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P.B.,, 3/29/03

It is by far the greatest book I have ever came across. How could reality have slipped us by? I can't believe the clarity! I'm teaching my parents (Christians) the right way to live, no one knows how to just be without the guilt, fear and shame of being man anymore, they look around them and see someone else's creation, someone else's "plan" while they march to whomever's beat. Is this why they brought me into this world, to defeat my purpose and suppress my will? Well this book has put it all into perspective for me, I'm very grateful to be alive and breathing! I owe a lot of my success to the book in every aspect of my life the book has really shaped me into being who I was destined to be and not falling victim to my environment.

MC,, 3/28/03, New Zealand

I think your web site is incredible it is packed with information. I have spent hours, if not days, reading your writings and have not paid one cent for this magnificent value.

TT., 3/28/03

Thank you for Neo-Tech and Zonpower. It changed my life 11 years ago and has shaped my mind into a Neo-think gold mine. I retired at age 53 and I am just starting to live a life I thought I would never have. Zonpower should be a required college course; the world would be a better place. Thank you.

HW,, 3/28/03

Country : Canada Comments : I find your information to be insightful, informative and enlightening.

Irene,, 3/26/03

Hi, I wanted to comment on the personal appearance page. I try hard to achieve and keep my personal appearance best. I go to the gym 5 days a week, and use to be overweight, but lost about 25 pounds from going to the gym , for a year now. I feel better about myself, and what I look like. There are still some trouble spots I need to work on physically, but try to watch what I eat, and how much. I would never want to go back to what I was before, and am happier being more physically fit, and doing things I didn't think I could before.

T.C.,, 3/20/03

All the mysticism in the world would not keep us safe. Neo-Tech is quickly paving the way.

Anon.,, 3/18/03

The only sense to be found anywhere.

R.S.,, 3/18/03

Neo-tech rocks.

M.H.,, 3/15/03

I accept Neo-Tech. I reject mysticism. Thank you Neo-Tech. I believe Neo-Tech showed/opened the door to my Genius. Everyone in the world should know this. Neo-Tech is the truth.

R.S.,, 3/15/03

I find Neo-Tech very compelling and insightful. The depth of Wallace's scholarship is amazing and impressive. An impressive web site.

R. S.,, 3/15/03

The depth of Wallace's scholarship is amazing and impressive.

B. S., 3/15/03


M. H.,, 3/15/03

I accept Neo-Tech. I reject mysticism. Thank you Neo-Tech. I believe Neo-Tech showed/opened the door to my Genius. Everyone in the world should know this: Neo-Tech is the truth.

M. A.,,, 3/15/03, UK

Comments : It is a beacon of truth for the mankind. It exposes the neocheaters and mystics as well as tears religions apart.

D.D.,, 3/15/03, UK

The more people that find out about the real truth about the governments, the sooner they will be forced to provide real benefits for the public. Most people know that politicians are dishonest cheats and liars, but when put on the spot, will still defend them.

F.A.,, 3/14/03

Thru the use of DTC, I was able to rise above an addiction to oxycontin. One of the most harmful drugs ever released. After three operations, the world had lost all of its color. The darkness that my world had become left me on the verge of suicide. I dove back into Neo-Tech, and managed to become whole again. Thank-you again and again for giving me the tools I needed to make this world my own.

M.M.,, 3/14/03

Neo-tech brings the very brilliant, wonderful paradigm in this millennium

R.S.,, 3/13/03

A life changing experience, I know its not enough, but thank you very much neo-tech . Iím proud to be a neo-tech customer.

S., 3/13/03, UK

These are the most truly valid concepts that exist in this universe of ours.

MH,, 3/13/03

This web-site is a wealth of information. The simple, but not so obvious advantages gained on this site are priceless. It's hard for me to stop reading once I start learning about more subtle forms of mysticism. Also, the much bigger picture seen once the mysticism is removed with the new information gained. I enjoy applying neo-tech, life has plenty of challenges and no matter how hard it my get the results of always being honest are invigorating and the only way to accomplish goals.

A.M.,, 3/12/03

Country : U.S.A.

Comments : I love the way this site tells it like it is.

A.,, 3/12/03


D.R.,, 3/12/03

It is hard to express how valuable your literature has been to me. Every victory over mysticism I owe to your work, and for that I cannot thank youenough. I think I may have read 90% of the material on your website at least once through - some of it two or three times. If the world survives, it will be due to the work you have done.

J.H.,, 3/8/03
Neo-Tech is windshield wiper fluid.

A.A.,, 3/7/03
I don't know how to thank you for what you have done for me. I'm not rich, don't have a job, but for the first time in my life THE FIRST TIME I am happy to be alive !!!!!!!! I want to live!!!!!!! I like who I am !!!!! I believe in myself !!!!!! No amount of thanks will ever be enough for what Neo-Tech has done for me. Neo-Tech has helped me start to find me again, not the screwed up shell of a person I have been most of my life, Heck Neo-Tech GAVE me my life.

Z.M.,, 3/5/03
Reading your material is liken to an early morning walk. Or the wonderful feeling you get when you experience the beauty of freshly turned earth.

J.K.,, 3/3/03
The world is racing towards war, Neo-tech needs to be disseminated even more quickly. Please forward your efforts.

M.C.,, 3/2/03
I will always be grateful to you for these gifts you have given this once desolate life.

M.D.,, 3/2/03
Amazing site.

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