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S.B.,, 3/31/97, Canada
I would like to thank all those involved with the continuing efforts and enlightening focus of the Neo-Tech instructions. I have studied various philosophies in my pursuit of life and happiness but none have opened my consciousness as yours. I hope Neo-Cheating and Mysticism crumble as this new tomorrow rises on a waking world!

C.D.,, 3/31/97
This Web Site has tremendously changed my previously polluted view of existence.

D.C.,, 3/31/97
It has already started to make an enormous impact on my life.

J.R.,, 3/31/97
This will change the world.

M.Y.,, 3/31/97, Pakistan
It is a tool for all humanity. I think it is especially helpful in business and love.

L.S.,, 3/31/97
Thank you very much. I have benefited tremendously from this information.

P.F.,, 3/30/97
I find the information extremely compelling. I have found immediate use for the mini-day structure in my business.

M.M.,, 3/30/97, Canada
Neo-Tech information awakened me to my amateur, naive understanding of life and business. It dispels all mysteries about the process of creating, producing and distributing marketable values. Neo-Tech totally models how I, too, can produce and promote useful values, competently compete and voluntarily trade with others. Neo-Tech provides the process to achieve ever renewable health, prosperity, security, self-esteem and happiness. The keys: Constantly applying integrated honesty and rational efforts to every department of my life. Thank you forever!

J.R.,, 3/30/97
I feel the excitement of the `answer is here!'

ANON,, 3/29/97
Jesus' secret message about discovering a Neo-Tech consciousness is super-duper...... Super! I love it!

D.D.,, 3/29/97
Excellent, Just plain excellent.

C.M.,, 3/29/97
This could possibly be the ONE THING in life that I need to get ahead.

D.P.,, 3/29/97
The web is the PERFECT place to spread the word about Neo-Tech. The revolution is coming.

T.T.,, 3/29/97
I agree this is the best site on the world wide web.

L.F.,, 3/29/97
I am a 23 year old college student and new to your site. Neo-Tech totally changed the direction my life was headed. I am now ready and exited to begin a new life of discovery and adventure. I will be forever grateful for your information. Thank you.

P.S.,, 3/28/97
The one thing that interests me most about the philosophy of Neo-Tech is the fight to cure the disease of death!

D.T.,, 3/27/97, Australia
I have gained incredible advantages by using Neo-Tech.

P.C.,, 3/26/97
ZONPOWER/NEO-TECH was the precipitating factor in a major life improvement for myself and my best friend. Thanks!

W.S.,, 3/26/97
Thanks Neo-Tech, your information helped me a lot. I think it's time for Neo-Tech to become a global awareness so that we can enter the Civilization of the Universe. It is time to end pointless death and suffering.

D.P.,, 3/26/97
With knowledge there is power. With an increased knowledge, we can more accurately aim our lives in such a way to become a more complete and effective person. Please continue publishing this most needed information.

S.S.,, 3/26/97
I like the idea of freeing myself from the external `voices' of government and religion.

M.R.,, 3/25/97, Canada
In my search for truth, I have found that Neo-Tech has given me a feeling that there is hope.

R.A.,, 3/25/97
This is a wonderful site. I feel that, if adopted, the principles espoused by Neo-Tech would certainly aid in the construction of a sane society.

M.Y.,, 3/25/97
If Neo-Tech were not on the web it would be the dark ages descending upon the world.

K.M., iafrica, 3/25/97, South Africa
Moral standards have declined to such an extent that good honest basic attitudes are regarded as `weird'. Any attempt to set the record straight should be applauded.

L.R.,, 3/25/97
I did a search for integrity + honesty + value + commitment + persistence and found this site. It has to be a good thing!

A.R.,, 3/24/97
Your site is incredible. Thank you so much for providing this valuable information. You have taken the very best of Ayn Rand and Objectivism and moved forward into the future. Keep up the great work!

B.H.,, 3/24/97
This is truly the only hope our civilization has for eliminating mystics and neo-cheaters.

Z.S.,, 3/24/97
I just came back from Hungary, I was surprised to see in Hungary how strongly people desired this kind of information.

D.S.,, 3/24/97
I find the information interesting and insightful. Isn't truth what you are telling?

Y.S.,, 3/24/97, Malaysia
This site is great. It provides the valuable information I have been searching for all this time. Keep up the good work. :)

L.C.,, 3/24/97
I think your web-site is great. I'm definitely going to put this site on my hot list. I'll be back!!!

R.R.,, 3/24/97
All my life I have been a mystic. Reading Tarot cards since I was 13, born-again Christian at 19, sensitive new age guy at 21, ritual candle magic at 25, and so on. After reading this powerful material, my emotions range from anger to fear to sadness to determination. Is there a Neo-Tech support group? (Mystics-anonymous anyone?) I feel so stupid for letting the mystic neo-cheaters sap my life away. If anybody has similar trouble trying de-mystify themselves lets talk.

J.H.,, 3/24/97
Neo-Tech has a great deal of value to offer people. Its emphasis on abolishing mysticism is its best aspect.

M.B.,, 3/23/97, Philippines
Thought-provoking information! Mind-opening information not found elsewhere!

R.T.,, 3/23/97, United Kingdom
I love Neo-Tech ideas. Powerful, practical, hands-on, change-your-life stuff.

J.Y.,, 3/23/97
Whatever you do please don't take this site off the Internet. I think it's the best one that exists. What is, is.

S.M.,, 3/23/97
Neo-Tech stands for the correct way the human race should be living. Without Neo-Tech, our direction is toward unhappiness and death. Neo-Tech has taught me to except responsibility for all my action. Without Neo-Tech, we are just a group of losers. I'd rather be a winner. Even if Neo-Tech, is removed from the web, which would be a great loss for the human race, I will always live through Neo-Tech. ...Biological Immortality, Romantic love, Happiness, and Lot's of earned money, for all the Neo-Tech people.

G.M.,, 3/22/97
The greatest achievements of mankind were not discovered by some emaciated ascetic meditating on a mountain top; they were discovered by the hard work of dedicated, rational-thinking, human being striving to overcome the unknown. The Neo-Tech site goes to great lengths to address this very issue. You are to be commended for your diligence in the light of our society's spiraling descent into yet another Dark Age. Keep up the hard work!

R.S.,, 3/22/97, Australia
Neo - Tech is the best source of information to improve our life. Thank you, Neo-Tech for providing this powerful information.

P.B.,, 3/22/97
I used to preach and teach the Bible in the Church of Christ, I find the values of Neo-Tech worth much more.

D.N.,, 3/22/97
It's honest to the core.

A.K.,, 3/21/97
Just reading a few pages here has set me to thinking and planning, but no longer dreaming!

G.W.,, 3/21/97, United Kingdom
I look forward to the day when all human beings know Neothink (natural thinking for conscious beings). There is no compromise with Neo-Tech. Contradictions are easily identified and eradicated. The overwhelming beauty of recognizing the objective `meaning of life' triggers an irreversible change in perceptions.

E.S.,, 3/21/97
I love your web site and visit it almost daily, the layout is great and the knowledge it provides is priceless.

D.D.,, 3/20/97
I believe this is the most valued information I have ever read!!

S.S.,, 3/20/97
I just read Neo-Tech/Zonpower. Needless to say, it is not possible to achieve happiness under today's conditions. Neo-Tech will change that. I am amazed at the grip the mystics have over individuals. I guess that ignorance truly is bliss. But not for me. I am looking forward to the day we can get organized and stand as a united front against our common enemies of the mystics and the Gov't which oppresses us. If we can get organized, they don't stand a chance against us. Keep up the fantastic work, and let me know what I can do to help.

C.C.,, 3/20/97
Keep up the fight against all the neocheaters and value destroyers.

P.A.,, 3/20/97, United Kingdom
I have read the information on your web site and I can honestly say my life HAS changed IRRETRIEVABLY for the better.....I have gone from severe debt to a comfortable situation and it gets better each day ....I found an intelligent, beautiful, young wife (of 30, I am near 50) who is crazy about me .... and my dreams came true ...Everyone in the world knows there is a better way to live. I could go on all day about the benefits .... suffice to say ,
whatever happens, don't go away, WE ALL NEED YOU.

F.A.,, 3/20/97, Canada
I find your site infinitely inspiring. Your web site makes my day easier.

R.T.,, 3/20/97, Malaysia
Neo-Tech sounds like it will have a significant impact on man's thinking and to the future of humanity. Man always fears the new and unexplored. This is adventurous territory. Keep it up and expand!

S.N.,, 3/19/97, Canada
This site is the best. I am glad I found it and shall return often. I do agree that mystics are a great source of evil, and I think sites like this are needed to combat religious thinking. Neo-Tech needs to grow, it needs massive distribution, it needs to make a bible of it's own. If enough people hear of this, it might snuff out mystics permanently, so that we can usher in a new era. Science and futuristic idea's need to grow. I am a college student studying genetic engineering, and I have made it my life goal to pursue biological immortality through human cloning and genetic manipulation. I would really like to thank the creator of Neo-Tech, and I hope it's values will soon be embraced by everyone.

T.M.,, 3/19/97, Venezuela
It was really interesting to read about Neo-Tech. I like it very much. Keep going!

R.M.,, 3/19/97
This is a definite source of self-empowerment.

M.H.,, 3/19/97, United Kingdom
This site contains the most valuable information on the Web.

R.K.,, 3/19/97
I think this web site is very powerful and exciting.

J.B.,, 3/18/97
Wonderfully enlightening.

L.D.,, 3/18/97

B.A.,, 3/18/97
I really like what is said here and think the `neocheaters' most definitely do damage society. Thanks for all your great work.

M.A.,, 3/18/97
Wonderful insight and science. We need it.

ANON,, 3/18/97
Neo-Tech Objectivism rules!

C.C.,, 3/18/97, France
It's really fantastic!

S.S.,, 3/18/97
The Neo-Tech/Zonpower Discovery is very powerful. I already see the world in a new light.

J.P.,, 3/18/97
This is the most honest information I have ever seen. It is time the politicians were be placed where they belong, under us, not above us. They have been elected to serve us, not us serve them. Keep up your work. I feel honored to have read and re-read your material.

J.C.,, 3/17/97
I am most interested in becoming a master of these arts I think the power of this literature will benefit me in my business ventures.

A.L.,, 3/17/97
Important evolution in the works of Rand. Enlightening!

S.D.,, 3/16/97
I will never regret adopting Zonpower in my daily life.

B.T.,, 3/16/97
I want to learn the total benefits of Neo-Tech it is very important for me to succeed in life and I find Neo-Tech hard to resist.

M.A.,, 3/16/97
I would like to see this web site expand. I would also like to see people realize that religion is fake and that we should only believe in ourselves. That's the real fact!

W.J.,, 3/15/97
Can this be true? This may be too good to be true.

G.Z.,, 3/15/97
Fantastic site! Absolutely can't wait for interactive Zon. I predict that we will all begin to experience the final fall of the neo-cheaters when the `hits' to this site increase geometrically. Permanently bookmarked as my favorite site.

S.N.,, 3/15/97
This is the most valuable information I can think of. It would be great if tomorrow, everyone would wake up with this knowledge.

L.B.,, 3/15/97
This is the most intellectually challenging site I found to date. Thanks for making it available.

R.M.,, 3/15/97
Dominate the web. Scare every Objectivist out of his wits.

W.H.,, 3/14/97
Keep filling the net with your information. It has helped me discover the REAL ME that everyone told me not to listen to. Thank you for this site.

S.W.,, 3/14/97
I think you are onto a universal truth.

D.C., nv.ux, 3/14/97
This truth is needed!!!!!

A.P.,, 3/13/97, Puerto Rico
Very powerful information that properly applied can lead one to a positive transformation from traditional living and thinking.

B.P.,, 3/13/97
This site must remain on the web. If it were not for Neo-Tech, I
would not be happy, rich, loved, or healthy.

W.V.,, 3/13/97, Canada
I am currently a high school student. This site assists me in gaining greater insight on the world today. (A 17 year old student)

S.Y.,, 3/13/97, Malaysia
The world of tomorrow is here. I will be backing this web site with all the efforts I can get. This is indeed the most valuable web site in WWW. The dawn of a new era is what I have been looking forward to an era of profound honesty and competitive business. Down with Mysticism and Rise with Neo-Tech. `Great days are coming'

J.R.,, 3/13/97
Everyone needs Neo-Tech -- Best Web site ever!!

B.H.,, 3/13/97
There's nothing else like it! Have enjoyed tremendous gains since I first experienced Zonpower. It continues to build exponentially! Harm no others AND Produce values! Stop the Neo-Cheaters in their Tracks!

B.W.,, 3/11/97
This is terrific information; important and basic and insightful. Thank you for making it available. You are whetting a lot of appetites and undoubtedly changing a lot of lives with your concepts.

G.P.,, 3/10/97
It often takes eye opening, thought provoking material to nudge people in the right direction and this looks to be some of the best!

B.K.,, 3/10/97, Canada
I like viewing your fascinating material through its hyper-linked web pages Keep up the great work!

B.V.,, 3/10/97, France
I am very pleased to read one or two articles from time to time. It is a very interesting enriching encyclopedia.

J.C.,, 3/10/97
This site is changing my life.

S.S.,, 3/10/97, Australia
Well well well, someone has finally got it right!!!! Neo-Tech is definitely the way of the future, this site should be available to everyone. I am going to make a link to it on my home page!!! Thank you.

C.O.,, 3/10/97
I believe that your presence on the web is essential for both the elimination of the parasitical value-destroyers and for the removal of the current anticivilization.

V.L.,, 3/10/97, Malaysia
This site really helps me generate wealth.

R.K.,, 3/10/97, Papua New Guinea
I like seeing this offered worldwide so potential value producers can have access to this very important information. This is a doorstep service.

E.H.,, 3/10/97
I can clearly see the benefit of this line of thought and way of looking at life.

D.B.,, 3/9/97, Canada
The Web is for the access to information, it's a natural `home' for Neo-Tech.

J.C.,, 3/9/97
I learn a lot every time I click into this site.

R.M.,, 3/9/97
NT is the only antidote to the worlds poisons. I want the universe to be completely free of criminal machinations.

J.S.,, 3/9/97, Norway
It sounds interesting to explore a world of new possibilities.

J.C.,, 3/9/97
Once I start reading it is hard to stop.

J.V.,, 3/9/97
This is the best reading I have done. I finally can see that logical thinking wins over our mystical brainwashing.

D.S.,, 3/8/97
Has potential to free individuals from government, corporate, and any other form of slavery.

J.M.,, 3/8/97
I have just visited this site for the first time and I was greeted with a wave of relief that the knowledge is finally being let out.

F.R.,, 3/8/97, Kenya
Super site -- beyond description/value!

C.I.,, 3/8/97, United Kingdom
The Neo-Tech Web Site is by far the most valuable site on the Internet.

S.V.,, 3/8/97
Absolutely Best of the Web. I know this takes a lot of effort and I want to thank you for your hard work (not just the www but all the preceding development of Neo-Tech. I can't get enough. I previously had searched every corner of the esoteric universe for the `most objective' type of (scientific) mysticism and it took Neo-Tech to show me the error of my oxymoron ways. It never occurred to me to dump the entire dishonest bicameral matrix. Doing so has improved my quality of life immensely and I have made several life-changing decisions and changes this year. Thanks again and Happiness forever! to all of you.

M.P.,, 3/8/97
Nice Work, and Thank You for helping me become a Neo-Tech man.

S.H.,, 3/8/97
Thank you very much for the information that has helped me identify individuals in my life that have been neocheating me out of just about
everything. Now I have some form of defense and can start to enjoy my life.

A.G.,, 3/8/97
There is no other web site that delivers more values on the web. PERIOD! This web site is the reason I got an Internet account. That's how much I value it.

J.R.,, 3/7/97
You must continue your great job helping all of the revolutionaries.

J.L.,, 3/7/97
Keep up the good work for the most just of ALL causes.....honesty.

S.H.,, 3/6/97
Neo-Tech information has been of tremendous value to me.

K.N.,, 3/6/97
Brilliant and Prophetic!!! 1984's `Big Brother' is driven back by the slaves he subjugates. Ayn Rand's theory, `Money is the root of all good,' emerges victorious.

J.P.,, 3/6/97
I have long believed that the government has lied, deceived, and cheated the hard working American people.

J.R.,, 3/6/97
I have found invaluable help and information contained within this site. I feel that it is instrumental to my financial and personal success.

N.N.,, 3/5/97
The most valuable information anywhere.

J.V.,, 3/5/97
This is the best way to reach the people of this earth who want a better way life!

J.M.,, 3/5/97
The values delivered into my life via this web site and related I&O publications are immeasurable. Prosperity and happiness seem to come to me almost effortlessly! Thanks to Neo-Tech I no longer have to search blindly and wonder `why'. I simply cause things to happen, and due to the power of totally integrated honesty, I do so with a confidence never before known to me!

N.N.,, 3/5/97, Sweden
Very nice site. I would like to read more about epistemology and ethics. Keep expanding Objectivism and fight the orthodox dogmatists in that corrupt movement.

C.P.,, 3/4/97

G.G.,, 3/4/97, United Kingdom
In mid chapter, I have to interrupt my reading to express the exhilaration I just experienced. I was bowled over by the following thought: At this moment, on both sides of every value exchange happening on Earth, society is benefiting. To add up all those values is one thing; but to realize that at some point in the future, I ALONE will have contributed more value to society than that TOTAL caused me to jump to my feet and proudly proclaim that I AM ZON. Then it dawned on me that as both parties in a trade benefit, to have provided all that value, I will also HAVE EARNED EVEN MORE!!! I flopped onto my bed overwhelmed by the prospect. You cannot possibly be aware of the extent of the value you are providing with this web site. Now that I have written this, I can get on with the chapter!

R.R.,, 3/4/97
This is definitely the most powerful, useful, insightful, and informational web site that I've ever encountered. I hope that you continue to expand on the information presented here.

C.F.,, 3/4/97

J.S.,, 3/4/97
I have read your literature and understand it completely. It has definitely helped me incredibly!

J.S.,, 3/4/97
Neo-Tech has greatly influenced my life.

P.L.,, 3/4/97, Australia
A definite must for the entire planet. No person should do without this information.

B.R., co.nw, 3/4/97, Norway
I'm very exited about this philosophy.

R.L.,, 3/4/97
I think what your doing is fantastic. It's so refreshing to see the principles of Objectivism being applied with your vigor and business savvy.

S.A.,, 3/4/97
From the time I was a very young child and first understood the concept of death, I thought why does it have to be this way? I have always appreciated greatly, the astounding odds of just being born, let alone the magical possibilities of living forever. I can't even begin to express my loving appreciation to all of you at Neo-Tech Publishing and your courage for getting the word out. I will forever be loyal to Neo-Tech and its causes. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your knowledge has finally answered many of my life's questions!!

S.S.,, 3/3/97
Speaking as a common man who has been walked on his whole life, it does my heart good to see someone who actually cares for the little man who deserves more.

K.C.,, 3/3/97
This upside down world needs Neo-Tech and it's fully integrated honesty.

J.S., jsaml, 3/3/97
I am glad Neo-Tech came about because I was so honed in the Word of
God. With Neo-Tech thinking it helps me to live worthwhile. Thanks!

K.S.,, 3/3/97
Yes, I believe this site causes people to think for themselves and not allow others to think for them.

A.P.,, 3/3/97, United Kingdom
The value of Neo-Tech to me will very soon be countable in pounds. Until then -- I just feel it and act on it -- rationally.

H.S.,, 3/2/97
As with anything so different to the mind-set, it takes time to clear the old and experiment with the new. I keep on trying to eliminate the 50 years of bogus teachings from my mind. Keep up the good work, and maybe someday we all will live in a world of honest peacekeeping, loving individuals that contribute to the best for mankind.

C.M.,, 3/2/97
I think effort should be made to make a greater portion of the Internet community and the community at large aware of your works and the `nature of the beast' that threatens every hard working, honest person and their families.

A.M.,, 3/2/97, Sweden
I think this site is very professionally designed.

R.V.,, 3/2/97

N.G.,, 3/2/97, Sweden
Neo-Tech is a must if we want to make progress and save our life from Neo-cheaters and the band of dishonest people. I'm with you.

D.G.,, 3/1/97, Canada
Thanks for a mine of really incisive key ideas. You really see how the old order has become irrelevant and a complete drag on progress.

J.S.,, 3/1/97
It's nice to know that there is still a viable struggle for an illuminated life.

S.P.,, 3/1/97, United Kingdom
After receiving Neo-Tech several years ago, I recently began to realize the importance of DTC. I cannot now overemphasize the changes that a person goes through after integrating DTC into their lives. Thank you Neo-Tech.

T.M.,, 3/1/97
A prodigious piece of work that is making a tremendous impact on *Thinking Individuals*. This *Objective Reality* is profoundly benefiting the remaining 95% of the individuals throughout the world that are currently sedated from Neo-Cheating rhetoric. Like the Sleeping Giant, they too will awaken. Fortunately due to Cyberspace & Neo-Tech this wake-up process has been accelerated by decades.

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