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P.L.,, 11/30/01, Finland
Neo-Tech just fucking rocks.

A.J. Verolme,, 11/29/01, The Netherlands
Dear Zon, Your website is essential for mankind.

k.o.,, 11/27/01
I have just recently acquired happiness forever and read it in two days, I was totally in awe. never had really heard of neo-tech before and was given the book by a friend. so many questions are answered in this one book.

J.M.,, 11/27/01
Neo-Tech was the broom that helped sweep away hindering cob-webs. I thank you for having the courage to stand up and do what you are doing.

R.e.A.,, 11/27/01
Most enlightening and mind-freeing experience of all time!

t.h.,, 11/26/01
Thanks guys, in 10 years you've made the most radical difference in my life. I earn a 6 figure income. The most amazing thing happened when I read your book. While reading your book, my conscious mind challenged every crazy notion, Christian belief, screw ed up philosophical mumbo jumbo mystical idea that was in my head. And threw them all out. Then with consciousness in control, I had the ability to actually understand things. Rather than just being a repository for information, I was actually able to rea son, and logically conclude the extrapolated consequences of that information. Conscious processing. And this power to understand things came over me. And I looked at the world with fresh eyes for the first time, and nature looked absolutely amazing.

P.W., ., 11/24/01, Colombia
Reading your site helped me order my mind. Living in Colombia is putting up with neocheaters all the time, your website has given me the much needed ammunition to start blasting away at people and institutions that regard the countries riches as their own private pocket money. Thanks,

E.R., ., 11/23/01, Venezuela

G.M.,, 11/23/01
I recently received 'The Book' in the mail (yesterday) and have just begun to expose my mind to the mind-blowing information within. My eyes are so tired from reading that I can barely look at the screen enough to type this message. Thanks

N.M.,, 11/19/01, Australia
The truth, nothing but the truth! Please publish everything you can. This site is the E-embrio of a revolution.

R.M.,, 11/19/01
Your article on the War of Two Worlds is most accurate. This war cannot be better or more simple expressed at its essence than by a quote from the current icon of the anti civilization, Mr Bin Ladin himself. He recently was reported as saying, 'We love de ath. The U.S. loves life. This is big difference between us.'

C.H.,, 11/19/01, United Kingdom
Over the last few months a feeling of calm has come over me like I have never experienced... It is a kind of natural high rather like the feeling I have whenever I read the Long Wave Article. But this is different, my heart feels permanently uplifted. I j ust seem to feel happy virtually all of the time. I think it comes from now knowing that I can succeed. I am also starting to see puzzle pieces around me that direct me to believe that the anti-civilization is finally crumbling. I think about biological i mmortality a lot these days.... I have also found if I have a problem that needs to be resolved in the past I would struggle to resolve it, but, now I seem to be able to focus almost effortlessly on any problem and resolve it. Despite those November 11 te rrorist monsters I have no fear maybe I should, but I am to rapped up in my own value production to think about anything else. Maybe I am not physically in a new civilization yet... But, psychologically I feel like I am, at least some of the time.

CR,, 11/16/01
I only wish I could read faster through the material so I may finally be able to do what I want with my life!

Kayelea O'Ryane,, 11/16/01
This philosophy is the most amazing work I have ever read or heard of. I am almost speechless when trying to describe how important this work is to America today and the entire civilization of earthlings on our home planet, earth and beyond.

D.D.,, 11/15/01
Very interesting reading. You'd only be offended if you don't open your mind. Mature reading, not to be taken lightly.

Lee Tramore,, 11/14/01
If it was not for this information about Neo-tech and Neo-think, we would have no heaven on earth. Thank You.

J.R.,, 11/10/01
With so much poor quality and just plain bulls... this site is and should be well received. I previewed the critics part and had a good laugh they sound like the desperate screams of a people who are finally being exposed for who they really are.

C.D.,, 11/9/01
I have had the pleasure and fortune of enlightenment through Neo-Tech. Thanks to Neo-Tech, I see crystal clear through the mystic fog that has been shrouding us for centuries. Not only would I like to see this sight expand, but it must expand to conti nue to spread the word of a better, brighter and mystic free world. Knowledge is power. I only hope that it is not to late to save ourselves at this crucial juncture in time. It is the best thing that has happened to me, and definitely the best thing f or the human race. The computer is the beginning of a universal community (a very powerful tool) that will eventually make the Neo-Tech way of life known to the masses. Therefore this site must never come down, but continue to grow as it continues to reach and pull the people out of the mystic fog that has stifled us for far to long.

G.O.,, 11/8/01
The bottom line is 'without Neo-Tech there is no hope' We need the valuable information that Neo-Tech provides us. There is not much information that can be trusted from the media as they only tell one side of the story and are very good in starting pa nic. They never tell us about how the politicians are ruining our lives by faking progress while ruining the economy. The only hope for us is Neo-Tech which will destroy 'Mysticism'.

T.W.,, 11/8/01
I have profited from these products for a few years now and would consider this site closing down a great loss to society , this is a doorway to a better life and its absence would be an opportunity missed for many .

B.B.,, 11/8/01
I am amazed, overwhelmed, ecstatic, about Neo-Tech as a result of reading 'The Book'. I want wealth, health, & true love.

A.E.,, 11/7/01
Neo Tech burned massive holes through the mystic walls that surrounded me and the blinding light of pure logic flooded in and I literally felt the weight of ASSHOLEISM passed on to me by my family and society melt away.

S.B.,, 11/6/01

F.B.,, 11/5/01, Australia
There is more useful (for life and prosperity) information on this web site than you will find on thousands of others.

K.M.,, 11/5/01
Neo-Tech obviously represents free thought. I have just recently began to study, but I realized the self-actuating motive that I did not know existed. This is the intellectual challenge that I longed for.

D.D.,, 11/4/01
I have two of 'The BOOKS' excellent materials to gain romantic love, wealth & prosperity on this earth!

D.T.,, 11/4/01
This site 'MUST REMAIN'! ALL Human Beings NEED TO KNOW this exciting reality of HOPE exists within the Planet Earth, in which we reside! BRAVO!!!!! Many thanks to you and yours for giving of such information, and tools, for 'exciting' insights in deve loping 'Truth and Honesty' 'within the', civilization of-- all mankind!!!!!! With much appreciation,

D.S.,, 11/4/01
I have started reading 'The Book' last week and I can't put it down. MY wonderful companion Marian bought your book and insisted I read it. We take turns when the eyes get tired. Wish I had read it a few years ago. Maybe it would have prevented me from bankruptcy and depression and helped me to learn about success from within ME. I guess it's never to late to learn and start over on a positive journey. The Book should be required reading for all college students. What a wonderful World it would be.

R.C.,, 11/3/01, U.S.A
Now more than ever Neo-Tech should be recognized as a welcome solution to the atrocities taking place in Afghanistan. Here we have a classic example of Totalitarian rule and oppressive dictatorship of the innocent. Instead of dropping food on these people , send them copies of the Neo-Tech Discovery!! Liberate, not obliterate! This has nothing to do with spiritual beliefs, but the right to consciousness!

M.B.,, 11/3/01
I want to thank you for providing this invaluable information online. I am twenty years old and a college student, and in the two days since I found this site, I have learned more about how the world works and how it should work than in the rest of my lif e combined. I've found myself forgoing sleep and food just to learn a little more about Neo-Tech, and with each page a new epiphany presents itself to me.

L.B.,, 11/3/01
Neo-Tech has changed my life for ever by opening my eyes to reality. Neo-Tech has answered all the questions that religion never could. The value of honesty throughout all aspects of life is my ultimate goal. I have read 'The Book' twice now and am hungry for more. I am very interested in learning more about Dr. Wallaces' brain digitizing programs and how I can utilize them. thank you so very much!!!

L.B.,, 11/2/01
At 48 I feel as I did at 14 when I first read Anthem! I will return to the site to learn more, but in the mean time a rejuvenated sense of life will remain with me. Thank You for being 'there'.

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