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A.G.,, 7/31/01, Unites States
My husband is reading the book 'God Man' and I can't wait to read it as soon as he is finished. I can see a change in him since when he began to read the book. He is lighter, happier and much more confident than he was. I also notice that he taps more into his kind and giving nature, and shares that with people. And every once in a while he will stop reading to share with me the concepts that are in 'God Man'. Oh, I can't wait to read it!

Mr.J.M.,, 7/31/01
This is definitely the way to live. To see life as a child, no bull, just creating good values for everyone and being happy.

B.W.,, 7/28/01
The logical step by step process to correct thinking and correct effort to improve life installs a confidence that I have never experienced before. Thank you so very much.

r.c.,, 7/27/01
what a great web site ! what a great message , at last some truth

J.T.,, 7/25/01
I feel that with out this knowledge people will never change, and they will allow themselves to be blinded by the illusions of the world. I appreciate the time given to this site and the knowledge I have received and I truly thank all of the people that contribute to this great thing, called 'Neo-Tech'.

T.M.,, 7/25/01, SOUTH AFRICA
Neo-tech has changed my perspective on life and it has Contributed in my change of attitude towards every day life. My life skills have improved drastically.

T McNally,, 7/24/01, england
Neo tech seems to have a fully comprehensive model for living.

a.a.,, 7/24/01, uk
The Story' on the internet is mind blowing!!

E.R.,, 7/23/01
AWESOME and logical. People need to know that the lens must be removed and crushed under our feet, so that we can look into the unfiltered Light of pure honesty.

P.D.,, 7/23/01
Neo-Tech is the anti-thesis of the root cause of slavery- mysticism. Therefore, having Neo-Tech online will logically increase everyone's freedom exponentially. Neo-Tech has created tremendous value for me in my personal and business life.

m.m.,, 7/23/01
This is the best sites on the internet.

D.T.,, 7/22/01
The Story was one of the most touching and enlightening piece of work I've every read.

S.M.,, 7/21/01
I truly believe the only way Earth will survive is by changing to become the C of U. It does seem to be a monumental undertaking, but I do believe it starts by one person changing. I am changing.

J.C.,, 7/20/01
It is very important to get this information out to the masses so that everyone can know about this great concept I will be very glad when Neo-Tech controls the world.

C.P.,, 7/18/01
An empowering and powerful book. My dreams are coming true and The Book put me on a conscious track towards real civility and creativity, Thanks Carla.

t.p.,, 7/18/01, Australia
Neo-Tech is the best thing that has ever happened in my life!! Without it I would still be a major loser.

A-Gnostic,, 7/16/01
Neo-Tech should be promoted and should be known internationally for it's good ideas. FREEDOM FROM RELIGION! Let's keep governments free from useless and stupid religious rules.

B.B.,, 7/13/01
Neo-tech is one of the most useful tools in orienting oneself with reality. It becomes evident that this must first take place before happiness or prosperity is achieved, in their truest sense. Neo-tech has my most sincere appreciation and thanks.

D.D.,, 7/12/01
I think the world has been in need of this since BC 2000,(which should have been AD 2000). I admire you for your 'guts' to continue on in the face of such desperate opposition from the 'neocheaters and such fellow travelers. As the British say 'JOLLY GOOD SHOW'

J.J.,, 7/11/01
Neo-Tech provides the education for citizens to learn how to take care of themselves and to eliminate the parasitical ruling class of dishonest humanoids.

J.P.,, 7/10/01
The Story MUST be published on its own in hardback and/or paperback. That is the only hope of getting it into the hands of the general populace, particularly as word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire! The full realm of the Neo-Tech Super Society can then be understood and visualized BEFORE interested people delve into the Neo-Tech Discovery and other publications. The Story should be the MAIN FOCUS of spreading the Neo-Tech concepts. THIS IS SOOOO CRITICAL!!! The individually-bound book could be self-published and marketed by Neo-Tech, but since it has an ISBN number, it could also be requested from other bookstore outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks, etc.). Also....the individually bound volume should be available to order online (to fulfill immediate gratification)...that offer being made on each chapter of The Story. People trapped in the Anti-Civilization will have a MUCH greater chance of pursuing Neo-Tech discoveries and concepts AFTER reading The Story and winning them over BOTH emotionally and intellectually!!! They literally can, and do, (based on the postings I've read) begin identifying and implementing their own Friday-Night-Essence. This critical work (The Story) MUST: 1. Be published by itself. - Preferably in hardcover and soft cover. - This is the ANSWER for MASS distribution. - Many people WILL NOT sit and read lengthy material (longer than a couple of pages) on the Internet. They want to read anywhere they're the park, at lunch, on the couch, on the patio.....anywhere NOT in front of a computer monitor. - And MANY won't have the resources to print hundreds of pages. - Plus, everyone who reads this will want to CHERISH their own personal copy and re-read it often. It will be the treasure that changes their lives forever! - It's easier to pass-on (loan or give) a copy to friends and family! 2. Be given SERIOUS consideration for producing it into a movie. - Someone should have already put a copy of it into the hands of a Spielberg, or other great Hollywood producer with a track record for so clearly portraying concepts and emotions woven so tightly together! - We need someone who isn't afraid of pushing against the Establishment, including, at times, Hollywood. 3. Be given consideration for producing it as a TV series, particularly if the movie can't be pulled-off. I want to hand this story off to my family RIGHT NOW, but they will be way too intimidated and distracted if I hand them The Book (all six books) and tell them to read only Book 2 - The Story. The sheer appearance of the HUGE volume I'd be handing them would be enough to scare them away from reading it (they would say they “don't have time' to read something that large'). If it is a bound book all-in-itself, it would be much less intimidating to the recipient. Plus, there isn't the distraction of the “God-Man' text plastered on the cover. Many people's initial reaction to the term God-Man would be one of skepticism and negativity - or the feeling that they're dealing with writings from some cult. Let them read about God-Man in The Story FIRST (with no pre-judgement of negativity) so they can understand it's integration into the whole Neo-Tech picture, THEN hit them with the God-Man/Neo-Tech literature on the web-site or through your printed publications. With this approach at least they won't think this is some new cult they have to worry about. For it seems to appear as cult-type publication on the surface (just from the “God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery' title). “The Story' has none of this possibility of sending the wrong message. NONE AT ALL. The total simplicity in the title will DRAW people to it!! They'll have no suspicions or questions (until they get into the actual telling of the story and have had their mind and emotions enlightened)! The whole concept of the 5-minute bedtime stories about value producers intrigues me immensely! If something like that doesn't currently exist (on your web site, or others), I may begin putting it together. Short summaries of historic and current value producers that focuses on: - How they used their own independent thinking to create the values. - How they used internal authority instead of external authority to breakthrough with their advancement and values. - How each faced the battles of the anti-civilization to make their values recognized and available to others. - The end results their values have produced in each of our lives NOW. I relish researching this kind of thing!! …Apprentice matrix-destroyer.

R.Z.,, 7/6/01
NEO-TECH exists forever! Powerfully redeeming! It's the greatest, most life-changing experience I've had from reading any literature. Thanks to Frank Wallace and his team.

E.G.,, 7/4/01
Neo-Tech is very powerful. It goes right to the point. Armed with Neo-Tech I feel very secure of my self and my environment.

R.C.,, 7/3/01, U.S.A
Keeping Neo Tech on the web is similar to allowing a brain to remain in someone's head.

R.H.,, 7/2/01, N.Ireland BT40 1BA.
Thank you Dr Wallace, family and friends. You and your work is the most powerful and admirable I have ever known.

Y.C.,, 7/2/01
It is the only web site that tells the truth about happiness, love, and evil authority. It should be known by as many people as possible.

Chris P,, 7/2/01
I believe that Dr. Wallace's poker book about the advanced concepts of poker is a complete work of genius. I do believe that there is much to be learned from the book that pertains to things other than poker. For instance, the idea of trying to remove emotions from business, and money related decisions is crucial. The book also exposes the danger of becoming angry and unfocused during situations that can result in monetary loss or gain. Moreover, Wallace vividly identifies one of man's greatest weaknesses- laziness, and what can become of a person when he or she becomes lazy in situations that require concentration and thought.

c.d.,, 7/1/01
Maverick thinking.

D.U.,, 7/1/01
Neo-Tech has helped me comprehend the world.

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