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T.P.,, 6/30/98
Am fascinated by Dr. Wallace's manuscripts.

D.M.,, 6/30/98
Thanks to Neo-Tech, I have a clear understanding of who and what I am.

Michelle R.,, 6/29/98

K.L.,, 6/29/98
My father had introduced me to the concepts of Neo-Tech, And ever since I have gained valuable information, on becoming a value producer, I am on the right path to be successful. Thank you..

C.F.,, 6/29/98
This life-saving information needs to get out to the world anyway that it can.

Gayle G.,, 6/29/98
Neo-Tech is: a guide for truly living. Neo-Tech literature gives you the truth to overcome the mysticism in the world, but IT IS UP TO YOU TO DO IT. It is up to you to recognize this for what it is. Up to you to burn away all your old weaknesses--your old self, if you will, and rise from it like a phoenix. A prisoner cannot be forced to be free, but she or he can be given a needed boost to see out their jail window. It's up to her to slide through the jail bars and escape. Speed the Neo-Tech revolution. The more Neo-Tech people there are, the faster it will be manifested. All of my love and support to Frank Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, and all the crew at NT.

A.F.,, 6/29/98, United Kingdom
I am deeply interested in the subject of Neo-Tech and wish to expand my current rather hazy knowledge of it.

B.C.,, 6/29/98

S.M.,, 6/28/98, Canada
Many many more people should have the privilege to read NT literature.

S.H.,, 6/28/98, Korea
This is the greatest web site I ever found. It's like a whole new concept of our lives. I will visit more often.

J.L.,, 6/28/98
At the beginning I thought Neo-Tech was just a bunch of bull*** but I have slowly come to realize that the only bull that I once believe was the idea of god and that man wasn't in god's category. I now know there is no god and we've been fools for quite a long time. through business dynamics like Neo-Tech has mentioned every person on this planet can be involved in advancing knowledge as well as living completely happy in a state of mind that no religion, doctrine, or defected logical thinking can bring us.

R.R.,, 6/28/98
Dear Neo-Tech Group, It will be interesting to see where objective, rational, integrated honesty leads me (and the rest of us). The information contained in the Neo-Tech Zonpower volumes I-V has really tied together many loose ends for me. I guess that this is part of the integration process. I've found that my reading time has decreased since I've increased my productivity at work, including working longer hours to catch-up some of the backlog. However, I've also discovered I do not need as much sleep, so I've been doing much of my reading late at night. I had already taken control over much of my life, especially in the health and diet areas. Dr. Atkin's books started me on a great health drive for an improved lifestyle. The Neo-Tech literature improved my self-control in many trouble areas by helping me realize that I was responsible for my actions, and not some higher authority or anyone/anything else. Also, I've lost the guilt feelings over my back and forth decisions regarding religion. I look forward to more studies which will help me build a complete matrix of honest, rational, full-blown integrations. Thanks for the insights.

J.C.,, 6/27/98
Put all you can on the net, keep the world informed of these choices and possibilities. If you never experience it, then you can't know it. I think more people than we realize want to know this stuff.

T.N.,, 6/27/98
I sure hope your visions come true.

A.P.,, 6/26/98
Neo-Tech is phenomenal. It is the largest source of rational, objective information I have ever found. As a 17 year old entrepreneur who has started several businesses, I find the information provides further clarification to my own beliefs, as well as refines practical applications of business, time management, and mental organization.

M.K.,, 6/26/98
The more I read the more I like it.

V.S.,, 6/25/98
I plan on immersing myself in the literature and coming out a new man...

D.B.,, 6/25/98, South Africa
Very useful.

F.P.,, 6/24/98
I'm new to Neo-Tech but the concepts outlined here seem to be based in truth.

M.M.,, 6/24/98
Is it not inevitable that Neo-Tech will soon envelop the planet? I am sure you will soon move beyond the primitive web site and broadcast ZOM right into the human cerebral cortex. Not IF, but WHEN! Yes! It cannot be stopped! Halleluija!

B.W.,, 6/23/98, Australia
Within Neo-Tech lies the ultimate truth of mankind. At last I am starting to comprehend what neo-cheaters I have around me. I am no longer blind, I can see straight through them. Thanks!

B.A.,, 6/23/98
The Neo-Tech philosophy seems quite interesting and intrigues me.

M.B.,, 6/23/98
I have studied Objectivism, read most of Ayn Rand's works, and I am in complete agreement with the most basic tenets of Objectivist philosophy. I applaud your efforts and the great amount of work that has obviously gone into producing a very high quality web site.

M.S.,, 6/23/98, Australia
I was searching for create your own future. I have certainly found a site with a great deal of data. Now I must do the reading.

Micheline H.,, 6/23/98
the more I read the better I understand, please keep up the good work and for being as honest as you are

J.C.,, 6/22/98
Honestly the information is very vital.

R.W.,, 6/22/98
Putting Neo-Tech on the Internet was a great move. It potentially enables millions of people to learn about Neo-Tech and the disease of mysticism. I can't thank you enough for putting the greatest books(s) ever written on the Internet.

F.B.,, 6/22/98
I love this site, and of course think it is the most important/valuable site on the ENTIRE INTERNET. Keep up the awesome work!

E.J.,, 6/22/98
I like the site because I can get the latest Neo-Tech information in one convenient location. Those who would like it taken down are so trapped in their own web of deception that they cannot realize the usefulness of this information.

A.S.,, 6/22/98, Canada
I can honestly say that Neo-Tech has changed my life!

D.S.,, 6/21/98
Expansion of your web site will benefit all humans.

R.G.,, 6/20/98
A very interesting site.

Sue B.,, 6/20/98
Neo-Tech came to me during the most critical phase of my life. It held me together and gave me hope where there was no hope. Neo-Tech has enhanced my life, made me more confident, and is helping me to 'weed-out' all of my own created mysticism. Neo-Tech is teaching me a new way of life. I want more!

G.L.,, 6/19/98
My life has improved considerably since reading Neo-Tech. I do firmly believe that you are doing the most important work in the universe.

S.H.,, 6/18/98
Neo-Tech physics fits well with dynamical geometrics of Chaos, the science and Meme Theory. The pieces of the puzzle will come together if we can get some more people out of their 'stovepiped' egocentrisms. Keep up the search for truth. Thanks

C.B.,, 6/18/98
I'm reading the manuscript I now understand and realize how accurate Zon is. My search for truth and honesty has lead me to your web site. My goal is to become a value producing businessman. Please continue your writing, Zon knows we need it.

S.E.,, 6/16/98
Interesting stuff.

A.B.,, 6/16/98, Australia
Thank you sooooooooo much NEO-TECH.

Anon.,, 6/15/98
This has got to be the best web site ever. Now I see that truth is the most important energy. Some of the negative comments say that you are twisting the truth for your own selfishness but all I have seen is pages & pages of valuable yet FREE information. There is nothing to be lost by reading this mind expanding material, except traditional faith in GOD which for some people can never be lost. If you can realize there is no god, you effectively wake up and see that we are all gods. Billions of crazy overpopulated gods creating a messy reality for each other. This is THE TRUTH.

D.K.,, 6/14/98
Your thoughts of reality are extremely interesting. Thank You for your involvement in the progression of humanity.

S.A.,, 6/14/98
Neo-Tech has helped me in many things as I proceed to enhance my life and the lives of those around me. I have enjoyed the ability to help those that I love and those who would have tried to destroy what I wish to accomplish. Neo-Tech has ended a long need for answers I was unable to fulfill before. My Genuine thanks to Frank Wallace and the entire Neo-Tech Staff for their unending struggle to free the world.

B.T.,, 6/14/98, Canada
Amazing! I return to this site daily, and daily gain new insights. Your integrated honesty is like food for my {personal} thought processor. I have along way to go, but I have at least found the road.

F.S.,, 6/13/98, Brazil
After reading Neo-Tech literature, almost all my questions are being answered.

M.D.,, 6/12/98, Canada
I have found the information you have given to be highly Beneficial and challenging.

B.B.,, 6/12/98
I recently completed reading 'God-Man, Our Final Evolution', and I believe that it is one of the most important books ever written. I want to thank Dr.Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and all the authors of Neo-Tech books for their fine work. EVERY American should read Mark Hamilton's 'Get Rich By 2001'!!!

R.M.,, 6/11/98
I want to know more about the Neo Tech Party, How can we get other people involved.. We need to become more visible. I love Mark Hamilton's book. It makes sense.

C.F.,, 6/11/98

Sonia A.,, 6/11/98
Yes, NEO-TECH should remain on the web. In this way, more and more people will become aware about this stupid, unworthy society we all have to deal with, every day of our lives.

P.R.,, 6/11/98, United Kingdom
It was brilliant. I found it intriguing. I want to see more.

E.S.,, 6/11/98

Micheline H.,, 6/11/98
Amazing, just amazing . I would love to have more info like this on the web. the concept itself is one that I could use daily for the rest of my life.

C.Z.,, 6/10/98
The Neo-Tech Discovery was brilliant. The truths found in Neo-Tech are sure to be important to the survival of the planet. Death is not meant to be, and will someday be a memory. I want to be there to see it.

B.B.,, 6/10/98
I thoroughly enjoy your web site! Thank you for being online Neo-Tech!

A.G.,, 6/10/98, Canada
I am greatly interested in your work it will most certainly change my life forever DR WALLACE thank you greatly.

D.M.,, 6/9/98
We need Neo-Tech thinking now, worldwide.

R.W.,, 6/9/98
Great site. Very mentally stimulating. Look forward to learning more about Neo-Tech.

R.M.,, 6/9/98, Canada
your objective approach to life is refreshing and honest. I read through the entire site, it left me hungry for more.

D.T.,, 6/9/98
I found your comments well informed and presented in a thoughtful way that allowed me to take in and evaluate the information. I was pleased to see a presentation that was relatively free of bias...and totally free of the kind of preachy, screaming bias.

D.A.,, 6/9/98
These concepts are very intriguing.

C.S.,, 6/8/98
Thank you very much for the work you have done. This web site and the nano technology website are the 2 most important web sites on the net to me.

D.P.,, 6/7/98
I feel that NT is the life raft in an ocean of insanity. It is literally a matter of life or death for this site to remain on the web. Countless, well, obviously you can count them, people are being exposed to this life saving/enhancing information. I most eagerly anticipate the collapse of mysticism.

R.M.,, 6/6/98
Neo-Tech is what the majority of the world fears.....the truth. This technology will release the human race and will push 'man' forward in the universe.

M.L.,, 6/4/98
Reading the negative comments certainly decided me in your favor.

R.B.,, 6/4/98
Surprised and pleased to discover Neo-Tech -- an incredible surfing find.

P.D.,, 6/2/98
I am very impressed with all literature I have read. Please keep up the great work so we can snuff out the Parasitical Elites. Thank You !

M.G.,, 6/2/98, Canada
Without a doubt the most important, intelligent work ever created.

A.H.,, 6/1/98
I can't believe how clear Neo-Tech is. I was always in wonder with the hypocrisies of the Bible and Religions.

Anon.,, 6/1/98, Iran
Neo-Tech seems to be the result of extensive thought.

G.S.,, 6/1/98, United Kingdom

Sarah V.,, 6/1/98
Nothing can stop my quest for eternal life here on earth. I always thought we should never die or get sick -- to live eternally with love over flowing. I love your Outcompete book.

Stephanie G.,, 6/1/98
'Atlas Shrugged' has been instrumental in forming, or should I say, re-forming my attitudes and thoughts about work and capitalism. I am interested in seeing her concepts pushed further as in Neo-Tech.

May 1998

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