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D.D.,, 11/30/02, UK
Neo Tech is the only honesty based source of information and lifestyle available

D.M.,, 11/28/02
I am 29 years old and an aspiring entrepreneur. I first received the Neo-Tech orientation booklet approximately 3 months ago, and has made a huge impact on my life.

C.H.,, 11/28/02
I have just received the 'The Book ' God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery I am getting to realize the potential of the book. I think it is the best book I have read in a long time and keep up the good work.

J.H.,, 11/28/02
I think this site is one of a kind, a real gold-mine.

S.T.,, 11/27/02, Canada
Neo-Tech IS how we should learn to be by creating values and by creating happiness. WE need to learn to become independent & Neo-Tech shows the way.

D.P.,, 11/26/02
Eagerly absorbing all information, wanting more!

M.P.,, 11/26/02
As a Political Scientist, I must say that I've taken full advantage of reading The Book. As a preacher's son I've come to realize why I've felt the way I did coming up and going to school where I was basically cheated out of a quality education. I was mad e to believe that I should look out for others before I was to look out for myself. By reading The Book and other literature that I order from Neo-Tech Publishing I've come to realize that I was correct in my assumptions of the cheating and dishonesty goi ng on in the state government as well as the national government. You see I grew up in the DC area and saw first hand what the government does. How the government has brain washed everyone. I now reside in North Carolina and I have seen many things here h appen that I did not like. I've watched the closing of theaters because the community standards would not allow them, but, I watched in horror when the Klu Klux Klan gunned down some people here at a political rally in 1978. I've witnessed a Senator remai n in power for over twenty years. A man who blocked the arts from appearing at the local colleges because he thought that they lacked in taste as being called art. I've watched the eroding of my individual rights from politicians and school administrators . Now I know the real truth about the way I've felt. About religion and government I've learned to trust in myself and not some higher authority. Thank you Neo-Tech.

T.S.,, 11/26/02, Australia
I loved 'The Story' and I think it should be made into a movie, which would be an excellent vehicle to expose Neo Tech to the world. The world needs Neo Tech! 'The Story' integrated the Neo Tech philosophy into a very warm, loving story. Thank you for thi s. I am a previous owner of Neo Tech literature, but was not ready for it 10 years ago. I am NOW!

L.N.,, 11/25/02

M.L.,, 11/25/02
After reading the negative and positive comments about your web site, I was struck by the use of profanity and emotional attacks in the negative comments section versus the well written and thought out responses of the positive section. That contrast real ly drove home the point of the anti-civilization that we currently live in. Thank you for revealing it to the world.

J.G.,, 11/22/02
I've only became aware of and started reading Neo-Tech recently, but I can already feel myself changing in ways I didn't know were possible.

M.G.,, 11/19/02
Neo-tech has so much valuable information for people who want to open their eyes and think of the possibilities and the potential every human-being has. Thank you for opening my eyes.

M.G.,, 11/19/02
Neo-tech MUST remain on the web, for the world wide web is the best and most readily available way to inform and educate the mystically befuddled people of the entire world. This site should most definitely be expanded!

P.W.,, 11/19/02, South Africa
The world is full of people who don't want to think deeper than what's on television or what's in the papers or what their mentor says, be they a priest, doctor or psychologist. The simple act of employing our most fundamental human quality of thinking de eply about something and exploring all options in an unbiased and unprejudiced way has to be our most liberating tool. By exposing the very complex web of ideas and compartmentalizing them into logical segments has aided the mental liberating process by 1 000%. What else can I say but that this is the biggest paradigm shift of the century.

A.B., , 11/18/02
I've been a Zonpower book owner for over 7 years, and never threw it away, even though, my emotions wanted me to. I rejected the God-Myth, from my mystic point of view, as many others initially. But I kept it, and only time, and experience separated me fr om putting aside my personal prejudices, and dedicating myself to read it all before I judge you, prematurely. I'm very proud of myself for doing so and want to congratulate you on your accomplishments in this world, and for society at large. I now look f orward to every new day with enthusiasm and purpose as never before, at least since childhood innocence.

M.M.,, 11/18/02
Dear Dr. Frank R. Wallace and fellow Neo-Tech developers/co-workers, I am grateful for the many important concepts that I have learned through reading your books. I have used many of your ideas in forming my own integrations for my own understanding, work and service.

E.S.,, 11/17/02
I just love to read Neo-Tech books. They get me motivated and give me hope.

S.F., , 11/17/02, Israel
Neo-Tech Rocks. It is the best idea system I've encountered, and so insightful, integrated and logical that I am kept amazed by it all the time. I have learned about Neo-Tech from the book 'The Neo-Tech Cosmic Power' (pincer #1) my father bought as part o f his never-ending quest for Business guide-books. I inspected it a bit in the 9th grade, and fully read and integrated it when I was 18. I found myself more and more agreeing with its propositions. It has made much more guilt-less, much more straight-thi nking, much more insightful, and much more happier. I can never thank Dr. Wallace and the other great Neo-Tech people enough for the tremendous effort they put into Neo-Tech. Neo-Tech has become an 'Internet source of Wisdom' - one of the sites that you c an browse for hours and keep discovering something new.

A.T.,, 11/17/02
A fantastic informational web site from which I have gained a great deal of information.

j.t.,, 11/16/02
This is fascinating writing. The first work which is comprehensive and radical without being sensational or dogmatic.

M.B.,, 11/14/02
I feel Neo-tech is the best information source on how to live life. It's an aid, a motivation, and a great tool. I try to spread the word to my friends.

W. Macon,, 11/14/02
Dear America, WAKE UP! Neo-Tech tells it like it is. Tough if you don't want to hear it, but do some investigating on your own--if you still have the ability to think!

,, 11/14/02
I've always being looking for information that could explain the existence of the invisible energy that surrounds this world and I, finally found it.

L.N.,, 11/14/02
I can only hope that more people discover your site and begin to open their eyes.

Goju,, 11/13/02
Of course Neo-Tech should stay on the net and be expanding! I received information about The Book and thought I would buy a copy. When I received it I could not put it down. It took a lot of going over and concentration to understand it but I have found t hat I see my perception of the world in a totally new light. The more I read about Neo-Tech the better I feel and the more I understand about Myself and others.

J.D.,, 11/13/02
The world needs to see this, it can revolutionize the world.

C.P.,, 11/12/02
Everyday I now feel stronger, fearless, I feel unstoppable even thought I am just a migrant, blue collar worker. Now there is hope.

S.A.,, 11/12/02
Neo-Tech provided great insights regarding the stratagems of religious and political 'external authorities'. The poker metaphor has not only been of use in personal situations, but illuminated me to the workings of many Neo-Cheaters in the world.

J.G.,, 11/10/02
The info is great to read and mind enhancing.

Costa V.,, 11/9/02, australia
I have been a reader of neo-tech since 1989 and run a very good Biz thanks to the power of being objective and applying the tools from neo-tech both in my personal life and biz. thanks

M.L.,, 11/8/02, Philippines
The concept are highly recommended to those who are searching for answers about philosophical beliefs, religion, the quest for knowledge, biological existence, or searching for unending happiness. It should be regularly studied to digest fully its message . The contents are really fruitful to the human mind.

W.B.,, 11/7/02
Thank you for saving my life.

C.L.,, 11/7/02
I love the Neo-Tech Discovery, I never knew something like this existed. I have always searched for a higher conscientious and I have found it with Neo-Tech. I am digging into it more and more each day. I love the fact that you are on the Internet, I just cannot stay from it. I find it so informative. I dream about, I dream myself as a super-person, a person that has all the right qualities, a Zon. The is knowledge that the world needs.

R.F.,, 11/7/02
New And Valuable Insight's Into Life. Allows A Person To View The World & Life From A New Perspective. I Also Find The Historical Fact Not Usually Talked About Interesting. Has Allowed Me To Gain A Better Understanding Of What Has Happened In The Past As Well as Today.

C.M.,, 11/6/02
I truly enjoy reading The Book and have read it several times since I received some months ago. I was raised in the Baptist faith and my mother was devoted daily to her church until the day she died. I thought all thru my years of growing up, going to chu rch, attending revivals and reading the bible why are all these people so sad, why are they crying all the time, and why do the seem so miserable in their daily lives. Thanks to your book I now realize why.

C.B.,, 11/5/02, UnitedStates
Hello my name is Carl, God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery is the best investment I have ever made in my life. For many years I tried to understand a lot of things about man and his purpose and neo-tech has shed the brightest of light on the subject. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

C.P.,, 11/4/02
To all those who sent you negative comments: If you truly had 100% faith in your own beliefs, then you wouldn't fear this site nor the people behind it -- won't God overcome? Why would this site, or anything else, be a threat to God? Isn't God the Suprem e Being, and hence, above and beyond the threat of man? Won't Jesus save? Since God has a Divine Plan, wouldn't this be part of it? AND, if not, how do you rationalize common, 'lowly' and 'evil' humans corrupting your ALL-POWERFUL GOD's work? Isn't God st ronger than that? More powerful than a few sinners? If your God is so powerful, and you have so much faith in Him, why doesn't this site threaten you so much?

Carlos M. H.J.,, 11/4/02
I bought my Neo-Tech encyclopedia back many years ago, first like many others I thought of it preposterous and in many ways too fantasy oriented, needless to say I put the book away for many years and continued on my destructive way of living. After I wen t to rehab and cleaned my self out, I once again picked up my neo-tech encyclopedia, then I knew there was no way back to my old days. Tank you for this live saving information.

S.S.,, 11/3/02, AUSTRALIA
I believe that Neo-Tech have some very revolutionary and honest ideas and thank goodness that not all of us are pawns and mindless followers of the main-stream authority. Long live Freedom!

J.S.,, 11/1/02, England
The best thing I have ever read!

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