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Generation X,,5/31/00
The Story' was the best book I've ever read so far...Really! Its concepts should be taught to everyone. Young or Old. Everyone! It made me cry...It made me think. My understanding of 'The Story' had changed my life...made me love life in a sense never experienced. Thank you NT! ~~~Generation X~~~

M.T.,,5/31/00, New Zealand
Neo-Tech must stay on the web, the alternative is doom.

jason,, 5/30/00
Very informative and it explains a lot. I feel saddened to watch my mom being a victim of Christianity.

S. P.,, 5/29/00, United Kingdom
I have found Neo-Tech to be a complete and thorough explanation of why happiness is so difficult to achieve in this anti-civilization. The answer is for me to totally forget the past and take a very courageous leap forward into the future.

I am an Alaskan Native, have lived on the streets, recovered alcoholic & drug addict, and have been a victim of abuse and self-abuse. I have only read half of the book so far, but already it has enlightened me about the oppression in society. I am not trying to 'blame,' but rather understand life that will benefit me to live life to the fullest. My life is a new universe, it has been cleared of misconceptions. After reading some of the other posts, I have discovered I am not such a bad guy after all and have a lot to offer. I will soon become a regular. I intend to spread Neo-Tech where ever I go. I even chatted with a woman on the Galileo space project who didn't even know about these concepts. To her I sounded brilliant, lol, when in reality I was spreading the word. I only have 2 years of college. oh well, gotta run, hank

L. W.,,5/28/00
My head is about to explode. You have verbalized what I have always known but tried to deny so I could fit into what those around me expected. Thank you for your sight, I will return often.

Neo-Tech can give people direction in life and the freedom to live it. I believe it is very important to make Neo-Tech accessible to the masses so that they may have the chance to free themselves the way I have.

I have found my Friday night essence and it is the beginning of something wonderful! I have real purpose in life now and I know no thing or no one can stop me. I am a 67 y/o man, but I have hope for the future for all, because I will be giving my creative productivity to become what I want.


Although it isn't easy to quickly understand Neo-Tech, it is by all means a positive approach to understanding what life is really meant to be. It can take several readings of Neo-Tech to fully understand how to attain a guiltless and successful life. I had doubt in the books until I read and re-read every word. If everyone lived according to the way we were meant to live, it would be a wonderful world. I recommend Neo-Tech to anyone who is currently losing at life!

NO OTHER TEACHING THAT I AM AWARE OF would ever print all of its stuff and be so honest in its dealings with the public.

It has been a few years since I read Neo-Tech, but the information I gained will never leave me. It totally hit home like it was answering all the things I had questions about-and when I read it-I knew without question it was pure truth, pure useable knowledge that opened my eyes. I just wanted to thank you for making this knowledge available

The web will create the next generation of neothinkers. There is so much influence from all sides these days, people need a way to find the truth and render some sort of mental clarity, Neo-Tech does just that.

L.T., .,5/24/00
After reading The Book, I have an entirely different view on life. My goals and aspirations have changed. To realize that I can form my own future and to actually create values for mankind is so much more than the false hope that comes from religion. I have always relied on a higher power to make things right, here or on the other side. But now I have control. I rely upon myself for the answer or for the fix!! I'm sure you know the feeling. Now, the road seems long and hard as I divest myself of my investments in the anticivilization (laziness being the toughest). But as long as you are there sharing your priceless knowledge I will be there soaking it up like I did science as a young kid. I can't thank you enough except to assure you that I will be there when we take the presidency and abolish all irrationality for all time and join the C of U!!!!

Some people want the truth and this will really open their eyes. I was in a chat group and someone told me to get a copy of The Story. I'm so happy I did, I have been struggling with issues like this my whole life. It really opened my eyes.

A.K.,,5/24/00, Canada
It's absolutely fascinating! I can't put it down.

I am a firm believer of getting rid of the restrictive government agencies. I believe this NEO-TECH program can and will work. Thanks for the opportunities that you have shown me.

K. O.,,5/23/00
I can now never be as dense as I was about the world and it scares me a little. To have blind faith was a crutch and it seemed a relief, but now to see through things, to their essence I am so amazed.

I am convinced of Neo-Tech to be absolutely right!

Hi Mark; absolutely brilliant, when can we expect to see the film. Every Success Andy

I love reading everything about neo-tech.

May I start by telling you something about myself? I'm a 67 y/o male who, since I was 10 y/o knew there was something better than the priest craft was telling me. I was aware they knew no more than I did at 10. I could read, and best of all I could think. Yet, it was a mild shock to find that there was no god, but that was overcome shortly, after reading THE BOOK. It explained in simple terms things I had suspected for many years. It was a great day in my life when I finished reading it, but long before I finished reading it I knew my Friday night essence.

S.P.,,5/21/00, Canada
The Book is very knowledgeable and I hope this will come true where people will really be honest in every aspect of their lives.

This information is the best thing I have ever been exposed to. The massive amount of information that is at hand can help millions become better people and can make success a certain reality. We all need this life-changing material to be spread across the globe, I know the world will become a much better place because of it. Thanks

R.D.,,5/21/00, Australia
The information that i have read has given me the motivation to start dreaming again and setting myself some realistic goals for the future.

Anything that dispels the fallacies of organized religion, should stay on the web and be exposed to as many people as possible.

Neo-Tech is an important concept that everyone needs to live an enriched and full life.

Z. M.,,5/20/00, UNITED KINGDOM
I am truly amazed with the information that I have come across here. This site is bold and straight to the point and very informative. I must say that I am getting completely new and worthwhile insights.

Very enlightening.

Such valuable info must never be taken away from the world.

I am very appreciative for the information. It has a improved my outlook and attitude in many areas of my life.

D.D.,,5/17/00, America
I think that this is an excellent work! I am a Neo-Tech owner, and even though I have intellectually embraced the essence of the works, I am still struggling with turning open the spigot of riches and neothink. I have always been a rebel all my life, and understand the vast deceptions that masquerade as truth in today's society. I never used to understand fully the concept of the “inner child' that you spoke of in the Neo-Tech Weapon(the small book), but with this story, it's easier to understand what you're talking about. I, myself, still embrace my inner child, which may be one of the reasons that I get along so well with children. I have a special love for children, because of the energy, enthusiasm, and willingness they have to think without boundaries, until their minds are truncated by the “edjamkational' system that the bureaucrats have implemented, which is designed to tell them WHAT to think instead of HOW to think! I really have found a great value in this book, and it makes it a little easier for me, and I'm sure many others, to conceptualize what is happening, and to be able to relate to these truths that you disseminate better. The story really hits home, and brings to life all of the things that you were talking about in the previous NT/Zon materials. I really have to thank you very much for affecting my thinking for the rest of my life. I'm working on becoming a great value producer myself, and am building a business of my own at present. Throughout all the years, I have always had a special desire to be a big empire-building business titan. I think that the indoctrination and conditioning I have had for years, I am still recovering from, but finding out and admitting a problem is present is over 50% of fixing it! I am continuing to strive for excellence, freedom, and the spreading of the truth about our anticivilization. I believe the web is going to make it very hard for the “establishment' to hide the truth for much longer!

Katherine D.,,5/17/00, America
I think this is excellent. I've been troubled and depressed by the way mystical thinking affects my life, my child's life, and the lives of my friends. It is good to have a site where such ideas are discussed and alternative thought promoted. I think this is highly practical, and you will find me among your regular visitors and advocates.

N.J.,,5/17/00, New Zealand
Hi, I am 10 years old next month and I borrowed my daddys 'Neo-Tech Discovery' and have read most of it and am very happy about myself and life also my happiness and optimism has stretched further. Biological immortality just makes me tingle, wow living forever would be a great gift to give for oneself! This writing should be in schools for it will bring peace to all by eliminating Fairy Tales that teachers sometimes teach us, like religion.

I really like the objective, logical information that is provided here. No one can deny hard facts.

I purchased Neo-Tech and I used some of the concepts to propel myself into a better job in the Army. You site is very informative and well designed.

I think this site is fantastic.

This is the only book I've ever read that has told me the truth as to how the world will be, I used to be a church goer and all's that did was confuse me more. Thank you NEO-TECH for pointing me in the right direction!!!

d.w., ., 5/15/00
Thank you very very much!!!

A. & S. T.,, 5/15/00
Hi Mark, wow that sure was a very interesting subject for the start of the book. I would really like to read it because I was glued to the screen. Usually I don't like to read in-depth things and the computer, I have no trouble reading a book, that was just amazing!!!!!! I will be picking up your book, The Story…Sure makes you think about life itself.

killairne,, 5/14/00
I am still interested in the investment of $$$, and more valuable, time for a project of bringing THE STORY to a worldwide marketable movie. I am sincere and passionate about my interest in bringing THE STORY to the anticiv and perhaps initiating the critical mass 'conversion' predicted by NT authors. We are talking about the stopping of this planet's self-destruction. Forget about the philosophical YADA YADA! Let's get some action going for the saving of the earth so we can evolve into the CofU. IMO THE STORY is the most potent potential message of waking up the population to the anticiv. Please join me in promoting this as a worldwide HIT in the cinematic spectrum. Please email me for investors and cordinators. I nominate myself for the advisory board. I am multitalented and extremely energetic (thank zon I grew up before ritalin was used. I'd be a in a mystical bubble, floating around, today.) Again, thanks Mr. Hamilton for your epiphany. My honestly warm regards, Killy PS A metaphor from my past reborn christian days, 'If a train is heading toward a friend on the tracks, one most likely races to remove the friend from danger.' That is how I feel about getting this movie made.

f.e.,, 5/14/00
I am now 67 y/o., after reading 'The Book' I am very excited about life and my part in creative producing. I now want to live forever, new things happens all the time, it wont be boring if you don't choose it to be. I'm trying to find my child hood, which is far better than the adult lies I hear every day: Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, tooth fairy Jesus' saving grace, god. I'm all I've got and all I have ever had, but I'm making it. I have my Friday night essence. and I'm working on that now and I'm happy for the first time in a long time. thanks to the writers of The Book.

J.S.,, 5/14/00
I do think from my own testimony that Neo-Tech should stay on the web, for other users that may want to check it out. Personally, and professionally, I believe it is a great thing.

G.L.,, 5/14/00
I think Neo-Tech is great

M. Ganidis,, 5/13/00, Greece
Opening the mind to the limitless -- the last and eternal renaissance.

A.L.,, 5/13/00, Singapore
Neo-Tech MUST remain on the web because it is able to transcend all national boundaries and bring all the NT people together to exchange our ideas instantaneously.

Karina-Lissandra,, 5/13/00
Upon recently embarking on a search for information on Sovereignty and supreme authority of one self, I was linked to the Neo-Tech site. Did I get more than I asked for or what!! The information contained on these pages is more than enough to spark my infinite interest in the Neo-Tech Discoveries.

J.R.,, 5/13/00,
Neo-Tech has some of the best information on the web today. Neo-Tech has stories of what you want, when you want to get it.

Jeremy,, 5/12/00
Neo-Tech's Cosmic Business control is the book that made me a Believer. As a young businessman I got started with all good intentions but failed because I didn't follow the principles in this book. The ONLY way to succeed in business is to follow the principles in this book because without it you are just playing in business and will never succeed. The logic in this system can not be denied! It's time for people to wake up and get their minds back on track! Thanks to Neo-Tech I'm back on track!

miranda_rafael,, 5/12/00
I liked The Story very much. At times it brought tears of joy and excitement like I had not felt in years.

ROBTS,, 5/12/00
The web is the fastest way to get the word out and to communicate with others in the elimination of neocheaters and mysticism!

J.W.,, 5/11/00
Since I read NT I've been divorced, unemployed, and imprisoned. Those were only the first GOOD (no kidding) things that I got from NT. Now I am free, prosperous, and happy. Beats the hell out of a life of servitude and unnecessary suffering under that J.C. dude.

ronald daniels,, 5/11/00, u s a
Thank Zon for Frank Wallace for without his discovery humanity would be doomed. I have been driven to search all my life, now with Neo-Tech I have found the answer to the riddle of life. Who would not want Neo-Tech on the web but the neo cheaters themselves? Thanks again Frank.

b.c.,, 5/10/00
I find the NEO-TECH site most informative and spend much time here.

M.E.,, 5/10/00
Fascinating reading. I wish I had this information 40 years ago when I was a teen. It would have saved me from making a lot of dumb mistakes.

G.G.,, 5/10/00, united kingdom
The best site I've visited, I'm totally honest here, the best. Your site is packed full of information, I couldn't believe my eyes when your site first opened. Thanks guys and gals for the info. and I'll be checking your site out often, keep up the good work.

,, 5/9/00
The NT needs to stay on the web. Just read the negative comments section and see the fear that grips people when they are confronted with the prospect of being responsible for their own lives. It shouldn't be that way. Cage an animal for too long and it doesn't want to be free. Freedom however is a wonderful thing, you just have to learn how to deal with it. The more people learn, the better the world will be.

J.M.,, 5/9/00
I believe this site should stay and expand for the good of man kind, or else the anticivilization might destroy itself.

M.T.,, 5/9/00, australia
I've directed many friends here & they find the writings `surprisingly accurate.

J.B.,, 5/9/00
Again I say, let's get it to the children, we are not immortal yet, but they can be. Children with NT will be invincible in this anticivilization. The more children we reach, the better. This stuff will stick to children like that bad juju parents are currently dipping them in. Can we save them all? NO, but we can make a GIANT difference.

J.W.,, 5/9/00
Wow, I kinda regret looking at the negative comments section. That is one SH*t load of pissed off mystics. Too bad they're going to die without ever realizing their full integrative potential. They seem very concerned with enacting curses and violence towards us, but nonetheless, that is the only weapon of the mystic. FRW, I hope this is as amusing to you and again, thank you for saving my life. I am a former Catholic and Reborn Christian, never again will mysticism have power over me. Those guys seem to be forgetting their own dogma as they curse and damn us. The CU will be realized.

Jim,, 5/9/00
I've had the Neo-Tech Manuscript for 4 years now, it is the best Info and way of life. Be Free! Thanks Neo-Tech!

J.C.,, 5/9/00
I do enjoy coming to this site and always find something new and useful.

K.G.,, 5/9/00, U.S.
I bought 'THE BOOK' a few months ago and I am almost through it. It's almost truth overload! I have also purchased 'God-Man/Neo-tech Decoded' and I recommend it to all BOOK owners. I plan to pass them both on to friends when I have gotten all I can from them. This is too important to keep to myself. STAY ON THE WEB!!! See you in the C of U.

J.I.,, 5/8/00
Neo-Tech challenges thought, that in it's self is the best reason that can be given to exist and stay on the web . Those things that make a person think are those that make them grow. I have been enlightened by what has been read. You are attacking the very foundation that people perceive society being founded on. That in it's self is greatness!

E.B.,, 5/8/00

E.B.,, 5/8/00
Hello Mr. mark Hamilton, I wish I had , had a teacher like miss Annabel, when I was in the 3rd. grade .I think this article or story about miss Annabel , should be required reading in the schools .. , religious , and secular .. my own life has been a dreary one , influenced by the “church' and “prudish' adults .. at 68 years , looking back over my life , I find that I never really knew what true love meant .. many of my generation , equated the physical “act' as being “in love' restroom “graffiti' in the lower grades, were often our guide to sexual pleasure .. being from a very dysfunctional home , where our parents never showed any “open affection' before us, hugs , kisses, praise etc. was not a way to encourage us as grown men , to know “what to do' in ways of pleasing our wives .. I am just a “layman' no degrees etc. but I hope with all of my being, that society will keep on “evolving' so that there will be “happiness in the male , female relationships “ thanks for opening my mind to other views about life !!!! and where mankind is headed.

R. A.W.,, 5/7/00
I see no holes in the Neo-Tech view and seems to be of a higher reasoning then I am used to perceiving.

J.C.,, 5/7/00
It is great to refer the uninformed to your web site and let them read.

f.e.,, 5/7/00
I just finished reading 'The Book'! it was wonderful, i have already found my Friday night essence.

J.A.,, 5/7/00, AUSTRALIA
Fascinating site.

D.H.,, 5/7/00
I am released from the stodgy thinking that kept me enslaved to fear and guilt. I am at page 295 of The Story... every time I begin to think, 'how can this happen, with all that is against it,' The Story, answers my question. Limitless...

Anon,, 5/7/00
Very interesting

S.M.,, 5/7/00
Neo-Tech is the most powerful stuff I have ever read, just awesome.

J.G.,, 5/7/00
I am only on Chapter 6. Delayed reading more than the first chapter until today. Wow! It sends chills up the spine. Once you get into it, and get to know the characters, the message is very powerful on an emotional level. I can't wait to read the rest. Just a thought on the movie version ;-) Michelle Pfeiffer <-- main character Louis Gossett Jr. <-- the janitor Oprah Winfrey <-- janitor's wife (she'll slim down for the part) Matthew Broderick <-- college student (he can still pass for one) Kevin Spacey <-- pip squeak guidance counselor cameos Howard Stern <-- abusive husband (flashback scene) seriously, he could play evil version of himself Maybe instead of a movie, it could become a TV serial, like how they converted Stephen Kings Golden Years into 1 hour a week episodes. With the flashbacks and the time span dealt with in The Story it reminds me of the story of Reuben Hurricane Carter. That movie is a must see.

K.C.,, 5/6/00
I purchased the manuscript nearly five years ago, when I tried to read it, it didn't make any sense to me. It ran counter clockwise to all I held to be true. Then about three weeks ago I happened to pick it up again and begin skimming it and I was actually shocked to find that I understood every word and even though the book was huge, I couldn't read enough, that's why I came looking for it on the web. Thank you for dispelling the controlling myths that have been programmed into my mind since birth. I've only just finished my first reading and I imagine it will take some time to assimilate all of the knowledge, but I already see the world from an entirely new perspective.

I think it is truly wonderful and should serve as a catalyst for my path on to a life of wealth and success.

F.S.,, 5/6/00
Neo-Tech should remain on the web, it represents a non-biased opinion of what many people have questioned throughout the ages.

r.c.,, 5/6/00, uk
Thank you for the insights.

e.a.,, 5/4/00
Neo-Tech is one of the greatest values. it teaches people how to think, and anybody who attacks Neo-Tech is just lazy and dishonest.

J.W.,, 5/4/00
There is no question or challenge within mysticism that can stand the power of NT. Total Integrated Honesty frightens the feeble and foils altruists. Each day as we reach for the C of U, mystics begin to look like bigger and bigger idiots. Our focus must be on the children, for it is a child who sees the world through honest eyes. I will write for the children, I will write to free the teenagers who find themselves trapped, But most of all, I shall write for myself, and know that what I do is honest, and real. I will do it in order that I can reach immortality in a world that currently isn't worthy of me. I have considered death, but only as a consideration because as I learned, it's no different than quitting. Thanks FRW.

R.G.,, 5/4/00, SOUTH AFRICA
Very enlightening, sensible and motivating.

M.F.,, 5/4/00
I think this is a tremendous insight. This story is very simple and straight forward. We often forget about what makes us truly happy. We get so wrapped up as adults into our day to day living that we miss the true reason for living. I am glad I read this story today. Now I hope I can put it back into practice. Mark R. Fasbinder

-,, 5/3/00, -
Love IT.

S.W.,, 5/3/00, UK
The BOOK is turning my existence around.

JOSEP,, 5/3/00
This is going to change my whole life for the good. See you at the top!

J.A.,, 5/3/00

Jehad N.,, 5/1/00, AUSTRALIA
Neo-Tech is great.

f.e.,, 5/1/00
THE BOOK is a lifesaver for me!

J.B.,, 5/1/00
A very solid story about happiness and true dreams not those dreams that are cookie cutter capitalist crap.

Todd R,, 5/1/00
Hello, I want to express my gratitude for all the good work done by I&O especially Mark for the wonderful Story.

I have been a neo-practitioner for 7 years now and have enjoyed immeasurable benefits from the NT thinking protocols. We have wondered what kind of differences there would be in the world if it became more rational and integrated with totally integrated honesty. In spite of the hard work done by I&O, we all realize that it will take a long time to build NT to the point where it is the dominant philosophical system on earth. I would propose that you, as a NT thinker can add to their efforts.

All of us have enjoyed the testimonials on-line or in the Discovery, they are very powerful in convincing others. That is why they are there primarily. I am in advertising, and I know the power of 'independent proof'. Your good word means everything to someone who is reading it for the first time. Another thing I know from advertising is the power of the herd one likes to be the first or only one doing something. Your testimony to your friends, customers and coworkers can help someone facing that fear to get over it. Another primal stumbling block we have to deal with is the dynamic psychological reality that everyone must deal with; the desire for gain, and the fear of loss. Testimonials go a long way in building on the desire for gain, and mitigating the fear they feel.

I would suggest that there are three avenues open to NT practitioners whereby they could help spread NT.

1. Write your testimony and e-mail it to 10 people you know, with a link into NT. Do it immediately. If all of us do this, thousands of people could hear about NT in the next week or so....not from an ad, but from someone they know

2. If you have web knowledge you can make a web site. You can check out what I have done as an example at

I have also worked NT into my daily self promotion tool (remember I am in advertising and work for myself). I call my publication TODD'S TRIBUNE. Check out how I have a daily advantage for my links into the NT advantages. As well, in the AVID READERS section, I added a link to the NT homepage.

If you don't have web knowledge, you can actively promote those who do.

I made a page for my former religion, revealing the lies within their religion. With very little effort, all on my own time, I have reached over 1400 people since February 2000. The page has struck up a firestorm around the world inside the religion (a nice side effect but not the BIG IDEA) as one of many sites doing the same thing...only I have links into my Lyf Formz (my NT) site. There is an essay, links and an audio presentation waiting for them when they get there. (I was a radio announcer for 19 years so audio presentations are a natural platform for me) My religious site is called THE ORIGINS OF THE BLACKSOCKS

3. Join Neometro at I really enjoy this site. These folks are doing amazing work. I truly feel they will make a difference.

If we all do a little, we will all do a lot. You can be part of a great grassroots effort to change the world. If you think something is more beneficial than living in a NT world then go about doing it, if not, send your emails and do whatever you can to express yourself on the net.

Just my thoughts, thank you for your time.

My Kindest Regards Todd R. Canada

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