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J.H.,, 11/30/99
I had lost everything to alcohol, and ended up in rehab. The Neo-Tech Discovery changed my life. I'm now 3 years sober, I fell in love with a beautiful woman, and she with me. Business prospered. I just wanted to take the time to say thanks for these valuable tools.

D.N.,, 11/30/99
I read some of the negative comments. I was laughing so hard. Those religious nuts are so stupid with their blind faith and sheeplike nature. I have no belief in a god or Fear of a god. One more thing, premarital sex is not a sin. Killing a man or stealing is a sin. I have never sinned.

A.T.,, 11/30/99
I don't know how many times and ways I can thank you for Neo-Tech. After I read the book I began to believe in myself instead of a 'higher power'. I started to get comments from friends and family that I looked better and had a better attitude. I started to work harder than my co-workers and my employer noticed. I couldn't keep a job before I found Neo-Tech. I started dating lots of women, more than I had in the last five years combined. I have quit smoking, started to exercise regularly, value time with family much more, making more money than ever before. I have tried religion (Christianity) and I have tried Neo-Tech. I have to say that Neo-Tech is the hands down winner! All those people out there that are against Neo-Tech are afraid to live life to the fullest, and be honest, and don't want to face the fact that they have been lied to their whole life by 'authorities'. NO MORE LIES!

Gail C.,, 11/28/99
What a wonderful and interesting read.

M.K.,, 11/28/99
Every one should read what Neo-Tech has to say. Neo-Tech's beliefs are for every individual to integrate their own thinking. Neo-Tech is the base of the foundation to make each individual a shining star.

T.H.,, 11/28/99, United Kingdom
Thank you for the values that you all produced. No matter what the parasites and neo-cheaters do, they only make our wanted world happen sooner.

L.C.,, 11/27/99
Finally, a publication that affirms life and exposes the perversity of mysticism.

C.P.,, 11/27/99
Thank you for Neo-Tech. I hope that everyone on earth can become educated and become Zons.

Anon.,, 11/27/99

N.J.,, 11/27/99, India
There is so much here to learn & read! I really appreciate & applaud the effort & thought that has gone into the making of this site!

J.H.,, 11/26/99
This is the greatest information I have ever seen!

D.D.,, 11/26/99
The most valuable elements are those dealing with self-responsibility and plotting one's destiny. It is the collection of individual triumphs that benefits humanity.

B.H.,, 11/25/99, Australia
Interesting and very useful.

I.T.,, 11/25/99

S.C.,, 11/25/99
As an owner of Neo-Tech Literature for some years now I have seen it coming to life all around us now. The things we thought might never happen around the globe are now starting to come to life. Neo-Tech is spreading even to countries that had no hope of ever seeing an Intellectual revolution. I send My friends to view the Neo-Tech Web sites and they always come back stunned. Never be afraid of the future as it holds all of our dreams and aspirations.

I.T.,, 11/24/99

T.R.,, 11/23/99
My eyes were opened wide. Neo-Tech showed me a society that has been being victimized by the selling of 'false ideas' and by 'avoiding the real issues' to fool it into supporting false rationalizations. For the first time in my life, I have realized how 'organized brainwashing' has caused me to make my decisions emotionally and not rationally. By actually comparing Neo-Tech's facts against the fiction of the so called 'Mystics', I now see that Neo-Tech was right. Out of all the literature I have read on-line and in print, this is the message I think all people MUST see.

K.M.,, 11/21/99
Neo-Tech is the only way to live!

J.L.,, 11/21/99
Neo-Tech is life changing information.

T.S.,, 11/21/99
It has been a great relief to find this page, it came recommended from a trusted friend who excels in everything he does. Thank you for your bravery, radical thought is frequently punished.

Y.F.,, 11/20/99, Norway
You have reached the core of the why we are here and what we need to do. You give so many guidelines, concepts, ideas, and experiences to reflect upon. I'm am so impressed and feeling, at last, that I have come home!

J.G.,, 11/19/99
I was at my college library the other night, and by the copy machine was a book: 'The Plato Dictionary'. I picked-up the book and it seemed to fall open to a particular page, a page with 'falsehood' as a word defined in terms of Plato himself. What I found was that Plato wasn't all that interested in truth for the masses. It seems that Plato said, and I quote 'Our rulers will have to practice upon society with medicines... They will find a considerable dose of falsehood and deception necessary for the benefit of their subjects: they might be used with advantage as medicines.' -- Republic, V, 495. Now I understand why Mr. Wallace hates Plato and all things 'Platonic', and so now do I.

C.A.,, 11/19/99
A totally new way of thinking.

J.H.,, 11/18/99
I think that people need to know why they feel used and why they can't seem to get ahead in life. Why they have to struggle and spend countless hours doing work that they despise but have to do to beat out a meager existence. NEO-TECH offers an insight to a better way of life that ordinary people can employ in their everyday life that will allow them to rise above the humdrum of a meager existence

D.P.,, 11/18/99, Canada
Amazing stuff.

M.T.,, 11/18/99, Australia
Simply amazing, I can see the world and my life in a new way.

M.W.,, 11/17/99
This is going to scare the 'hell' out of a lot of people it totally explains but yet destroys religion. The truth is a very frightening thing.

D.H.,, 11/17/99
I am very excited about all the pertinent information that you have begun to show the world. Daily I see myself grow in the knowledge that I can now identify the cheaters and leave them behind. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

V.R.,, 11/16/99
Neo-Tech is the evolvement of honesty on our planet. Before Neo-Tech no one understand the role or the part that conscious man and woman play, but now with Neo-Tech, conscious people know they are fully responsibility for all their actions and that means taking care of themselves. So the understanding of Neo-Tech is not a belief but is a responsibility of the self being honest.

C.B.,, 11/14/99
I am a much stronger person today since I read Neo-Tech. I am prepared to live forever into the future with a philosophy which is capable of carrying me there.

T.D.,, 11/13/99
I find your web site fascinating. This information should be available to all. Those that continue to attack and criticize this work are only afraid of truth--refusing to go beyond their limited thinking.

E.R.,, 11/13/99
I have had a heavy investment in mysticism in my life and 'work'. I am tired of the draining effects of such non-sense and am ready to flush it out like a big peristaltic surge of mental diarrhea. I am ready for Neo-Tech.

J.P.,, 11/13/99
The Neo-Tech Discovery was the first book I ever read that truly taught me to think for myself. Only those afraid of honest truth and closed-minded religious zealots seem to think this is the work of the Devil. They'd gladly use FORCE to do away with you and that says it all regarding their character.

D.B.,, 11/12/99
It is quite clear that a great deal of though and research has been applied to this work

J.S.,, 11/11/99
Neo-Tech is the future. I have finally taken control of my life and it feels GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

T.L.,, 11/9/99
I am amazed at the insight and wisdom of your literature.

Elizabeth B.,, 11/9/99
I am one of many who are just discovering you -- to leave the web would be to lower the world's already abominably low level of consciousness.

R.L.,, 11/9/99
What is this thing called neo tech? It continues to appear in my world. I have had 'God-Man' sitting on my bookshelf for a year, only half read because I'm was waiting for God to tell me it's evil. Now, I'm finding it harder to believe in God and the book seems to just make sense as I read it. The world should brace itself because the status-quo will no longer be adequate.

D.F.,, 11/8/99
I find your Objectivism refreshing, the sheer scope of your ideas breathtaking.

T.S.,, 11/6/99, Ethiopia
A good thing to keep on the internet.

H.M.,, 11/5/99
I've been a Neo-Tech reader since 1980. I still have my first book 'Psychuous Sex' wow what a book. I thought it was going to be all (sex) and nothing else.........(just kidding).......But what a book. Frank R. Wallace is quite a man...a great man. I have had a few 'Heroes' in my life, but FRW ranks #1 on my list. Just like they said in the 1950's ôrock n roll is here to stay'. I am saying (right here and right now) that Neo-Tech is here to stay ....(FOREVER)!!!

R.W.,, 11/5/99
There can be no higher authority than man. Neo-Tech has taught me how to think. This is Great reading. I give THANKS to F. R. Wallace and his Neo-Tech Workers. I quit smoking, alcohol, eating sugar, white flour, coffee, chocolate, and a few other Items. Sex Life has never been this good.

Anon.,, 11/3/99
Neo-Tech is firmly in the mind of every person in every country on this planet. And when all parasites are publicly exposed through wide-scope accounting that clearly shows their destructive actions to all.

B.F.,, 11/3/99
You idea's are a stunning display of human self recognition. Long have I awaited these theories in an understandable format.

M.R.,, 11/3/99
At the very least, neo-think seems to be a powerful philosophy for furthering knowledge.

M.Z.,, 11/3/99
Neo-Tech was an eye-opening experience when I read it a few years ago. I now look at the world with a much clearer vision because of its philosophy and precepts. Thank you.

G.B.,, 11/3/99

V.M.,, 11/1/99, Russia
Neo-Tech has helped me to permanently quit smoking cigarettes, and very rarely drink alcohol it has been a year! And it has also increased my fortitude and optimism towards prospects for the future. N-T is the only real medical tonic that works! Many Thanks!

C.F.,, 11/1/99
It is becoming increasingly more obvious that the truth cannot be found in newsprint nor on television. The cautious yet open-minded observer must use the many resources on the internet to sort out the truth for him or herself. That is why neo-tech must remain on the web.

J.J.,, 11/1/99
I just want to say that I wish that I could vote a million times for Neo-Tech, fully integrated honesty and wide scope accounting to remove mysticism. It really, really works! Thank you.

October 1999

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