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Matthew,, 3/31/02, New Zealand
The Story is brilliant. It delivers neo-tech concepts in an easily relatable form, which makes me hungry for more.

J.S.,, 3/31/02, South Africa
'The Book', Neo-Tech/God-man, should be in every home in the world. After reading this, I am now able to integrate my thoughts and bring diverse facts together to form new and unique ideas. I feel free for the first time in my 70 years! The World really n eeds this knowledge.

A.L.,, 3/31/02, Australia
Neotech has shown me the way to attain true happiness and prosperity in my life. I have completely turned my life around by integrating this knowledge, and now I really want to share it with as many people as I can. Please send me your catalogue, I want m ore!

Ray,, 3/31/02
What or who else has any possibility of changing things now and in the future?

D W S,, 3/30/02
Neo-Tech has indeed opened my eyes to the world that CAN be. If not for the works of philosopher/novelist Ayn Rand, I would not originally have been receptive to Neo-Tech. I see that it expands upon her work and integrates the philosophy of Objectivism in to a wider world. Now I also understand about the Illuminati and their vision of a free and happy world they have conceived for over 200 years - and Neo-Tech (or something like it) has been their driving goal. I have a close relationship with one of these godlike people. She is a pre-eminent value producer and benefactor of the world. Her considerable financial resources are partially being employed in the drive for biological immortality - a longtime dream of the Illuminati and many others - and this wor k continues outside the US beyond the reach of the FDA. These are exciting times.

K.S.,, 3/28/02, United Kingdom
Having read many of your works and vetted each line with a real cynical and critical zeal I am utterly convinced of the enormous value available to anyone willing to expend the effort to read and understanding the work. I often read negative comments abou t your work printed in your literature. The lunatic responses often raise a smile, but I shudder to think how dark and perverse the world would be if they achieved their aims and reversed the progress you have made. In very few words they reveal their tru e nature and give a clear warning to real men and women as to the type of world these neocheats would take us. I know though, that without Neotech knowledge a lot of people soaked in mysticism, would be blind to the ominous threats and dangers lurking in their 'righteous' comments. Your works shine a brilliant spotlight on their dark world, revealing the creeping, diseased creatures festering in the darkness, slowly sucking the life out of the good. Thank you for washing their slime off me and helping me to see the wonder of reality again.

G.C., , 3/28/02, ENGLAND
I cant wait for the Neo-Tech bullets! Neo-Tech has helped me and continues to do so. I now live a life free of mysticism, and life just gets better as I develop honest, valuable relationships both on a personal level and in business.

C F, , 3/27/01
I find it hard to put the Book down.

e.k.m.,, 3/26/02
it's about time the truth came out.

M.T.,, 3/26/02
Neo-Tech is probably the best thing that happened to me and it opened my eyes to see what really going on. It needs to expand to reach more and more people because people are so closed minded they need a wake up call.

C.V.,, 3/26/02
In concert with the idea of Neo-Tech becoming a world wide way of living, the Web page is invaluable.

F.T., , 3/26/02

K.B.,, 3/26/02

P.M.,, 3/25/02
Cleared up my conceptions of the destructiveness of mysticism. Very valuable and eye-opening.

T.K.,, 3/25/02
I think this site is absolutely wonderful. It is very true and can help people understand things in every aspect of life and the universe, if those people are willing to be honest with themselves.

F.M., ., 3/23/02, GHANA
I really would like the site to remain because it represents the only avenue through which enlightenment and freedom may come to the downtrodden and the disadvantaged.

s.n.,, 3/23/02, south africa

H.S.,, 3/22/02
I think this is a great web site, I hope people take time to read an digest all this information.

K.K.,, 3/22/02, America
Using what I have learned from Neo-Tech Cosmic Business Control I have opened my own business in Houston Texas. I love what I feel becoming a value producer again. The mini day concept is wonderful an during this learning process, happening daily, Neo-Tec h is there! The website is visited daily. My next great achievement is to find a Neo-Tech lady. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

E.S.,, 3/21/02
Powerful and honest information. Will always strive to live and think this way!

J.M.,, 3/21/02
The knowledge available in the Neo-Tech concepts have separated me from the herd of non-thinkers. After becoming more of a FREETHINKER, I found myself looking outside looking in at the freak show that most people's lives have turned into. In order for me to maintain some resemblance of sanity, I just watch and enjoy the show. Keep up the common-man sense, rational, free thought writings!

M.S.,, 3/21/02
I've been scouring this sight constantly and each time am amazed in it's sheer brilliance of wealth of information. The euphoria this company has brought into my life has been on more than one occasion so emotional I felt years of the isolated feeling tha t had encompassed myself melt away. In a literal sense. You taken self-evident truths integrated into such wide-scoped spectrums of brilliance that I am repulsed that anyone can speak negatively on the feedback. Besides when are they going to get more cre ative than their first impulse to burn everything? That fire and brimstone thing's a little old, overrated, and has already been used obsessively enough. Thank you sincerely for deeply enriching my life, love, and learning through your efforts.

L.B.,, 3/20/02
Before Neo-tech I thought life could be rather unfulfilling. Since I received my first book I haven't been able to put them down. I've read 6 books since Oct.2001. I even was compelled to go to the summit in Nov., which I attended. I've been searching for something that would bring more meaning to my life and now I've found it. I can't wait for the next day to begin. I'm brimming with excitement every time I talk to someone about Neo-tech. I tell people to look at the web site and they can understand what I'm talking about. I can't wait to get my hands on The First Immortals and the other new book that's coming out.

H.J.,, 3/19/02
I have ordered several invaluable Neo-tech books. Each and every one I find new and enlightening information. The tools Neo-tech has compiled, and the insight into politics, government and religion have changed my views. I appreciate everything Neo-tech h as offered me. Through Neo-tech and integrated thinking, I will continue to be a value producer and help eliminate the Neo cheaters. Thanks

P.S.,, 3/19/02
I have been reading and living Neo-Tech since 1995. Neo-Tech has helped me and my wife to raise two remarkable sons. With all that said, I have never been more excited than after reading The Story. I have my wife and sons reading it now. I introduced it to my mother who is introducing it to several of her friends and so on. I can now for the first time see clearly how Neo-Tech will spread. It will be unstoppable now. I am confident for the first time that we will all live forever. I can't thank you e nough.

D.V.,, 3/18/02
My life has evovled to a new way of thinking because of this book. I am a better person to myself my family and my community. I know I am becoming a God -Man. I feel it in my bones and it makes me smile, laugh and cry all at the same time. This is the mos t fantastic feeling I could ever experience. I am using my new knowledge to create my new World which is a fantastic vision I already see in my minds eye .I visit this place every day. I am a much healthier, wealthier and happier person than I was just a short time ago. I could go on and on about how this personal leap of evolving has benefited me. My happiness as a man, a father, and a better person to my friends . I believe I am living In what the Neo-Cheaters would like to think was my own Heaven on E arth. Well it is just that, and I challenge anyone to knock me off of my mountain. Thank You To All involved with bringing Neo-Tech to me to. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

J.R.,, 3/18/02
Wonderful Ideas. Would like to learn more and how to apply to my life.

R.W.,, 3/18/02
I think it would be a crime for this site to close down. Are there nay sayers about Neo-Tech? Sure. I first read Neo-Tech a few years back, and although I didn't apply every single Neo-Tech point to my life, I knew at it's very core, Neo-Tech was correct. I'm still struggling, but I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's myself holding me back and not some outside influence. Thank you Neo-Tech and Dr. Wallace.

R.F.,, 3/18/02
Insightful, fantastically steering consciousness in direction of Totally perceiving where we have been to opening an Escape to be All we can be.

w.l.,, 3/18/02
Neo-Tech is our last hope otherwise we become extinct like other civilizations in the universe.

D.A.,, 3/16/02
The information is mind-blowingly practical, rational, and suited to the ever-evolving human! You're doing a valuable service.

D.E.,, 3/16/02, Canada
Your Neo Tech web pages are as a diamond and golden breath of fresh air and truth, surrounded by the horrid blobs and stenches of the millions of useless and demeaning web pages on the web. Some of the words in your pages are the emperor's words. Your cl ean honesty is refreshing at the least.

L.K.,, 3/15/02
Neo-Tech helps people to see dishonesty and hypocrisy in almost every institution and almost every life situation.

C.J.,, 3/12/02, Westchester
I think NT should stay for the sake of mankind.

B.R.,, 3/12/02
This is an extremely informative site packed with the information necessary to become a true achiever...a true God/Man.

b.s.,, 3/12/02
I have been for the past four years been trying to live a Neo-Tech life. Sometimes successful, and sometimes unsuccessful, but I find the times that I make it work, life seems to just awaken with a new awareness around me. I know that I need to work harde r to achieve total honesty and life will be as if a true awareness of the universe will be at my hands for the taking. Please Dr Wallace, don't even consider taking this site from me and the many other's that I know are out there looking for the truth!!

J.J.,, 3/12/02, Jordan
Thank you for your campaign to enlighten the humans and breaking their mystical bubbles .

J.H.,, 3/7/02
You MUST stay online!!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING A BEACON OF MORALITY AND TRUTH!!!!! I am a neophyte to Neo-tech, however I am a staunch objectivist. I have studied the works of Ayn Rand and the Objectivist ethics presented in her writings. As an entrepreneur and a human being I have suffered the horrifically evil, shame and guilt from the warped, altruistic, pragmatists and religious doctrines infesting our world. Through them a person is robbed of self-esteem, creativity, growth, and their value, until they are fully immolated to the status of moocher, looter, and or parasite; a fate worse than death. Thank GOD (in the sense of the universe's intelligence, metaphorically speaking) for AYN RAND and NEO-TECH!!!

Dustin,, 3/7/02
Truly mind-bending/changing.

M.M.,, 3/6/02
The truth about who and what we are is here in the neo-tech literature.

S.B.,, 3/5/02
Neo-tech is not only inspiring and fact-based, but flat out illuminating. This compilation of data and the Story are true eye openers. One very loyal, attempting to be value producer. Keep spreading the true 'good' word, it is appreciated.

,, 3/5/02
'I've never known a man worth his salt who in the long run, deep down in his heart, didn't appreciate the grind, the discipline...I firmly believe that any man's finest hour - this greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear - is that moment when he has wor ked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle, victorious.' Vince Lombardi Keep up the good work - someone has to do it!

E.R., ., 3/2/02
I am glad to see such progress has been made. It feels as though the light has come back to all.

R.M.,, 3/2/02
I have been very attracted to the positive results of applying Neo-Tech. it makes me have hope for a better world, with people being the way they should be. I also realize through Neo-Tech, that the only way to truly change the world for the better is to improve oneself.

S.R.,, 3/2/02
Have never heard of or read anything so thought provoking.

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