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/c.B.,, 6/29/02
Neo -Tech knowledge is the most important knowledge ever discovered on the Earth. Soon everyone will have to understand Neo-Tech or perish. Life forever is more important than anything yet discovered.

E.C.,, 6/29/02
We must protect Neo-Tech and everything it stands for if we are to benefit from it and others now and in the future.

R.B.,, 6/29/02, Mauritius
The discoverer of Neo-Tech is indeed a super god! I deem her as the originator/creator of an expanding civilization of the universe. She remains a mighty reference in the history of mankind since the beginning of existence; since time immemorial. O Mother of this new world ...

k.b.,, 6/29/02, england
These great values that neo-tech teaches & explains should be in every media format available.

S.A.,, 6/27/02
It has enabled me to differentiate between the people who are the true assets to humanity and those who are the burden. Neo-Tech opened my eyes to many things I was not aware of. Everything is articulated very coherently, especially the discussions on God , politics, and human nature. Even though I have not fully evolved in to the God-Man, I can sense that the age when fully integrated honesty finally reigns supreme is at hand. The humanoids who perpetuate the anticivilization are responsible for intolerab le levels of injustice. It is high time that they are stopped.

D J.M.,, 6/27/02
This is the first system that makes any real sense, and this is so for one reason: reality. Neo-Tech concepts have revolutionized my business and personal life beyond measure. The internet is the perfect medium for positioning reality-based concepts and i ntergrations. Please continue. Thank You.

K.W.,, 6/26/02, jackson

N.S.,, 6/25/02, Hamilton
You cant do enough to get this powerful message out. Thank you so much for your love for the human race.

C.B.,, 6/24/02
I think Neo-Tech is a very positive and powerful source. It should help the world!

c.e.,, 6/24/02
All humanity is on the line, knowledge is the key to salvation. Keep on telling it like it is, for all our sakes.

A.P.,, 6/21/02
I love it

M.K.,, 6/21/02, Malaysia
Before finding this web site, I had to pay a fortune for such a valuable information! Pleeeeese expand!

M.L.,, 6/19/02
Some of the most valuable and unique information on the web

S.P.,, 6/17/02
Neo-Tech, has the potential to be the source of a revolution for improvement of the human condition!

B.I.,, 6/16/02, United Kingdom.
If neo-tech is to be successful in re-educating the world populace for the good of mankind, then the importance of retaining Neo-tech on the web cannot be over-emphasize.

f.c.,, 6/16/02
Best damn self-help literature ever produced. Pure genius. The discoverer is a god himself.

f.j.,, 6/15/02
I was deeply moved by THE STORY, so much so that I wept during some passages. It is such a remarkable, well-crafted piece of writing. My sincerest thanks and compliments to the author.

Nick,, 6/14/02
I'm saying this with full knowledge and a deep, emotional integration: 'Neo-Tech is AWESOME'

R.J.,, 6/13/02
Neo-Tech is an intelligent and peaceful form of reason, learning, justice, love, and business ethics. The beauty of Neo-Tech is to encourage the human mind to expand and progress to achieve the ultimate goal of peace, love, harmony and self growth, succes s in business and ultimately the growth of mankind, a race of people able to make this world what it should be, a strong, intelligent business oriented world. Not a world that runs to pray every time there is a problem and expect a 'God to deliver us from evil' without the vaguest idea of who it is that they are praying to.

O.N.,, 6/13/02, United Kingdom
I am great fan of your explosive literature.

Anon,, 6/13/02
Very interesting...I came across this site quite by accident. '...a compatibility of humor is one of the most enjoyable aspects of friendships and romantic-love relationships.' How very true.

H.C.,, 6/13/02
One word AWESOME

Anon,, 6/13/02
Neo-Tech is the best I've ever seen!

L.K.,, 6/12/02
From your literature, i became involved with Ayn Rand. It changed my whole life for the better.

Brendan,, 6/11/02
Good site, interesting and thought provoking

K.Z.,, 6/11/02
It is eye opening, mind opening.

chuck,, 6/11/02
There is no other reality.

j.m.,, 6/10/02
I hope this light continues to shine thank you

P.M.,, 6/10/02
Neo-Tech is a way of life that should be available to all who wish to learn and move forward.

L.H.,, 6/10/02

P.A.,, 6/10/02, AUSTRALIA
Your way of seeing things and living is so empowering. Finally, someone who cares about the spirit of the individual and their right to live how they choose to. Keep up the inspiring and life affirming work.

,, 6/9/02
Your site is interesting, there is a lot of great out-of-box thinking on it.

M.F.,, 6/8/02
After 18 years of being deeply thrust (parents, family) into mysticism, reading through THE BOOK has allowed the deceptive, irrational nonrealities of religion to be exposed for all of the destruction it has slowly caused in my life. Giving over control o f one's thought processes, decisions, etc, to outside authorities can (did) lead only towards a mushy, nonassertive, slave-like existence. Neo-Tech is allowing my mind to see the true reality of my existence through the long-standing fog of mysticism and the undiscovered/hidden daily practices of value destroyers and neo-cheaters. Currently, Neo-Tech is at work in my life as I build and assemble the puzzle pieces together for my own business mind . . . mystic-free and powerful.

D.P.,, 6/7/02, England
I am elated to have put before me, the opportunity to change my whole way of life. To me, it gives an explanation as to how past intelligent human civilization perished leaving unanswered questions as to their demise. It proves to me that without the bica meral oppression, civilisations would be so incredibly advanced at today's date. Neocheaters have robbed us of such value. I am thrilled at some of the advancements during my lifetime but to think that these achievements could have been founded thousands of years ago makes one very bitter towards the likes of Plato. Here's to the future of mankind Cheers!

M.T.,, 6/6/02
What a fool I have been. I've read the Neo Tech Books and studied the web site. For some reason I chose to dismiss Neo Tech. Here I am back, with tail between legs, after being sucked dry by the anti-civilization.

H.C.,, 6/4/02, U S A
Fully integrated honesty and effort is the only way to live Fearless and grateful to DR Wallace I will forever be.

I.K.,, 6/4/02, Ireland
The greatest strength of Neo-Tech is that it is an open philosophy that will evolve as it learns. Thus it continuously refines itself. Don't just think. Learn to think more honestly and you think wider, deeper and without fear.

z.d.,, 6/4/02, the united states of america
This is it. This is the only way that will work.

J.S.,, 6/3/02
The ability to think without the clutter of the anti-civilization is an asset sorely needed today, it is needed by people like myself who seek to create new and exciting paradigms to create value in the world (universe).

J.V.,, 6/3/02, Washington
This has been the most profound awareness that I have come across in my search for what I Have been looking for all this life-time.

T. T. H., , 6/3/02, Malaysia
It is fascinating.

J.C.,, 6/2/02
I believe it is the best hope for mankind to survive thank you

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