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AW,, 5/31/03

The world could have done with this so much earlier its extraordinary I prize knowledge above everything else now I know more than I could have imagined. The Zon discovery is worrying for me to look in everyone with so much honesty peace inner love and forgiveness is by far the most courageous thing I have been asked to do

SS,, 5/31/03

Neo-tech should remain on the web! It has helped my wife and I get out of our "fundamentalist born again religion" and begin to start thinking freely/rationally. I love the site, it strikes a new, never been heard chord! thank you.

LW,, 5/31/03

Halfway through "THE BOOK" now and cannot put it down. It is so engaging and delightful and I wish that I has actually started reading it 3 years ago when I first received it. It truly does cut to the essence of life.

Kristin,, 5/31/03

People have a hard time with Neo Tech because of their own hypnotic social conditioning. If they only realized they can get free from self made prisons....and see the world in whichever way

they choose to view it they would be in awe of the raw power within themselves......Neo Tech to me is just showing us how by going back to that childhood place where our life first began

puts us back in the drivers seat of our individual lives...Once we return to our natural self and our creative mind self, we begin to take on positive thought action for the prosperity and happiness of our individual adventurous expression.

AC,, 5/30/03

NEO-TECH is one of , if not the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Anybody that doesn't give NEO-TECH a chance is avoiding the most advanced information for transforming your life into the most fulfilling life anyone could ever imagine. Even if you don't agree with some things, skip over it for now and read on. NEO-TECH covers practically everything anyone should be concerned with: HAPPINESS-SECURITY-WEALTH-ROMANTIC LOVE-SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Has anyone ever heard of happiness attacks? Me either until now. I get so excited sometimes because my life is changing so rapidly and just thinking about what my future holds now gets me overly joyous. To everybody that has participated in providing this invaluable information, I THANK-YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! And to everyone else: PLEASE GIVE NEO-TECH A CHANCE! It is the most advanced life rewarding information that you could ever want.

DJ,, 5/30/03

What a tremendous information resource! I use the information in it to shield myself from the manipulations and plundering of liberals and other various types of Neocheaters.

WC,, 5/30/03

To whom it may concern, I found "God-Man Our Final Evolution" very insightful and rewarding. My friends and family were astounded by the vast knowledge this book held.

Michelle,, 5/29/03

Thank goodness I found you. Just when I thought I had exhausted all possible avenues for sanity, understanding, reason, meaning and happiness. Thank you for the optimistically positive, exciting truthful challenges of your inspirational philosophical and forward thinking essential rational truths.

JP,, 5/29/03

Neo-Tech is the most life-enhancing information available. It has completely changed my life for the better. My view of the world has been widened to points I could never even have imagined before Neo-Tech. It has set me on the path to being even more productive in my career and enhanced the relationships I am involved in. Everything previously unclear has now become clear to me. Thank you and continue delivering values to the universe.

IT,, 5/29/03, Indonesia

I'm reading The Book now and would like this book to be read by most people in the world.

Dorothy S.,, 5/28/03

I know something good is, I have a new outlook on life a new way of thinking I am looking forward to an extraordinary life, and I am full of life again.

GV,, 5/27/03

Its the best place to find a way to get ahead in this world. Its has secrets that THEY don’t want you to know.

AH,, 5/26/03

This is so awesome to have so much rich and consciously produced information for the growth of the individual.

Maribel G., 5/26/03

I am a mother of two, my children ages 9 and 12 are great children. I am have been teaching them about Neo-Tech and most of all to be honest individuals. I opened a business in New York called Neo-Buyer and I plan to make it a success, there is no stopping me. Something negative happened and I thought it was going to make me fall. But by being an honest individual, and with all the knowledge that I have learned from Neo-Tech, I found I am becoming stronger and unstoppable. Dr. Wallace you cannot imagine how grateful I am that I read your books. The good thing about being a Neo-Tech woman is that I have control of myself and surroundings. I respect myself and other people, but I do not interfere with other people’s choices. Thanks once again Neo-Tech will never perish.

SF,, 5/25/03, Australia

Go 'Neo-Tech' !!!! …Open your eyes 'World'!

RP,, 5/23/03

this site is an amazing resource for gaining control and power over your own life.

AL,, 5/21/03

I was blown away by what I read, I am a person who is very hard to convince but convinced I am that neo-tech is the answer to life.

AT,, 5/21/03

On buying and reading Neo-Tech Discovery in 1992 my outlook changed and I found a clear, happy and exciting world. Over time I tend to allow myself to think lazily and mystically. It is at these times I need to open my book. Within a short amount of time, any trace of mysticism is wiped out of my thinking.

SN,, 5/20/03

Neo-Tech is the greatest thing I have ever seen on this planet. It's truth's are what I have had in the back of my mind for most of my life, but nowhere else could I find the whole truth that I have been searching for. Religion has nothing but fairy tales. Government has nothing but lies.

SD,, 5/14/03, Australia

It may just be the only thing to save this civilization from self destruction.

LM,, 5/14/03

Neo-Tech knowledge is something the whole world needs.

MF,, 5/13/03

Wow. The world that is growing around us demands a new guideline for a new morality- and you offer the sanest that I have ever seen.

FP,, 5/13/03


OW,, 5/13/03

Neo-Tech helped me to see this world from a completely different perspective. I’d hate to see where I'd be today if I did not found Neo-Tech information....

JS,, 5/10/03

Hello, When I first found Neo-Tech fifteen years ago, I discarded it as rubbish. These past fifteen years have been a challenge in many ways. Since being re-introduced to it a year ago, my

life is now changing for the better since discovering the truth. Thank you and keep up the good work. J

PJ,, 5/9/03

I like the teachings of deprogramming our minds from bicameral thinking.

PM,, 5/9/03

I am starting my own greeting card company thanks to neo-tech. Thank you for saving this life!!!

Kitty E.,, 5/9/03

This site is giving people a new insight on life. It gives you an answer to questions no one else would.

AB,, 5/8/03

This is one of the most thought provoking sites on the Web today! This site is a way for me to stay connected to Neo-Tech, 24/7. The Neo-tech web site is an important key in the flow of information that I believe is needed in the 21st Century.

HZ,, 5/7/03, South Africa

Good ,true and powerful needs to be known by the whole world.

MS,, 5/7/03

While doing research for a college project I came across your website. My jaw dropped continuously as I read chapter after chapter in one sitting. So much of what I have read elsewhere seemed tied together and illuminated by what I read.

AZ,, 5/7/03

I bought your Book and I am working to rid the toxins of my mind (Catholic since birth),thanks for open my eyes!!!!

JC,, 5/6/03

I've just started reading Neo-Tech and found so far that the information is amazing and needed... I believe everybody needs to know about Neo-Tech for the reason that everyone needs to find inner-peace within themselves and find out who they really are. And I know that Neo-Tech can do this for all people, so why deny them of this right.

CC,, 5/6/03

I have never read anything so fascinating in all my life. This is something I will continue to develop for my own benefit, as well as the benefit of others. I will pass this on to as many people as will have it!

JI,, 5/6/03

Date : Tue May 6 14:05:13 US/Eastern 2003 Neo-Tech changed life for me, keep up the good work.

MR,, 5/5/03

Can't even begin to describe it. Absolutely fabulous. Finally, no more fear, no more tears, and no more pain. Much love to all involved who have stuck with it to make this miracle available. Thank you to those who know.

BJ,, 5/5/03

Interesting stuff, it helps people to initiate the process of flushing the disease of mysticism from their ability to think critically.

RH,, 5/4/03

NEO-TECH is one of the most dynamic web sites I've ever had the privilege to visit.

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