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A.G.,, 10/31/97
Let the truth about LIFE be told!! We are conditioned to think we are not worthy of a better life, we are programmed to believe there is no other way.

R.B.,, 10/30/97
Fully integrated, fact-based, honest literature is a welcome relief from the status quo, politically-correct, biased literature in the straight press.

J.K.,, 10/30/97, Singapore
Neo-Tech is the blueprint that all of us need.

D.E.,, 10/30/97
What I have seen so far on the web-site is absolutely astonishing!

C.Z.,, 10/29/97
When I began to read Neo-Tech it scared me. Neo-Tech is the best gift I have ever received. Now I realize what mysticism has being doing to the human mind.

C.F.,, 10/29/97
This might be what I need in my life. Neo-Tech seems like a dream I have longed for.

Z.Z.,, 10/28/97, Malaysia
The time has come for everyone to experience true living. Down with all the neo-cheaters now. What a revelation of truth! I am fascinated.

R.C.,, 10/28/97
The power of cyber-space is the rapid and mountainous delivery of information. Neo-Tech is a body of knowledge unlike any other.

G.M.,, 10/28/97
I like the benevolent ideas aimed at a greater good for mankind in business, political, religious, and social operations.

C.B.,, 10/27/97, Canada
I think that this is the best thing that has ever happened to the web. Keep up the mysticism cleansing!!!

T.R.,, 10/27/97, Canada
I have just finished re-reading Neo-Tech and I am absolutely astonished how my thinking has been changed. I can now easily spot a neo-cheater and their ways in my daily life with little effort. I want to thank all those who have enabled the truth to reach me. I look forward to growing Prosperity - Money - Power and Romantic-Love which is in the reach of any individual armed with Neo-Tech. We shall succeed in driving the neo-cheaters to their much deserved demise.

J.F.,, 10/26/97
I found the information riveting and exciting. Do what you have to in order to stay on the web!

A.O.,, 10/26/97
This is a great site. It gives a lot of valuable information, it opens the secrets of Universe, It exiting and breathtaking...

C.M.,, 10/26/97
Excellent, thought provoking material.

R.P.,, 10/26/97
This is very thought provoking. It is very well thought out.

Y.O.,, 10/24/97, Indonesia
You have a good idea of making a good life.

S.C.,, 10/24/97
This is the only literature I have read in the past 20 years that has really made sense. I have exhausted many efforts in 'Money Making - Get Rich Schemes' for the past 10 years and only wish I had used that effort towards Neo-Tech. I now know where to put my efforts.

D.K.,, 10/24/97, Canada
Neo-Tech is so different from other points of view, it stimulates thinking. One may not agree with what is being presented or may be shocked or outraged, but that kind of challenge is necessary.

D.U.,, 10/23/97
Neo-Tech has changed my life for the better. In just three days, I had total control of my life, love life and financial problems. I am now out of financial debt. I have no fears or worries of any kind. Neo-Tech most definitely benefits those who are looking for a better life

D.K.,, 10/23/97
Any organization that brings forth the truth is phenomenal and unusual.

K.L.,, 10/23/97
I believe Neo-Tech is an excellent learning tool.

R.T.,, 10/22/97
Wow! What a vast amount of information!!!! This is Awesome.

D.B.,, 10/22/97
This is mind boggling stuff!!! I WANT TO BE A NEO-TECH MAN!

D.M.,, 10/22/97
Make's more sense to me than anything ever read. I have a much clearer view of the universe .

F.P.,, 10/22/97
I sure like what you say. It has changed my life. Now I am happy. Before I was despondent.

S.D.,, 10/22/97
By all means, this web site should stay on the web as an aid to mankind. It opens up man's mind and awakens him the higher meaning of life. I support your research and the work Neo-Tech is doing.

R.Q.,, 10/22/97
My view of Dr. Wallace is that he's a thousand years ahead of his time.

T.M.,, 10/21/97
All I can say so far is WOW. Thanks Dr. Wallace and all Zons who make this life liberating material available to all those who want to wake-up and take back control of their lives from the neo-cheaters and mindless-cattle-society types.

Anon,, 10/21/97
Your work is both good and original.

M.F.,, 10/21/97
Great site, The world needs more information like this, not less!

D.W.,, 10/21/97
Very Impressive!! Stumbled upon your site by accident. but what a gracious accident. Myself and my friend, read so much so fast, it was a bit exhilarating. We are still absorbing the input. The search for truth takes one to mysterious places, even in the ether. One cannot deny REALITY. Reality is TRUTH, and that TRUTH cannot be false. NEO-TECH impresses me as fundamental truth, common sense, and logic. And my eyes were open wide the whole time I was here. Bravo! Thanks..

S.G.,, 10/20/97
Neo-Tech will drastically change my life.

R.J.,, 10/19/97
All this scares me, but I truly like what I have been reading and I need more!!! How can any of this be harmful to man when it is for the good of man?

B.M.,, 10/19/97,
Here is to truth and honesty. May it prevail!

J.S,, 10/19/97
What your site does is to awaken a sleepy mind to start thinking.

B.M.,, 10/15/97
Neo-Tech is the greatest discovery since man discovered fire. In fact, without Neo-Tech, man will most likely *digress* to his former Neanderthal self. That is, if he doesn't annihilate himself first. We have come a long way since the days of our cave dwelling ancestors. To progress further, to unleash the life-saving, life-building, life increasing discoveries of the future, we must wipe out every trace of mysticism from the mind of man. Neo-Tech is man's one and only hope. Only Neo-Tech can save man from eventual extinction. Only Neo-Tech can provide each and every individual with a life he will want to live forever--a life of limitless happiness, prosperity, and romantic love. Viva Neo-Tech!

Tony C.,, 10/15/97
I want what Neo-Tech offers.

P.D.,, 10/15/97
I found this web site to be very enlightening and worthwhile, I would like to learn more about the awesome effects of these powers and how they can be applied to my every day life.

E.E.,, 10/14/97
People can gain many things from Neo-Tech including power, money, happiness, and the ability to do what you want.

I.N.,, 10/13/97, Germany
Neo-Tech is the revelation of the century. This site is spectacular and exciting.

R.H.,, 10/13/97
Just enjoying reading truth

F.M.,, 10/12/97
I have recommended Neo-Tech to many people and the web site makes it easy to refer other people to this valuable resource.

E.S.,, 10/12/97
Definitely helped me to break the chains of guilt and oppression of 'friends', family and parasites....I FINALLY GET TO BE ERIC!!!!!!! I look forward to love, romance and excitement Thank you

S.C.,, 10/11/97, Malaysia
Excellent material. Gives hope to life with new ways. Just love it.

K.A.,, 10/11/97
Truth and honesty for all and to all.

E.P.,, 10/11/97, Philippines
This is the most useful invention ever created since the beginning of time!!! Thank you very much in advance for the most-recent Money/Power/Romantic-Love information.

R.P.,, 10/11/97, India
I just got a net connection today. I found your site through Ayn Rand. Boy has it freshened me and exited me. Please inform me more of Neo-Tech, what I can do to spread what you are doing?

E.S.,, 10/9/97
I was a sophomore in high-school when I first ordered 'The Neo-Tech Discovery'. I was too caught up in mysticism to integrate with it except as a philosophical/preach-this -as-the-right-way set of good-sounding information. Everyone thought I was a kook! Then I began to apply it and I got scared. I was trapped still in my mysticism and I burned all the books 'cleansing' myself. Then at the end of my senior year, I got rejected from the 'major' Ivy League schools everyone had always thought I'd get into. Depression hit as the mysticism-shattering, mind-de-lousing effects of Neo-Tech began to surface. Yet I still had too much invested in my mysticism and the anticivilization...I was prepared to enter the University of Connecticut and experience the 'finer' points of life that my childhood never offered: girls, sex, alcohol, and drugs. Those things blurred away the reality that Neo-Tech was asserting within me...I reached an all-time low in self esteem. I ended up hooked on pot by the end of my freshman year...people didn't respect me, my mind was blurred and the promises of college weren't being delivered.. During the summer, I got involved with AOL and the Internet. I also received a new Zonpower brochure in the mail I went to this web site, re-ordered the manuscript and now here I am: Drug free, alcohol-free, sugar free, caffeine free, self-hate free, and hard-working towards mysticism free. I am in the process of separating from this lazy professor-alcoholic/life wasting institution of the anticivilization to launch myself into the all-effort, zero
mysticism life of reality... Life is Wonderful 'Death To Mysticism'

C.B.,, 10/9/97
Neo-Tech is the greatest mind-expanding tool for fighting evil on the planet earth.

D.B.,, 10/9/97, Australia
Well done guys! I have been a Neo-Tech fan for years now and hunger for every thing you write. Keep up the great work.

R.W.,, 10/8/97
I can feel the cracking whip of Neo-Tech destroying the evil that has ruled this planet for 2300 years!! Thank You Neo-Tech Publishing.

M.R.,, 10/8/97
The information has made quite an impact on me. I have always thought there was a lot of corruption, but now I can see the big picture. My wife and I are still having trouble breaking away from this anti-civilization. Everywhere we go it seems no one is aware, or they just don't care. I appreciate the commitment and effort you all put forth in collapsing mysticism. Thank you in advance for saving the world.

J.W.,, 10/8/97
The future is here, we have the technology to live in a society of bliss, but it all is oppressed by the federal government and it's regulations. I agree strongly in the Neo-Tech philosophy and wish very much to progress with it.

M.A.,, 10/8/97, Australia
I would definitely like the Neo-Tech site to remain on the Internet as it is invaluable. Neo-Tech has done wonders for both myself and my partner and I will continue reading whatever information you make available to the world over the Internet.

R.K.,, 10/7/97
Thanks for posting your IRS Abuse Reports. I've added your link to my homepage intending for our public school students to use the free flow of information as they mature into active participants responding to real current issues in our country. You've hit a hefty home run with your Web site!

J.B.,, 10/7/97
Excellent service to document the IRS abuses.

A.M.,, 10/7/97, Netherlands
I find the Neo-Tech material intriguing, and certainly different from mainstream thought. For this reason alone it is valuable. Is mainstream thinking so weak that it cannot withstand alternatives?

T.H.,, 10/6/97
I first came into contact with Neo-Tech about 5 years ago, All of a sudden the lights came on as a new perspective and paradigm unfolded. After reading the material, I was charged and excited. At the time I tried to share my excitement with my family and friends... they all thought I was mad and would burn in hell. After all who was this school dropout, starving kid to tell anyone that he knew better? Oh well, so be it... At that time I was broke and starving, working in a job I hated. So I packed my bags, moved to America, partnered up with a few very talented and like minded people, started our own computer software business, and built it into a multimillion dollar concern.

T.D.,, 10/5/97
As we grow up, we come to our realizations about Santa, the tooth fairy, ect. It floors me that so many people still base their entire lives on a 3000 year old fairy tale!!! The N\T Discovery should be shouted from the highest global rooftops! After one year of studying and applying N/T, I realize that the 'Jesus freaks' have no idea what it means to be born again. The only 'Supreme Beings' I know of are Dr. Wallace and Associates. I can never thank you enough............................

M.T.,, 10/5/97
I think Neo-Tech is great! I am confident that these ideas will prevail in the future. I find that battling mysticism and self defeating behavior in myself more challenging and the ultimate battle is against myself more than neocheaters.

M.S.,, 10/4/97
I was 23 when I first started reading NT material, and I remember the day it arrived in the mail. I read the first few pages of Zonpower, and put it back in the envelope to return it because I felt it was evil. The next day I decided to take another look, and that began a life-changing journey into rational, mystical-free thinking. I'm grateful for the information, and what it has added to my life. Thanks for contributing to the betterment of the most important thing in society: the Individual.

D.E.,, 10/4/97, New Zealand
Neo-Tech makes more sense to me as each day goes by. I see the better world Mark Hamilton writes about in 'After2001: The New Code' and I want to be part of that world. The world needs Neo Tech now.

C.B.,, 10/3/97

R.J.,, 10/3/97
Neo-Tech takes the place of the Lone Ranger. Everything comes out good and honest. You can bet on Neo-Tech, a real winner delivering health-wealth happiness, honesty and new light to the individual. Good bye IRS, FDA, deceit, deception and all other value destroyers. I can not find the words to thank Dr. Wallace and Mr. Savage and all others connected to Neo-Tech enough. Reading other positive comments I say ditto, ditto, ditto to all of them. Nothing short of scraping the IRS will be accepted and a consumption tax put in place with no other
tax of any kind needed.

D.T.,, 10/2/97, Australia
I am deeply indebted to Dr. Wallace for all his work. I received Neo-Tech at 17 and I am now poised to conquer the world (in an honest business-like way). The medium of the WWW seems made for this information. Accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

P.W.,, 10/2/97
Sometimes when I need some reinforcement, I can easily go to your web-site and read what I need to help me with the situation that is occurring or lift my mood.

J.W.,, 10/2/97
Neo-Tech is simply incredible.

B.R.,, 10/1/97
This is information that everyone needs to understand. Keep up the good work.

S.P.,, 10/1/97
Honesty Rules! Please expand the presence of Neo-Tech on the WWW. It is extremely important that all people know where to go to learn how to think for themselves -- neothink.

C.C.,, 10/1/97
I find this information extremely valuable. The 114 advantages were inspiring and educational.

N.C.,, 10/1/97, United Kingdom
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! ........ A hundred Million times YES!

G.S.,, 10/1/97, United Kingdom
What an AWESOME web site, so much useful information it's almost mind-blowing.

J.S.,, 10/1/97
Neo-Tech must remain on the web. For without Neo-Tech, disarming professional neo-cheaters, value-destroyers could not be possible by the year 2000 A.D. Neo-Tech is the future. I am pleased with the recent IRS exposure. While still in the very early stage of media attention, the IRS and their force-backed agendas will soon be expunged with Neo-Tech's forthcoming triumph over them.

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