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M.W.,, 7/31/00, Canada (Ontario) M4J1H6
Excellent work! It is so frustrating to see how many people still don't get it. Like sheep being led to slaughter. What a damned shame!

,, 7/31/00
The Racism Hoax is a beautiful document -- beautiful.

John,, 7/30/00
I just wanted to say that "The Story" was perhaps the cleanest, purest breath of fresh air I have ever had. I was inspired by your book. I have tried to soak up as much knowledge as I possibly can. Since reading your book I have become more positive, better rested, and my relationship with my wonderful girlfriend has improved. I am still striving for the ultimate happiness and riches, but give me time and I think I will make it. Sincerely, John

Herb,, 7/30/00
I ENJOYED THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C.I.,, 7/30/00, United Kingdom
Imagine every person's favorite website on the Internet. Now, imagine that ALL of those websites equate to one building block, one block of stone. The Neo-Tech site represents the Empire State Building. No other site comes even remotely close in terms of importance and new-civilization brilliance.

E.K.,, 7/30/00, Kenya
An excellent website.

C.J.,, 7/29/00
Since reading the Advantages and some of the other information on the Web I have noticed an increase in personal power which has enabled me to defeat some Neocheaters and face some mysticism in my life. I intend to continue reading the material to gain more and practice DTC.

T. K.,, 7/29/00, Northern Ireland
Dear Sirs, The story knocked my socks off. It seems to crystallize through simplicity and clarity the very ideals that we all look for but are too distracted or ignorant to access. 'The Story' has definitely got my motor running. Many Thanks and Kind Regards, ps. I can contribute $1000 to any movie project

E.M.,, 7/29/00, U.S.A
NEO-TECH is the best thing since sliced bread, I can't express how much it has helped me. Who ever stumbles across this web site, should really take time to read every single line and word and put it to use in there lives.

grant,, 7/28/00
It gave me a greater insight into, and a fuller understanding of myself. What more could you ask for?

J. M.,, 7/27/00
Very impact full. Will benefit many with its mind-liberating concepts, ideals and challenges.

B.A.,, 7/27/00
'The answer to the question I've been asking for years. Neo-Tech is simply a light which exposes, at last, the demons of which we ourselves create and nullifies the illusions which they(demons) are. Thank you all at Neo-Tech for showing me that the key to the chain is that the chain doesn't exist.

j.w.,, 7/27/00
These are the greatest tools available for the individual to develop and make the leap to rational self-authority.

N.V.,, 7/27/00, veracruz

s.s.,, 7/27/00, uk
Neo-Tech is the standard to which all humans will live one day

J.G.,, 7/27/00
Life has been very gruel and unfair for many because of value strippers, deceivers, liars and those do-gooders which do NO good what so ever. What I read so far is a hope for more of a good thing than mere wishing for one.

T.F.,, 7/26/00
I love the site!

A. P.,, 7/26/00
After reading just a few pages of the content presented on this site, I find myself agreeing with the Neo-Tech concepts. I look forward to learning this new technology for the greater good of myself and family.

Sharona,, 7/26/00
I love this site.

M.F.,, 7/26/00
' Finally a breath of fresh air, to many, this literature and life improving state, is very scary and uncomfortable, with the words God and Satan being used so often, but if they stop and look the Neo-Tech philosophies are exactly what was intended by their 'Gods'. God and Satan are the metaphors of good and evil, right and wrong, so on and so on. For so long people have been waiting for God to come down and relieve them of all this grief and misery meanwhile, many times I personally have witnessed the wrong doings from inside the 'church of God' the exact things that people are waiting , and waiting, and waiting for their savior to come down and rescue them from. Come on people stop waiting for someone else to make your change and take responsibility for what it is you want so bad out of life, and meanwhile help those around you while you are at it ok, then we will ALL live this so called life that you are waiting for, C'mon people stop relying on the outer sources to give you what is already yours,...Hello....

Anon,, 7/26/00
I think your articles and your mailings should be banned from the world, as you are full of shit.

T.S.,, 7/26/00, England (UK)
This is an excellent site and is helping me to understand my copy of Neo-Tech. I have read my copy of Neo-Tech twice.

G. B.,, 7/26/00
Dear Mr. Wallace, you put forward very interesting and valuable concepts for people to use as guidance for a useful and happy life. Indeed, promoting rationality, honesty and Objectivism should work under any circumstances. I believe that your website can help achieve a higher level of 'illumination' in the general populace.

F.R.,, 7/19/00, Mexico
Congratulations, you make me understand how I can be just as happy and rich as I want.

D.L.,, 7/19/00
I like the philosophy. It seems to 'flesh out' Rand's work Nicely without disagreeing with Objectivism.

O.F.,, 7/19/00
'Your work is vitally necessary. Keep publishing and remain on the web.

j.b.,, 7/19/00
This stuff is really powerful! The more we evolve because of Neo-Tech, the more we can see the faults in society and the main causes. I wish I would have known about NT sooner.

Roland,, 7/19/00
A great inspiration. The changes have been immense I find that I am currently able to do a whole lot more with my time as well as spending time developing my new business venture. It only takes THE STORY to make me feel young and inspired I believe that I am now taking control and hope to be FREE soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a dream and know what I want. Neo Tech brilliant lateral thought

Sue,, 7/19/00
Mark - I thoroughly enjoyed Chapter 1 of The Story and look forward to reading the rest. Is it best to order from Borders?? I love kids and I self-publish books for kids to guide them with values to become healthy, productive adults. Your subject matter was of special interest.

S.G.,, 7/18/00
Your materials are by far the best in the world. Period.

D.B.,, 7/18/00
Some special techniques for gaining superior wealth and power. I love it. I thank you at Neo-Tech for explaining mysticism and its harmfulness to mankind. I look at religious leaders much differently now. I have always know that the Federal government have been extracting the worker's hard earned money when it indeed does not belong to them.

,, 7/18/00
The Neo-Tech concepts have completely turned my world upside down. Never will I see things in the same light, again. It's like I have a tool I can use to discern what is really happening in the world today, and might potentially happen to it in the future. It would be a crime against my own individual self NOT to use the concepts to further my progression and advance my benefits. THANK YOU

T.C., OH.US, 7/17/00
Neo-Tech is wonderful!

J.N., OH.US, 7/17/00
Neo-Tech has opened my mind to an extremely new and refreshing way of viewing all things. It has brought a new confidence to my outlook on the universe. It is a very difficult thing to break the bonds of mysticism. I know, I was deep into them. But once a person has gained Neo-Tech enlightenment, it is even more difficult to return to or consider the old mystic ways.

R.H.,, 7/15/00
The brilliance just keeps getting brighter.

W.R.,, 7/15/00
Neo-Tech is realistic information that can be applied to daily life.

C. A.,, 7/13/00
Neo-Tech opened my eyes.

Anon,, 7/10/00
I had no idea where this story would lead. I even thought it would be simple. I can see that it is going much further than I believed, and that it is not simple. It is simply written so that anyone can understand it, and it is a fascinating story.

M.Y.,, 7/10/00
It's great to have a free forum where ideas can ebb and flow without censorship and narrow-minded editing.

P. S.,, 7/10/00
I love neo-tech and can't get enough of it.

J.J.,, 7/10/00
Mind expanding.

L.V.,, 7/9/00, U.S
I think its cool !!!!!!!!

Al/Dan,, 7/9/00
This story has opened my eyes to things I have missed out on as a child and as grownup . If I'd of had some as remarkable as Miss Annabelle I would of been a better educated man and human being , THANK YOU I now see things I've been missing in my life .

C D,, 7/9/00

w.s.,, 7/8/00
This is great work. I am looking Forward to the development of cloning.

M.S.,, 7/8/00, Australia
First time to your web sight. Neo-Tech has given me answers to questions that I have not had answered before.

Anon,, 7/8/00
I've just completed the second chapter of the story, superb!

G.L.,, 7/8/00
This site is very informative. This is information that I have been looking for all my life. I knew that I was stuck in a nonthinking rut. I knew that the Government was trying to take over our lives, and this site has validated that thinking. We are all meant to be young, rich, happy, and successful people. Thank-you for a wonderful web site.

Anon,, 7/8/00
After many years of living the quasi – Neo-Tech life, I am back. I have found the clouded world of mysticism just that. Being half here and half there showed in my world. I am back. I brought my children down the road of Neo-Tech - not even being aware of it! Changes are in the works to make my life Neo-Tech 100%. Thanks for THE STORY. It was a refreshing refresher!

C.S.,, 7/5/00
I love the site. Thank you.

J.C.,, 7/5/00
This is the best thing since sliced bread. I'll be glad to see you expand in the coming years. Thank you very much.

J.S.,, 7/5/00, CANADA
Hi there, I am just writing to let you know that I am quiet excited by what I have read on site. Your web site contains very useful information.

J.D.,, 7/5/00, Australia
I have read The Book a number of times, the concepts have had a deep affect on me.

T.K.,, 7/4/00
I admire your work very much and hope that one day I will contrib. to the vision of God-Man because that is our happiness. With respect, Theodore

T.H.,, 7/3/00, United Kingdom
WOW!!! This is new, out of the conventional, mind blowing. I am glad I found you, there is no way I will ever let you go. I can't wait to tell my friends. Hope you will bring us more ideas on how to be free from poverty. Please keep up the good work.

V.W.,, 7/3/00

J.C.,, 7/3/00
All I can truly say is that Neo-Tech makes more sense to me than any religion or self help book I have purchased.

E.W.,, 7/3/00
Its very interesting to scan the pos/neg commentaries regarding Neo-tech ideas. The very fact that the neg. people write in and spout off about how 'Satan is at the bottom of this' is proof that these folks all live in horrible fear of an INVISIBLE mystical force! I have to say that I myself am influenced at the core of my brain by Christianity. It will be a brighter future for my children to come to the conclusion that we can live GUILT free. To believe that life IS suffering is at the core of the great-false-god trip! The old days are over folks! Its time to create a new world where people can learn to expand their minds, live life fully and well! I support Neo-Tech and its valuable lessons, principles, and ideas---its about time we all start living well!

R.N.,, 7/2/00
I believe in Neo-Tech. I work to collapse mysticism and await the further growth of a Neo-Tech world.

David,, 7/2/00

G. C.,, 7/2/00, U S A
I am A firm believer in Neo Tech .

G. F.,, 7/1/00, LONDON ENGLAND
This is the most positive reading I have done for years. Just reading what was on your web site filled me with hope and direction

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