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Robbin, L.C.,, 7/31/02
The book is full of useful information

J.b.,, 7/30/02
Love your outlook, nothing that I've ever read made any sense until Zonpower came along. I will be a soldier for your cause.

c. s.,, 7/29/02
The change into god-man is a hard one, but achievable.

g. j.,, 7/29/02, u.s.
Great book

J.A.,, 7/28/02
I have discovered honesty on this site.

J.K.,, 7/28/02
Thank you for showing me the way, to the Civilization of the Universe.

Paddy,, 7/28/02, scotland
Excellent, your advantages are very enlightening, I'm glad my two sons will be able to read this and it will definitely help me to empower them to be all they can. Cheers

W.w.,, 7/28/02
Congratulations! The intelligent guiding hand. I admire your website. Good self-liberating material. Every man and woman has sole claim to his or her life and every person has sole claim to his or her labor and the fruits of his or her labor.

Mike,, 7/27/02
Please keep neo-tech on the web. Without the stance that neo-tech gives the everyday person, and the geniuses of this world, our world will fall into the hands of the parasitical elites who work so hard to protect their lazy and dishonest lives.

Sam,, 7/26/02
Great information!

B.H.,, 7/26/02, Australia
You are teaching information that I don't see taught elsewhere. Who else will do the job if you don't remain on the web?

L.A.,, 7/26/02
I truly feel that Neo-Tech is perfect.

Mark,, 7/25/02
I've been having a lot of changes since I read this big book I ordered from Neo-tech, years ago. It promoted a different mode of thinking that has benefited me greatly.

C.I.,, 7/25/02, United Kingdom
Most copywriters would tell you that content is king. If that's so then Neo-Tech certainly is the King of all websites. No other site comes even remotely close for delivering such fantastic values - and for free! is my homepage and will alway s remain so.

J.S.,, 7/24/02
The Greatest Kept Secret!!!

J.F.,, 7/23/02
I have often wondered what motivates anyone to want to be employed by the IRS. Is life so tough and their talents so meager they must resort to harassing fellow Americans just to make a living?

M.S.,, 7/23/02
I found your site very stimulating. It is pleasing to find a website with view/opinions and the proper resources to support such statements. Keep up the good Work.

P.N.,, 7/22/02
Great reading

R.H.,, 7/22/02
I love and adore your site.' You say things in powerful way.

Dr.W.N.,, 7/22/02, Germany

John D H Eatwell,, 7/22/02
Simply Realistic. I Now Spy With My Little Eye All The Cheats. Love To Talk To Anyone In Christchurch New Zealand. Frank Wallace & Mark Hamilton You Are Truly Genius Thank You Forever John

M.I.,, 7/21/02, U.S.A
Almost a year ago I purchased THE BOOK(GOD-MAN/NEO-TECH DISCOVERY),after reading it I found the missing piece of my puzzle, that: the conscious-being is the highest form of life that there is! And there is no god or higher power that controls us! Thanks t o all of you, that gave me my clarity!

C.B.,, 7/21/02
Neo - Tech is the most valuable information in the universe. Every man woman and child needs Neo-Tech. After 9/11 it is apparent that without it we will all perish in a mystical nuclear annihilation. We have to discount the ridiculous political solutions being offered. The office of homeland security will just add strength to the INS paranoid delusions. All the undocumented aliens need Neo-Tech as does the office of Homeland Security. All will benefit and start producing values for others and stop playing cat and mouse games.

K.P.,, 7/20/02, US of America
Neo-Tech should be visible in this great medium so that others, like myself, can live free of Neo-Cheaters.

BbQ,, 7/19/02, Philippines
Great piece of information! I recommend it to kindred thinkers of our society today! It changed my entire outlook in life! No longer i'll be drained by people indulging in parasitical mysticism. We must spread neo-tech into the far-ends of the earth. Kudo s to objectivity and rationality!

S.W.,, 7/19/02, australia
This information and knowledge should be taught at school. The only real guide to life and reality ever constructed. I have grown and changed greatly by applying these advantages. I am awaiting the arrival of Biological Immortality, which will only come a bout through Neo-Tech.

M.B.,, 7/17/02
After using Neo-Tech for 3 years, I gave up thinking about it for a year or so. I turned to drugs. I quit working hard in my life. I started lying about everything to get things from other people that they worked hard for. I basically didn't even remember much about neo-tech anymore. I almost lost the love of my life. I am crying right now as I type this. But it happened gradually. I didn't even realize it was happening to me. Neo-Tech literature warned me about this. That if I stopped caring about removi ng lies from my mind, I more than likely would end up unhappy again. I am here to testify that they were right. I am ashamed I let myself go so far down. I felt suicidal for awhile. But one little spark that I remember from reading Neo-Tech just rekindled my spirits today. It gave me a life raft to grab on to. It was the concept that no matter how bad things get in life, if I choose to turn my life around again, and work as hard as I can, it is possible to rebuild my life. So here I am. I have returned, a little bruised and very unhappy with myself, but with a new spirit of change inside. I will never let myself gradually fall again. I will never forget the pain that has come from it. I owe everything to Neo-Tech.

C,, 7/17/02
This life enhancing information that I would have a hard time living without.

Stuart D,, 7/17/02, ENGLAND
I love this site and I love 'The Story'. Thanks for changing my life.

R.P.,, 7/17/02
I find what is written very profound and backed by a consistent theory.

CountDracula1984,, 7/17/02
Your article breathes new life into some of Einstein's and other's most important thought experiments.

R.B.,, 7/16/02, Mauritius
Many, many & many Thanks Neo-Tech for putting ounces of light in the life & heart of human beings; now, for years to come and forever

R.K.,, 7/16/02
I am an original Neo-Tech literature owner and am delighted to see the literature online and available to the broadest population base possible. The necessary changes for getting humanity into the non-mystical Civilization of the Universe are happening at an accelerated rate.

M.C.,, 7/12/02
I've been collecting and reading Neo-Tech publications since 1983 and I can't imagine a world without Neo-Tech. Everything Neo-Tech touches becomes the Golden Zon in my life. Keep on, keepin' on.

M.M.,, 7/12/02, Australia
Great reading and punctual philosophy. As a journalist in today's world it is great to expose 'neocheaters' on my television program 'A Current Affair' nightly at 7.00 p.m. in Australia. Keep up the excellent work!

Anon,, 7/11/02
It is extremely rare to experience such a high level of emotion from reading a book. Almost as rare as finding a book so valuable! The vision seen by Mr. Wallace is do-able but requires literature that appeals to the emotions, like THE STORY.

j.h.,, 7/11/02, england
Religion is a disease of the weak mind, we will NEVER progress as a species unless people start thinking and working things out for themselves instead of relying on security blankets in the shape of bibles and mythical father figures.

K.H.,, 7/11/02, Germany
Every day everywhere, all you hear and read about is people in privileged positions causing problems where none existed before and hurting people that honestly go about their business, trying to secure a decent future for their offspring. Be it President Mogabe of Zimbabwe, or war mongering G.W. Bush, with the aid of his lap dog Tony Blair, who wants to distract the American public from the impending global depression , Alan Greenspan or the so called 'free press' etc., everyone of them seem to have hidde n agendas. In business we spend the whole day trying to solve problems, but one gets the impression that those of causing problems get further in life. Your website gives me the courage to carry on fighting and shows me that there are other people in the world who also do not get fooled by all that is dished up in copious helpings every day. Keep the presses going, please!!!

K.A.,, 7/10/02
Great website-just discovered it. Keep up the great work!!

Anon,, 7/10/02, U.S.
Found your information most helpful.

J.W.,, 7/10/02, Canada
I found that your mindset is very enlightened indeed. The sooner one realizes that truth is found within self and not from some external source then one can put aside all the religious fantasies and truly begin to live without the guilt bought on by relig ions. Since truth begins within it's safe to say there is no anthropomorphic god. Thank you for the good work.

D.P.,, 7/9/02
I find the book very fascinating and would like to know of others who are active in making change to our current business and political practices. Especially in light of what has transpired at Enron and Worldcom as of late.

smcbride,, 7/9/02
neo-tech, is by far the most comforting information I have read in years. I can relate to the philosophy. I have read hundreds of articles about many topic on human nature. All seem superficial and 'personal experience' based. Neo-Tech clarified many thin gs for me and has given me knew insight to problems I have had for many years. When I become confused about an issue, I simply look up neo-tech on the web and read topic that relate to my personal situation, a type of self-understanding that helps me to d eal with each situation I go through. I feel that neo-tech has help me and probably thousand of people. You will be doing an injustice by removing your valuable information from the web.

B.M.,, 7/8/02, Scotland
It makes a lot of sense and I wish you all power to your elbow. Keep up the good work to vanish all neocheaters.

B.V.,, 7/8/02
I really am thrilled with this info, I have searched my entire life for the truth and Neo-tech is the first rational explanation that I have been able to except freely and whole heartily and cannot get enough of what there is to read or hear about it.

T.W.,, 7/8/02
I have known of this web site ever sense it was put up. It presents a great point of view and has helped me throughout the years. It is time for America and the World to wake-up.

Bell,, 7/8/02, Australia
Brilliant - Brilliant - Brilliant!!!!!!!!!! How do I get in touch with likeminded human beings?

D.M.,, 7/7/02
The content in this web site is just fabulous...I was amazed to find such rich information on the Industrial revolution...Keep it up!

S.M.,, 7/7/02
What I've read so far about your ideas is RIGHT ON! As a long-time 'objectivist', though certainly no Randinista, I appreciate your 'clearer' ideas.

S.S.,, 7/7/02
Keep up your relentless pursuit of the truth. No one else on earth is exposing the manufacture of the illusions created by the suppressive and evil neo-cheaters within the governments, their numerous useless and damaging bureaucracies and their cohorts in the fields of political business, religions, and mysticism. Thank you for having the sheer guts to confront, see and expose the real evil on this planet and throughout the universe. We are on the winning side for all good, deserving and productive value producing people on this planet, most of who should be willing to take full responsibility to help forward this movement in a shoulder to shoulder effort where we will enjoy the ultimate win in the game where everyone wins.

M.R.,, 7/5/02
Neo-Tech will absolutely remain on the web. The benefits are far too important to everybody who is fortunate enough to come in contact with it's lesson. From soap-dodging hippies to happiness- avoiding destitutes, from cop-out-of-life clergy to even the m ost leeching of parasites, political pip squeak business(non)men, politicians and lawyers; Neo-Tech is the only resort they both have and need to lift them up out of the sinister Dardanelle's of irrationality. It's not a question of whether Neo-Tech shoul d remain on the web, it's a question of how to double the number which appears on the top right hand corner of the NT home page every six months !! Good luck to ye Mark O Reilly

N G B,, 7/5/02, United Kingdom
I purchased the Happiness Prosperity and Romantic Love book after years of reading spiritual doctrines and degrees of practical endeavor. I enjoy a healthier balance thanks to what Neo-Tech has to say.

T.T.,, 7/4/02, U.S.A
I have read four books on Neo-Tech, & I am very exited about applying the principles of the literature. I am sixty years old & I hope I get to live long enough to see the coming changes in our political, judicial, & business systems.

S.S.,, 7/4/02, Australia
Neo-Tech has helped answer questions about my life and also take a good hard look at it at the same time, I can't put this literature down.

Delo breckenridge,, 7/3/02
I love your site I am a former Libertarian /Objectivist/ Volitionist.

S.R.,, 7/3/02
It is my stong opinion that it is important for people to step outside their comfort zone, outside the box and make a difference in their lives and the world. It takes courage to even consider some of the things Neo-Think encompasses, but by opening our m inds up to the infinite possibilities, we can make great strides and positive changes in our world. With the current condition of our society as it is, I think that the time for change is over due. I'm just beginning to learn about Neo-Tech, but I'm excit ed about the journey ahead.

C.M.,, 7/2/02
I feel Neo-Tech is a great mind opening way of thinking. For all those who say it is evil, you are very small minded and I feel for you. The only thing Neo-Tech is doing is to allow you to think for yourself and be a leader not a follower. If you can not recognize this then you are the ones who will fall prey to the world around you.

S.N.,, 7/2/02, NEW ZEALAND
I find the information on your site very mind-stimulating and enhancing. Where can I obtain these great 'dynamic informations'?

Catie,, 7/2/02
Neo-tech is the greatest site to come around! Neo-tech can save lives.....religion only kills. KEEP THY RELIGION TO THYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R.K.,, 7/2/02, Malaysia
This is too good to be true. And it is real.

B.G.,, 7/2/02, Australia
After reading Neo-tech Discovery and Neo-tech world, understanding and applying Neo-tech has become an exciting and real alternative to conventional wisdom.

A.G.,, 7/1/02
New thinking technique has enriched my life. And thus creating a full rage of information and invaluable lessons that are in the pages of the Book -- the best book in my opinion.

Albert D Sanchez,, 7/1/02
I think Its full of great info. and it really opens your mind to what's going in today's crap.

C.J.,, 7/1/02
The Neo-Tech discovery is truly profound. I have studied many thoughts and doctrinal teachings, even peering into mysticism. I have found personally from reading many Neo-tech, that The Neo-Tech Discovery is not only rooted on honest principles but the gr eatest frontier of all, 'reality'. I really enjoy soaking up mentally and internally these clear facts here in the neo-tech manuals. May endless fortunes reach all those helping to increase this type of education and discovery!

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