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J.B.,, 5/31/02
Neo-Tech web site has grown to such an extent from a year ago, it would seem as if something very important is missing from your life if Neo-Tech was no longer available.

J. C.,, 5/31/02
It might take a while to understand, but only the real seekers will get the answers their looking for. So try to unlock the secrets. J. Campos 6/1/02

B.R.,, 5/30/02
This Information has saved me from a lot of grief.

Anon,, 5/30/02
Neo-Tech's mission: To make the unknown known.

A.M.,, 5/30/02
I love everything about your organization. You've changed my life although I've still far to go.

D. J.,, 5/30/02
I love this site. It has changed my life! My entire perspective has changed. Now I look inside my own mind for the answers to the questions in my life. And I know that I have to take action instead of wishing and praying for God to help me. :) Thank you s o much.

G.J.,, 5/30/02
The best!

D.P.,, 5/29/02, Australia
A great website.

Anon,, 5/28/02
The best thing to do is to let your actions and conditions show that the Neo-Tech philosophy is actually more beneficial to a person than any form of religion.

D.Z.,, 5/27/02, Canada
I love the site. Thank you for the latest book. I was getting emotionally out of sorts in my love life. Neo-tech has saved me a lot of heartbreak. Stay in cyberspace forever.

J.K.,, 5/27/02, U.S.
Neo-tech is an extraordinary book series, magnificent, brilliant. One dose not to be an intellectual to understand the simplistic life changing concepts in this very well written book Zonpower. It gave me a whole new set of eyes to view the world with an d I have only read it once. I cannot wait to pick it up again to read anew great work. P.S. please send information on immortality research I am very intrigued and desperately want to follow the field

D.H.,, 5/26/02
I found book one under my new girlfriends bed. I picked it up never hearing of it and read it in two days of marathon reading. No book has ever done that to me.

V.K.,, 5/26/02
Surpasses anything I have ever read. I have a simple request to anyone who has ever read these articles -- tell some one about them and spread the information because it is too valuable to be kept to yourself.

J.H.,, 5/24/02
I find all information from Neo-Tech not only informative but factual. In this day of cover-ups, if is most refreshing. This is the only way other people will be able to learn the truth about many subjects.

P.S.,, 5/24/02
There is no reason to defend neo-tech. It's principles are of truth and consciousness. I think if there is anything at all to combat the hoax of what the 'devil's work' actually is, it is neo-tech's integrated honesty. Keep it up and keep it on.

J.C.,, 5/24/02
Neo-Tech is the answer to the disease of mysticism the only disease of the mind.

G.M.,, 5/23/02, Australia
I like it, I like it! Neo-Tech puts life into a cohesive and actionable framework. It makes so much sense to me that 'ON THIS DAY MY LIFE HAS CHANGED DIRECTION.' Kind Regards

R.L.,, 5/23/02
I like it, I keep up with every new step and continuously reading old material. It's fascinating. As you probably know, Argentina (where I live) is going through very rough times, politicians are treated as thieves (what they really are) but I feel there is not enough people like me willing to do something. This could be the place and time to begin with a NT government as outlined in your literature.

james,, 5/23/02
neo-tech is the future

C.P.,, 5/22/02
I purchased my Neo-Tech book about 10 years ago. Read the 1st volume and shelved it. I could not get past the part about religion. Dumb mistake. I started to read the books again with the extra years of life experience and 'thinking', wow what a differenc e. I'm learning the tools I need to finally succeed.

B.S.,, 5/22/02
At first I was skeptical but decided to buy your information anyways. Let me tell you, it was the best decision that I could have made. YOU ARE THE MAN! There is absolutely everything one needs to know to succeed in life from you books. I have since purch ased books by Eric Savage and Mark Hamilton also. I am only 20 now and since I have read your material I have avoided fights with my girlfriend, and helped develop a future business for myself.. I am very happy and excited with this material. Keep it up a nd Spread the word!

B.M.,, 5/22/02
It has taught me a new way of life. If everyone in this world read these books, it would be a better place to live.

c.d.,, 5/21/02
This site has been my only true find of serious info. in the two years that I have surfed the web thank you.

S. C.,, 5/21/02

Dan,, 5/20/02, Switzerland
I want to thank you deeply for the great influence Neo-Tech have on my life!

D.K.,, 5/20/02, UK
A deep joy to find, it is stimulating, informative, uplifting and clever.

Tim,, 5/16/02, U.S.
Neo-tech hit the nail on the head and spilled the cosmic beans. Neo-tech kicked me in the face, shattered my illusionary reality into hundreds of pieces, and handed them to me on a platter, giving me the choice to throw them away. The Anti-people used to chase me around, now I stomp them.

G.G.,, 5/16/02
You've helped to change my life. Keep up the fight against mysticism and lies.

B.S.,, 5/16/02, SOUTH AFRICA

J.D. Brackett,, 5/15/02, American
I have known about Neo-tech over ten years, it is the greatest discovery that I've witnessed in my lift time,I am with you all the way.

D.A.,, 5/14/02
How do I get the Book? I love your concepts and story. Very informative and powerful! Thank you Debra Ananda

K.D.,, 5/13/02, Belgium
I read 'The Book' (God-Man & Neo-tech)Won-der-ful !!! Magnificent! Undoubtedly the very best book I have read!

T.K.,, 5/12/02, America
The world needs this type of info and needs to know of true value producing/creating heroes such as Frank R. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, John Flint.

R.S.,, 5/10/02
I found new knowledge and understanding concerning the deeper and deepest truths as to what is really happening on this planet and how to change it for the better.

Pheonixcoms,, 5/9/02, Australia
Thanks for taking the time to build such a great website. Truly inspirational. Keep up the great work. In a world of followers(sheep) its great to see the promotion of concepts so simple yet advanced, designed to teach people to lead in their own lives no t and follow the crowd like 'lemmings'.

C.P.,, 5/8/02, England

C.H.,, 5/8/02, United Kingdom
I am excitedly waiting for Mark Hamilton's Neo-Tech World Publication which I have ordered by post. I have many of your publications and the new stuff you are printing on the net shows that you are evolving beyond anti-civilization literature. The bubble concept as a tool for staring into the anti-civilization is an amazing concept. Lets rid the world of value destroying philosophies and replace them with the dynamics of business honesty. You are a bright light in a dark world. I love you Neo-Tech and eve rything you represent. Never again do I want to see the kind of suffering that happened on September 11th such a waste of happy and beautiful lives. I hope and pray (in a non-mystical sense) that advanced civilizations have indeed got the technology to ca pture consciousness through an existence field so that these people and all honest conscious being that have been robbed from us, are still living happy lives.

B.C.,, 5/7/02
I will continue to visit your site regularly. The concepts and practical ideas are truly appreciated and I find them useful in my every-day activities. Thank you.

r.s.,, 5/6/02, canada
The more people that know about Neo-Tech, makes the world a better place to live!

Anon,, 5/3/02
The information is sound and when applied will work. It is rational and well thought out.

j.b.,, 5/3/02
Have read much neo-tech literature, Dr, Wallace and Mr. Hamilton and all the other precious ones -- thank you

j.a.,, 5/3/02
So far I have found this so interesting, I can't seem to read enough about it. Totally fantastic work.

W.S.,, 5/3/02
I've been reading Neo-tech so long, I can't remember where I originally found it! But I have to say, it is the most profound lifestyle and life philosophy I've ever come across. I became agnostic at age 15 while reading about the tremendous toll religion had taken on the path of science and technology. Finally, about 12 years ago, I became completely atheist after realizing I was only holding on because of the 'insurance' potential of being wrong! You've heard the old saw 'If you're right, you've lost not hing, but if you're wrong there's hell to pay' What a load! I'm very happy and well adjusted being atheist! I will always read your stuff, and always recommend it to people who are trying to find something meaningful to life. Good luck and stay FOREVER!

G.a.,, 5/2/02
Knowledge is power, I firmly believe Neo-Tech will prevail in the end.

d.c.,, 5/2/02
I would like to buy 3 more books of god man the book. this information should have been published 500 years ago' may be this world would be in the mode of honesty, productive, & greater values. now that we have this info., lets hope people will take heed. I hope! thank you for introducing me to you and the book.

D.M.,, 5/2/02, Canada
Fabulous. I have always received negative information on the Illuminati and the Global Agenda. It's refreshing to read another view on the purposes, strategies and goals of people trying to bring about a better world.

A.A.,, 5/1/02
I am very thankful and humbled by your great company. At times, in absorbing this great information I found myself having to take a break to take it all in. The website allows those following and integrating Neo-Tech to stay up to date on what is going on from an HONEST and OBJECTIVE view based on reality not perceptions. Again, Thank You! PS- Even as a child I didn't feel right about attending worship services and religious functions. I finally understand why? Its unnatural. There is no Higher Authority!

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