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A.A.,, 5/31/97
Neo-Tech is the only true serum that eliminates cerebral stagnation. Its power releases the individual to think happily and to create value for all.

I.C.,, 5/31/97, Pakistan
I'm very very impressed by ZON POWER and NEO-TECH.

J.H.,, 5/31/97
Your site is very exciting and well put together.

R.M.,, 5/30/97
I am relieved to have discovered it. Clearly, someone is thinking out there.

R.B.,, 5/30/97
Neo-Tech is the highest truth anywhere on this planet or any other planet in Space. Thank you, Thank you and Thank You.

B.M.,, 5/29/97

Annette.D.,, 5/29/97
Since I found you, my mind has opened up so much I can't consume enough knowledge. I feel like I've stepped into a new world. I've acquired more life knowing amazing human beings like you. I've always wondered where all the remarkable people were.

A.G.,, 5/29/97, Australia
What a fantastic site. I have set it up as my web start page and cannot stop reading.

K.M.,, 5/28/97
This is the first time I've ever seen anything like this. It is fantastic. This info. is the truth.

S.C.,, 5/28/97
Mind-opening reading experience. Anyone who believes in freedom and individual responsibility will enjoy such insight and wisdom shared freely via the web.

D.D.,, 5/27/97
This is a truly informative site. It contains true content. I believe it will enlighten many people. It should remain so it may serve its purpose.

L.M., juno.cpm, 5/27/97
The information found on your web site is vital to anyone looking to start his/her own business.

S.E.,, 5/27/97, England
Learning about Neo-Tech is becoming a really eye opening experience and is helping me to think in new ways. Your material has helped me to dispel all the ingrained negative knowledge I have been taught. I can now get on with my life as a happy, productive individual. Thank you very very much for opening my eyes, keep up the Excellent work.

N.E.,, 5/27/97, United Kingdom
This is a fantastic site!

S.M.,, 5/27/97, South Africa
Excellent and interesting information that can change ones life completely.

J.G.,, 5/26/97
I think this site is really informative and a great source of knowledge.

Anna M.,, 5/26/97
This is so sensible to me. I tell all my friends to look at this site. This is the beginning of my exciting mind travel. Yes, I am truly excited about this plan.

S.B.,, 5/26/97
Awesome simply awesome.

H.L.,, 5/26/97, Philippines
It is cool and usable.

B.M.,, 5/26/97, Canada
Overwhelmingly sensible.

D.D.,, 5/25/97
This is the most incredible thing I know about. Neo-Tech blew me away. I always new that somewhere in honesty was POWER....

E.A.,, 5/25/97, Canada
This web site is needed to help all people receive a chance at changing their lives. Without Neo-Tech we are all just empty beings. But with it, we can bring down all neocheaters and are masters of our own lives for a change. This web page has to stay because it will continue to grow and teach people the truth. It has to stay for the sake of all human beings who want something more out of life!

E.A.,, 5/25/97, Canada
Your web page is incredible.

V.P.,, 5/25/97, United Kingdom
Extremely interesting and thought provoking.

Joyce G.,, 5/25/97, Philippines
Thank you and more power to you!

S.P.,, 5/24/97, Malaysia
I think Neo-Tech could prove to be the Answer for living our true potentials and our dreams. I am awed by the limitless possibilities available with Neo-Tech. By all means, please remain on the web for the betterment of mankind!

J.C.,, 5/24/97
Neo-Tech is the best. This is the moment of truth for our planet. Thank you.

K.G.,, 5/23/97, United Kingdom
Good stuff! About time someone put the world to rights.

G.F.,, 5/23/97, United Kingdom
If Leonard Peikoff's Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand is `Reality Unfolded', Neo-Tech is the ultimate `set of guidelines' for living without/dispensing with the need for guides.

A.M.,, 5/23/97, Australia
Thank you for helping to free me from mystical thinking. I have only begun to experience the freedom of living. I realize now my potential is unbounding. Peace, love and eternal happiness to the free world!

B.S.,, 5/22/97
Absolutely the most amazing thing that humans have thought of. I am ready for the Civilization of the Universe right now!!!!!

S.W.,, 5/22/97, England
I have found the Neo-Tech advantages very helpful.

Joyce K.,, 5/22/97
Very exciting and totally sensible in an age that often seems the opposite. I definitely want to see more. Here is to a brave new world!

D.S.,, 5/21/97
This is my favorite web site. Tons of interesting and insightful information.

P.S.,, 5/21/97, Australia
Neo-Tech on the Net is the best thing yet.

P.N.,, 5/21/97
I've begun removing my own personal mysticism with the intent of becoming a competitive, honest, happy, value-producing Citizen of the Universe. I wish to thank everyone at Neo-Tech for their courage, perseverance, integrity and effort to break the chains of professional Neocheaters and Mysticism everywhere.

J.R.,, 5/21/97
I really like the articles on atheism, new-testament interpretations, and capitalism. Thank you and you have a very wonderful web site here.

E.G.,, 5/21/97
I have greatly benefited from them Neo-Tech, especially in times of business and financial decisions. It is easy to access and readily obtain the desired guidance and help through the search engines or the various topic headings. Keep up the good work and make the world a better and more prosperous place for everyone.

T.C.,, 5/20/97
Neo-Tech has helped me build a vast puzzle in my mind. The final pieces are falling into place, just as predicted. I am Neo-Thinking. I am a Self-Leader. There needs no further explanation. Thank You to Frank R. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, and everyone else working behind the scenes to create the future we deserve!

R.J.,, 5/20/97
Neo-Tech is what I've been looking for all my life. I'm hungry for more. Thank you.

J.M.,, 5/20/97, Canada
This site has really made me think about who I am and why I am here. There is so much to learn about our way of life, and after reading most of the information here, I think that I will now look at everything I do in a whole new perspective.

E.B.,, 5/20/97
I have enjoyed the stimulation of the NEO-TECH influence in my life. Your web site gave me a shot in the brain when I needed it.

P.L.,, 5/20/97
This web site has a lot to offer. People need to see it. Keep up the good work!

A.O.,, 5/19/97, Chile
This site is very interesting.

D.D.,, 5/19/97

E.F.,, 5/19/97
I feel that the Neo-Tech web site is a fundamental necessity in that it provides a library of wealth and knowledge that could not be accessed by mystic government libraries that don't care to express all points of view. In my humble opinion this web site will change the way people see their lives and ultimately save the world.

A.R.,, 5/18/97
I never thought of our society as an anticivilization until tonight. To be honest, of all the Web sites I have visited, yours has been the most interesting an informative.

S.S.,, 5/18/97
Very informative and enlightening! A different way to look at the world today and to help alleviate boredom and stagnation which are epidemic.

P.J.,, 5/18/97
I think your ideas are revolutionary. Very insightful.

C.E.,, 5/18/97
It is wonderful to see Neo-Tech on the Web where it can be accessible to so many people. Keep it up.

B.G.,, 5/18/97
Very impressive! Glad to see someone thinking.

R.V.,, 5/17/97

G.R.,, 5/17/97
As a long time Objectivist and Libertarian, I'm naturally in favor of anything and anyone that promotes rationality and true freedom.

K.V.,, 5/17/97, Iceland
It is really interesting and there are a lot of topics where one can take exciting information.

L.T.,, 5/16/97
I find this web-site highly informative and of great insight into the human condition. I would recommend it to anyone interested in advancing their

J.E.,, 5/16/97
This is some of the most interesting concepts I have seen in years. I am ready to learn more.

J.H.,, 5/16/97

A.A.,, 5/16/97
Thanks Neo-Tech, for bringing light back into the world.

R.B.,, 5/16/97
Extremely intriguing. Thank you for being here for those of us who seem to be lost in the world.

E.M.,, 5/15/97
I found you site to be very informative, and in a very here-and-now way, quite easy to follow.

W.D.,, 5/15/97
I enjoy your site. Neo-Tech has made profound changes in my life. I continue to grow and expand as I read and re-read the material.

A.R.,, 5/15/97
This information is a must for anyone who wants to control his/her destiny.

J.J.,, 5/15/97, Peru
Muchas gracias.

D.A.,, 5/14/97
Extremely informative and optimistic prognostication on world issues and economics!

A.R.,, 5/13/97
I cannot believe the contrast between what you are saying and what the liberal media would have us believe. I am really impressed by your Web site.

R.S.,, 5/13/97, Norway
Really cool...interesting

M.C.,, 5/13/97
It is my feeling that there is no other truly honest, logical distillation of life applicable philosophy being espoused.

S.A.,, 5/13/97
You're giving us a hope, a hope for better living in a better society.

K.R.,, 5/13/97
This is a revolutionary and very, very important concept.

C.G.,, 5/13/97
Neo-Tech allows the `average' person to succeed, where before they fail. It releases a lot of garbage from the mind.

M.F.,, 5/13/97, Australia
I think this site is mind boggling! Keep it up Please!

K.T.,, 5/13/97
I have received more valuable knowledge from Neo-Tech than my previous twenty years of schooling. I now have the most incredible romantic-love relationship with the woman of my dreams. I have left a mystical profession and now am starting my own business. The web site is the most valuable web site on the Internet. Thank You Neo-Tech!

J.S.,, 5/12/97
Your site has changed the way I think about life! Nothing is impossible with Neo-Tech!

L.V.,, 5/12/97, Australia
This information is too powerful to remain on the Web!!!!

P.M.,, 5/12/97, Australia
Neo-Tech is a new state of thinking that strips and shreds mystical stupidity.

C.W.,, 5/11/97, Singapore
Zonpower confirms and puts into words what we all feel. We are all helpless puppets caught in this vicious circle with no way out. Zon is the answer!

K.M.,, 5/11/97, Barbados
This is nothing short of FANTASTIC. I feel as if I have found a TREASURE.

P.M.,, 5/11/97
Thanks for each and every word of wisdom that you've shared with us.

R.M.,, 5/11/97
Your material is about the best reading on the Web. Very interesting.

M.G.,, 5/11/97, Philippines
The web page is very informative and triggers the mind!

E.C.,, 5/10/97, Chile
You have awakened my curiosity and I would like to know more about Neo-Tech.

M.R.,, 5/10/97
Ban Neo-Tech? This idea could only come from an unevolved and ignorant mind. Not only is that NOT possible, but, who in their right mind would want to after reading this wonderful literature? Only the corrupt and the unevolved, and for very obvious reasons! Keep up the good work -- mysticism is finished!!

G.G.,, 5/10/97
Excellent site! I have finally started to integrate on a wide scale thanks to Neo-Tech. It's hard work and I love it! I am growing more powerful every day. I know that nothing can stop me now. You are right, the battle between good and evil has begun. It had to begin and there is no stopping it. Listen up everybody in cyberspace, you are a critical part of this battle. The time has come to ostracize the value destroyers from existence. Thank you Frank Wallace. You are one of the few heroes.

R.E.,, 5/9/97, Republic of Panama
Your material is great.

A.W.,, 5/9/97
Information is of huge value. None should be lost, destroyed, or otherwise censored.

B.M.,, 5/9/97
Very Important! Contains the information for independent thinkers who
are looking for opportunity, to self-actualize and claim their power!

N.A.,, 5/9/97
The insights and the clarity in which they are presented are magnificent. No one should be denied to evolve...

N.A.,, 5/8/97
Amazingly accurate and informative.

J.P.,, 5/8/97
I can see the potential for the Neo-Tech mind to truly aid those who develop and use it. The entire theory of Neo-Tech is quite interesting, and perhaps I can use it to finally take control of my life.

A.N.,, 5/8/97
This is a great web site. New information that helps others discover success in love, money, and power.

Z.G.,, 5/8/97
This is the best web sit I have EVER seen. It has practical applications that anyone can apply to improve their life!

R.A.,, 5/8/97
I think the Neo-Tech info on mini-days is great!

P.B.,, 5/8/97
Thank you for printing TRUTH. I know that I have a long way to go but I am on my rightful path to being `ZON'.

N.A.,, 5/7/97
The neocheating information is VERY useful and interesting.

D.D.,, 5/7/97
I read your web site for hours. This is great info. It's time we did something for humanity!!!!!!

S.B.,, 5/7/97
As to voting for Neo-Tech to stay online. Should we vote to eliminate the zero and go back to Roman numerals? Do we want to return to blood letting and leeches to treat our ill and infirm? Do we reinstate slavery in order to increase our work force? Sure let our anti-civilization suck us all into oblivion. That's what I need for my life. `Cause I ain't been unhappy enough'. Mysticism Collapse!

N.S.,, 5/7/97, Malaysia
This material is shocking but extremely powerful. Finally, the individual is free and powerful!

D.V.,, 5/6/97
I just spent 2 hours in your site. I am captivated by how much sense this makes.

J.G.,, 5/6/97
Brilliant. Well written. You guys have helped me solve some of my personal problems and I thank you dearly for it. I offer any assistance that you may ever need.

T.Z.,, 5/6/97
I'm absorbing everything I can from your web pages. Thank You.

A.K.,, 5/6/97, Japan
I am really very desperate to know about Neo-Tech.

M.R.,, 5/6/97, Belgium
Very good, important, interesting, and helpful.

D.W.,, 5/6/97
Neo-Tech is the New Way.

Z.Z.,, 5/6/97, Malaysia
Arise everyone and let's do what we have to do. And do it honestly. The Civilization of the Universe is already here! The web is here to stay. You have my total support.

G.P.,, 5/5/97
I see Neo-Tech as a way to live better.

A.B.,, 5/5/97
I believe this to be TRUTH -- HONESTLY!!!!!!!

K.R.,, 5/5/97
If everyone was aware of the Neo-Tech information, this would be a healthier, more positive, and prosperous society for all of us.

K.M.,, 5/5/97, Canada
Neo-Tech is very well written, and has a lot of useful information.

J.S.,, 5/5/97
I was overwhelmed in shock and disbelief. Neo-Tech has answered my questions about life.

T.D.,, 5/4/97
No other information source has made such a profound and vertically rising difference in my life. I would heartily recommend this to anyone and everyone.

I.S.,, 5/4/97
It's brilliant, magnificent!

L.L.,, 5/4/97, Australia
Great work. Really a lot of people should read the information on your site.

J.S.,, 5/4/97

A.M.,, 5/3/97
I would just like to thank Neo-Tech for helping me get started on my Neo journey of life.

K.H.,, 5/2/97, Malaysia
The best web site. Great Service to Mankind. Keep Up The Great Work.

R.O.,, 5/2/97
Your information is a great value to many people, it is a great asset.

D.M.,, 5/1/97
If you can't find what your are looking for here, you can't find it anywhere.

J.C.,, 5/1/97
Your site has to be the most informational packed site I have ever ran across over the web. The wealth of eye opening reading kept me for hours, I forgot about what I was researching and read from one section to another. I appreciate your great works and continue with what you have started.

C.M.,, 5/1/97
The greatest site on the Web. My sense of self-control has increased 100 fold. Nothing or nobody mystical controls my destiny. I am in the beginning stages of starting a cleaning business. Before, that was a "ridiculous" dream,
now it's soon to be reality.

B.L.,, 5/1/97, Canada
It's important that people who are looking to make positive changes in their lives, are able to access this information and become de-mystified.

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