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D.L.,, 5/31/98, Turkey
I have never read anything as good as Neo-Tech

D.C.,, 5/30/98
Since receiving the original hand numbered manuscript of the Neo-tech Bible and the works I've purchased henceforth, my life has changed for the better. Occasionally, I drift down the river of mysticism by turning my mind off and letting it go to altruism but then my dedication to my most cherished values of pride, through the giving values to others deserving, honor, through keeping my word whatever the 'cost', and self worth, through sharing your concepts and helping guide open-minded people I interact with to give them back the childlike wonderment life offered before mysticism drowned their motivation.

J.H.,, 5/30/98
I love this site and I believe it will be a severe blow to rationality if it is discontinued. As a disgruntled Objectivist I must say Neo-Tech is a breath of fresh air.

L.V.,, 5/29/98, Philippines

Sally K.,, 5/29/98
great page!

H.B.,, 5/29/98
You give a lot of good information to people.

J.S.,, 5/28/98, Canada
Neo-Tech is a valuable web site -- I have profited from it.

J.K.,, 5/28/98
As one who has no religious influence in my life and no influence of mystical realities I found the existence of a philosophy demonstrating that lifestyle quite refreshing as now others can share in its assertion of a personal and well-productive lifestyle.

R.S.,, 5/28/98
Insightful, thought provoking, right on. Keep up the good work.

N.S.,, 5/28/98
My mother bought your book Neo-tech Zonpower with the three separate parts combined. I read all of it. I believe in the future again, and I know I will be around for a very long time, just to see the day when everyone will use reason and not silly mysticism to make judgments.

Ellen P.,, 5/28/98
VERY well-executed site!

G.S.,, 5/28/98

P.C.,, 5/27/98
Thank 'God' for Frank Wallace!

J.F.,, 5/27/98
This is great.

B.B.,, 5/27/98
I just got started with Neo-Tech this week, I am very excited about it.

B.P.,, 5/27/98
I enjoy your site very much. I have just realized how my own mental laziness has allowed me to be dominated. Mental exertion will prevent neocheaters from draining me and my family and move on the fast track to happiness and prosperity. Great work on this Web Site!

D.H.,, 5/27/98
This web-site is well done; organization through-out is I didn't expect anything less from a Neo-Tech web-site, though.

L.D.,, 5/27/98
I like your beliefs in honesty, integrity, & equality for every person that is not a neocheater, or a value destroyer.

R.S.,, 5/26/98
To remove your site from the web is tantamount to destroying the printing press.

S.W.,, 5/24/98
I think your site is really great. Your articles have changed me a lot.

S.V.,, 5/24/98
Neo-Tech has given me more power than I ever thought imaginable!

J.H.,, 5/24/98, Australia
Your site is great.

B.D.,, 5/24/98, Australia
Yes, yes, yes, keep up the excellent work. I love your work

R.C.,, 5/24/98
I am very interested in finding all that I may do to bring about the end of the ever growing misuse and blatant abuse of power by Americas political establishment.

R.K.,, 5/23/98
The dialogues are fascinating, they challenge my thinking.

J.H.,, 5/23/98
What you have written here, really makes good sense, as in Reference to my own life, I've had trouble accepting religion in general.

E.R.,, 5/22/98
Very interesting reading.

A.M.,, 5/22/98
I agree with the principles of Neo-tech. I believe that they offer invaluable insight into living a productive, happy life.

M.A.,, 5/21/98
Neo-Tech has been the most powerful, positive influence in my life.

R.G.,, 5/21/98, Canada
I enjoy your web site it's very informative.

C.B.,, 5/21/98, Germany
In the name of freedom (what little we possess) this site should remain on the web. One principle must be applied to accomplish the triumph of man's mind: the elimination of a negative to achieve a positive. The negatives are force and fraud. Their philosophical results are government and religion. Only neo-tech can vaporize these unnecessary and insignificant molehills. With the expanding techniques for identifying and exposing such evils, we can swiftly disarm them. The search light of consciousness has sparked and it is spreading across the globe as a signal to our cousins in the universe: one more civilization has triumphed over evil, let us now see what is truly possible to the mind of man.....

A.A.,, 5/20/98
Kudos to you--for allowing both 'Positive' and 'Negative' comments to be accessed from your (top) HomePage. I see this as an 'up-front' display of confidence of what you represent and believe.

R.S.,, 5/20/98, United Kingdom
What an outstanding piece of literature, highly innovative, and most beneficial. A million thanks!!!!!!! R.Sidhu

R.H.,, 5/20/98, Canada
Neo-Tech makes the Commonsense revolution look like a knee-jerk reaction to nonsensical litigation. It is a valuable and thought-provoking concept written by a man who cares about himself and wants to see the world improved. Selfishness taken to its logical conclusion, not the egotistical commonly-held view of selfishness. Why aren't there more of us?

M.S.,, 5/20/98
I think Neo-Tech is a very powerful tool that spells out in a proven way how to succeed in life. Many people do not like Neo-Tech because it takes away their excuse to fail.

M.S.,, 5/20/98, England
I finally got it, Zon. Eternal thanks to you and your staff Dr. Wallace.

S.S.,, 5/20/98
Neo-Tech/Zonpower helped me experience the best times of my life thus far. By all means it should be available to any and all who are interested. I just want to say 'Thank You'.

Anon.,, 5/19/98

Anon.,, 5/19/98
Very helpful. It has the ability to solve many problems. Thank you.

Anon.,, 5/19/98
A most thought provoking commentary. I'm not really bad after all. The thought that liberation can feel good and denial and sacrifice are tools of the manipulators is captivating.

S.S.,, 5/19/98
This is highly comprehensible information. I'm very interested. You definitely must keep this on the Web, available to everyone.

J.H.,, 5/19/98, Australia
The best site on the web, everyone should access this site to find out honestly what is really going on in the world. Keep up the great work.

J.G.,, 5/19/98, Canada
This site must remain open for all to see. The information here is more important than @ most other web sites..

R.M.,, 5/19/98
Neo-Tech is logical and correct. Neo-Tech is good 'new-fashioned' common sense. Keep this knowledge available at any cost.

R.W.,, 5/18/98
You can see the value destroyers at work today or hear them on radio. The world is watching and hearing them. Our tax money is going to the lawyers faster than the speed of light with no brake in site.

A.M.,, 5/18/98
Neo-Tech should continue to expand everywhere until it is just considered common sense. Neo-Tech is honestly the best thing I have come across. It has completely changed my perspective on many things and it will definitely have a positive long term effective on me.

C.S.,, 5/18/98
I'm not thru reading the books yet and can see the abuses that our neo-cheaters in government have been very busy destroying our county for greed and there master plan. thank you for introducing me to Neo-Tech.

C.V.,, 5/18/98
Almost two years ago, my father introduced me to the Neo-Tech Matrix, although, at the time my life was fully immersed in mysticism, and I rejected it whole heartedly. Eventually I cam across the writings of Ayn Rand, and began to realize the error of my ways, I have since begun to integrate the Neo-Tech advantages into my life. I am in complete agreement with Neo-Tech.

Adrianne G.,, 5/16/98
I find your column extremely helpful and a necessity for everyone. Count me as a lifetime supporter.

C.H.,, 5/16/98
This is the most rewarding info. I have found in my life, I can't get enough of it. I have told many of my friends and they are wild about. I wish to thank you all for the great news you bring to everyone who is willing to open there mind and be free.

D.M.,, 5/15/98
The Neo-Tech Values need to become much more public and become a driving force to change our slippage to a dictator-type state.

D.F.,, 5/15/98
The Fully Integrated Honesty encapsulated into 114 concepts and labeled 'Neo Tech' has instilled in me the SELF-ESTEEM to GROW and EXPERIENCE THE HAPPINESS in life I had long missed since CHILDHOOD. Since March, 1996, my income has more than DOUBLED, I have released myself of THOUSANDS of dollars of DEBT, and I have FOUND the woman who is at the same LEVEL OF HONESTY. I can't wait for the world to SEE and hopefully one day soon UNDERSTAND that NEO-TECH lights the LIFE-SUSTAINING 'fire' of business, and MYSTICISM stupidly DESTROYS LIFE-ENHANCING business.

H.S.,, 5/14/98
I haven't had such an intellectual high since reading Ayn Rand's ATLAS SHRUGGED; Neo-Tech answered a few problems I had with her philosophy.

P.F.,, 5/14/98, Canada
This site has certainly piqued my interest in approaching life from a different perspective.

R.B.,, 5/14/98
I'm a new Neo-Tech owner, I'm both pleased and impressed about this great work.

J.K.,, 5/14/98, Australia
Good Site, Excellent Information...

M.L.,, 5/14/98, Australia
I believe we all have investments in this world and we all have to come to grips with the fact that we all have to exchange the bad for the good. Neo Tech and cyberspace will help those to maintain momentum in growth. Keep up the good work Frank Wallace and all at Neo Tech.

D.B.,, 5/14/98, Canada
This site is probably the most informative web site available and uses the web for its original purpose: 'to disseminate information in the most efficient and timely method available. Thanks so very much!

L.A.,, 5/13/98
What I've seen at this Web site makes me hungry for more

D.S.,, 5/13/98
Neo-Tech solves every problem known to man that then gives the way to God-Man. Our future is promising, let not the neocheaters prevail.

S.V.,, 5/13/98, Kazakhstan (the former Soviet Union)
You do a good job! Hopefully, your ideas will spread.

K.F.,, 5/13/98, New Zealand
It wont be an easy task de-brain washing the masses, however, it must be done for the good of all.

A.L.,, 5/13/98, SOUTH AFRICA
Neo-Tech will triumph in this world. Wouldn't it be great to have Polaroid snapshots of neo cheaters faces as they realize their empires and scams are about to crumble? ......that could replace 'America's funniest home videos!!!'

Melissa P.,, 5/12/98
This is a great site it was really helpful w/ a relationship problem I had.

K.P.,, 5/12/98
Wow! What a great site. The info. is incredible!

S.S.,, 5/11/98

H.I.,, 5/11/98
Everybody needs a good dose of this stuff. It basically tells the individual why the world sucks.

D.S.,, 5/11/98

M.S.,, 5/11/98
I believe that the government is so corrupt that I would like to see them busted.

K.L.,, 5/10/98
Dear Neo-Tech, I think your publications are rooted in honesty and should be required reading in all grade schools. The information offers hope and fulfillment to those enlightened enough to ascribe to those principles as set forth in the many treasured Neo-Tech manuals. Your writings are of a lost art and need to be resurfaced, so as the masses once again may regain control of their own lives; and so each human being can live life to it's infinite capacity while enjoying the effects of the Natural Laws that were originally intended for Mankind to live and work by. You're writings are based on unbending Universal truths (honesty) that are absolute in content and has the complete support of science. Personally, I am very grateful to all of the Neo-Tech staff who are guided by their own individualism to create such masterpieces of literature for the distribution to all honest-seekers. Thank you for your guiding support. I wish all at Neo-Tech the prosperous and fruitful offerings of the Universe. Infinitely Grateful.

P.M.,, 5/10/98
Neo-Tech is a mental lifesaver. Where else can a person learn the reality of man. Where else can a person learn that false doctrine is ever increasing throughout this world? Keep teaching so our kids and grandkids can forever rid themselves of crime and punishment mentality. TEACH TEACH TEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C.K.,, 5/10/98
I think Neo-Tech is great!

D.P.,, 5/10/98, Canada
If it all possible it should be an effort of all concerned to promote both the process of self-demystification and of spreading the awareness of Neo Tech as far and wide and as fast as possible.

W.E.,, 5/10/98
This web sight is the leading force in self exposure traps of dishonesties, and exposes mysticisms, fraud, hoaxes, fads, truths, assertions, etc. Honesty is the natural 'effortless effort', that Neo-Tech has discovered; with this knowledge, all of us will soon win our world back, and be honestly free.....

S.K.,, 5/10/98, Bahrain
I find the text written here empowering, in terms of thinking for one's self and being aware of some of the elements in society who try to consistently usurp our natural powers.

J.C.,, 5/9/98, United Kingdom
About four years ago I bought the NT Discovery book. Big and black it was and it virtually collapsed my bookshelf. I read it over a weekend (a long weekend at that!), it challenged my deepest held beliefs. (I'd been the manager of the UK's largest new age center). But something rang true. Suffice to say I couldn't take the conflict this knowledge instigated in me, so threw the 'Black Book' away. About a year ago I found this site. Gradually I have dipped into NT again. I have now thrown out every new age book I ever owned. Quite a feet considering how many I had. I've destroyed every new age audio tape as well. And guess what! I feel happier, less stressed, I achieve more and earn more money. I experience more freedom, fun and pleasure than anything the new age ever gave me. Should NT stay on the web? That depends. Do you want freedom or do you want slavery? It's that simple.

C.P.,, 5/8/98, Canada
Fascinating reading. Thought provoking.

A.M.,, 5/8/98
I find Neo-Tech to be an awakening. I never realized how much guilt had been imposed on me by a Catholic upbringing. Especially by teachers, government, family, friends, charities, etc. Neo-Tech has helped me stand back and take a very broad and objective perspective of my world and see though people's deceptions. Sometimes is so easy to see these deceptions that it makes me laugh. Neo-Tech's dynamics are helping me to attain wealth and happiness (This is no baloney. Since my first exposure to NT in 1994, my income has increased by a factor of 5 to over 200K/year). Shedding guilt has been such an incredibly refreshing relief. This is something no god or religion have been able to help me help myself do.

T.A.,, 5/8/98
Fantastic I use it in every day life.

M.K.,, 5/8/98, United Kingdom
A step forward from which there is no going back(not that Anyone would want to)

G.W.,, 5/7/98
When I first started reading the Neo-Tech/Zonpower literature, it really blew my mind and made me start thinking. I love what you have been doing. Love you all.

C.B.,, 5/7/98
Love and success to all of you at N/T.

R.M.,, 5/6/98
Keep it up. I wish you would get on radio talk shows and share your information; so we can get the party going and elect a non political president. Get Mark Hamilton out there sharing his great views. I'm now reading his new book and it's awesome, more people need to know about our Neo-Tech Party.

M.H.,, 5/6/98
Very enlightening and I am looking forward to putting Neo-Tech into action. Thank you for all the wonderful information.

J.K.,, 5/5/98, South Korea
This is one of the best sites on the web. This site is really informative, educational, and provocative. It should remain on the web and expand.

K.S.,, 5/5/98
This site is a great way to stay up to date with evolving Neo-Tech.

F.K.,, 5/5/98
I think this web-site is exciting!!! Please keep going and going!

Maria G.,, 5/5/98
Your work is the finest thing that I have ever read.

J.J.,, 5/3/98
Interesting, on-point , informative, challenging and valuable. I was glad to come across the site. You should definitely remain on the Web.

Pam R.,, 5/3/98
I really believe in the core of what you have to say.

Liana M.,, 5/2/98
This is information that requires the widest possible dissemination.

Michelle D.,, 5/2/98
I thank you for the time and effort all of you have put into Neo tech and want you to know that I am doing my small part to help change the the world.

Georgia G.,, 5/1/98
It is very important that Neo-Tech stay on the web in order to continue to educate the honest value producing members of society with regard to how to advance in every aspect of human life and how to un-stagnate oneself in an apparently hopelessly controlled world. We must spread the knowledge of opportunities that await us shall we break through the barriers that inhibit and control us. There is a world beyond. I admire the courage of your organization and I support all your efforts. Someone has to help the value producers progress. The powers that be can't afford for the value producers to become knowledgeable. Keep up the excellent work.

Georgia G.,, 5/1/98
I look forward to exploring all possibilities regarding the advancement of the 'Civilization of the Universe'. I'll be seeing you.

T.W.,, 5/1/98
This site is very informative. I do want this site to expand.

J.R.,, 5/1/98
I enjoyed reading the info on your site. I agree totally with your philosophy and want to live my life in accord with these principals.

A.R.,, 5/1/98
The 'Big Lie' has been a puzzle to me for quite some time. As I investigated further, I found similar thoughts to my own, expressed with a clarity I had not found. Thank you.

D.M.,, 5/1/98, United Kingdom
The content of the web site is excellent.

April 1998

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