how Christians leading lives within a dangerous envelope of limitations and dangers that will ultimately kill them. It took me a very long time to see this.

Anon.,, 7/9/98
Well, what can I say about Zonpower. It speaks nothing but the truth.

L.J.,, 7/9/98, South Africa
I like it and I think that the contents contained therein is really great, keep up the good work.

S.H.,, 7/9/98
A vast source of free, EMPOWERING information does not happen very often

D.C., ColoState.EDU, 7/7/98
I believe that Neo-Tech should expand, and stay on the web, due to it's sincerity and diversity of thought. I have gone through and read several articles which have revealed certain truths.

E.M.,, 7/7/98
I strongly believe that Neo-Tech literature is craved by anyone who wants to break away from the daily routine of being controlled by society.

Marie R.,, 7/7/98, Canada.
To comment on your books which contain such true value production, I would have to write many books. Being a 42 year old mother of 4, ages 22,4,6,7 and a honest business woman with an honest partner for over 10 years. We are very busy doing honest value production. Since I have read your books our eyes and ears have opened to such depths that we feel like we are in a world of our own. It is such a relief to me to finally have someone writing about things that I have been seeing for years and to know that we are doing something about it. Our business was built on honest value production and we are very proud of our business. There is nothing more satisfying to ones own being than providing a true honest value for someone.

D.B.,, 7/6/98
Neo-Tech promotes the terrifying concepts of honesty, concentrated effort, and personal responsibility. No wonder it invokes hostility from individuals desperate to absolve themselves of responsibility for their own lives. A difficult path you've set forth, but a rewarding one.

Anon.,, 7/6/98
Let this web expression stay online it provokes thought. Humans get too complacent....they don't think.

V.M.,, 7/6/98
Neo-Tech has made me more aware of the LIES and I feel as though I have a mental advantage over most people.

B.E.,, 7/6/98
I think this web site is awesome. I think that you are offering a wonderful, liberating service to people. I like the straight to the point, no b.s., honest and direct tone of your work. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work.

D.G.,, 7/6/98
As an Objectivist, I am pleased to see more ideas on free thought and honest living. Mankind has lost site of these basic ideas, they need to be taught them once again.

T.R.,, 7/5/98
I continue to look for ways in which I can incorporate the principles into my everyday life and need to know what I can do on a personal level to spread the all-important message of NEO-TECH/ZONPOWER and the CIVILIZATION OF THE UNIVERSE.

D.L.,, 7/5/98, Malaysia
Four years has passed since NT Zonpower came into my life... My income increased five fold, my knowledge of the world ten fold ...and my personal happiness a hundred fold. Thank you and keep up the good work.

J.P.,, 7/3/98
This site is a very informative site.

G.M.,, 7/3/98
You give me hope!

F.T.,, 7/2/98
Neo-Tech has helped me to get rid of lots of stuff (mysticism, Christianity, over-eating, depression,) though, I'm still working on anger, sugar, caffeine, and I guess laziness, too. I just want to thank you all for the awesome info in your books! Keep up the good work ,all those foolish people who try to slam the 'bible' down on the table are just scared of their tiny worlds collapsing. who cares, I'm tired of their hypocritical B.S., anyway!!!!!! I'm ready for all the liars and all those who keep trying to tear us down, to fade away. We(I) don't need them anymore(guess I never did)and life will be much better without them!

A.S.,, 7/2/98
Great material

P.M.,, 7/2/98
Excellent material !! I am traveling in a normal car cruising about 90-110 kp/h firing on all cylinders with unlimited fuel called 'neothink' which altitudes all my thinking in multi-directions. On this super highway there are no traffic lights of the anticivilization to stop me. for they have ceased to exist !! Congratulations, mystical parasitism has been terminated. Yes !! Yes !! Yes !!

Beth R.,, 7/2/98
Dr. Wallace's wide-scope accounting methods are beginning to emerge within the anti-civilization. Previous e-mails between value-destroyers are being considered as hard evidence in law cases. They can try to run away from the facts but reality is catching up and soon all professional value-destroyers will suffer from their own demise! Thank you for your vision, Mr. Wallace.

June 1998

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