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J.H.,, 3/31/99
I thank you very much for Neo-Tech. After reading and re-reading Neo-Tech, I guess you could say that I finally see the light. And I will now run for that light with full force. That light is effort, honesty, and D.T.C.....I can't wait. Thank you

T.F.,, 3/30/99
I think this is a great site and what you're doing is a good thing. I especially like how Mr. Wallace is going to run for presidency. Finally, a president that isn't out for himself!

T.L.,, 3/30/99
The God-Man and Neo-Tech discovery are mind opening to the most extreme. In my opinion, anyone who denounces such literature is petrified at the thought of losing their wicked control over the masses. And for those who claim that this powerful information is the work of the devil need to wake up out of that dream state and realize reality.

V.S.,, 3/30/99, Canada
I have no doubt that what you have done is a globally altruistic act. I am glad to see this act of faith in what we really are. Ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, but this process takes a great deal of energy (discipline). Ignorance can be dispelled by wisdom, knowledge, and information. So, it is very honorable, what you are doing. It is people like you, that should be positioned well, solidly grounded, wise, disciplined, honest -- good people, have more means to influence the course of our global perspective. It is not that you need to lead; we should each lead ourself, but, the world needs good examples. That is, good examples of both, action and vision. We now have the necessary tools to do the work.

R.K.,, 3/28/99, Malaysia
Very life lifting.

D.K.,, 3/27/99
YES!!!!!!!! Keep this web site going. Even though it is pushing me way beyond my comfort zone. It is the answer. My wife and I are communicating at a level we never have before. We also now understand that we never truly had romantic love. We are extremely good friends who both want more out of a marriage. We are exploring all possibilities. Scary because I am not all the way there but exciting as well. Trying to imagine going to that next level of romantic love just blows my mind. I want it now!!!

S.S.,, 3/23/99

R.C.,, 3/22/99, Italy
If there was one book which can change a person's life, that is the Neo-Tech Discovery. All of a sudden I feel powerful, not helpless or at other people's mercy, in control of my life, and productive. Since reading the BOOK, I have set up a marketing company and using the techniques of integrated thinking have run up orders for tens of thousands of dollars. The two words 'Thank you' are too modest to express my gratitude.

A.B.,, 3/19/99, United Kingdom
To the religious fanatics who make a premise of moral behavior by damning Neo-Tech and its editors to hell and 'fiery pits' etc, I would like to express my disgust at their barbarous comments. We can gain a pretty accurate insight into the kind of people they are by taking note of the language they use and the way in which they use it.

F.W.,, 3/19/99
I am very thankful for the refreshing honesty that I have found in all of Neo-Tech literature.

B.J.,, 3/19/99
I've just recently started reading God-Man and The Neo-Tech Discovery. I must say that it has my mind racing. All these new thoughts have me looking at everything in a whole new light.

S.M.,, 3/19/99, England
I deplore people, who use god as a weapon to steal the lives of people and destroy people's minds. Neo-Tech is the last chance that people may have to think for themselves. Thank you Neo-Tech for opening my eyes when I was blind to see the real Honest truth, 'Fully Integrated Honesty'.

R.P.,, 3/18/99
Happiness is here to stay. I have personally gained control of my life for good thanks to Neo-Tech. No more following ' Higher authorities' or wasting my time and life for others. I love the freedom and power that I have now instead of the sacrificing, guilty, retarded, slow and suppressed life I used to live. I'm only 18 years old and I have control of my future. Come on people, do all of humanity a favor, free yourself from the disease of Mysticism, you will love your self for it. Everybody, lets start working towards Biological Immortality, I can't wait to live for Eternity. Yours truly, a value producer.

C.G.,, 3/18/99
Neo-Tech has really changed my life. I am not in the same place I was years ago, my health has improved thanks to your writings. Smile, the future is unlimited.

C.D.,, 3/15/99
Have been a long time reader of the Neo-Tech literature. What I notice is when I get away from Neo-Tech for awhile, it's much easier to fall under the spell of mysticism. I guess I get away because I know that it is right and natural, and that scares me for some reason. My brother passed away about a year and one half ago, and I saw the direct result of a life of mysticism. I must tell you, that scares me even more! I have rededicated my life to living the Neo-Tech experience, and the changes mentally and physically are tremendous. The changes have been slow and incremental, but consistent. Neo-Tech teaches me that as long as I am improving, eventually I'll reach my goals. I owe Dr. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and everybody associated with Neo-Tech much gratitude for their identifications. It's hard to believe that so much has been hidden from so many for so long!

B.W.,, 3/15/99
I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I have read on the web-site and find the informaton to be very informative and plan to apply everything I have read. The simplicity of Neo-Tech's approach is indeed crucial to its effectiveness. Everybody who is interested in improving every aspect of their life should be introduced to the Neo-Tech discovery. Thank you so much for this vast array of valuable information.

M.K.,, 3/15/99
Neo-Tech has helped me to quit smoking and lose weight. I'm still overweight, but the weight is still coming off. I am now more relaxed when I am around people, and not so nervous as I used to be.

D.S.,, 3/15/99
I feel what I have read so far has given me a whole new outlook on life. This is powerful stuff.. I wish I would have read it years ago. Keep up the good work.

A.C.,, 3/15/99
Neo-Tech should stay on the web. It has become an increasing value to me and every one that I come in contact with except neocheaters.

C.S.,, 3/14/99, India

P.Williams,, 3/14/99, United Kingdom
Thank you for this groundbreaking information.

Darlene S.,, 3/14/99
This Neo-Tech web site is THE MOST valuable site on the Internet.

C.B.,, 3/13/99
It is very valuable information which needs to be taught to all people. This web site is needed for the following reasons 1) People need to be in control of their own destiny. 2) To empower individuals to be more productive, participative and fulfilled in life. 3) To remove unnecessary controls from external powers that be. e.g. government, religion and others. 4. For networking to make the world a better place.

C.P.,, 3/13/99
After reading the book on integrated thinking, I have started my own integrated business. When I changed my living habits, I began to feel a permanent happy feeling all over and confidence that nothing could go wrong. I have a lot of amazing things to tell, I could go on and on and on. Thanks

A.G.,, 3/13/99
I have read three of the Neo-Tech books. They have enlightened my life, love, happiness and I want to thank you for writing such great books. Neo-Tech has given me power and I have told my friends about the great discovery of Neo-Tech. I am in the last three months of high school, my knowledge of Neo Tech is a great advantage over teachers, classmates, parents, and friends. The power is amazing! I thank you for the Neo Tech books and the Neo-Tech web.

M.C.,, 3/13/99, United Kingdom
As a follower of the works of Dr Wallace for some two years now, I am happy to report that the effects of his concepts are truly amazing. Having been entrenched in mysticism for most of my 50 years, I too found it difficult, at first, to accept the reality of what Neo-Tech meant. However, having made the effort to open my mind, I am now well on my way to financial security, health and longevity of life.

Maxime C.,, 3/11/99, Canada
I am now seeing the world in a whole new perspective. I am now orienting my life towards integrated thinking, realizing that only the individual can improve his own life. This can only be done by being totally honest to one's self. Making decisions free of any form of mysticism is hard, as the world nowadays is spoiled by millions of neocheaters. However, as more and more people learn about Neo-Tech, those millions of mystic neocheaters will become powerless. Their world of scams and ploys and plots will soon collapse forever, leaving the honest and innocent individuals free to take control of the Universe.

A.T.,, 3/11/99
Great information. Woke me right up. It makes a lot of sense.

D.S.,, 3/11/99, Canada
There is unquestionably nothing else like Neo-Tech, it has most certainly enlightened me to some of the most helpful and inspiring thoughts I have ever entertained. I've only just begun, I expect it to be my most referenced work as I travel my upwards climb out of this dreary mess I've put myself into. With Neo-Tech, I will find a much more gratifying and productive life.

R.O.,, 3/11/99
I've noticed that the more intelligent people become the less they have to believe in some fantasy (Christian) world where as long as you are miserable and feel pain and guilt all the time, you will get to heaven. I love Neo-tech. It promotes self-reliance. Of course reactionary right-wing Christians will immediately say SATAN. That is what those people want you to believe. That you don't have any power. Religion, along with politics and education, are just institutions where good little boys and girls are taught to bend to authority at every turn. I leave you all with something that philosopher Tim Leary said. He had an acronym for how people should live their life. T.F.Y.Q.A. It means: Think For Yourself, Question Authority.

N.M.,, 3/9/99
What I think confuses a lot of people, and confused me at first is that it seems at first a paradox that there is no external authority, yet Frank Wallace and Mark Hamilton are external authorities with their 'religion' of Neo-tech. Then I realized that Neo-tech is simply a name for this transition from conscious man to God-man for there is nothing else that we know to call it. Obviously someone had to create a name for it. Such as a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet, and would still exist as well. It exists regardless if it has a name or not.

A.A.,, 3/8/99
I am interested in finding out what became of the great poker author Frank Wallace. His book on poker really helped me.

J.C.,, 3/8/99
You have made an incredible difference in my and my son's life!... Thank you so much.

N.R.,, 3/7/99
Down with tyranny!! Let the honest people of the universe keep their productive labor. Let the leech class vanish.

M.S.,, 3/7/99
Neo-Tech has benefited many individuals -- including myself, it has incredible value.

R.A.,, 3/7/99
Neo-Tech is the end to psychological problems, it should never be stopped.

D.S.,, 3/7/99
I'm eighteen years old and in a few short months New-Tech has changed my life! I wish my parents would have given me Neo-Tech for my eighth birthday instead of the bible. I hate political elections but I'm glad I'm legal so I can vote for Frank Wallace!

Ann Marie M.,, 3/7/99

A.W.,, 3/7/99
I believe this site is a real necessity in order to keep everybody informed. Thank you for making me feel good once again about life and its purpose.

J.J.,, 3/7/99, United Kingdom
I have been reading all of your exciting work for about two years now and am now putting into practice your ideologies. I am excited in what I am embarking on and find your writings invigorating. I am astounded how simple and rational your work is - we all have been blinkered for too long, and now is the time to undo the hype surrounding all of our lives. Control freaks abound us everywhere with guilt and fear. I am now taking the total honest approach in all I do in life , where-upon I will not be hindered again with anyone. May I send you all a simple, thank you.

D.B.,, 3/7/99
Since reading these great pieces of literature as well as participating in discussion groups, my whole outlook of life has changed dramatically!! My wife and children have also benefited from these readings. Dr. Frank Wallace for president is the greatest thing that could possibly happen to our existence. Keep on researching.

B.L.,, 3/7/99
Neo-Tech is consistently the most rational, honest literature, on the web or otherwise. Thank you, Wallace, Hamilton and all for this philosophy of greatest importance. And to all the critics of Neo-Tech, remember this point; Neo-Tech is a business, and if the people don't like it, they won't buy it! And that's all there is to it.

Julie D.,, 3/5/99
'God-Man' is a very interesting book, the world can transform into something beautiful and positive... the most wonderful, beautiful expansion of the highest of the creator....BLISS!!!! in the flesh!

H.M.,, 3/5/99
I am hook. I like Neo-Tech. It will stay here forever. No body can defeat Profound Honesty and Fully Integrated Honesty and Effort.

J.H.,, 3/5/99
Your publication is the most revolutionary, hopeful piece of work I have ever read. It is the only valid way our world can move forward. Your organization is the only one I have seen that seems proactive enough to make real progress. How can I help?

C.C.,, 3/5/99
Neo-Tech has categorically delivered me from mystical delusions. I was the last person who thought I would ever stop believing in God. As a physicist in training, I try to logically deal with reality based on the scientific method. If it were not for such a background, I probably would have overlooked the TRUTH which is Neo-Tech. Now, I look back in awe of the magnitude of the absurdness and irrationality of the Platonistic philosophies and all of its derivatives. This feeling is due to the fact that now Neo-Tech concepts are so natural to my conscious. The beauty of the natural logic which clearly sustains Neo-Tech is breath-taking. As many others now realize, only the destruction of mankind itself could possibly stop Neo-Tech from developing on our planet. History will forever laud Frank Wallace as the true messiah and savior of mankind!

R.P.,, 3/3/99
Well what can I say, Mr. Wallace you are the man, I use to be a firm believer in God, because I was born into the religion. But I always thought that there had to be a better reason of how we evolved into intelligent human beings. Thanks to Neo-Tech every human being can find their own happiness without feeling guilty or have to sacrifice their own life in order to get something in return. The only sorrow I feel is that I did not finding out about Neo-Tech sooner. And for you Neocheaters, your time of ruling over others has come to an end. Because weather you want to see it or not, you are all going to go out of Business. Sincerely, an honest young conscious man.

J.S.,, 3/1/99
I was first introduced to Neo-Tech in 1992, this knowledge was extremely scary to read at that time. I now spend every spare moment reading Neo-Tech learning about this realistic philosophy. Honest practical knowledge. My father was a so called SATANIST, and was involved with witchcraft and my mother was a Christian. So you can imagine how confused I was about your definition of mysticism. I cannot thank you enough DR. WALLACE.

S.S.,, 3/1/99, South Africa
I discovered Neo-Tech and have not looked back. Thanks for making tomorrow worthwhile!

February 1999

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