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C.D.,, 11/30/97
The POWERS that be have limited the minds of the people across the globe with its doctrine. Neo-Tech will unlock the mind and give individuals a new way of thinking -- let Neo-Tech circulate worldwide.

N.W.,, 11/30/97, England
Certainly opened my eyes to areas of life I never knew existed. Keep up the excellent work and get rid of government interference.

A.S.,, 11/30/97
This site gives me a new outlook on everything I thought I knew. Keep up the good work.

S.B.,, 11/30/97
I think that governments would have to ban Neo-Tech (NT). NT poses too great a threat to their bogus power structure for them not to ban it. It's a good thing that they ban NT. For they will have publicly, and widely, demonstrated their disregard for peace, prosperity, love and happiness. NT will gain an instant and many fold increase in readership. Of course, governments know the above is true, thus, is the reason they've done their best to avoid Neo-Tech as much as possible. Governments do not want people to have NT. For governments, it's Catch 22.

L.S.,, 11/30/97
You present a different perspective and stimulate intelligent thought, e.g., the article on Princess Diana & Mother Teresa. The Media had us weeping over the 'tragic' loss of Di. Any other woman in a similar situation would have been considered a drunken slut out gallivanting around who reaped her just dessert.

K.L.,, 11/30/97
This seems to be a very cool site that allows the individual to study the world in a different kind of light... and helps to better themselves with a true understanding of the experiences of life.

S.V.,, 11/29/97, Kazakhstan
I looked for information like this on the web for a long time. So I was exciting to read it and hope to stay here to understand your ideas... Thanks!!!

P.C.,, 11/29/97
Great site... have benefited enormously from Neo-Tech. ...Only fools would want to ban Neo-Tech...

T.Q.,, 11/29/97
NT opens people's eyes to standing up for the universal rights of humanity.

G.B.,, 11/28/97
We desperately need your message. I hope every person on earth gets the chance to hear it.

R.A.,, 11/26/97
I enjoyed reading the content of the present site and found it a breath of fresh air in the face of present dishonesties.

R.O.,, 11/26/97
Neo-Tech has changed my life. I have developed a bull detector and it is mind boggling the amount of garbage is spewed out from various sources on a daily basis. Anybody who wishes to live life to its fullest needs to read Neo-Tech and be active minded instead of open minded.

T.T.,, 11/25/97
The more I read and understand these concepts, the more I understand myself and the coming Civilization of the Universe. Self-pity and depression are dreadful and un-necessary for me or anyone. I long to be 'sublimated' and 'flipped' but know there is no magic, messiah, or miracle... Only effort and honesty and _action_. I started with 3 blocks of jogging and a shower today.

M.T.,, 11/25/97, England
Hey, this is a wild, fantastic, deeply, deeply meaningful site.

Anon,, 11/25/97, Korea
Excellent sites for clear-cut objective views.

D.W.,, 11/23/97
I have just tried to finish reading the Abuse Reports, again.. Your cautionary words at the beginning are very appropriate. I have not been able to read all of them yet. Are you certain we live in the United States ???? I am a management consultant, whose one area of business is working for clients that are being 'attacked' by the IRS. When it comes to the IRS, ALL legal, ethical and humane laws and rules are done away with. The IRS does not listen to the courts, our legal systems or the Constitution. And, worse yet, the government of this country allows them to do this to the United States citizens. Again, I ask, Are you certain we live in the United States ??

J.E.,, 11/23/97
Neo-Tech is valid and the world needs to know honest facts. Priceless, honest information. I will be starting a business very soon with a patented product I have developed. I will use what I've learned from Neo-Tech. The only dynamics that are fail proof. thank you Neo-Tech.

A.G.,, 11/23/97, India
I'm a computer programmer living in India and I discovered Neo-Tech recently. Of late (the last 3-4 years) I was disillusioned, depressed, and moving towards self-destructive habits such as drugs and alcoholism. I was so intellectually stymied by the overwhelming 'power' of neocheaters in India, and so frustrated by the completely anti-civilization social environment I almost lost all my power and will to continue to produce values. Neo-Tech has rejuvenated me.

T.S.,, 11/22/97
Neo-Tech breaks through dead-end mysticism and reveals an unlimited success formula.

J.M.,, 11/22/97, United Kingdom
I can say honestly that my life is changing. Your frankness and honesty in the information you provide is appreciated.

C.C.,, 11/22/97, Malaysia
NT books is the best thing that ever happened to me. At the tender age of 19, I am all go for Neo-Tech -- for the rest of my life!! I will go all out to fight with Neo-Tech against the anticivilization of today and tomorrow. Long Live Neo-Tech!! Down with mysticism and lawyer-like dishonesty!! Truly great days are coming!!

J.R.,, 11/21/97
Your work is absolutely amazing. Without your work, I would have no clue as to what really is happening on this little planet of ours. Thanks again for the most VALUABLE information I have yet to come in contact with.

J.S.,, 11/19/97, United Kingdom
A wonderful insight into the way of human relationships and communication.

G.M.,, 11/19/97
I like how Neo-Tech encourages honesty among people. Anyone who attacks Neo-Tech is already doomed.

D.F.,, 11/17/97
A shining light in a very dark age.

P.M.,, 11/17/97, Australia
N-T is very explosive material. It looks like a pebble but has the strength of a mountain. Many friends I know say that this literature is very dangerous, whilst the opposite is the fact. Insanity seems to be growing at an alarming rate through mystical belief by which people's minds have been imprisoned. Only N-T can strip and shred this stupidity. The good aspect about N-T is the healing mechanisms that it has to purge mystical rubbish, it actually heals the brain.

M.B.,, 11/16/97, Brazil
As a whole, view is very impressive.

M.F.,, 11/16/97, UNITED KINGDOM
It is imperative that this web site remain open, for to remove it would be akin to removing a chromosome from the nuclei of all living cells in the body. THIS NEO-TECH/ZONPOWER WEB SITE ENSURES A PROSPEROUS FUTURE FOR ALL WHO ARE NOT INVESTED IN THIS ANICIVILIZATION.

D.W.,, 11/16/97
Neo-Tech will fulfill everything the bill of rights promised but couldn't deliver. VIVA LA NEO-TECH!!!!!!!!!!!!

S.H.,, 11/16/97, Australia
Neo-Tech information is invaluable. Everything said has complete logic, and it really opens your mind. It really does change your life. Of course, governments want to ban it! They'll lose all their power!

R.W.,, 11/15/97
Neo-Tech is all we need. I cannot read enough. No one can compete with Honesty. I know we owe Neo-Tech & all people connected to Neo-Tech more than we can give for a FREE World arriving sooner than expected. I want to be a Neo-Tech man. Crime is slowing down. Thanks to Neo-Tech, Honesty is working. Try it you'll like it.

R.J.,, 11/15/97
I have read only pieces of Neo-Tech and it has greatly changed my way of thinking thus far. I am really starting to think on my own and be aware of things that are going on in the world.

L.N.,, 11/15/97
Unusual but brilliant insights in many areas including your concept of neocheating, how to handle a job (treating it as a mini company), how CEOs should stick to running their businesses, IRS abuses, biological immortality (overdue for serious discussion), discussion of the bicameral mind (Julian Jaynes)-- never heard this one before!, the splintering of businesses into small but viable economic entities run by individuals empowered by high tech, ideas on the creation of the universe (created by a person -- not so far out if you extrapolate the exponential growth of technology over millions of years !).... keep it going.

C.C.,, 11/14/97
I am absolutely blown away by this knowledge! It 'jiu-jitsu's the forces of evil by exposing its means and tactics! What has operated in the night has been exposed to the light!

K.W.,, 11/13/97
Yes! By all means, Neo-Tech should definitely be made available to all those that wish to acquire the knowledge this incredible program has to offer. The fools that wish to throw away this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may do so but they are only hurting themselves by continuing their daily pattern of mediocrity.

J.H.,, 11/13/97
Nothing I have read has been able to maintain my full attention such as this site.

F.T.,, 11/13/97
I cannot begin to explain the help Neo-Tech has brought to my life. I was forever trapped in the inevitable demise of my existence with my mystical beliefs. YES! The world, as we now know it, is doomed without the knowledge contained on these web pages. This is the greatest vehicle to the resurrection of mankind. I, for one, owe my life to the valuable information
I gained for myself and my family.

J.G.,, 11/12/97
You are absolutely awakening the human mind to an alternative awareness that all is not what it seems, but only what one has been brainwashed to believe by big brother.

W.S.,, 11/12/97
Damn straight Neo-Tech should stay on the web, lest we wish to die, I for one do not.

A.S.,, 11/12/97, United Kingdom
AMAZING! What a concept! What content! Blown away!

K.J.,, 11/11/97
I am a reader of Neo-Tech and I have women hit on me all the time.

R.C.,, 11/11/97
Neo-Tech is the most valuable thing available today. There are still to many people out there that don't know the greatness of Neo-Tech.

G.S.,, 11/11/97, ENGLAND

B.K.,, 11/11/97
This is a great site. I think I will implement the principles in my life and show them to my relatives so they can use them too.

S.H.,, 11/6/97, Germany
The Neo-Tech book was the best book on business management I have ever read.

J.S.,, 11/6/97
I am so glad that the IRS tax reform bill will shift the burden of proof in civil cases. The Tax Code was a Law in itself, and was designed to oust every taxpayer who challenged their Code. In almost every case, the taxpayer loses. Do you believe Neo-Tech was the forerunner in this shift? I do.

K.M.,, 11/10/97
I'm very grateful this site exists so I can express concerns regarding our laws and how the IRS abuses it's power!! It's a growing problem that must be resolved!!! Please keep this page available for those that need this kind of support!!!

G.B.,, 11/9/97
Yes!! Neo-Tech in cyberspace!!! Neo-Tech should ABSOLUTELY remain on the Internet! Down with the neocheaters!!! Banish every pathetic, wicked little mystic OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!! Infinite gratitude to Frank R. Wallace for providing a clear, RATIONAL, and HONEST 'path' out of the cold, dark catacombs of evil and oppressive religions, force-backed governments, and other abominable, irrational, and dishonest monstrosities. LONG-LIVE CAPITALISM AND BUSINESS!!!!!!

P.C.,, 11/9/97
This site is giving many many people including myself the hope that something can be done about the abuse the IRS has done to people. There are people out there that do not believe just how abusive the IRS has and can be. I only hope and pray that they will not have to go through what I and others have gone through.

Q.S.,, 11/9/97
Many thanks for having the guts to make the IRS an issue --- something that 3 generations of senators and representatives have had neither the will nor the fortitude to do. We fought a war to rid ourselves of a king who had less arbitrary power in his entire realm than this misbegotten agency has. Perhaps it's time for another. There is no reforming what is criminal and malevolent to its core.

October 1997

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