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J.C., ., 11/23/00
I am so thankful for neo-tech.

J.C., ., 11/23/00
'The 2000 election' The breakdown of the American Political System is happening. The time is now for rational integrated thinking of Mark Hamilton.

J.S.,, 11/22/00
I know that Neo-Tech is the most powerful information that anyone can receive since it provides means to defend oneself from the cheaters that always are trying to take advantage of honest-people actions and products. All honest people should learn how to use Neo-Tech.

d.f.,, 11/22/00
The truth will always be the villain…until it is accepted by all. Today, Neo-Tech is the villain.

J.T,, 11/20/00, Canada
A lifetime of struggling to understand the mysticism in this world, Trying to break free and getting pulled back under the thumbs of the Neo-cheaters. With this new information, I will and have been determined from the first day I stopped attending church to make a change. My goal is to create wonderful values for myself and guide those which whom I love to self actualization by the examples I set. I would like to say this is definitely a great thing that has been put together.

T.P.,, 11/18/00
NEO-TECH is 'the choice of the new generation' I'm pleased to have been a user of Neo-Tech since 1986-87. I'm not a millionaire but I'm not far from it and I owe my survival through extremely difficult market conditions in New Zealand farming (1984-1991) to the confidence induced by my knowledge of the Neo-Tech Matrix. I knew the correct actions to take and how to avoid mystical stupidity. Thanks to the Neo-Tech team.

M.D.,, 11/15/00
Very informative and thought provoking work.

C.M.,, 11/14/00
I can do all things through Neo-Tech, which strengthens me.

DM,, 11/13/00, australia
With neo-tech all possibilities become attainable through the power of Neothink.

J.T.,, 11/13/00, AUSTRALIA
Having read “The Story', and digested its message, I have come to a greater understanding of what has been an obsession of mine since birth, that is the meaning of our existence and the purpose for which we serve in the universe. I am only 21 years old, but I feel like I have aged a lifetime with the new ideas and methods of perception that have been hinted at and portrayed.

F.W.,, 11/13/00
I just read “The Story' for the zillionth time. Excellent!!! Just exactly what is needed to understand how Neo-Tech/Neo-Think is used. As I read this, the ideas of achieving my dreams just flowed. Thank you. Thank you. And Thank you.

Nicholas,, 11/11/00
Your writings have helped clarify things for me, especially the chart comparing the selfish to the selfless personalities and the resulting personality traits. Thank you, Nicholas

B.A.,, 11/10/00, Canada
I love what you are doing for the world! I tell people about it wherever I go. At work in a dental office and also sitting in a restaurant. I always find myself daydreaming of how the Civilization of the Universe will be, and I know that it will be wonderful, I am already experiencing it, and loving every precious moment of my life. Finally there is a really powerful hope! Everyone is asleep and is in desperate need to be wakened! I love this web site!!

Roxane,, 11/10/00
I think the Neo-Tech web site is very informative, Innovative and all around fascinating.

w.c.,, 11/10/00
I wish I had this info earlier in my life, I would have been alot further in life. With Neo-Tech I'll make my life better, thanks.

D.B.,, 11/10/00, Canada
The Story is emotionally powerful and has helped me to regain my confidence. I feel empowered with the possibilities ahead of me.

G.S.,, 11/7/00, United Kingdom
It is a priceless well documented compendium of knowledge that truly has the power to enlighten and free a person, emotionally and intellectually. It is a must for any person searching the truth and should remain on the web forever. Once we start to enter the neoera then it will be remembered as one of the most important tools ever discovered by mankind to free people's consciousness. Thanks a million times.

J.C.,, 11/7/00
The Civilization of the Universe is real.

Neo-Tech is the greatest thing for mankind. I wish all mankind practiced Neo-Tech ideas.

C.T.,, 11/6/00
The information contained on this site as well as the NT literature is invaluable and should be accessible to every value producer in the world. It has helped me greatly in realizing the unnatural parasites who try to live off my productive efforts and has allowed me to detach myself from them. I've yet to achieve romantic love, power, and extreme wealth, but I'm sure I'll have it all before the year's over. Thank you for changing my life for the best!!

E.V.,, 11/6/00
Thanks for the insight.

P.B.,, 11/6/00
I want the future to start NOW! I'd like to find out where the closest Neo-Tech Church is to me. I live in MO. I believe in the vision ya'll share. want to be an active part of it.

A.H.,, 11/6/00
Neo-Tech has forever, positively, changed my life. Neo-Tech is not a way but the only way for human kind to truly receive lasting prosperity and happiness. I have been awakened from a kind of spell I never knew I was in until neo-tech. Simply awesome. This painful state we all live in is all brought upon ourselves. We need to all raise our children with neo-tech and forever obliterate mysticism...thank you

r.t.,, 11/6/00, uk
I should have read Zon properly the first time, when I first ordered it three years ago, but NO, I foolishly scan read it. Tonight I read the first 100 pages again properly. I can already feel it. Thank you. It is not too late.

C.M.,, 11/3/00
If you want to read some constructive comments about Neo-Tech, just read a few of the negative comments. They are so profoundly wrought of unthinking blabber that they insult themselves. Neo-Tech has allowed me to free myself from the chains of anxiety and manic depression. I want everyone on the planet to know about Neo-Tech and the enormous power it conveys. Thank you Dr. Frank R. Wallace for teaching me how to take back my life.

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